Remember who you are in Christ

Remember who you are in Christ. Don’t let the world break you, derail you, change you and mislead you. You are a child of God and your identity is in the Lord. It’s easy to have a lapse of memory and forget whom you belong to. It’s easy to go with the flow and ride the waves of the world where fame and personal gain are lauded. You are a unique child of God whose traits and characters are molded by your relationship with the Lord. Stay attached to God more than you are tied to the world. In Jesus you have the perfect foundation to become all that you are meant to be. The Lord builds you up when you stick with Him. Make the Lord your world. Learn to stay within the gates of His love and give yourself to Him. He will always, always make sure that you are cared for and that you feel loved because He adores you. He made you in His image. He made you so you could project His image. He made you so you could spread His image. You are a vessel of His love and a messenger from Heaven in disguise. You are a wonderful person. You are an adorable child. You are an amazing individual whose identity is in Christ. Embrace who you are in Him. Reject the identity the enemy is trying to create in you. Detach yourself from his lies. Don’t buy into his fear and his doubts. Friend, remember who you are in Christ because you are absolutely astounding. That is how the Lord sees you. That is how He made you.

When I get into a rut and I do one thing after another without thinking, my mind stays focused on the task at hand. At times thoughts of the Lord can escape my mind and before I know it I am all about the world. I think like the world, act like the world and speak like the world. I dislike having the world as my filter for life. In those moments I feel like I am part of a tribe that lives without an attachment to the Lord. That is not who I am. That is not who I should be. I am sure that you can relate. You and I can break those cycles of “Godless” times. We can remind ourselves that we live through the Lord and for the Lord and we have a role to play in this world. Our main role is to get closer to God and to introduce people to His love. We ought to be imitators of Jesus. Imitators whose dearest goal is to walk in love and bring as many people as possible to that divine walk. We are children of the living God. Children whose lives are eternal and abundant as we serve the Lord who gave His life for us. We find our meaning in Jesus. We find our purpose in Him. The cross was there to take back what the enemy had stolen. We were given true life so we should live this great life in Jesus’ name.

If we remember who we are in Christ, we remember that we have the voice of faith. What we speak comes into existence. We believe before seeing. We have hope and we display confidence. We hold on to the truth and we abide by the truth. The Spirit of God is our companion and we rest in the arms of God almighty. We are sheltered and we go to battle. We fight the good fight of faith and we stand for what’s right. We know that Christ is in us and we have the hope of glory. We understand that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and we stay in the house of the Lord. We celebrate Jesus. We magnify Jesus. We sing more than we cringe. We praise more than we break. We worship more than we gossip. We pray more than we fear. We run our own races more than we compare ourselves to others. We see Jesus as the source and we drink from His fountain of joy. There is a time for everything and there is no doubt in our minds that there is always time for Jesus. Let’s be active believers who apply the Word of God and who develop our identities thanks to the Word and not through the world. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 1:12; John 15:16; Ephesians 1:7

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