Enjoy what you get to do today

I had a great time at work yesterday. It was nice getting back into it after an extended vacation. However, I did notice something that bothered me a little. I got so into my work that it felt like I lost myself. I was all about work and I left very little room for the Lord. I let my emotions get in the way at times and I was so focused that I wasn’t too close to God. I am not saying that I should have Jesus on my mind all the time. That would be impossible but He should be my motive and my reason for doing what I do. I seemed to be more interested in accomplishing tasks for the sake of it and not as reverence for the Lord. I got away from who I am in the Lord and I favored the person I am without Him. That didn’t sit well with me.

The Bible tells us to do all things as if unto the Lord. I have my job thanks to the Lord and I should keep that in mind. If I do it all to satisfy my ego and I don’t have a servant mentality, I can get in trouble. By servant I mean servant to the Lord. When we serve the Lord, we put on His traits including His love and we let His fruit grow in us. The fruit of my labor yesterday was not always love. I met with a colleague and we started complaining about some changes at work. I did get a check in my spirit and realized I was doing the wrong thing. Why was I complaining about something the Lord gave me and that I love? It made no sense but it’s very easy to forget to be grateful and whine and complain about things. My job is a gift and I should honor the Lord with a positive attitude toward it. That feeling of getting away from myself was not a great feeling. I got out of it thanks to the Lord’s reminder that I should be working with Him in mind. I am mentioning work here but this can be applied to any task we have. We should do it all as if we were doing it for the Lord and thanks to the Lord. He wants us to enjoy what we do every day. What we have to accomplish can be tedious but the Lord can help us with anything when we put on the right attitude, the God attitude.

When work gets tough we should remember that it is a privilege to work and that God only gives good things. People would love to have the job we don’t like. When things go so well that we forget about the Lord while on the job, we should remember that Jesus is at the center of it all and things are good because of Him. We can start the day with a declaration and a statement. Before going to work, we can thank the Lord for the job we have and we can declare that we will honor Him and make Him. The more we make the declaration and the easier it gets. My new take on my job is that I work with God and for God. It helps me so much to think that way. God gave me this great job and I am working with Him all day. I am not working in isolation so knowing that He is with me helps remember that I should continue to share His love and to work with patience, peace and joy. Dear friend, you are also working with God on your side and through Him. You are also doing what you do every day with God on your side. You are where you are thanks to Him. Honor Him in your job and in your daily activities. Praise Him with how you do things. Thank Him for all the tasks and all the opportunities. He truly gave you a good gift. He gave you the gift of today. Enjoy it! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading:Eclessiastes 9:10;  Colossians 3:23; Ephesians 6:6-7

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