Jesus, the bridge to your blessings

I have been to San Francisco a couple of times. Each time I was impressed by the Golden Gate Bridge, this massive structure that connects San Francisco to Sausalito. I walked on the bridge and I went across the bridge on a bus as well. I don’t like heights so looking at the water from the bridge was a bit intimidating but the whole experience made me think of how Jesus is a mighty bridge. He connects us to the Father. He connects us to eternal life, to salvation. He connects us to a better life, to a life with Him.

It’s a life where we can face anything because we have Him. We can look down at the troubled waters below and still be confident that we will make it to the other side. The other side is God and His blessings. The other side can also be perceived as God’s promises. Jesus is the bridge to His promises. What we have to do is trust that He is strong enough to take us to His promises. We have to walk with Him and stand on Him as our foundation. He is that bigger-than-life structure that can’t break and that stays sturdy no matter what life throws our way.

Today I am inviting you to stand on the Bridge and to believe that He will get you to the other side. His promises are waiting for you and they are for you. He won’t take them away from you. Keep going and keep relying on the One who connects you to the Father. Eternal life is God’s promise to you and me. The promise still stands and His name is Jesus. Jesus has the power to change your life at any point of your life. You can be the “most saved” person on earth, Jesus can still change your life and do things in your life that will blow your mind. He is a miracle worker and a life-giver. I often sense that there are levels of life in my life. I have gone through different levels. Jesus takes me to different levels. It gets better and better and it all happens because I stand on Him and I know He is my bridge.

You might be looking at your Sausalito from a distance wondering how you will get there. You can get there and you will get there in Jesus’ name. Remember that God abides by His Word. Jesus already took care of your journey to your destination of blessings. Now what you have to do is keep your spiritual feet on Him and let Him be your bridge so to speak. Let Him do what He does best. He blesses us like no other and when we have faith there is no doubt that He will do what He said He would. Your journey might be longer than expected but the Lord will show you your final stop even from a distance but your faith will give you a chance to see it clearly.

Remain in the Lord. Delight in Him. Let His words remain in you and whatever you are waiting for will come to pass. Nothing can stop the Lord from blessing a child who walks by faith. Don’t look at the troubled waters. Look at the Bridge and walk with confidence. Jesus is the way to your breakthrough and to your biggest blessings. Celebrate Him. Exalt Him. He deserves your highest praise. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:4; John 15:7; 1 John 5:14

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