God’s agenda for you

An agenda is a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting. We also use the word agenda to describe things that we need to do or that we plan to do. Many people have an agenda. Many people have plans. I have an agenda for every day. I try to be as organized as possible. It doesn’t always go my way. It doesn’t always go as planned. I have learned to let go of what I can’t change but I am still working on reacting positively to unwelcome events. Life has a way of dropping unexpected things on our lap. Then we are left with extra weight and a burden we don’t know how to handle. God can help us handle anything that life throws at us. God has His own agenda and it is always better than ours. He knows what we should do and how to get us to accomplish it all. An agenda is also an underlying intention or motive. The enemy has an agenda for our lives and it is not a good one. He has bad intentions and bad motives. He is relentless and he doesn’t stop trying to ruin our lives and steal our joy. God has the best intentions. He has all the right motives and His agenda for us is amazing. We need to embrace God’s agenda for our lives and remember that only good things come from God. We need to remember that even though the devil is like a roaring lion seeking to devour us, we have a God who is greater and stronger than the enemy.

God’s agenda for you is always for the best. I have been in situations where God intervened in a great way but it was not what I had expected. There have been times when I have questioned God and I couldn’t understand why He had done things differently from what I had wanted. You see, God always knows best and even though we think we know how God should act, He goes and does something that is out of the box or that doesn’t fit in the limitations of our minds. His agenda is a list of beautiful intentions and great motives with us in mind. He is not a selfish God who doesn’t consider us. He does what He does because He loves us and He sees the bigger picture. He knows what can bless us and what can hurt us. We are not always able to grasp that but just because we don’t understand God it doesn’t mean that He is wrong. Once I made up my mind and decided that God was always right, it helped my Christian walk tremendously. We should get to a place where we totally believe that no matter what, God is always right. It gives our faith a boost and it gives us peace when things don’t go our way. God’s agenda has you and me at the top of its list and all the intentions on that last are meant to bless us. Remember that!

God’s agenda for you is out of this world. There are things that God can do for us that will blow our minds. God is bigger than this world. He is the creator of the world and He transcends everything in this world. This implies that He can drop breathtaking miracles on our lap at any time. When life serves us cold dishes of trouble, God provides a table with blessings, joy and peace. He sets a table before us with food out of this world. You may be having a cold dish now but rest assured that God is going to change what is in front of you and give you something that will warm your body, soul and heart. God’s agenda can transform you on the inside and on the outside and He can do that with blessings that are not of this world. Expect miracles, with God. Expect divine blessings on God’s agenda. Know that His agenda can exceed all your expectations. Think of God’s intentions for your life as great intentions that involve great breaks, events that are supernatural, provision that has no limits and love that overflows. God loves you and His love will always prevail. Stay strong in the Lord and declare that God’s agenda for your life is extraordinary and powerful. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Romans 8:28; 1 Peter 5:8

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