God says you are beautiful (repost)

As a kid when I found out that we all had different fingerprints, I was fascinated. We are all unique in many ways. We have a special imprint on our fingers that distinguishes us from others. God created us all in a unique fashion. Yet we tend to try to blend in and be like the rest of the world. Our personalities and our looks are more like a uniform than a distinctive outfit. If we could look at people’s hearts and see right through them we would be presented with a diversity of people that is not apparent to the naked eye. It’s the diversity and variety that we don’t always display that underline God’s creation and its beauty. I have met people who didn’t want to explore their artistic talents because they were afraid to be judged or to not be accepted by others.

There was a time when being a Christian wasn’t something I talked about because I didn’t want to be too different. Today I am writing this message as an invitation to stand out instead of blending in. If your relationship with Jesus is what makes you unique in your community, among your friends or family, don’t hide it under a bushel. Celebrate how unique you are because of whom you have a relationship with. Encourage others to stand up and stand out for Jesus. Don’t be afraid. You are not in this alone and you were never meant to achieve this alone. Your Holy Spirit connection makes you perfectly and beautifully special!

Jesus on earth was beautifully unique. He called Himself the Son of God and yet He didn’t follow religion. He stood up against the nonsense of the religious people who had created a series of doctrines that painted a wrong picture of God. Many people sided with them. It was the popular and the “right thing” to do. If someone marginally acted outside these sets of rules, they were considered heretical. Jesus wasn’t afraid of being controversial. Why? He knew who He was and He knew the truth. He knew what His DNA revealed and He loved who He was. His fingerprints were unique and He let His uniqueness stand out in crowds. He didn’t try to blend in and be loved by everyone. He spoke up and He spoke for love despite what others said and believed. His conviction was exemplary. People didn’t follow Him because He was just like anyone else. People were drawn to love and drawn to the breeze of fresh air that He brought with His ideas and His revelations.

You were made perfectly and beautifully special. What is unique about you is not only how you were made but also the fact that you are linked to the King of kings. It’s time you let your “unique you” shine and celebrate the One and only Lord who died for you. Look into your heart and discover what makes you you. The passions and the desires that God put in you need to come alive. Let them rise up as you let your faith rise up to new levels. As you embrace the unique way you are, you ought to embrace your trust in the Lord. The Lord has given you the tools to brighten your world when you tap into the genuine version of yourself. You were never meant to be just like anyone else. Look at your fingers and be reminded of how special you are. Jesus was etched on your heart and that is a truly wonderful blessing. You are blessed, friend. Let that blessing resound among the noise of crowds of people who are desperate to look like one another. Stand up and stand out for Jesus! The world needs more people like you; perfectly and beautifully special people!

Suggested reading: Psalm 139:14; Jeremiah 29:11; John 1:12

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