10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 187)

The goodness of God didn’t stop with your last breakthrough. The goodness of God didn’t end with your last blessing. The goodness of God didn’t leave you when you last failed. God’s goodness is always present. Enjoy the gift of His goodness!

You have made it this far. You are here for a reason and not just for a season. God is going to take you to the next level. Stay in faith. Don’t give up. God has many reasons for you to get through these tough seasons. The best is yet to come!

When you are faced with a storm, the size of the hurricane is not what matters. Your reaction to the storm is what makes a difference. React with God. React with your fortress and your shield. All God to calm the storm within so you can defeat the storm outside.

Don’t let your circumstances dictate what you can expect from God. Expect God to change your circumstances. God can intervene and turn your trials into triumphs!

Keep trusting the Lord no matter what. Things might be terrible for you now but the Lord has a plan to change your situation. Hang on to the living Hope. Hang on to Jesus. Change is coming!

On your rainy days, don’t give up on the sun. On your worst days, don’t give up on the Son of Man. Jesus will bring the sun back. The presence rain doesn’t mean the absence of the sun. Jesus might be behind the clouds but He is there with you!

The freedom that God’s truth brings is out of this world. It sets all records straight. It destroys mental strongholds. It clarifies all confusion and it gives you a new lease on life. Pray for the truth. Pray for freedom in Jesus’ name!

You can’t give to others what you don’t already have. You have love, peace, joy and other fruit of the Spirit because you have Jesus. Give all you have from God and change someone’s life!

Let Jesus be your answer to everything. Let love be your answer to everything. Let hope be your answer to everything. Let faith be your answer to everything. Let God give you the answers in everything!

The wait can be long but God is working on your situation. He is doing more than you think so don’t let your mind shut Him down and diminish His ability to do the impossible in your life. He is at work so rest easy!

Suggested reading: Job 42:2; Matthew 19:26; Romans 10:9

You are in good hands

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for the day, some busy thoughts tried to occupy my mind. I rejected them. I knew I needed to pray. The thoughts were about things I had to take care of but the more I came up with things to do, the more my mind was overwhelmed. I also heard despair say, “How are you going to be able to do all this?” Before I even started praying the Lord spoke to my heart softly and said’ “But you are in good hands!” I am in good hands. I am in God’s hands. It is something I have known for a while but yesterday morning, it truly resonated. It hit me so strongly and it made me smile. Friend, we have Jesus. We are in good hands. We are in God’s hands. We can easily forget that when our minds get overwhelmed. What we need to do is overwhelm our minds with Jesus. He is the only One who can get us out of those paralyzing states of mind. He is the One who can remove worry and give us peace that is bigger than the lies of the enemy. The thoughts I was facing were lies but they appeared to be reality. They are reality in this world but the Lord we serve is out of this world and He is much more powerful than any negativity that lives in the world. I held on to the promise that I was in God’s hands all day yesterday.

When something bad arose yesterday, I used those simple yet powerful words. I said “I am in good hands because I am in God’s hands.” When I first started my current job, I had a great mentor. She went above and beyond to make sure that I was learning a lot and that I had all I needed. Some of my new colleagues asked me who my mentor was and when I told them, they all had the same reaction. They all said that I was in good hands. They were right. I was well-taken care of and I felt heard and respected. I knew I could always go to my mentor with questions and concerns and she always had a solution. Her positivity was through the roof. To hear her talk, you would think that nothing was impossible and there was always a way out of our most difficult situations. She believed that we could always find some help from somewhere.  When people ask us where our help comes from, we should automatically respond by saying that it comes from the Lord. We are in good hands with Jesus. We should constantly  introduce Jesus as our Savior. He is more than a mentor. His Spirit is a coach and counselor but He is not from this world so what He does is always excellent. Always expect excellence with the Lord. You are in excellent hands. You have an excellent Savior who has excellent answers and excellent solutions.

The Lord is like my mentor but exponentially bigger and better. He is in a category of His own. Not only can I go to Him with my questions and my concerns but I can rest assured that He already knows what they are. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He can do all things and nothing can stop Him. Being in His hands means that I will never fail and His love will always prevail. It doesn’t mean that I will never have problems. It means that He has dealt with all my problems ahead of time and faith in Him will always give me the victory. We are so blessed, friend, to be in God’s hands. It is the best place to be. We are safe in His hands and secure. When things get out of hand, remember whose hands are holding you. You can always rely on Jesus. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. When bad thoughts come to mind, push them away with the reminder that you are in God’s hands. The enemy hates hearing that but it’s the truth. Let the Lord’s protective hands become your reality in the name of Jesus. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!
Suggested reading:Isaiah 49:16; John 10:29; Acts 11:21

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 185)

God’s hope reverses the worst situations in your mind. It breaks down the negative thoughts and replace them with a positive outlook. Be filled with the Lord’s hope. Get a dose of it every day in His Word!

Even in your worst case scenario, Jesus is with you. He can rewrite your script and give you a better ending. Don’t write Him off when you go through a tough chapter. He has the final say!

You can always be care free in the name of Jesus even when you are carrying baggage. Leave the luggage of despair at the door and enter the Lord’s house with gladness.

Stay strong and be encouraged. God is on your side and He will get you through anything. Good things are coming. The Lord is pacing the way for better days. Keep believing!

With God you won’t drown. You will float for a while and then you will start walking on water as your faith increases. Keep your eyes on Jesus even when you are in the middle of an ocean of trouble.

Sometimes the pain is so strong that nothing seems to help. God can help. God will help. Give Him your pain. Ask Him to help. He will assist you and bless you!

Stay in your lane and run your own race. God has a lane labeled with your name. Your blessings are in your lane. Your gifts and talents are in your lane. God is with you in your lane. Don’t try to be someone else!

Precious are you to God. He hold you in the plan of His hand. He adores you and He watches over you. In bad times remember that the Lord who loves you is with you all the time!

Start your day on a positive note. Start your day with God. Start your day with prayer. Start your day with praise. Start your day with thanksgiving. Start your day talking to Jesus and you will start your day with power!

Delight in the Lord and in His love. Celebrate His goodness. Rejoice over His faithfulness. Lift up His name. Find peace in Him. Stay close to Him. Embrace Jesus!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:4; Job 22:26; John 15:7

When you have thousands of problems

When Jesus fed thousand of people, He took the five loaves of bread and two fish that the disciples had and multiplied them. He took very little and made it into something big. There was a need. Thousands of people who had come to see Jesus were hungry. There seemed to be no way to feed them. Five loaves and two fish was not going to get them far. The situation seemed impossible but it wasn’t impossible to Jesus. You see, Jesus never saw anything as impossible. He was never scared of anything and He was never discouraged by any situation. Jesus is still the same today. He still doesn’t get intimidated by any situation and He still believes that nothing is impossible. Now, you may have very little to give the Lord. You may have a need that can’t be covered by five loaves of bread. You may have many situations that feel like thousands of situations that you have to deal with. I know that when I have problems they sometimes appear to be like a mountain of trials and I can’t handle them all or I can’t see the end of my problems. It doesn’t mean that all is lost. What I do is give the Lord my five loaves and He takes care of my “thousands of problems.”

Giving the five loaves of bread and the two fish to the Lord was an act of faith. The Lord asked the disciples to give them what they had. They had little but they listened to Him. He took the bread, look to Heaven, gave thanks and there was more than enough bread and fish to feed thousands of people. Today you might need to do what the disciples did and express your faith to the Lord. Your five loaves of bread and two fish could be anything the Lord is asking you to give Him. Do it in faith. He might be telling you to give Him the sacrifice of praise. He might be asking you to hold on to hope despite everything that is going on. He is not asking for much and He knows what to do with what you give Him. Think about your act of faith. In many cases it is just a prayer with hope. All the Lord wants you to do is trust Him. Give Him your loaves in faith and show Him that you understand He is knowledgeable and He will take care of all your problems. He is faithful and He does everything right. I once had what felt like a thousand problems and my One Lord was more than enough. He prevailed. He got me through everything beautifully. Don’t get disheartened by your thousand problems. Jesus can multiple your blessings easily.

Jesus can perform great miracles and He can heal anything. See your problems as ailments and believe He can heal them all. Think about your needs. Think about your thousand needs. Jesus will use your little faith and He will meet all your needs and more. He will give you an abundance that will surpass your understanding. There is a multiplication of blessings that is going to take place in your life. Your faith is enough. Keep pushing through. Keep believing. Jesus is going to make a way. All your problems won’t last. They won’t be able to destroy you. God is going to bless you through this difficult period. Keep your eyes on Him. Watch Him multiple the blessings and the solutions. He has solutions for all your problems and more. He is going to feed your situations and give them good things. Don’t despair. The Lord is on your side and He is going to help you for sure. Stay in faith. Give the Lord your five loaves and your two fish. He will multiple your blessings. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Matthew 13:14-21; Matthew 16:8-9; John 6:1-14

What patience can do for you

I was on a train that was going very slowly the other day. I felt that if I got off the train and started walking, I would get to my destination faster. The train was painfully slow but all I could do was sit there and be patient. I could have lost my cool and entertained a lot of negative thoughts but the Lord pointed out a few very interesting things. He showed me that since the train was going so slowly I could admire the scenery. I could see the beauty around me that I had missed every time the train had gone fast in the past. I could enjoy the trees and the beautiful flowers. I could see things I had never noticed before. That is what the Lord pointed out. He didn’t encourage me to lose my temper. He didn’t want me to focus on the time and to think that I was going to be late. He directed me to stay in the moment and to rejoice over my surroundings.

That slow train ride was a nice step back. A step back from the busyness of my mind. A step back that was truly a step forward. Why? God is patient and He is not in a hurry. Slowing down allowed me to get closer to God and to be more like Him. That a step forward in my book. That is a step forward in His Book. The Bible teaches us about patience but we are often in a hurry to get to the end of a chapter of our lives when we should let every page unfold. We want to know how it will all end when the Lord wants us to go through a natural process of identifying every section of our story and making the most of it all. What leads to the end is just as important as the end and sometimes more important. Every chapter of our lives matter and they should be lived out to the fullest and appreciated. Patience is more than a virtue. It’s the key to great treasures that can only be discovered if we take the time.

When I was on the slow train, I enjoyed that slower pace. I didn’t at first but once I got on God’s page, I understood the value of slowing down. Like I said, it draws us closer to God and it enables us to develop a wonderful fruit of the Spirit. Without patience we can miss out on so much. Without patience we can forfeit our faith. Faith works with patience. There is no way around it. You can’t walk in faith if patience is not by your side. You can’t walk in love if patience is not your friend. You can’t have hope if patience is not part of the equation. Patience is a key that opens many doors. It is a master key that fits in many locks. When we rush around and try to open a door, we can’t get the key to turn properly because we are distracted by our own impatience.

Patience gives us the ability to make things fit the right way and to find the proper way to do things. I can think of many times when I did a bad job at school because I wasn’t patient. Now if I am impatient with the things of the Lord, I will not gain wisdom and I will misinterpret what He is trying to tell me. Patience and meditation go hand in hand. I meditate on God’s Word every day and I need to be patient when I meditate. I need to be patient with myself and patient with the messages I am getting. God doesn’t always reveal everything right away. Sometimes when I pray I don’t hear Him if I am too scattered in my thoughts and I am rushing around. I get the best of out of prayers when patience is involved and I wait on the Lord.

“Wait on the Lord” is an encouragement I often get. How can I wait on the Lord if I am not patient and I am not slowing down? I have noticed that when I pray for something or I expect the Lord to intervene in my life and I wait patiently, it is more likely to happen. I have found that life is what happens when you don’t look at it. In other words, great things in life take place when we don’t keep starting at them and wait for them to manifest. Patience tells us to focus on the Lord and not focus on the creation. Patience tells us to focus on the good and not pay attention to the bad.

Patience works with faith and it is always positive. Patience has a positive outlook on life. Patience is strong. Patience gives us the strength to hold on. If you are struggling with patience today, I invite you to invite it into your life. Pray for more patience. Get used to getting on the slow train and enjoy what is around you. Walk slower. Walk with God. Don’t run to the end of the chapter. Engage with the beginning, the middle and the end. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your spiritual eyes during the whole process. Slow down and enjoy the moment. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:12; 1 Corinthians 13:4; Ephesians 4:2

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 170)

Even on your worst day you can still have a lot of joy and a lot of peace. Have more Jesus on those days. Increase your prayer time and your praise time. Jesus is the same even on the rough days!

There is always room for you with God. He always welcomes you and invites you. You will never be left out and you will never be abandoned. God adores you!

God will wake you up from your nightmares and He will make some of your biggest dreams come true. Keep dreaming with the Lord and great things will happen to you in the name of Jesus!

Sometimes God pushes the pause button and He wants you to slow down and take break. Rest in Him. Rest in His arms. Go at His pace and stop the race against the clock!

Be someone’s “God’s person”. Represent God to someone. Be the light someone needs. Be God’s love to someone. Be the person of faith someone needs in their life. Be the Word of God to someone!

You will never succeed if you don’t take a chance. Step out in faith and take a chance. Take a leap of faith and you will land in success. Trust God with every step and every leap!

You are blessed to be a blessing. The Lord is blessing you so you can bless others. He is opening the floodgates from Heaven so your life is flooded with love and blessings and the overflow is touching lives around you. You are highly blessed in the name of Jesus!

God’s presence can be your biggest weapon. Pray, praise, worship and love without ceasing and His presence will be obvious to you. Spread God’s presence wherever you go!

God is going to release joy in your life. He is going to open the gates of gladness and flood you with glee and delight. Hang on to the God of joy. Great things are coming!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:1; Proverbs 10:28; James 1:2-3

God’s love letter to you

I once was told that I should focus on what the Lord says about us believers in His Word. I was encouraged to highlight what was directed to us and to meditate on it. Then a new perspective came. The Book of Life, the Bible, is a love letter. It is a love letter from the Lord to us, His bride. It should be read as such and the author should be applauded and lauded. “God wrote a love letter to me?” I wondered. It seemed odd and very contradictory to my religious upbringing. When you think of a groom and a bride you usually picture companionship, intimacy and love. Could God be in love with me? I found out that He was and His love for me was different. His love for all of us is different from human love. It is bigger, better and stronger. We are the bride indeed and we are the object of His affection. Learning all this revolutionized my mind and it made me want to know more about this love depicted in the love letter. Jesus is the central theme of the Word of God. He is the Savior and He is the bridge between God and us. God gave His Son so that whoever believes in Him would be saved. That central theme of the Bible is the love theme that we should see in the Word. We should read the Word as the love letter that it is. Jesus came to reconcile us with God. He did the ultimate sacrifice and He achieved what no one else could have done. What He did is the best testament to the most powerful love in the universe and beyond. God so loved you that He gave Jesus. God so loved you that He wrote about it so that the truth in His Word would set you free.

Today I am inviting you to welcome the love letter from the Lord. Study the Word of God. Learn about this powerful love. Fill your mind with this love. Fill your heart with His love. Take the necessary steps toward living through this love. A Bible that sits on a night table is not useful. It is an ornament but it should be a garment. I am not saying we should literally wear the Bible but we should don it spiritually by letting it become a part of what we put on every day. There are so many things that could be wearing us down when we accept them and take them for absolute truth. The truth is that God loves you and me. That is where we should start when we read His Word. There is a love that transcends everything and it is the love of the Lord for us. That revelation should illuminate our vision of God and help us read His Word the way it was meant to be read. How much does God love us? I don’t think we can fathom the depth of His love but we owe it to ourselves to be students of the Word and doers of the Word. God’s love letter is very long and it has many notes in the margin of its truth. The Holy Spirit can help us understand all the notes and all the fine print. He can reveal secrets and wisdom that will change our lives. The key is to invite Him to be part of our quest and to refrain from following man-made theories and doctrines. Jesus is the message of the Word of God and He is love.

Next time someone tells you that you better watch out and you better be afraid because God will smite you, tell him or her that you know the love letter He has written for you and about you. Salvation is for you. Redemption is for you. Deliverance is for you. Freedom is for you. Healing is for you. Provision is for you. Wisdom is for you. Peace is for you. Faith is for you. Joy is for you and above all, God’s love is for you. His Word is loaded with His love. It’s on every page. It’s in every word. Pray that you see it. Pray that His Spirit will open the eyes of your spirit and demonstrate His love. Pray that you can read the letter with the right intonation and the right intent. Pray that the lies of the enemy don’t prevent you from embracing the love that died for you and that came back to life. Pray that you see life in the Word of God and you understand that death was conquered. As the bride, you are entitled to companionship, relationship and intimacy with the Lord. Get as close to Him as possible. Accept His love and keep it in the core of your heart. You are loved more than you will ever know by the Lord who knows you better than you know yourself. Welcome His love. Welcome His love letter and read it with Jesus as the main message. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: John 3:15-16; Romans 5:8; 1 Timothy 1:15-16

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 162)

Praise is about Jesus and not about our feelings but He gives us feelings when we fix our eyes on Him.

Praise is an attitude of the heart that openly gives to Jesus and receives Jesus.

In the middle of the biggest distress, God can still come and change the script of your life. Don’t dwell on the pages of sorrow. Embrace the Book of Life and accept what the Word of God has to say about your situation.

The enemy will keep on trying to charge you for crimes you did not commit. Remember that God is the judge and that He is in your favor. He will get you out of the guilt and the confusion that the enemy uses against you.

Humble yourself before the Lord and pray. Keep seeking His face and approach Him with reverence. A humble heart goes a long way. Pray with the right agenda and you will learn the beautiful ways of the Lord’s humble and powerful love.

The Lord rejoices over you and He sings over you. His songs are upbeat, uplifting and encouraging. Tune in to His tunes and you will hear a symphony of love.

The results are in! You are going to make it and you are going to win. Jesus guarantees your victory. Don’t lose hope. Wait until He gets you to the finish line knowing that it all ends very well in the name of Jesus!

God painted a picture of your life. He never forgets what it looks like and He enjoys looking at it. Ask Him to show you what your life looks like and you will be impressed by what you see.

God’s goodness had no end. Your blessings have no end. Your victories have no end. Your hope has no end. Your joy has no end. Pray to the Lord who has no end and your life will be a series of “no ends” to His glory!

Don’t worry about the strong winds. God’s love is your anchor and it will keep you in one place. You will not be moved and you will not be shaken when you rely on the Lord and His unshakable love.

Suggested reading: Matthew 11:28-30; Luke 12:25; Colossians 3:15

In the name of Jesus

There is a name that I can’t ignore. A name that I am putting above all names. A name that means life, truth and a way through the worst situations. A name that makes things possible. A name that is synonymous with love, peace and joy. A name that defeats the enemy. A name that gives hope when everything seems lost. That name is the name of Jesus. I use His name when I pray and I use it in everything I do. I have to explain that as a young Christian, the name of Jesus was the name that ended my prayers. It is still the case today but what I have discovered through the years is that the name of Jesus is not just a signature at the end of a list of requests. It is a seal. It seals my prayers and it says that “so be it” and it doesn’t matter what the enemy says. The name of Jesus is life and I use it to push life into the most desperate and dead situations. I use the name of Jesus when the enemy names my circumstances and gives them a bad label. The enemy has all sorts of names to describe what happens to us. He puts trials in our lives and tough situations in the name of torture and in the name of persecution. He tortures our spirits and persecutes our faith but the name of Jesus sets the record straight. In His name I have victory. In His name I have authority. In His name I have peace and love. In His name joy is my strength. How often do you speak the name of Jesus? How much faith do you have in the name of Jesus? It is time we proclaimed His name again. It is time we kept our hope in His name. It is time we renamed our circumstances by giving Jesus the right to rewrite our narratives and to shine with all His glory in our lives.

Jesus declared Himself that He was the way, the truth and the life and that no one can get to the Father except through Him. His name gives us access to the Father. I pray in the name of Jesus because as a kid I knew that His name would get the attention of the Father. I knew that His name opened doors and if I tried to pray in the name of saints or entities that were under Him, nothing could be accomplished. Calling on the name of entities was like blowing air. It didn’t do anything. I needed the name that comes with the wind. The name that provides the wind of change. The name that can move mountains and that can part the seas. The name of Jesus can do all that and more. His name is always sufficient. His name is always powerful. His name is always glorious. Develop your faith in the name of Jesus. Call on His name. It is never in vain. If you need your life to change, pray in the name of Jesus. Pray in the name of the One who is life and who can influence your life for the better. Pray in the name of the One who is the truth and who can beat the world’s lies. The name of Jesus is stronger than the lies of the enemy. Don’t buy the lies. Accept the truth for free. Pray in the name of the One who makes a way when there is no way. Jesus’ name will bring rivers into your deserts and sunshine on your cloudiest days. There is nothing that Jesus can’t do. Trust Him. Pray in His name. Things will change.

There is salvation in Jesus and His name contains the power of salvation. His name can bring life back into your life. When you are numb from sorrow, paralyzed by fear and crippled by worry, His name can set you free. The name of Jesus can set you free from bondage and oppression. Speak against the adversity in the name of Jesus. Put the enemy back in his place with the name of Jesus. Resist the devil in the name of Jesus and he will flee. The Bible promises that anyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be free. Your current trials and tribulations might be keeping you in a mental jail but the name of Jesus will set you free. His name is the key that opens any prison door. Take the key and unlock the cells in your life. Don’t let the enemy keep you captive. Jesus’ name is freedom. Deliverance is on the way. Call on the name that makes a way. Whatever you ask in the name of Jesus, the Father will do. As long as it is in line with His will, you can expect God to intervene. If you are not using the name of Jesus, please start today. If you say His name with boldness every day, please continue. Stay strong and stand your ground in Jesus’ name. Great things happen when we call on His name!

Suggested reading: John 14:13; Acts 4;12; Romans 10:13

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 150)

Are you waiting for something to happen that’s already happening? Ask the Lord to show what He is doing in your life. Just because you don’t feel like anything is taking place doesn’t mean that God is not working behind closed doors.

Tell Jesus He is the best part of your life. Tell Him that you can’t live without Him. Tell Him that He is your life and He will make your life an eternal blessing.

Jesus is the power behind life. He conquered death and made eternal life possible for whoever believes in Him.

God is not going anywhere but He will take you everywhere. Enjoy the journey. In the valleys and on the mountains, God is there with you. He will show you a world of wonder and protect you even when you wonder if His world is a real wonder!

Patience is key. Patience is the key that opens the door to the blessings of the Lord. Your breakthrough is on the other side of the door. Keep waiting. Keeping hoping. Keep believing. Your patience will open the door at the right time!

Let your heart think about what the Lord says in His Word. Believe it wholeheartedly and you will see how your mind is renewed by the power of God’s Word comfortably sitting in your heart.

Give God all the praise. Thank Him. Glorify Him. Brag on His greatness. Talk about His goodness. Embrace His holiness. Accept His faithfulness. Give God all the praise!

The God who creates rivers in the desert is about to create hope in the middle of your desperation. Out of nowhere will come rivers of hope that will lead to an ocean of faith. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged!

Stand behind the Cross. Stand behind the Gospel. Stand behind love. Stand behind the Word of God. Stand behind Jesus and let Him lead the way!

God’s promises are eternal. They don’t change. They don’t get old. They don’t vanish. They don’t break. God will always keep His promises. Learn about them and find out what to expect. His promises will never fail you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 32:8; Matthew 11:28-29