Limited God

God is almighty and all-powerful. There is nothing He can’t do and there is no one bigger and stronger than Him. To Him belong greatness and power. He is full of love and full of hope. You will never meet anyone more loving than the Lord. You will never meet anyone more hopeful than the Lord. Nothing is impossible to God and His love is the biggest love in the universe and yet we don’t get to know Him well. We have a limited version of God and unless we spend time in the Word and work on our faith, we will know a limited God. That is not the real God. That is not the true representation of God. When we get saved, our spirits are born again but our minds are the same.

We get to know God through our limited and non-renewed minds. It’s something I had not thought about when I first became a Christian. I saw some of the great things Jesus could do. I read the Bible and marveled at the Lord’s majesty but I had a limited and a small God mentality. It took me years before I started working on my vision of God. He is so merciful that I had many glimpses of His greatness. Every glimpse helped. Every glimpse made Him a little bigger. Today I am here to encourage you to work on your vision of God and to let Him grow in your mind and in your heart. You might have a big God now but He can always get bigger so to speak.

The Bible says that without faith we can’t please God. Like I said before, God is full of love. If we don’t have faith He doesn’t hate us and He is not disappointed in us but faith connects us to Him. Faith is what allows us to know God and to see Him. Now, there is a spectrum of faith. Our faith can be a mustard seed or it can be the size of a mountain and anything in between. A mustard seed of faith is enough. We can’t get discouraged if we have little faith because God can work with what we have. With the mustard seed of faith we can see the impossible take place in our lives. We have to keep working on it. We ought to use that mustard seed and expand it so that our vision of God gets bigger. A small God won’t get us far. A vision of a small God won’t get us far. Let me share what helped me with my vision of God.

The Word of God tells us that God is omnipresent. He is everywhere all the time. I meditated on that for a while. I read in Romans chapter 8 that nothing could separate us from God’s love. That blew my mind. It means that I could be stuck at the bottom of the ocean and God would still be there. I thought of the worst places I could imagine and realized that God would be there with me. There is nowhere in the world that you and I could be without God. There are no situations where we are without God. He is that powerful. He is that big. I have traveled to a few countries on different continents and God was there every time. He is so big. He has no limitations so we need to take the limits off of God in our thinking.

Think about the great things the Lord did in the Bible and the things He has done in your life. Focus on His greatness by thinking of His amazing accomplishments. Think about His miracles. Don’t consider them as things of the past. His miracles are still available today. God is as big today as He was when He parted the Red Sea for the Israelites when they were led by Moses. He is still as big as when He turned water into wine. He still as big as when He did something for you that took you by surprise. Your last breakthrough was not the end of your blessings. It was just a part of a continuation of miracles that will keep happening as you fine tune your vision of God.

Expect great things. Expect miracles. Expect your big God to do the impossible. Expect positive and breathtaking changes in your life. Expect the God of miracles to be your God. He is. You just need to embrace that truth and to keep it alive in your spirit and in your mind. Don’t limit God because of some personal experiences that have gone wrong. Expand God and stretch your mind. Wherever you are, God is with you. Whatever you are going through, God is with you. The almighty God of the Bible is your God. Enjoy Him! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 29:11; Jeremiah 32:27; Luke 1:37

Put on the shoes of peace

For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.”* This verse encourages us to wear the gospel of the Lord because it gives us peace. The Gospel is a pair of shoes. Those shoes symbolize peace. We can wear the shoes of peace every day. We can adhere to the Gospel and experience its peace every single day. Friend, be sure to wear the shoes of peace before you step out of your house. Start the day with the Gospel. God is His Word so you are invited to start your day with God. Before you do anything else, interact with God. Before you get involved in the affairs of life, get involved with God. Before anxiety and angst get ahold of you, let the peace of the Lord overtake you. The shoes of peace are so vital. They help us walk through the valley of the shadow of days and through the lands of misery. You and I will always have to face the lands of misery and despair but we can walk with confidence because the shoes of peace keep us anchored in the truth that always sets us free. Peace that surpasses all understanding is a fruit of the Spirit. It is a gift from God and it should be embraced and accepted. It is easy to put on just like a pair of shoes. The shoes of peace are part of the armor of God. You wouldn’t go to war without shoes on. You shouldn’t go to war without peace. You shouldn’t go out in the world without a good pair of shoes. The peace of the Lord can be your base and your foundation. Walk with peace and you will walk in victory. Walk in peace and trust that God is still God today!

When I was in college, some of my friends walked barefoot everywhere. We had a common lounge and those guys didn’t bother to put on shoes. I am used to wearing shoes or slippers everywhere so seeing them without shoes was a bit odd for me. Most of the time they were fine but there were the occasional times when they would step onto something that hurt them or that made them bleed. When we venture in the world without the shoes of peace, we can hurt ourselves and step on things that can steal our peace. I like a good pair of shoes and I take care of my shoes. It’s important that we take care of the peace of the Lord and that we love it. His peace can get us anywhere and it can bless us anywhere. Wouldn’t you want to have peace all the time? Peace is what we always need because the Lord is always in peace. He can work in our lives from the platform of peace but if we are confused and in a chaotic state, He can’t do much for us. It doesn’t mean that He is powerless but we won’t be able to access Him when we don’t have peace. Peace keeps us close to God and close to His peace. Take off the shoes of peace and you will notice that your head is not thinking straight and fear can slip in easily.

Peace reminds us that we dwell in safety in the hands of the Lord. Peace tells us that God is in control and we have nothing to worry about. When we are in sync with peace, we can do anything. We are not afraid to walk and we go places. The shoes of peace are a guarantee that we are protected, shielded and we are constantly surrounded by the Lord. Think about the function of shoes. Shoes are meant to cover our feet and to support our bodies. Peace will cover you and it will support you. Walk in the shoes of peace in faith. Trust that what the Lord promised He will deliver. When you start the day by putting on the shoes of peace, peace will abound. That morning start in the Word of God will do wonders for you. That is how you put on the shoes of peace. You spend time in the Word early and you pray. Prayer and Bible time will fasten those great shoes on you and you will experience peace throughout the day. Have prayer time and Bible time as the foundation of your day and peace will visit you all day long. God’s peace will strengthen you and it will carry you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 4:8; John 14:27;  Ephesians 6:15*

Walking with the Holy Spirit

Being friends with the Holy Spirit sounds outrageous to some people even in the church. However, Jesus sent us His Spirit so He would be with us. The Spirit of God is our comforter and our counselor and He is closer than a brother. He is in us. He is with us. He doesn’t leave our side and yet we don’t always welcome Him or pay attention to Him. I believe that the more we ignore the Spirit of God and the less active He is in our lives. Ignoring Him shows that we don’t have faith in Him. The Bible says that without faith we can’t please God. Anyone who wants to come to Him has to believe that He exists. The Amplified Bible says that without faith it is impossible to walk with God. I like that explanation because it underlines the need to walk with God and the best way we can do it is by walking with His Spirit. His Spirit is the best representative of Jesus. The Holy Spirit always points in the direction of the Lord. He is His promoter and His advocate. You can’t know the Father unless you go through the Son and you can’t understand the Son unless you walk with His Spirit. Walking with the Holy Spirit is vital and yet it is not a well-known need in the church. We tend to build ourselves up before we build a strong relationship with the Spirit of Jesus. Today I want to encourage you to walk with the Holy Spirit. Get to know Him. Embrace Him and be closer to Him.

Anyone who wants to approach God needs to believe He exists and believe that He cares.* The Holy Spirit exists. He is more real than the chair I am sitting on. He is more real than the trees and the valleys that I see. All these things are real but the Spirit of the Lord is even more real because He has always been around and He will always be around. The chair I am sitting on will disappear one day but the Spirit of God will never go away. He is here to stay and He decided to dwell in the hearts of the believers. He is in your heart, friend. He dwells in you and you are His temple. Host Him well. Take care of Him. Talk to Him. Invite Him into everything you do. Listen to Him. Open your Bible and read what He has to tell you. Meditate on what you read and you will hear Him talk to Him beautifully and clearly. He is alive. He is alive and well. Add that truth to your bank of wisdom and be sure to withdraw from it every single day. Get into prayer mode first thing in the morning. Stand in front of your bank of wisdom and knowledge. When you pray, spend time listening to the Lord and you will get great dividends that are more precious than gold. The ATM of the Lord is full of gems and nuggets of wisdom that will make you spiritually rich. You will be made aware of the presence of the Spirit of the Lord in your life. Do it daily and the Spirit will be real to you.

The Holy Spirit cares about you. He does. He cares about you and He wants the best for you. When you walk hand in hand with you, you learn how to lead a great life in the name of Jesus. All the wisdom you receive from Him should be cherished and kept. The Spirit of the Lord will open your eyes to His love and you will always find comfort in Him. Walking with the Holy Spirit implies walking in peace and joy. It implies that you are accepting His love and you are walking in faith knowing that you are cared for and you have nothing to worry about. Don’t walk with the Spirit one day a week. Church on Sunday is great but your walk should continue every day of the week. You will develop more intimacy with the Lord on your daily walk than you do during a few hours at church. I know some amazing people of the Lord who don’t have a church to go to on Sunday but they have the sweetest and the strongest relationship with Jesus that I know. Their secret is that they acknowledge the Holy Spirit and they interact with Him every single day. Be friends with the Holy Spirit. Make room for Him. Thank Jesus for Him. Live your life with Him. Great things happen when we walk with the Spirit. Hold on to Him and make Him a priority in your life. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:13-14; Luke 12:31; Hebrews 11:6 (Amp)*

God will carry you

About three years ago I wrote a nugget of wisdom that I like to revive from time to time. It says “The Lord has carried you this far. He’s not going to drop you. Your problems and circumstances are not too heavy for Him. He can handle all the weight the enemy is adding to your life.” I feel so much comfort when I read it. The Lord carries me every day. That is how I see Him and that is what I expect Him to do. He takes care of me and He holds me all the time. There isn’t a day when He doesn’t carry me. He makes sure that I don’t get hurt and that I don’t get damaged. Accidents happen and bad things take place but it doesn’t mean that the Lord stops carrying me. It is because He carries me that I am resilient and I refuse to give up. I can get discouraged at times. It is part of being human but the Lord doesn’t let me go down the rabbit hole of hopelessness. His hope pushes me forward and it wakes me up from the nightmare that the enemy wants me to accept as my life. Things get better. Things change. Things improve because the Lord carries me. Today I want to remind you that the Lord is carrying you right now. He will carry you tomorrow and He will continue to hold you and to assist you. You can expect His hand to be over you and to protect you. Don’t get distracted by the bad breaks. They can be very bad but they don’t stand a chance against the goodness of God. Have courage. Stay strong. The Lord will carry you and get you to the finish line.

Even if you are going through a valley of trials and tribulations today, the Lord is still carrying you. He has gotten you this far and He is not ready to let you down. He can’t. It’s not in His nature. God will give you the means to make it through the worst times. He is so powerful that nothing can get in His way and nothing is too difficult for Him. Take comfort in His love for you. You are protected and you are loved. God will make sure that you can make it to your destination. It may take a long time but it will happen. Stand strong in His might. Stay strong and hold on to the truth. The truth is that you are surrounded by the Lord and He is with you all the time. Don’t look left and right. Look at the Lord straight ahead of you. He is taking care of what’s on your left and what’s on your right. Think about how a little child is carried around by her father. She has no fear. She feels secure. She knows she is in good hands. She recognizes that she is in a safe zone in her father’s arms. You are in a safe zone in your Father’s arms. Know that you are shielded. Say it to yourself. Declare God’s protection over your life. Declare His power and His protection. You are in the best hands there is. God carries you all the time despite your awareness of His goodness. Make His goodness real in your life by talking about it and by thanking Him for carrying you.

Your problems are not too heavy for the Lord. He can hold them in His hand and crush them. Today decide to see your problems as the elements of the enemy that can’t destroy the peace in you. Refuse to back down and enjoy the power of God’s hand in your life. God is not only carrying you but He is giving you the power to carry on when things go sour. When the tribulations are so intense, He gives you the ability to keep walking and to keep going. When the sadness is too much to bear, He reminds you that He bore your sorrow on the Cross. The Lord carried you on that cross. He had you in His mind and He had you in His heart. He carried your burdens and He put an end to the misery. Don’t accept misery and sadness. Don’t give them a space in your life. You are above them thanks to the power of the Lord. God is carrying you and holding you way up high about the darts of the enemy. No matter what you are going through right now, God is still carrying you and you are going to make it. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 46:4; Philippians 4:13; 1 Peter 5:7

Great is His faithfulness

Another week and another chance to see how faithful our Lord is. I love that God is always faithful. It is something that I celebrate every day but at times there is some resistance in my head. Sometimes I go down the wrong path of thinking and my mind tries to tell me that God is going to fail me and He won’t be faithful. I have been in situations where I couldn’t see God’s faithfulness. The problem was that I was trying to see it with my eyes and I was looking for it around me. God is faithful no matter what. He stands on His throne in His glory and nothing can change that His faithfulness sits on His throne with Him. He promised to bless us and to never leave us. His love is faithful and it stays with us. If Jesus is your Savior, His faithfulness will accompany you all the days of your life. Because it is such a powerful truth, you can expect the enemy to do his best to demonstrate that God’s faithfulness is overrated. The devil is the king of lies and deceit. He will never hold the truth. Remember that. Even when things look bad and hopeless, God’s faithfulness is intact. The enemy will play up the bad things that are happening to you so you can believe that God can’t get you out of your problems.

God’s faithfulness is a guarantee and when we stay in faith and we keep standing despite the adversity, we will see the glory of God shine and His faithfulness will be evident. God said that He will protect us and that is always true. His protection is all around you, friend. Keep that in mind and keep saying that to yourself. You might be in some type of danger now but God’s protection is greater and stronger than anything you are facing. His protection will get you through anything. Not just a few circumstances but all of them. Praise Him for His faithful protection. Declare His protection over your life. Declare that God cares and that He watches over you faithfully. God promised He would send a Savior. He said He would send Someone who would cover all our sins and save us from eternal death. He kept His promise. He sent His Son. His Son came to earth and fulfilled the promise even though there were many attempts to end His life prematurely. When He was on the cross, it looked like death had won but God had not changed His promise. He had not altered what He was going to accomplish and Jesus conquered death. The promise stood strong and it is still alive today. God’s promises are all still alive and your trials and tribulations can’t control them. Tell the Lord you are ready to see His promises fulfilled in your life today.

One of God’s biggest promises is that He loves us. He is faithful with that promise and He keeps on loving us even when we keep on messing up. His faithful love is packaged in His mercy and grace. Think about how merciful the Lord has been and how His grace has carried you. I can quote many instances when God’s grace has saved my life. My whole life is a testimony to God’s grace and faithfulness. I am thankful for His faithfulness. I am inviting you today to expect God to be faithful and to add that truth to your daily declarations of faith. Remind yourself and your circumstances that God is always faithful. Start the week with that promise on your lips and in your mind. Let your heart be filled with the promise and stay strong no matter what comes your way. You will experience God’s faithfulness. Don’t get discouraged. God is always good and always faithful. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 7:9; Psalm 33:4; 2 Thessalonians 3:3

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 172)

When you’ve got God’s mind on your mind and you can’t be shaken, His peace has settled in your heart.

God helps you be more like Him. God helps you be more like the you He designed. God helps you love yourself more. God helps you love your neighbor more. God helps you be more like love!

Don’t run against the stream of your destiny. Don’t run in the lane of someone else’s destiny. Don’t run in the wrong direction. Don’t run against God. Don’t run against hope. With God hope runs after you. With God love runs after you. With God your destiny runs with you!

God is as active behind the scenes as He is on center stage. Ask Him to show what He is actively doing in every part of your life. He will give you the lens of faith so that you can see His hand actively working for you.

Let God deal with the Goliaths of your life. He will give you the exact slingshot you need. It could be His Word, faith, love, hope, peace, joy or anything that He sees fit. God can handle all the giants that come your way. Pray and He will take care of them.

Sometimes you don’t receive from God because you are not ready for His blessings. Sometimes you have to wait a very long time for God’s answer and for His blessings but it doesn’t mean you won’t be blessed. Pray for patience. Your blessings will come.

Pray for everyone. Pray for those you know. Pray for those you barely know. Pray for those you don’t know. Speak blessings into their lives. Speak peace, joy, love and healing into their lives. Many people are not “spoken for.” Speak for everyone in the name of Jesus!

Worrying is giving the devil a continued audience where he can wreak havoc by building strongholds in our minds. When worry comes, turn to Jesus the Prince of Peace. Listen to His voice through His Word and the devil will get quiet.

There are no storms too big for the Lord. Remember that He is your anchor and He is with you in the boat. You are not going to drown. You will walk on water with Him!

Your cry for help has been heard. It was heard before you knew you needed help. The Lord will always listen to your cry and send help. Don’t get discouraged. God heard you! God will save you!

Suggested reading: Job 14:7-9; Romans 15:4; 1 John 3:3

Before and after

I was looking at a before and an after picture online the other day. The person in the pictures had lost a lot of weight. I couldn’t believe how fit and happy he looked in his after picture. It truly looked like two different people. It made me think of the before and after me. Not the physical before and after me, but the spiritual and emotional me. I thought about my life before Christ. Going down memory lane and revisiting our past can be tricky if we do it all the time and we live in the past. Going back to the past momentarily to see how much progress we have made is a great exercise. Do you ever compare the old you with the current you? If you have never done it, I suggest you spend some time making the comparison. What were you like before you got saved? What are you like now? What has the Lord done for you? The person you were before Christ will surprise you in many ways. You will see how much you needed Christ and how you barely made it without Him. When you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, your spirit became new and your heart changed. Your mind remains the same and it still needs to be worked on but your spirit is born again. You were dead inside before Christ. His resurrection is your success story and the new you was made in His image. Celebrate the Lord who lives in you. He is the fire behind every miracle and every blessing. You have His power inside you and you are a new creature. Take a quick look at your old self and keep your eyes on the One who makes you who you are today.

What was I like before Christ? I was lost. I was distraught. I had no hope. I was helpless. I thought I knew life but I was flirting with death every day. I thought I had the world figured out but I was buying into lies that made my life a nightmare. I lived in a very bad dream. That awful dream was my reality and I couldn’t get out of it. Imagine living in a nightmare and not being able to wake up to peace and joy. I was sleeping all the time. My spirit was asleep all the time. My inner light was off and I needed someone to turn it on. I need an ignition, a new start, a new beginning. I couldn’t imagine life could get any better. Today I feel bad for those who are where I used to be. I know how it is. I know how it crushes their spirit. I know how weak and feeble they can become. Christ gave me a new spirit and He taught me that life in Him and through Him was the best way to live. Jesus gave me the light. He went into my spirit and turned on the flame. He took my dead spirit and breathed life into it. His love, His words and His peace invaded me and changed me. I can remember life before Him but I don’t like life before Him. Life before Him had no rhyme or reason. There was no joyful song and no beautiful music. The Holy Spirit gave me a new song that has not stopped playing in the chamber of my spirit. Jesus’ melody is bouncing up and down in my heart and I know that I have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear.

The old me was crippled by fear. Hope was something I was not familiar with but today hope is alive in me and I am well aware of it. Jesus can take all fear and put faith in you. He can give you a life where His presence is like a river that never runs dry. Thank Him for the new you and Thank Him for being in you. He is part of your life and if you let Him be your whole life, there is no limit to what He can do through you, for you and in you. When Christ is the center of your life, the “after you” is a version of you that glorifies the Lord. Like I said before, it is ok to take a glimpse at the old you but it is important to focus on the One who is responsible for the new you. Notice the changes in you. Notice the new birth in your spirit. Notice Christ in you. Notice the love, the peace, the joy and the faith in you. It’s not about you but it’s about Christ in you and what He is accomplishing. Stay close to His Spirit. Embrace His Spirit. Imitate Christ and spread love, spread joy. Spread Christ around you. The new you will emanate Him and shine His light around you. You will exude His presence and give the world a chance to know Him through you. The new you is all about Jesus and that is what counts the most. You were meant to worship the Lord. Worship and praise Him with your life. Your before and after you are two different people. Stay in the present with the Lord that is working in you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:18; Romans 6:4; 2 Corinthians 5:17

Jesus is with you in the boat

Last week was pretty rocky. I felt like I was in a boat on a crazy ocean with waves taller than the tallest building in town. I didn’t drown but I thought I might. Problems came from everywhere and I had to stand in my spiritual boat and hold on to the mast. I didn’t want to fall off the boat and I knew what I had to do. I had to remember that I had an anchor. Jesus is my anchor but I was looking at the storm that was causing the waves forgetting that I had the best anchor there is. Jesus stabilized my boat once I calmed down. He made things better and He helped me fall asleep in the middle of the chaos and the confusion. You know how it is when you have a lot of problems and you can’t sleep. Your mind keeps racing and going into all directions. Jesus gave me peace. It was a week of trials but the Lord was the judge and He decided that things were going to be in my favor. Calming down was not easy but the Holy Spirit reminded me that not only is Jesus my anchor, He is also with me in the boat. He is with me when the storm is raging. He is with me as the sun is shining. He stands there and He is not moved by the rocky seas. He is not intimidated by the storm and He is not frightened by the chaos around me. He is always still. He is always calm. When the storm comes and I look at Jesus, He calms the storm. He makes things good again. He acts in my favor and He makes me get through the worst storms. Last week the storm was big but my Lord was bigger.

When things were bad,  I wasn’t alone even though my circumstances were trying to tell me that I was. When things get tough, there is a feeling of loneliness that attaches itself to the problems and that makes things worse. Jesus was with me and I had to hold on to that. What I did was take a step back. I took a step back and looked at my situation. I didn’t want to look at everything from my human perspective. I had to get into faith mode and that’s what happens when I take a step back. What does that look like? I take a step back by letting the Lord take a step forward. I let Him lead the way and show me what I should do and what He wants me to do. I prayed. My step back took place in prayer. I prayed and told the Lord that I couldn’t deal with all that was happening on my own. I thanked Him that He was with me in the boat. My boat was going through some turbulence but the Lord was stable and steadfast. I needed His stability. When Jesus was in the boat with His disciples, He slept. There was a storm but He slept. His reaction when He woke up demonstrated how stable, powerful and sure of Himself He was. He was not scared of the storm. He was not bothered by it one bit and I needed to adopt that attitude. I spoke against the storm in Jesus’ name and I saw a change.

The change that came from the Lord was manifested in me. He changed my perspective. He changed the way I was looking at that storm. He showed Himself bigger than the storm. After I prayed and asked for help, the Lord went to work on me and He gave me peace. All of a sudden, I sensed a peace that was spreading all over my mind and my spirit. It came in gently but it settled in me nicely. That peace could not be defeated and the storm of the problems I was facing didn’t seem so menacing. Jesus was with me and I had all I could ever need. Next time you are going through a storm and your boat is like a rocking chair, cry out to Jesus. Know that He is with you in that boat and He is not going to let you drown. He is your anchor and your helper. He is your protector and your shield. There are no storms too big for Him. Nothing will harm you. Look at your next storm and say “The Lord is with me in this boat. I will not perish and I will not be defeated.” You have an anchor that will keep you in the sea of peace. Stay strong! May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:2; Luke 8:22-25; Matthew 8:24-27

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 170)

Even on your worst day you can still have a lot of joy and a lot of peace. Have more Jesus on those days. Increase your prayer time and your praise time. Jesus is the same even on the rough days!

There is always room for you with God. He always welcomes you and invites you. You will never be left out and you will never be abandoned. God adores you!

God will wake you up from your nightmares and He will make some of your biggest dreams come true. Keep dreaming with the Lord and great things will happen to you in the name of Jesus!

Sometimes God pushes the pause button and He wants you to slow down and take break. Rest in Him. Rest in His arms. Go at His pace and stop the race against the clock!

Be someone’s “God’s person”. Represent God to someone. Be the light someone needs. Be God’s love to someone. Be the person of faith someone needs in their life. Be the Word of God to someone!

You will never succeed if you don’t take a chance. Step out in faith and take a chance. Take a leap of faith and you will land in success. Trust God with every step and every leap!

You are blessed to be a blessing. The Lord is blessing you so you can bless others. He is opening the floodgates from Heaven so your life is flooded with love and blessings and the overflow is touching lives around you. You are highly blessed in the name of Jesus!

God’s presence can be your biggest weapon. Pray, praise, worship and love without ceasing and His presence will be obvious to you. Spread God’s presence wherever you go!

God is going to release joy in your life. He is going to open the gates of gladness and flood you with glee and delight. Hang on to the God of joy. Great things are coming!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:1; Proverbs 10:28; James 1:2-3

God’s presence can be your biggest weapon

God’s presence can be your biggest weapon. First of all I have to say that God’s presence is always there whether we know it or not. Whether we feel it or not, He is there. Sometimes we experience Him more than other times. Sometimes His presence is so strong that it is tangible. It changes the atmosphere and it changes us. I have been in church services where the presence of the Lord was so strong that you could feel it and it was more real than the chair I was sitting on. It felt like God had entered the church and sat among the congregation. That powerful presence comes when faith is in the house, our hearts are open and praise is our offering. I have also experienced the presence and the glory of the Lord in my own house. We don’t need a church to encounter God. I found that out in the most amazing way. I remember praising the Lord and worshipping in the comfort of my dorm room in college. What made the presence manifest was the desire to see Him lifted up and an open invitation through my heart. I wanted to adore Him and please Him. It didn’t happen right away but after doing it for a few days in a row, I saw the glory. I felt the presence and I was filled with so much peace and so much joy that I couldn’t believe it was real. It all stayed with me and every morning I would check and see if it was still there and it was. What I had done was create an environment where the Spirit of Jesus could move freely and where His praises were stronger than the negativity of the world.

I saturated myself with the presence of the Lord by praising Him every morning and every night and having prayer sessions throughout the day. Jesus was all I could think of and I had discovered that I could be friends with Him and I could fellowship with Him all the time. This was the start of the journey I am still on today. I still praise Him and pray to Him every day and His presence has become something familiar, comforting and encouraging. Why is it a weapon? His presence is a weapon because it reminds me that I don’t have to face life alone. It encourages me and it builds me up. It puts Jesus in the center and it gives me a reason to worship Him even when things are not going well. Do I have days when the presence is not that obvious? Absolutely! Those days are when I need to isolate myself more and get into praise mode. I have not praised the Lord without ever reaching a higher level of faith and reverence. When you are aware of His presence, you just want to bow down before Him and exalt Him. His presence keeps us in a place of adoration and a place of openness. We can be open to receiving and to welcoming what He has to give us.

God is always present and His love for you is always the same. Next time the enemy tries to steal your joy and tries to harm your faith, remind him that God is still the same and the enemy has still lost the battle. God’s presence is the weapon you can brandish when the enemy comes. Speak about the Lord and lift up His name. Thank Him for being with you and thank Him that His presence is always around. Thank Him that you are protected and that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Thank Him that the weapon of His presence will always work and bless you. Thank Him that every day of the week you have the weapon that can stop the devil in its tracks and you have nothing to worry about. Thank God that He inhabits your praises and every time you extol Him, the world fades away and He shows up in a great way. You are going to make it this week because the Lord won’t leave your side. You have all you need. You have Jesus. You have peace. You have love. You have joy. You have victory and all your needs are met according to the Lord’s riches. Don’t fear. Don’t worry. The Lord is your weapon and nothing will overcome you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Exodus 33:14; Hebrews 13:5; James 4:8