God is standing by your door

God is at the door. Do you ever think of that? I often imagine myself at the door of the Lord knocking and waiting for Him to let me in. Every time I pray or every time I just talk to Him I am standing at His door. The good thing is that His door is always open and my knock is just a formality. It is just a reminder that I need to knock, I need to pray, I need to turn to Him. He doesn’t make it complicated or ritualistic. He is right there smiling and welcoming me every single time. If you have a hard time connecting with God, I would suggest you remember that every time you knock, He answers. He said it Himself in His Word. He is not distant and He is never ignoring you. He might not answer the door the way you think He should but He always does. He always replies and He always takes care of our requests when we stay in faith. The act of knocking on His door is an act of faith. When I pray, I know for sure that He is listening. I don’t have to make up a formula or come up with a special password to hear back from Him. All I need is faith in His reply and trust that He is always available. As a kid I would think that God was too busy to bother with me. Friend, that is a lie. He is attentive and He is willing.

Now, going back to my initial statement. God is at the door. He is at the door of our lives. I read in Revelation that He is standing at the door waiting for people to let Him in. It is not just about us being let into His world, it is very much about us let Him come into our lives. His entrance into our lives should be a daily thing. We tend to answer His knock on Sunday but then the other days of the week, we don’t hear the knock because we are too busy with our lives. God is not the God of Sunday. He is the God of every single day. I made the mistake to limit my time with God to Sundays. I had great Sundays. My spirit was fed on Sunday. I had peace and joy and I felt like I could face anything on Sunday. Come Sunday night, the Monday morning blues started settling in and my defenses were down. God was nowhere to be found. I focused on Monday and the rest of the week more than I did on my Savior. Before I knew it, I had closed the door and told God I was too busy to be with Him. Little did I know that He was standing there asking me to give Him the time of day. When I changed my ways and answered the door all the time, my relationship with Him changed drastically.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with Me.”* What an amazing invitation we can give the Lord! We can invite Him and make Him the host. We can invite Him and spend the day with Him. Imagine eating with the Lord every day. You can. Open the door. Open your Bible. Open your prayer session. Open your heart to Him. That is the key. The key is in your heart. By the door to your heart is where Jesus is standing. He is waiting for you to acknowledge Him. He is always speaking to us. His Spirit is always talking to us but it’s up to us to pay attention and to give in to His love and to His protection. God wants to have an intimate relationship with us every single day. His knock on our door is gentle so we need to settle down and listen carefully. I like to get into meditative prayers. They help me settle down and hear the beautiful voice of the Holy Spirit. Once I have welcomed the Lord, I sit at His table and listen to what He has to say. Friend, my prayer for you today is that you answer the door and let Jesus into your heart every day. It is truly what you need. More than anything else. Eat with Him as He feeds you His Word. Stay connected to Him. Enjoy Him! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 7:7; Luke 13:25; Revelation 3:20

Winning the battle of the mind

What we listen to ends up creating a framework in our minds. The more we listen to the same things, the more of a hold they have on our thinking. If we listen to negative banter all the time, we will develop a negative mindset. Negative banter comes in the form of what we actually hear out loud and in the form of the thoughts that pop into our heads. This is why we have to guard our minds and be careful what we let in. I learned that I had been too passive when it came to my thinking and it ultimately affected my belief system. I believed in God but my mind had holes in it. Holes that allowed negative thinking to seep in and to plug in the missing parts with negative parts. We have to be a lot more active in our heads. Thank God, the Lord gives us weapons to use against negative thinking. He knows the importance of what we hear and what we let grow in our minds. He clearly says in His Word that we should renew our minds. I know His encouragement is extremely crucial. God loves our faith. If our faith is tampered with and it is lacking substance, it is not solid and it is not the kind of faith that is pleasing to God. He wants us to have blind faith or total faith in Him. That kind of faith comes from hearing the message of the Bible over and over again and trusting it. We ought to make it a part of our thinking and it has to be engrained in us. The number one tool against negative thinking is positive listening. Positive listening based in the Lord. When we listen to the Word of God and we meditate on it, we go through the process of positive listening. It is active listening. Listening here is not just hearing and forgetting about what we hear. Positive active listening is listening to the Word of God, dwelling on it and giving it a chance to become a part of us. Then the Word invades our belief system and it stays inside of us.

Today I want to encourage you to watch what you listen to and make sure that the Word of God is a priority in your life. Friend, it will help you fight the negative thoughts the enemy wants you to dive into. He desires for you to drown in his oven of mental confusion. He is the king of overthinking and he uses that technique to weaken our faith and to isolate us from God. Overthinking doesn’t find constructive solutions and it keeps us in a mental jail that has no way out. Overthinking creates horrible realities that did not exist in the first place. Overthinking gives us faith in the negative and it sows deep seeds of doubt in us. It takes advantage of the fragile state of mind it promotes and uses that fertile soil of doubt for more doubt to grow. If you are battling overthinking now, distract yourself. Get out of that mindset by imposing another mindset on top of it. That mindset should be the mindset of the Lord. Get into the Word. Read encouraging passages that you have highlighted. Tear down the obsessive thinking by injecting the light of the Lord. God’s Word is a powerful light that can remove negativity. Be resilient. Keep going into the Word. Dig deep and find the strength you need. It is there for you. God will give you the power to overcome what is eating you inside. Trust Him. He will do that for you. He has what it takes. It is in His Word and it can destroy the strongholds of the enemy. The Word of God is so amazing and so strong. Stick with it and you will see a big change in your thinking. It will happen for you.

The Holy Spirit is a great ally. He will assist you in your fight against negative thinking. He will remind you of the love of the Lord and how much He takes care of you. This battle is already won. Now, you can get over the bad thinking. Get into partnership with the Spirit of God and arm yourself with His Word. Ask Him to guide you on this journey to a more positive way of thinking. The Holy Spirit always magnifies Jesus and that is a great way to conquer negative thinking. Stay focused on Jesus. Let your adoration of His majesty be a daily occurrence. Worship and praise Him more. Friend, it does work! It makes a huge difference in your mind. Praises are the gates of Heaven showing up at the threshold of your mind willing to come in and to transform you. I love getting lost in praise and worship. I come out of those beautiful sessions altered. My mind is more positive and my faith is intensified. However, I have to keep doing it. One praise session a week is not enough. Negativity doesn’t take a break so we shouldn’t take a break either. Let’s be active worshippers who listen to the Word of God as much as possible. Let’s work with the Spirit of God. Let’s be receptive to His guidance and let’s stay close to Jesus. We will win the battle of the mind when we fill our minds with the Lord. We can do this! We can win the battle of the mind in the name of Jesus! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading: Romans 12:12; 2 Corinthians 1:22; 1 Peter 1:13

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 182)

Whatever you have going on in your life, pray about it. Whether it’s good or bad pray about it. Thank God if it’s good and thank Him that it will be good again. Pray all the time and God will act when it’s time!

God knows everything you are going through. He knows your fears, your pain and your doubts. Let Him take care of your inner pain and give you joy that will show on the outside. Trust Him. He knows how to help you better than anyone else!

If you put yourself in the hands of the Lord, you are not broken. You are being rebuilt and He is doing something new in you.

Expect peace in the valley and endurance on the mountain tops. Expect joy in the valley and sustained strength on the mountain tops. Expect love in the valley and continued power on the mountain tops. Expect Jesus in the valley and Jesus on the mountain tops. Expect God to hold on your hand wherever you go!

There is nothing the Lord won’t do for you. Learn what His will is for your life and trust that He will make it come to pass. There are blessings coming your way. Your next breakthrough is not far away. Nothing is impossible with God. Stay in faith!

Jesus is King and He is King over everything. He is King over all your problems so speak to your trials and tribulations about your King. They will have to come under His authority and you will find freedom. Jesus is King forever!

Don’t wait until tomorrow to start living. God is with you now. His love is present now. His blessings are available now. Enjoy the present and make the most of God’s grace today!

God did it before and He will do it again. He’s coming back around with blessings galore. Don’t lose hope. God can do exceedingly more than you expect. Miracles are on their way in Jesus’ name!

God has plans for your life that might be very different from yours. It doesn’t mean that your plans are better and you are getting shortchanged. Trust His process. Trust His journey. He is taking you to a beautiful place!

Remember that the Lord is taking steps with you. He is not letting you walk alone. When you follow Him, you are always heading in the right direction. Keep walking with God and you will go places!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8; Psalm 20:4; Philemon 1:25

Don’t give up

When God encourages us and He tells us not to give up, He truly means it. I hear that encouragement a lot in the depth of my spirit. Sometimes it sounds louder than other times but it always comes from the heart of the Lord and I love hearing it. When I am told not to give up, I meditate on those words and scan my life using the filter of the words “Don’t give up.” Where in my life should I not give up? Everywhere! I should not give up anywhere in my life. Giving up is what the enemy wants us to do. He is the king of discouragement and he doesn’t want to see any of us reach our full potential in the Lord. God has put great things in us. He has given us talents and gifts and the greatest gifts of all is the gift of Jesus. With Jesus in our lives, we have no reason to give up. Yet we lose hope very easily because the enemy convinces us and tells us that we might as well give up. He talks about God as a small god who can’t do much for us. Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever thought about how the devil talks about God to us and we buy into the lies? What we get in our heads is not always from God. I would say it is often from the enemy or from our own minds. God sits in there somewhere and we have to unearth Him and let Him dominate out thoughts. In the middle of words of despair and discouragement, the Lord tells us, “Don’t give up, child. You are going to make it. You have Me. You have nothing to worry about.” Those powerful words will always be true and today I want to remind you that you don’t have to give up because you have the One who can make anything happen. Stand the course. God is your ally.

God being our ally is such a great encouragement. The enemy and his friends are many but our One God can squash them all. I like to remind myself that the Creator of the universe, the One who was raised from the dead and who conquered death is my ally. He is my Father, my friend and my number one companion. I am never alone because God is with me. I am never alone and I am always surrounded by the best of the best, Jesus Himself. Your best friend is on your side telling you not to give up. He is not just suggesting it. He is telling you that you can’t give up. You have all the power from Heaven backing you up so you can’t give up. You could choose to give up but you would do yourself a major disservice by ignoring God’s encouragement. Like I said His encouragement is not void and it is not in vain. He knows that your potential is extraordinary and if you hold on tight and you keep going, something very good is going to come out of your effort. You are going to be able to accomplish whatever you are endeavoring to do now and more. There is no limit to what you can do in the name of Jesus. Don’t give up! The name above all names is giving you license to win. God is on the throne as we speak and He is on the throne when you are doing well and when you want to give up. He is unchangeable but He can change you!

When you are ready to give up, give your concerns and your worries to the Lord. He will assist you and He will transform you. He is an expert at creating faith warriors who go to battle and who stand strong. You are one of those faith warriors. That is how God sees you. He wants you to see His reflection in you. Him being in you allows you to do the impossible. You are going to make it without a doubt. You just might need a reminder from time to time but the song is still the same. The Lord is still singing over you saying how much He loves you and how much you can do through Him. Giving up is not in His vocabulary. When Jesus faced the grave, He kept going until He did what needed to be done so that you and I could conquer life every time problems might arise. Your idea of giving up is certainly a problem but you can defeat it. Rest assured that God will see you through it all. If you want to give up because you don’t see the end in sight, refocus your vision and position your mind on Jesus. He is the end in sight. He is the solution to every problem. He is the peace for every turmoil and the joy for every sorrow. Great days are coming ahead. Don’t give up. You will see that God has been faithful the whole time and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 9:24; James 1:12 2 Timothy 4:7

God says you are beautiful (repost)

As a kid when I found out that we all had different fingerprints, I was fascinated. We are all unique in many ways. We have a special imprint on our fingers that distinguishes us from others. God created us all in a unique fashion. Yet we tend to try to blend in and be like the rest of the world. Our personalities and our looks are more like a uniform than a distinctive outfit. If we could look at people’s hearts and see right through them we would be presented with a diversity of people that is not apparent to the naked eye. It’s the diversity and variety that we don’t always display that underline God’s creation and its beauty. I have met people who didn’t want to explore their artistic talents because they were afraid to be judged or to not be accepted by others.

There was a time when being a Christian wasn’t something I talked about because I didn’t want to be too different. Today I am writing this message as an invitation to stand out instead of blending in. If your relationship with Jesus is what makes you unique in your community, among your friends or family, don’t hide it under a bushel. Celebrate how unique you are because of whom you have a relationship with. Encourage others to stand up and stand out for Jesus. Don’t be afraid. You are not in this alone and you were never meant to achieve this alone. Your Holy Spirit connection makes you perfectly and beautifully special!

Jesus on earth was beautifully unique. He called Himself the Son of God and yet He didn’t follow religion. He stood up against the nonsense of the religious people who had created a series of doctrines that painted a wrong picture of God. Many people sided with them. It was the popular and the “right thing” to do. If someone marginally acted outside these sets of rules, they were considered heretical. Jesus wasn’t afraid of being controversial. Why? He knew who He was and He knew the truth. He knew what His DNA revealed and He loved who He was. His fingerprints were unique and He let His uniqueness stand out in crowds. He didn’t try to blend in and be loved by everyone. He spoke up and He spoke for love despite what others said and believed. His conviction was exemplary. People didn’t follow Him because He was just like anyone else. People were drawn to love and drawn to the breeze of fresh air that He brought with His ideas and His revelations.

You were made perfectly and beautifully special. What is unique about you is not only how you were made but also the fact that you are linked to the King of kings. It’s time you let your “unique you” shine and celebrate the One and only Lord who died for you. Look into your heart and discover what makes you you. The passions and the desires that God put in you need to come alive. Let them rise up as you let your faith rise up to new levels. As you embrace the unique way you are, you ought to embrace your trust in the Lord. The Lord has given you the tools to brighten your world when you tap into the genuine version of yourself. You were never meant to be just like anyone else. Look at your fingers and be reminded of how special you are. Jesus was etched on your heart and that is a truly wonderful blessing. You are blessed, friend. Let that blessing resound among the noise of crowds of people who are desperate to look like one another. Stand up and stand out for Jesus! The world needs more people like you; perfectly and beautifully special people!

Suggested reading: Psalm 139:14; Jeremiah 29:11; John 1:12

When history exceeds itself

People say that history repeats itself when something takes place more than once. It can be a good event or a bad event. I am learning that with God history not only repeats itself but it can exceed itself. When we try to develop faith or to be strong in our faith, it is important to remember what God did for us in the past. We don’t have to dwell in the past but we can revisit some of the victories and breakthroughs we have experienced thanks to the Lord. Those great memories should stay alive in our hearts and serve as a platform for faith for great things to come. We can use those great memories and build our faith on them because our God is faithful and if He did it before, He will do it again. Not only will He do it again but He will do great things and better things. Think of the Lord as the One who makes sure that you go from glory to glory and He will move Heaven and earth for you to be blessed. Once I understood that God wanted me to be blessed all the time, I became more confident in the relationship I had with Him. He is a good, good God who gives good, good things. History with God is a sequence of blessings, revelations, enlightenment and triumphs. I am so glad that I am doing this life with Jesus and He is writing my history one blessing at a time, one breakthrough at a time, one boost a time. Today I want to reiterate that God can repeat history in your life and exceed it. He can do great things in your life that will exceed all your expectations. Enjoy the journey and adore your daily companion. Jesus is the best companion you can have!

Do you ever see your life as a series of events made of ups and downs? The good news is that God is in control and He watches over you. He takes the time to make your life the best time ever when you rely on Him. When you trust Him and you depend on Him, He makes all things new and He gives you great things to remember Him by. I can’t count the number of times the Lord has intervened in my life. He has come out of nowhere more than once. He has blessed me in ways that I can’t understand and I can’t explain. He has taken me out of bad situations and He has saved my life more than once. I ought to remember all of His goodness and keep count of His blessings. They truly give me a spiritual boost and they are a great inspiration to others. God has rebuilt my history. I was heading the wrong path. I was lost and I wasn’t sure where I was going. I had no hope and I had tons of problems. My life was out of control at times and I had no idea what was going on. When Jesus is not your Savior, things can spin out of control. When Jesus is your Savior, you still go through valleys and challenges but He puts His own spin on your life and changes things for the better. My history is His story and I couldn’t be any more grateful. 

I like to think of the Lord as the One who exceeds what I expect. He is way bigger than all my trials and He will remain as powerful tomorrow as He is today and as He was yesterday. He is the same with you. He is going to change your life in ways you couldn’t imagine. He is going to bless you more and more so stay in faith. Keep strong and believe that your God is going to write amazing chapters in the story of your life. He has powerful plans for your life. Not just good plans but powerful ones. Plans that defy all understanding. Meditate on that and let that truth become reality in you. You are going to experience God in a miraculous way when you faith in His powerful ability to bless you more than anyone can. He is above anything that is good in this world. He is better than this world. Think of that. Think of the best things in this world and remember that God is better than all of them combined. Expect great things. Expect our great God to show up and bless you. Have a “great God mentality.” May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading: Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8; Ephesians 3:20

Recharge with God

Do you ever feel depleted? Do you ever feel like your batteries are low and you need to recharge them? I think it happens to all of us and we find ways to recharge. We rest, we eat well and we take some time off from the busyness of every day. Recharging our spiritual batteries is very important. Yesterday I was tired and a bit run down. I went home and I did what I know to do; I recharged my batteries with Jesus. The Holy Spirit provided the energy I was missing and He gave me the power to fill my batteries with strength. How often do you recharge your spiritual batteries? I am becoming more and more aware of that need. What I did yesterday was praise and worship and invite the Holy Spirit. I played some Christian music that focused on Jesus.

A lot of the Christian music out there can be hit or miss. There are great melodies with words that gratify self instead of uplifting Jesus. I pay attention to the lyrics and to the message and I play music that gives Jesus the glory. My praise time is not about making me feel good. It’s about giving Jesus the credit for what He did and recognizing that He is alive and well. That is one powerful way I recharge my spiritual batteries. I exalt Jesus and I see Him for the Lord He is. I put my needs second and put Him first. Praise and worship are amazingly powerful tools and habits that we should have. Recharging my batteries was a great time and it was all because Jesus was the center of that moment. He deserves our praises and our honor. When we honor Him He blesses us. Recharge your spiritual batteries on a regular basis, friend. It will make you stronger spiritually and it will allow you to connect with the Lord more easily.

I wish I could be plugged into Jesus all the time but the reality of my life is different. I do spend a lot of time in communion with Him but life takes over at times and I am not all tuned in. However, if I take the time to recharge my spiritual batteries regularly, I find myself being more in tune with God. I find that He spills into my job, into my leisure time and into my relationships. “Jesus over everything” is what motivates me every day. If I can give Him first place, I will never be last in what I do. It’s not about what I accomplish but it’s about what I do thanks to Him and through Him. He is the battery behind all my successes and my achievements and I ought to celebrate Him all the time.

Jesus is the battery that never runs out of energy and when I plug into Him, He makes my days so much better. I recharge from the best. I don’t go running after hopeless source of rest and peace. Jesus is my only source and I know that when and if I see Him as my only source, I get the boost and the peace I need. My peace comes from Him. My joy comes from Him. My energy comes from Him. I can’t do it all on my own. I can’t sustain it all on my own. I need to stay in harmony with the Lord and my batteries are fully charged.

“Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to Me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare. Give ear and come to Me; hear Me, that your soul may live.”* In this verse from Isaiah, the Lord invites us to go to Him. We can buy “wine and milk” thanks to Him without money. Wine and milk represent our spiritual food and needs. They are free of charge when we turn to Jesus. He is the ultimate provider. He is the ultimate battery charger. When my phone’s battery is low, I look for a charger. I have a few chargers at home and when I am on the road, I try to keep a charger in my bag.

Don’t go anywhere without your spiritual charger. Don’t go anywhere without Jesus. He is always with you but are you aware that He is by your side? Do you plug into Him or do you look for another charger everywhere else? He is the best charger. You can only get stronger spiritually when you spend time with the Lord. Have your praise and worship session. Go for a walk and talk to Jesus. Hold Him preciously in the middle of your heart. The more you turn to Him, the more tuned in you will be without having to try hard. Make Jesus your best friend. Be extremely familiar with Him. Let Him recharge you. Let Him fill the voids in your life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 55:1*; John 7:37-38; Revelation 21:6


God’s love is what I like writing about the most. The Lord’s love for me and for everyone else is just breathtaking. His love is what drew me to Him. His definition of love is what caused me to surrender my heart and to change my ways. He came into my life and turned it upside down for the better. Before Him I didn’t understand love. I saw it as something that was reserved for the chosen few. I had seen the world’s version of love and I had experienced it but it wasn’t satisfying. It was confusing, restrictive and empty at times. It gave so it could receive. It had intentions that were not always the best. I did see glimpses of God’s love in many people before I knew Christ. I now understand that it was God’s way of showing me that He cared before I knew Him. God loves every single one of us and when we lose sight of the amplitude of His love, we lose sight of who God is. God is not a political party or a religion that thrives on punishment and guilt. God is love. Period.

If you haven’t encountered God’s love, my prayer for you is that you get to know it. His love will transform your life. Love is His motivation and His intention for you. Keep that in mind. He does everything with love. His denials which are really redirections are all out of love. His mercy is because of love. His grace is laced in love. His every move and His every word are anchored in love. His Word is the Word of Love. Some people see the Bible as a love letter. Think of it as a love letter to you penned by Jesus and about Jesus. Read the Bible through the lens of love. When you do, you will interpret the Word in a positive way and you will agree that love is what matters most. Love is the most powerful force in the world and it can heal all wounds. Apply God’s love to your life and you will heal, you will grow, you will be restored and you will succeed. Everything you do should be backed by God’s love. Every thought you entertain and maintain should be impacted by God’s love. Reject negative thoughts and keep thoughts of love and positivity.

Saying that God’s love healed my life is an understatement. His healing is still taking place and it is an amazing phenomenon. God’s love puts everything back in order. It takes chaos and replaces it with God’s peace and blessings. God’s love is the biggest blessing there is and it is for all of us. There is an incredibly powerful love for you and it is waiting for you. In case you haven’t had a chance to get acquainted with God’s love, I invite you to invite it into your life today. Pray for His love. Pray that you are visited by His love every day. God wants to demonstrate His love all the time. I found that when I humbled myself and I became open to letting God be God, I discovered a love that is unparalleled. My heart had been crying for freedom for a while but I was too stubborn to let the Lord in. I wanted to do things my way instead of giving God control. Humbling myself implied getting into the Word and following the Word. It also meant that I was willing to be touched by something that was humanly impossible. I stretched my faith and He expanded my heart.

Love is what God feels for you. He doesn’t feel resentment and hate towards you. He speaks about you highly and He adores your company. Learn to see the love that God has for you. When you pray, you can sense His love. Let Him shower you with peace through His love. Love gives peace because it is protective and it cares. 1 Corinthians chapter 13, the love chapter, is often presented as the chapter that tells us how to walk in love. We shouldn’t forget that it also addresses what God’s love is like. What His love toward us is like. Read that chapter with God’s love for you in mind. Remember that God’s love is indestructible and it will always prevail. If you have nothing but God’s love, you have everything you need. Stay comforted by His love. Embrace His love and walk with Him hand in hand. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 53:10; John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 13

You deserve God’s best

God is no respecter of people. Think about what that implies. Think about what it means for you and for every single person you know. It means that you and everyone you know will always be considered the same way by God. He doesn’t love your neighbor more than He loves you. He doesn’t love you more than non believers. I think that is where we miss it. We think that because we are saved, God loves us more than people who don’t have a relationship with Him. If we kept in mind that we are all the same in God’s eyes, we can avoid conflicts, discrimination and judgment. Now, since God is no respecter of people, you can rest assured that the blessings and the love He had for people in the Bible are also available to you. God will open the  Red Sea for you. God will open your blind spiritual eyes for you. Gold will turn your water into wine. God will heal you.

God will set you free. God will give you hope and a future. God will fill you with His Spirit. God will perform miracles for you and through you. You are one of His disciples. You are one of His people. It’s up to you to see yourself the way He sees you. It’s up to you to walk in faith and to trust that you are loved and adored as much as anyone else the Lord loves. Peter in the Bible is not more special to God than you are. You are as loved by God as Paul was. You are as favored by God as David was. Jesus made it all possible so now you have to make it acceptable. Accept it for yourself and embrace that truth. You are loved by God and you are highly favored and blessed. Live your life knowing that you are as blessed as anyone Jesus touched when He was on earth.

“Mercy triumphs over judgement”* God is full of mercy and His mercy is for you. He is merciful all the time. This allows you to trust that when you sin and when you go astray, God will always take you back so to speak and His mercy will cover you. You and I are not perfect and we will never be perfect but we are made perfect by the Lord. His blood was shed for our sins and He took care of all our iniquities and trespasses. I am telling you today that you deserve God’s best because of His mercy so you need to get over the fear of not being good enough. You need to take those negative thoughts and throw them away because they won’t help you and they won’t lead you into the truth.

You are loved by God all the time and even if you do something wrong, you can be forgiven. Even when you do something wrong, God still loves you. It doesn’t mean that you should keep sinning. It just shows that you can repent, receive forgiveness and move on. You can move on to a place where you know that God’s blessings for you are perfectly lined up for you. They are in His pipeline and when the timing is right, they will bless your life in a powerful way. You deserve what God wants for you and what He wants is a life of abundance and a life where you are loved and highly favored.

When I read the great deeds and the great miracles of the Lord in the Bible, I can’t help but be in awe. I used to look at His miracles as things of the past. Now I understand that the blessings of the Lord are part of our lives and with faith we can access them. I am also aware of God’s unchanging love for all of us. I put myself on the same level as any people in the Bible. I am part of the Lord’s family and His love for me is the same love He had for David or Moses for instance. When you approach God that way, you are comforted and you realize that you deserve what God has. There is no one greater than you other than Jesus. Everyone else is in the same category. The category of the people God loves. It is a huge category that includes every single person who has walked the earth and you are in that group. You will stay in that group and you were always meant to be in that group.

Now, the difference between you and a non-believer is that you have eternal life and you are blessed with a wonderful relationship with Jesus. Think about all the believers in the Bible and think of what God did for them. He can do the same for you. Most of the time your faith needs to activate the hand of God and other times His mercy and grace are sufficient. They are always sufficient but faith is something you should always work on and develop. Today I want you to celebrate the Lord because He is no respecter of persons and He will do for you the amazing things He did in the Bible and more. Stay in faith. Stay encouraged. You deserve God’s best! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you.

Suggested reading: Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; James 2:13*

Jesus is always the way

When I was praying yesterday morning, I kept hearing deep down inside that there is always a way with Jesus. I meditated on that amazing truth. It is a truth we should hold ah so anything that might happen to us. When we think about the cross and what Jesus accomplished, we can’t help but know that He did the impossible. He died on that cross and then He conquered death. Death is the ultimate trial or tribulation. It is the biggest problem and Jesus destroyed it. Anything that happens to us that is negative falls under the umbrella of death. There is a spectrum of problems from something as simple as losing keys to something as huge as a fatality. That bad spectrum was defeated on the cross. No matter how big or small your problem is, there is always a way with Jesus. Jesus is the way. Insert Him into your problems and He will add solutions to your life. I impose my solution to my circumstances. I impose my Jesus to my circumstances. He always makes a way!

Jesus is the way-maker. He makes a way out of nothing. He can create solutions that you never thought existed. He does the impossible like I always say. Don’t think that your problem will be impossible to solve. Agree with Jesus. He believes and He knows that when He came back from the dead, He took care of every problem that will ever arise on earth. Your current problems are no exception to that rule. Think of the Jesus rule. His rule states that all issues and problems have to come under the control of the Lord and that His blood conquered all. He controlled all problems when He defeated death. His resurrection power makes a way in the darkest valleys and in the most hopeless situations. The Lord is trying to get your attention today. He is reminding you that He is your way out. Don’t lose heart. The way-maker will have the final say. Let Him make His way into your dilemma and you will experience peace, victory and relief. It’s not over until The way has come your way!

Have you noticed how in very dark rooms the light can make its way through and shine a glimmer of hope? It doesn’t have to be a lot of light. A little bit is enough to bring back hope. Jesus makes His way into dark situations and all you have to do is hold on to hope. Hold on to that little light knowing that more light is coming. Hold on to that little light and have the confidence that as your faith grows so will that light. Stay in faith while the light makes its way in. Follow the light. Go to its source. Its source is Jesus. He is the One you should stare at and not your problems. I understand it is easier said than done but it does work. Jesus is the way when there seems to be no way. Be relentless and keep hoping for the way out. Be determined to stay in faith because God’s way is the best way. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. He is going to do something incredible in your life. He is making way for great things to take place in your life. Stay encouraged! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 10:9; John 14:6; Acts 4:12