10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 194)

Run your own race. Stay in your lane. The Lord made you unique and He has a unique path for you. Don’t try to be someone else. Be all you can be in Christ and you will be just fine!

Declare that there is no limit to what God can do in your life. Believe in the God of the impossible. Stretch your faith. Expect the unexpected. Trust and rely on the One who can part the seas in your life. Nothing is too hard for God!

There is one way out of your problems today and His name is Jesus. He will always make a way where there seems to be no way. There is no way the Lord is not going to prevail today. Trust His ways. He will show you the way to victory. Stay encouraged!

Start your day with prayer. It will wake up your spiritual life and set you on a path of victory. Pray before your mind preys on you. Let the Spirit of God in you reminds you of the truth that today is going to be a great day in the name of Jesus!

God’s love is the anchor you need to help you navigate through this life. His love keeps you grounded and it keeps you safe. Count on His love. Count on His faithfulness. God’s love doesn’t break His promises!

When you let God have control of your life, He will do amazing things for you. He will paint your life in colors that you didn’t know existed. He will make things look so beautiful and He will make the beauty in you stand out. God made you an amazing individual and He created colors just for you. Embrace the colors of love of the Lord for you!

There needs to be opposition for faith to grow. Your trials today will help you build resistance and resilience. Stay strong and keep believing that Jesus paid the price for your victory. Keep praying. Keep praising. Keep rejoicing. You are stretching your faith!

When you run out of hope, remember that Jesus the King of hope never runs out of power. His love for you never runs dry. His ability to bless you never fades. His promises never become lies. His Word never fail!

Today is going to be an awesome day because it is the day the Lord has made. Stay positive by declaring that God is with you and no weapon formed against you shall prosper. God’s got you in the palm of His hand all day!

Pray for an increase of peace in your life. God is good and He gives good things. Amazing peace will settle in your heart and it will calm the storm in your mind. Stay strong in the Lord!

Suggested reading: Romans 14:1; Hebrews 11:1; James 1:3

The present link

For a long time I was missing something. I was saved but I just wasn’t quite where I needed to be. I was trying to connect with God but a missing link was apparent. The problem was that I didn’t know what the missing link was. I had a Bible, I went to church and I prayed. My prayers were a bit robotic and church wasn’t too thrilling. I had a dull Christian life. Nothing was too exciting and nothing really moved me. I saw people in church who appeared to have something I didn’t have. For a while I felt like a “low class” Christian. I felt like I didn’t fit in and I didn’t belong. I was missing the link that allowed the other Christians to be connected to life in Jesus. I was missing Jesus. I knew about Him but I didn’t acknowledge Him in all I did. He was more of a historical figure than anything else. He was a lifeless figure who came alive when other people talked about Him. My Jesus was empty so to speak and I set out to discover the Jesus who gives life and who is full of hope. I can’t say that I put a lot of effort into it but one thing I can say is that when I humbled myself and I renounced some of the things that were standing in the way of knowing the Lord, things changed. I will never forget how the Lord shook my world and revealed Himself to me. Looking back I can see that because I took one step closer to Him, He marched right into my life and transformed it. Jesus was the missing link. I had been overlooking how important it was to have a relationship with Him and how crucial the Holy Spirit was.

Dear friend, today I want to encourage you to hold on to Jesus, the present link. He is not missing and He is not deserting you. Don’t see Him as the God who is far far away. That was my issue for many years. I didn’t understand that God was with me and that Jesus was a friend who is closer than a brother. If you are going through the process of identifying the present link, spend time learning about the Holy Spirit. Read what Jesus has to say about His Spirit and spend time in the book of Acts. The Holy Spirit is an awesome Person who represents and glorifies Jesus. You need Him to link up with the Lord. You need Him to do everything that the Lord has called you to do. Recognize that He is ever present and that He lives in you. Yes, friend, the Bible clearly states that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Take care of His temple. Invite Him into your life. He is there but He won’t barge in and take control. He is gentle and He is waiting for you to accept Him and to adopt Him. You are going to have the best time of your life once you engage with the Holy Spirit every day. The link is in you. Use it and enjoy a powerful relationship with Jesus!

A link attaches two things, two people. You are attached to God thanks to Jesus. His Spirit makes sure that you stay connected to the Father. It is the most encouraging thing I have known. We don’t have to live in fear that we will be disconnected from God. The link is solid and the connection is permanent. Our minds make us believe that God detaches Himself from us. We are the ones who walk away from Him. He stays with us. You are linked to the creator of the universe. You are linked to the God of miracles. You are linked to the King of hope. You are linked to the King of kings. You are linked to the One who conquered death. You are linked to the One who makes the impossible possible. Jesus is the ever present link. You are extremely blessed, friend. Enjoy your connection. Celebrate the link to the Father. Stay strong in your faith and live your life with the awareness of the Holy Spirit in you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 3:16; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

The King of hope

I started calling Jesus, the King of hope. He is the King who has power over everything and His power can overrule the snares of the enemy. The enemy spreads sadness and suffering. King Jesus brings hope, love and healing. He reverses the plans of the enemy for our lives when we trust Him. Jesus will always spread hope. Jesus will always stand for hope. He is a King who rules with power and love and who will never fail you. If you need hope today, turn to the King of hope. Turn to Jesus. He has an unlimited supply of hope. As a king He has a whole army of hope that is ready to respond to the assailments of the devil. When we turn to Jesus, His hope attacks our desperation and He gives us a reason to believe and have faith. The King of hope is amazing. He is so good and so caring and He will carry you when you are not strong enough to make it through your trials. Turn to hope. Turn to the One who invented hope. Turn to the King whose army is always backing you up. You have a whole army of hope behind you. The Lord won’t let you down. Your King is sovereign and remember that He can’t be defeated. His hope is the biggest and the strongest hope there is. When you get a dose of the hope of the King of hope, you know that nothing is impossible to Him and you have the confidence that everything will be just fine. Have hope in the King of hope. Don’t give up. The King of hope will save the day!

I have mentioned before how Jesus has given me hope since I have known Him. It is one thing that is very characteristic of Him. He is not a God of “maybe” or “perhaps.” He is the God of “Yes, I can do all things.” He is always full of hope. He is always sure that things can turn around. He never changes His tune. He sings over us and His songs are songs of love and songs of hope. He knows that great things can take place in our lives. He is more than sure that His goodness can transform our lives. He is the King of hope whose hope never fades. Friend, this means that in your most desperate situations, there is always hope when you rely on Jesus. When the world is giving up on good outcomes, Jesus comes out and tells us that we shouldn’t get discouraged. He tells us that He has conquered the world. Hope is alive and its name is Jesus. You must have heard that before and I am repeating it because someone out there needs to hear that powerful truth. Think about how Jesus resurrected. He proved that even death couldn’t hold Him. He showed that there was nothing that could stop Him from doing the most amazing thing that has ever happened. As the King of hope, He has won all the battles and has already led you to victory. Believe Him! There is hope today for you, friend!

I have witnessed the hope of the Lord many times and I will experience it over and over again. I have learned that turning to Jesus was never a bad idea. It is not always easy especially when we feel low and we don’t know how things will turn out but He does know. He knows that things will be just fine when we lean on Him. The hope of the Lord can change the world. Your world, friend, is going to be impacted by the hope of the Lord. All you have to do is follow Him and let Him lead the way. Follow the King whose hope is unfailable. He has a strong fortress of hope that He wants you to visit and to inhabit. Let your faith in Him grow as you let Him take over your situation. The stronghold of hope belongs to the Lord and it can be part of your life as well. Find refuge in Jesus. Things will look much better. Gain His perspective. The King of hope is your king and He takes good care of His people. You are one of God’s people. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 39:7; Mark 9:23; Romans 5:1

Cry out to God

Before I started writing this message, the Lord led me to read Psalm 22. In this Psalm, David is agonizing over his current situation. He feels like God has abandoned him. He feels alone and he sounds very defeated. He cries out to God because he knows that is the best thing to do. Note that despite the suffering and the desperation, David cries out to God and declares that God will hear him. He first has what I call a very human moment. He is down in the damps and he is discouraged. He talks about all the things that are going wrong in his life and he underlines his bad circumstances. People mock him. People insult his God and try to make him doubt that God will save him. However, David continues to profess that God is his strength. He continues to ask God to come to his rescue. He cries out to God with hope reminding God that He had done it before and He can do it again. You might be having a very human moment right now. You might have hit rock bottom. You might not be able to reach God because you feel like He is too far. Cry out to God! Be like David. Proclaim that God is still your strength. Rise above your feelings. Rise above the circumstances. Speak God’s truth over your situation. Cry out to God. He hears you and He will come to your rescue.

It is ok to have human moments. No one is born a superhero. No one can make it in this world without the help of the Lord contrary to popular belief. We are humans. He is God. He carries us and He helps us but we have to deal with our human feelings, emotions and limitations. We have to recognize that we need the Lord. He is our helper and our deliverer. David saw his limitations.  I can only imagine how bad he felt. Many of us have been there. Many of us have felt the agony that is caused by tough life events. There are many Davids among us. Now, the great news is that since David, Jesus came. Jesus is our strength. He bridged the gap between the Father and us. We, like David, can cry out to God but we have the most powerful intercessor, King Jesus. We ought to pray in the name of Jesus. We should remind ourselves that Jesus paid the price and He has united us with the Father. Our cries to God are never in vain and they are even more powerful because of Jesus. Friend, have your human moment but remember that Jesus is your Savior and there is always hope. Cry out to God and hope for His best!

Crying out to God implies being vulnerable and humbling ourselves. I used to try to do things on my own until I realized that God’s way was the best way. I often don’t understand Him. His ways are way higher than our ways and so are His thoughts but He always knows better and He does everything well. When you cry out to God, you cry out to the One who never fails. You are at your wits’ ends but the Lord is there to help you and to get you through anything. Cry out with the conviction that God is listening and He will not let you down. David understood the power of His testimony. He relates how God had saved Him. Add the power of your testimony to your cry out to God. Cry out, pray and then tell people about the goodness of God in your life. Sometimes you are the only person you should tell about God’s ability to save you so you can boost your faith. Praise the Lord. David praised the Lord even though he needed deliverance. That was a great demonstration of faith. Your cry to God should be accompanied with praise. Your cry should turn into a song of hope and reverence. God hears you, friend. Don’t give up. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will never leave you!

Suggested reading; Psalm 22; Psalm 111:1; Romans 5:2-7

Life with Jesus

I am here to boost your faith in Jesus. I am here to praise Him along with you. I am here to walk the walk and talk the talk so you can hear Him and you can step into His path. There is no one greater than Jesus and I could write about Him all the time. All encouragement should be centered around Him. He is marvelous. He is awesome. He is unique. He is loving and He is faithful. I have never met anyone like Jesus and my prayer is that He becomes extremely real to you. The world has a lot to offer but the Lord is much better than all the treasures of the world. I pray that you see the riches that are in Jesus. His name alone is worth all the money in the world. His name alone is more powerful than all the names of the people in the world. Jesus is the Savior and we can be with Him every single day if we choose to follow Him. Follow the Lord. Stand by His side because He is always with you. He never ever abandons you. Life with Him is worth it. Life with Jesus is the best life you can have. It doesn’t mean that your life will be easy but it means that you are immensely blessed. He is the Blessing. He is the best of the best. May Jesus be your Lord. May you accept Him fully and may you be invested in Him fully. 

There are so many things I want in this life but the one thing that matters the most is having a strong relationship with Jesus. I want no gaps between Him and me. The world gets in the way very easily. It is up to me to bridge the gaps and to remove the distractions. The enemy will always try to distract us and to keep us busy so we can’t spend time with Jesus. We can outsmart him. Yes, friend we can. Not in our own power but in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave us His Spirit so we wouldn’t be dealing with the enemy alone. We have power. We have the ability to stay close to Jesus when we walk hand in hand with His Spirit and we relentlessly work on making Him our priority. This means that we have to turn down the world sometimes. When the world wants to serve us a dose of worldly pleasures and entertainment, we ought to choose Jesus. Choosing Him over temptation and distractions is something we can achieve thanks to His Spirit. His Spirit always takes us to Jesus and if we pay attention to His direction, we stay on the right path. There is just one path that is important and it is the path we can walk with the Lord. Life with Jesus is out of this world. We are in this world but we have an out of this world calling and journey. Let’s walk with the Savior. Let’s live through Him. Let’s revive our passion for Him when it is extinguished by the worries of the world.


Life with Jesus means that we imitate Him and we are touched by His love. We can’t walk with Jesus and not walk in love. If love is missing in our walk, we need to take a moment and reevaluate our faith. Faith without love doesn’t work well. Love for Jesus and love for our neighbors is a powerful combination. It is a divine power that makes everything possible. Remember that when Jesus was on earth He always walked in love. Love performed miracles. Love saved. Love healed. Love cared. Love provided peace. Love brought joy. Life with Jesus is all these great things and it doesn’t stop showing love. It stays filled with love even around those people we think are hard to love. Life with Jesus is life that defies hate and discrimination. Life with Jesus is a life of freedom that the world can’t know unless it has Jesus in its midst. Join me in praising Jesus today and always. Don’t let your circumstances keep you from lifting Him up. Your life with the Lord is the best life ever. Enjoy it. Enjoy Him! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He always loves you!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 27:19; John 6:35; Ephesians 5:15-16

Jesus is the way

Where there seems to be no way, Jesus makes a way. Think about how the world was before the Lord came in the flesh and died for us. There was no way out of eternal turmoil. We needed salvation. We needed deliverance. We needed peace. We needed love to win against the evil in the world. Jesus came and made a way. No one else could do what He did. He conquered death. He conquered the world. He came and changed the course of history. Jesus made a way for us to the Father. He came and reconciled the world with the Lord. He came and became the bridge for the gap that had set us apart. He came and He sacrificed Himself so we could have life in abundance. He came and He gave us life. Jesus made a way when there was no hope for peace, no hope for freedom, no hope for a change in the world. Today I am here to tell you that Jesus is still making a way. You might be stuck. You might be lost. You might be depressed and discouraged. You might not see a way out but Jesus is the way. He is the way out of your suffering. He is the way out of your mental jail. He is the way out of your nightmare. Let Him wake you up and show you the way. There is a way for you and it is made possible by the Savior of the world. Jesus is making a way for you today. Follow Him out of your misery. Let Him lead you to a place of peace. Let Him show you the way.

I have gone through seasons when there seemed to be no way. I have experienced terrible winters in the middle of summer. I have seen storms come out of nowhere and all I could do was pray and hope for the best. All I could do was get on my knees and cry out to God. Since I have become a closer friend to the Lord, my cries out to Him have become part of my routine but they are not desperate. My heart cries out and knows that I am being heard. Jesus comes to my rescue. Jesus through His amazing Spirit, reminds me that He is the way. He tells me that my prayers are not in vain and He has already answered them. There is a new confidence that comes with faith. When we have faith that the Lord hears us, we can sleep at night even when there is a tornado in the making. Jesus can still calm the storms and I have learned that He will always make a way through the worst weather conditions when we hold on to Him and we lift Him up. My reflex is praise. I praise the One who is my way out. I start praising Him more when the enemy starts pressuring me. I do praise Him all the time. Friend, don’t wait until things get more complicated in your head. Turn on the switch of praise. Recognize the source of your deliverance. Declare that Jesus is still the way today. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make a way out.

Jesus is definitely still the way today. He said that He was the way, the truth and the life. We are all set. We have the answer to all our problems. We have the solution. We have the win. We have the power to make it. Jesus is the way we need today and tomorrow. Let’s stay strong in Him. Let’s keep our eyes on the way out. Let’s celebrate His love for us and let’s keep Him up on a pedestal. Jesus will make a way where there seems to be absolutely no way. Meditate on that. What does that mean for your life? How is that making a difference today? The world will tell you that you won’t make it. The world will want you to give up. The Lord wants you to rejoice and to see the Way. The Lord will show you the victory and He will carry you to the finish line. There is a way, friend. Jesus will always be the way. Don’t lose hope. Gain faith. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 10:9; John 14:6; Ephesians 2:18

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 193)

Pray every day. Pray and know that He is God. Pray and rejoice that He is your God. Pray and trust that He is still God. Pray and believe that He will always come through for you. Pray and stay in peace because He is the God who never changes!

Greater is the Lord that is in you than the enemy that is in the world. Jesus can change anything. The power to change anything is in you. Rely on the Lord in you and doubt the enemy that is in the world. Greater is the truth in you than the lies that are in the world!

Nothing can stop the Lord from blessing you. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, the Lord will see you through and bless you more than you expect. Expect Jesus!

God will remove what is bothering you and replace it with something that will bless you and help you. God knows what you are going through and He can change the worst circumstances. Believe His helping hand. Believe He can change anything. Stay encouraged!

Praying with faith is pushing God’s power into impossible situations and expecting things to change even when all seems lost.

Only Jesus can quench your spiritual thirst. Only can Jesus can bless you beyond your expectations. Only Jesus can give peace that surpasses understanding. Only Jesus has perfect and healing love. Only Jesus deserves your unwavering worship!

God is everywhere and He is always present. Wherever you go, He is there with you. Whatever you do, He is there watching over you. Thank God everywhere. Trust God everywhere. He will never leave you nor forsake you!

Stay in a position of expectation and hope. Stay focused on Jesus. Stay focused on His truth. Expect the best God has to offer. Hope for His best. The best is yet to come in Jesus’ name!

Pursue the Lord with all your heart. Get to know Him. Become close to Him. Seek His face. Seek His kingdom. Follow Jesus. Stay in His Word. Run after His love and you will walk in peace!

Suggested reading: John 10:28-30; Acts 4:10-12; 1 John 4:15

You can always count on God

I can always count on my family for anything. I can also count on a few friends if I need help or advice or just a shoulder to lean on. Through the years I have learned that I can always count on the Lord. I can count on Him more than I can count on anyone else. Jesus is my best friend. I can proudly say that He is and I can depend on Him all the time. It took me a while to come to that conclusion but He is the most reliable Person I know. He is faithful and one of the many amazing things about Him is that He is ahead of the game. He knows what’s coming. He knows how to help me today and tomorrow. A few years ago, I started hearing some great encouragement during prayer time. Most of the time the Lord tells me not to worry. It comes out of nowhere but I can take that encouragement with me everywhere. When I hear those powerful words in the morning, I know something is coming. It is not an ominous warning. It is a comforting announcement. The Holy Spirit makes that announcement to my heart and it is up to me to let it renew my mind and let it stay there as a positive thought that helps me face the day. Friend, you can always count on the Lord to have your back. He is good all the time and He doesn’t break His promises. Learn more about what He promises to do for you and take it for face value knowing that it will never change.

Another thing I have learned is that the enemy will always do whatever he can to make us believe that we can’t count on God. He presents terrible situations as impossible situations and little by little he tries to destroy our faith. He whispers that God can’t help us and He can’t save us. His lies sound like the truth when we look at our circumstances. He wants us to walk by sight and not by faith. He wants all believers to renounce their commitment to the Lord and to live under a yoke of fear and discouragement. However, God has His own truth and the truth is that Jesus came to save the oppressed and He is the bearer of good news. It is the good news of the Gospel that we should adhere to. Even when all seems lost, the good news of the Lord still stands. God is faithful and He will never lie. He is not lying when He says that with Him there is always hope. He is not lying when He says that He supplies our needs according to His riches in glory. He is not lying when He says that He has conquered the world and we should not be afraid. He is not lying when He says that He stands by His Word and He has us covered. Let’s divorce the enemy’s lies and marry the truth of the Gospel.

I love how the Lord declared that He left us peace. His peace is available all the time. I count on His peace. I count on that promise. There are too many opportunities for me to be worried and to have a chaotic mind. I call on the peace of the Lord. I expect it and I embrace it. I know that God is the calm in the middle of the storm and the breeze of fresh air during the tornadoes of life. His peace is powerful and it appeases me when I need it. I remember one time when I was going through a lot and my mind was getting filled with fear. I let it happen for a while until I stood my ground and refused to let fear overwhelm me. I said out loud that God was with me and His peace was in me. I said it over and over again until the presence of the Lord invaded my whole being. God won’t let us down. He is always willing to assist us and He loves us so much! Friend, you can always count on God. I want to encourage you to always go to Jesus. No matter what you are going through, the Lord will see you through. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. You can count on Jesus. He is going to get you out of your worst trials and tribulations. Amazing things are coming to you in the name of Jesus. Count on Him! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:23-24; Isaiah 50:10; 1 Peter 4:11

God will never leave you

God is faithful. He will never leave you nor forsake. He will stay with and He will watch over you. Faith moves His hand but His mercy and grace intervene at times in our lives when we least expect it. I can say that I was saved by His grace. I can say that He delivered me when I didn’t know Him and I didn’t deserve Him. God was there all along and He was loving me all along. I used to believe that God only loved us when we were good or when we believed in Him. He loves us at our worst and He loves us even when we have no idea who He is. His love for the world is unfathomable. It is deeper than the deepest ocean and it is more powerful than all the powers of the universe united. His love for us is huge and because He adores us, He will never leave us. Today might feel like God has left you and you can’t find Him anywhere. Our emotions, our feelings and our senses lie to us when we try to approach God. Just because we don’t feel Him doesn’t mean He is not around. Just because we can’t see Him at work doesn’t mean He is not doing great things on our behalf right now. Just because we are going through hell doesn’t mean that God has deserted us. There are times when we have to remember that God keeps His word and He says He will be there with us forever. We have to believe in the God of forever. We have to put our trust in Jesus. He died for us and when He came back to life, He sent His Spirit to be with us. Friend, the Spirit of Jesus lives in you and He is with you. You are not alone. You were not abandoned. God is with you all the time!

God is watching over you, friend. He sees your every move. He knows all your thoughts. He hears all you say including the whispers and the cries of your heart. He knows you through and through and He knows you better than you know yourself. He is behind you, in front of you, above you and under you. Wherever you go, God is there. Whatever you do, God is there. Whatever happens to you, God is there. Today I want to encourage you to have faith in God’s presence. You might need to unlearn how you perceive God and start trusting that God is always there and that no circumstances, no problems, no trials, no feelings can separate you from God. He is always willing to help you and to bless you. Trust that He is a caring Father. Learn more about Him in His Word. Take the time to communicate with Him and to show Him that you know He is around. He is not leaving your side and He will never give up on you. He is there to back you up and to assist you in becoming all you can be in Him. His Spirit is in you to teach you, to comfort you and to point you to Jesus. You are in good hands. You are in great company. God is the best friend you should always pursue. Acknowledge Him in all you do. He is there in all you do. God is with you even when you are not with Him. Think about that!

Lately when I have felt lonely, I have turned to prayer. I get on my knees and I talk to the Lord. He is comforting and He is always listening. God is with us and He wants us to be in good company. I know that when we keep our faith in the Lord, He sends good people our way. He has people for you and me. People who can be added to our families. People that become family. People the Lord has handpicked for us. God is with us through the people He chooses for us. I have been blessed by a great family and by amazing friends. God has shown Himself faithful and He has given me the people I needed. Those who make me feel loved and cared for. Do you believe God can love you through people? I strongly believe that. God is also using you, friend, to love others and to be the vessel of peace and joy that some people need. God is with you so you can show Him to the world. God never leaves you because someone might need Him anytime and anywhere. God is with you so you can extend His love and compassion to the world. Don’t neglect the Spirit of God that is in you. You are never alone and you are always able to share God’s love. Tap into His presence. Tap into His love. He never leaves you! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:8; Hebrews 4:16; Hebrews 13:5

Do not worry about anything

“Do not worry about anything but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7) How often do we need to hear this verse? How often do we need to be reminded of that truth? I would say every day for me. I need a daily reminder and daily assurance from God. I need to hear Him say that I have no reason to worry and that when I turn to Him, He turns my mind into a playground of hope and peace. I think worry is the number one spiritual foe of the believers. Worry is the opponent the enemy uses the most against Christians. Worry works with doubt and they destroy our faith so the enemy wants all of us to worry about something. We worry about big things and small things and as long as we worry, we are under that yoke of the enemy. Worry is sneaky and it can come in through a tiny crack in our lives or it can walk into our minds through big negative thoughts. No matter what form and shape worry takes on, it is to be banned from our lives. How can this ban be put in place? The Lord tells us to pray. We ought to go to Him and make our petitions known. Our petitions are the requests that we have about anything that is causing us to worry. God never tells us to think and overthink in order to solve our problems but that seems to be our default reaction. It’s time we changed our inner settings and put in new applications. We need to apply the Word of God and listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say. If you are worried about something today, the Holy Spirit is encouraging you not to worry but to lean on the Lord and to trust Him. Pray!

I used to worry about everything. I was always quiet because there was a dialogue inside my head between negative thoughts and myself. It was a constant battle that I rarely won. Negative thoughts had established residency in my mind and they were very comfortable there. They didn’t want to leave and I had no idea there was a way to make them go away. Then I met Jesus and things started changing. It took me years before I understood that I had to renew my mind with the Word of God and with the help of the Holy Spirit. I discovered that prayer impacted me in a great and positive way. Prayer was my mind renewing technique. The more I prayed, the more I heard from God and the less power the negative thoughts had over me. Prayer transformed me. Prayer got me closer to God. Prayer spoke to me or better said, prayer helped me listen to God. I made some requests to God and waited for my answers but the Lord would keep my attention by talking to me during prayer time. He was interested in my requests and I know He still is but He wanted that time to be a time when I would listen. That is what prayer means to me now. It means letting my requests be known and listening to the Holy Spirit. He is eloquent and He is amazing. He always encourages me and tells me no to worry and not to fear. He quotes His Word and puts my worries to rest. Pray, dear friend and you will experience a positive change in your thinking and in your heart.

My prayer requests are accompanied by thanksgiving. I take the time to be grateful for what I have and for what God is doing for me and I thank Him for what is coming in my life. I also praise during prayer. Praise is one of the most powerful spiritual weapons that we have. Praise kills worry. Praise brings peace. Praise is key. Praise is a game changer. If you don’t praise every day, I strongly recommend that you do. You might think that you don’t have time. I understand that your schedule might be full but adding praise to your busy routine is not a waste of time. It will be the best time of the day once it is a regular occurrence. Praise and your situation will improve. Praise and you will receive the peace of the Lord that surpasses all understanding. Praise and miracles will flow into your life. Pray to God and make your requests known. Listen to God. Thank God, praise God and the worries that have been harassing you will leave. The Holy Spirit will give you the power to defeat worry. Stay in the Lord. Stay strong and use the weapons the Lord gave you so that worry doesn’t have a hold on you anymore. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 55:22; Matthew 6:25; 2 Thessalonians 3:16