10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 142)

The enemy will always try to get between you and the truth. Let God’s Word stand between you and the enemy. The Lord’s truth will always set you free.

Put a muzzle on the negative thoughts. Don’t give them a chance to speak. Curb their enthusiasm. Flood your mind with the positive words of the Lord and the negative thoughts will lose their power.

Don’t look at what you don’t have. Look at who you have. You have Jesus. You have the One you need. In Him you have everything you need. You are all set!

Do your homework and review what the life lessons have taught you. Do your homework with God. Let Him tutor you, coach you and guide you. He will make everything clear!

Ask and you shall receive. Ask for peace so you can receive it and give it to those who need it. Ask for joy so you can receive it and give to those who need it. Ask and you shall receive so you can give to those who never receive because they never ask.

God has opened a door for you that you might not be seeing now but it is wide open. The door to the blessings of your salvation here and now is open. Pray that you see it. Pray that you walk freely through it.

There is a peace that can destroy all fear and anxiety. It is from the Lord and it is free of charge. His peace is more powerful than all the chaos of the world. Know Jesus, know peace!

The cry of your heart is always heard. God sees your needs in the depth of your heart. If you can’t find the words to say, remember that the Lord sees the words that are hidden deep down inside of you. He reads every word and He doesn’t take any of them for granted.

Rest in the arms of the Lord. Rest in the arms of love. Stay in the comfort of His peace. Know that nothing can happen to you that the Lord hasn’t seen. Stay confident that the arms of love will always protect you!

There are two sides to a story. Choose the Lord’s side. Listen to His story. Trust His version of your life. Believe the words He says. God’s story is the true story. Don’t adhere to the imitation of the enemy.

Suggested reading: Proverbs 16:20; Ephesians 1:3-4; 2 Peter 1:3

Our God reigns

I have been listening to songs that talk about how our God reigns. I have been reading passages in the Bible that testify to God’s supremacy. God is supreme and He reigns. I used to forget that a lot. I would go on my day-to-day business and let other things in my life reign supreme. I lived a life where “My God reigns” wasn’t always a song on my lips. I would sing “My fear reigns” or “My problem reigns.” Then I found out that God should be on a pedestal and not the negativity that is in my life. I gave too much power to all the problems, the negative thoughts, the fear and the anxiety. I wasn’t doing a good job putting God first and even though I was saved, I acted like I was lost too often. I didn’t like my Christian life. My Jesus moments were way too sporadic and inconsistent. It was because my focus wasn’t on the right things. The Bible talks about renewing our minds and I miserably failed at that but it was mainly due to my lack of knowledge on that subject. I had heard of how my spirit was made new when I accepted the Lord as my Savior but I knew almost nothing about how important it was to line up my thinking with the Word of God. I needed to sweep away the old thinking and put down a fresh coat of God’s thinking. My mind was overloaded with insignificant ideas and with thoughts that did nothing to help me in my walk with God. My heart longed to know Jesus and my mind drove me away from Him. “My God reigns” is the refrain I needed to embrace and when I did, my life changed and my mind became transformed.

“Our God reigns” is a reality to anyone who believes it. It sounds simple but it makes a lot of sense and it is something to meditate on. It is when we spend time meditating on the Word of God that we receive some powerful revelation. The revelation here is that God is stronger than anything. He reigns and that means that He is King, He rules and He gets the final say in everything. You see, when I let life events dominate my thinking and rule over my life, I took away God’s supreme status. I put God in a category that is not His. I diminished His power and I minimized His majesty. I hurt my faith. I hurt it a lot with all the wrong thinking that circulated in my head all the time. My mind was a sieve that retained all negative thoughts and that let all the positive ones go through it. I had to give God His power back. He is always powerful but He will only be as powerful as we believe He is in our minds. If our faith in Him is not activated and not elevated to a high level, we will only have faith in small things. We are dealing with a mighty and huge God and we can’t limit Him to the small miracles of life. He doesn’t reign on the small villages of our lives so to speak. He reigns on our entire world and we need to get to that level of faith and declare Him victorious all the time.

“Our God reigns” is a declaration of triumph that makes the enemy mad and that silences him. I had to rebuke the voices that were exalting themselves above my God. The negative chatter had too much influence on me and I rejected that influence. The power of the mind is real and when we use that power to stay focused on the good things of the Lord and how amazing He is, our faith increases and our circumstances change. Our God reigns, friend. Your problems are not the winners. They should not win. God wins because He reigns. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords and that will never change. Today I am inviting you to declare that your God reigns. Shout it out. Declare it over and over again. Let your problems hear it loud and clear. Let your mind believe it and absorb it. Your God is more powerful than anything the enemy will ever throw at you. Stay strong. Nothing can dethrone your God. He is the ruler of your heart and the ruler of your life. Anything that tries to steal His seat on the throne is a lie. Today and tomorrow, our God reigns. Remember that!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:8; Nehemiah 9:6; 1 Timothy 1:17

Having conversations with God

Do you have daily conversations with God? I used to think that talking to God outside of prayer time was odd and prohibited. I used to adhere to a number of rules that limited my interaction with God. Religion had a stronghold on my connection with God to the point where there was a major disconnect. God was a million miles away in my mind and I had no chance of reaching Him. That is how I perceived Him based on my religious beliefs. I read that David was close to God. Abraham was called God’s friend. The Lord spoke to Moses face to face. Jesus Himself said we were His friends. He said we were His friends if we do what He commands us. I felt like I was trying to do what He commanded us. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit so we could be close to Him. His Spirit dwells in us. There is nothing closer than that. If God is that close to us, why don’t we have a close relationship with Him? That is what I wondered and that is what led me to open up to God and to start having conversations with Him. They first seemed like monologues but I discovered that God talks to us and answers us. Today I want to encourage you to be open to having conversations with God.

A conversation is usually an informal talk between two or more people where news and ideas are exchanged. The idea of an exchange is important. There is some back and forth and there is a degree of sharing. One person talks, the other person listens then the listener talks and the other person listens. There is a listener and a talker. Good conversations happen when there is a balance. Each party has equal air time and equal listening time. One thing that became clear to me is that if I was going to have conversations with God, I needed to let Him do more of the talking. After all He is God and He has more valuable things to say even though He values us. To be able to listen to God, I had to shut off the world for a while. I spent time in prayer and I read the Bible more. God’s voice is in His Word. The more familiar we are with His Word, the more familiar we will be with His voice. I learned to prayerfully read the Word. I asked for the assistance of the Holy Spirit so I could hear God and not my own thoughts and not the words of the enemy. The enemy will try to make himself sound like you and then confusion separates you from the truth. Friend, spend time with God in prayer and read His Word with the help of His Spirit. You will get a good foundation for recognizing the Lord’s voice. Soon enough you will understand that God is a talker and He always has amazing things to say.

There is a soothing and deep voice we can hear on the inside when God talks to us but He uses many different venues. Like I said, His Word is a speakerphone that transmits His voice beautifully. He gives us dreams, visions, revelations. He uses messages, sermons and people to speak to us. Now the question is, are we answering? Are we listening and engaging in a conversation with God? Obedience is key. It shows that we hear, we listen and we acknowledge God. Acting on what God tells us is great. We basically answer Him by listening to Him. It’s crucial that we also believe that He listens to us. We can go on and on and think that God is not paying attention but He knows what we are going to say before we say it. Yet He loves it when we talk to Him. My suggestion is that you talk to God throughout the day. Give Him the opportunity to hear your thoughts and your voice. Talk to your best friend. Talk to your Father. Have daily conversations with God. He is near you. He is in you. You don’t have to open your mouth to talk to Him. He hears your thoughts and He knows your heart. Get used to His voice. Be on the lookout for His words. They can come from anywhere. Have that daily exchange. Your relationship with Him will flourish. Thank God for His love and kindness. He loves us so much that He wants to be in contact all the time. Start talking and start listening more. Enjoy your conversations!

Suggested reading: Psalm 145:18-19; John 8:47; John 15:14-15

Let God be the judge

Every year I get evaluated at work. Most evaluators have to say at least one thing that you need to improve and work on. It’s easy to take it to heart especially when you feel like you have been working really hard. The evaluation idea is a way to help people improve their practice but it can create the opposite effect and get people discouraged. We evaluate people all the time when we compare them to ourselves or to others. Evaluation falls under the judgement umbrella. It’s an umbrella that the Lord wants us to stay away from. He does not want any of us to find refuge under a structure that aims at discrediting others. When we judge others we put ourselves above them. Who are we to say that we are better? What are we basing that assumption on? Unfortunately we have found a refuge under that wrong umbrella in the church. I can’t generalize but every time we pass judgement or we condemn someone for being different, we are under the wrong umbrella. The Lord is certainly not under there with us. He won’t partake in discrimination, segregation, classification, categorization or dehumanization. We dehumanize people when we treat them like they are less important. Celebrities get glorified and homeless people get dehumanized easily.

My point is that we shouldn’t evaluate people if our goal is to diminish others. The other issue is that we often dehumanize ourselves, judge ourselves harshly and put ourselves in a box where God is not present. We devalue ourselves when we feel that we don’t reach the standards the world has set. Today I want to encourage you to set your eyes on God’s standards for your life. Don’t focus on what the world refers to as the image of perfection and what the world considers success. Your success is in the Lord. Your relationship with Him is the best evidence that you have made it in this life. Jesus bought your salvation and it is His salvation that matters more than the world’s temporary condition.

God has given you great value. In His eyes you are extremely precious. You are unique. You are golden and you are special. He doesn’t see flaws. He sees the great individual He created. However, if you can’t get to see any of it or if you have a hard time understanding it, you could be living in a constant world of self-judgement. The Lord adores you. He is not there to put you down or to make you feel less than. You have His Word and His Word says that He sent His Son to die for you. Yes, Jesus died for you. He didn’t die just for a select few. He doesn’t see some people as more valuable than others. Just because someone has more than you do doesn’t mean that the Lord loves them more. Just because someone looks like what people consider an ideal doesn’t mean that they are more blessed.

The Lord looks at the heart. He looks at what we can’t see easily. If your heart belongs to the Lord, you are blessed, you are successful, you are where you should be today and forever. Your value is limitless in His eyes. Learn to think about who you are through His eyes and not through the judgement of the world. I know it’s easier said than done but it could be a great prayer request. Pray that you see yourself the way Jesus sees you. Pray that your value shows up and you understand it. Pray that your mind stops judging you and comparing you to others. Pray for inner peace when it comes to who you are and whose you belong to.

Think about what Jesus would say about you if He were to come to your house today and talk about what He sees in you. He would speak with love. Every word He would say would be coated with deep love. His words would be music to your ears and you would hear a song you have never heard before. His love would sing to you and celebrate you. He would stress the importance of seeing yourself with loving eyes and with no judgment. People will judge you and evaluate you but let the Lord be the judge. His judgement is very different. It is about how wonderful you are and how much potential you have. That is the judgement you should be paying attention to. Don’t worry about what people say. You know the truth. The truth is that the Lord is saying that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Suggested reading: Psalm 139:14; 1 Corinthians 13:13; 1 John 3:1

Don’t worry about God

When you worry and wonder how you are going to get through a certain situation, you are really worrying about God. You are wondering if and how He is going to come through. You are doubting that He is God enough to help you. It sounds a bit harsh but it is true. I have been there many times. When I have needed money, I have found myself planning in my head how the money would come. I think of this source and that source and I imagine how it should all happen. It is good to save and budget. This is not what I am referring to. I am talking about visualizing how my needs will be met. The problem with my approach is that I look at material things as the source. If I need money, I will obviously think of money but I shouldn’t focus on the money that much. I should instead focus on my provider. Whatever the issue is, the victory comes from the Lord. He is the One fighting all our battles. The victory is sweet but the Lord is sweeter. In all circumstances He should be the center of our attention and we should regard Him as more than able.

It’s easy to perceive God as powerful and almighty when everything is going well. We can praise and worship Him all day. All is good. God is good. When good things happen, we thank God for them. They certainly come from Him. When life is good we see God as a good God and a strong and invincible God. We don’t worry about His ability to bless us and to love us. We have an image of a loving God who can’t fail. There is nothing to worry about. Now, when things get tough and we run into problems and tribulations come from all sides, we panic. It’s a normal reaction since we are human. However, if we stay in that state of panic and fear, we are truly doubting God. We unconsciously or consciously don’t see the powerful God we are familiar with in good times. We stay up at night and worry about how things are going to work out. It’s not our job to worry. Our job is to agree with the Lord when He says He will provide our needs and bless us at all times. I once heard deep down on the inside “Don’t worry about Me.” I was praying and God was shaking me up showing me that I was worrying about His power. God doesn’t change when things get bad. He doesn’t lose His ways. He doesn’t run around trying to figure out how to help us. He is not broken. He doesn’t need to be fixed. He fixes all situations.

Worry about God needs to be replaced by confidence in God. It’s easier to have confidence in someone when we know them well. Building a strong relationship with the Lord is extremely helpful. I suggest studying the Word of God as often as possible. Prayer should be a habit. It should be a daily habit that is second nature. We should be so into prayer that we couldn’t spend a day or even half a day without it. I am in Europe for the holidays and there are days when I have not been able to pray as much as I usually do and I realize how valuable and important prayer is. I know you might feel like you have heard it all before. I have as well but it is a reminder that can save you next time you hit rock bottom. Remember that the Rock at the bottom will get up back on top. Jesus is the Rock that can never be broken and that can never be defeated. Develop your vision of Him being invincible because that’s how He is. Don’t worry about Him. He can handle your life. There is nothing He can’t do. Stay encouraged and stay in faith!

Suggested reading: Mark 5:36; Mark 11:22-24; John 7:38

A call to walk in love despite conflicts

If you follow some Christian groups or leaders on social media, you must have read about some of the clashes that have been taking place among them lately. They don’t seem to agree and get along. If you are from this political party or from that party, it creates friction. You can’t follow this person because you might be deemed as a traitor. According to some leaders, God is only found in one political party and if you belong to a different party, you are living in sin. It is crazy how politics have grown roots in Christianity and vice versa. I never thought Jesus was going to take a stand and criticize all that are not in His party. Why did that never cross my mind? Well because Jesus doesn’t act like that. He stood with the ones people rejected in society. He bent people’s views of life. He loved the unlovable ones and He welcomed the ones people despised. Would Jesus be the same way nowadays?

The Bible doesn’t say that Jesus has changed. As far as I know  He is still the incarnation of love and I truly believe with all my being that He will never ever change. The problem is that we all have ways we perceive Jesus and we present Him according to how we see Him. We project the Jesus we have in our minds more than we present the One we have in our hearts. Our minds have taken over our belief system and it has injected principles, ideas and opinions that are our own and not the Lord’s. How can we feed the homeless with one hand and starve the ones who are looking for love by depriving them with the other hand? We pour money into charities and we empty our hearts of love with other actions. Every time we reject and segregate people, we take love out of our hearts and replace it with judgement and man-made opinions. 

If people can’t find love in the Church, where are they going to find it? Clashes and conflicts don’t look good on the face of the Church. It gives the Church a frown instead of a smile. I know of people who are turned off by the Church because they find it to be too rigid and too judgmental. There is a distorted image of Jesus that is being broadcasted in the world and it hurts the body of God more than it helps it. I don’t think it is wrong to be involved in politics. I find it difficult when our political views strip our messages off love. I think this goes for anything in life. If what we do and what we believe in take love out of the equation, there has to be some type of readjustment or recalibration. The question is what are we standing for? Who are we mirroring? Is our message tarnished or is it filled with God’s love? It is when our back is against the wall that our true colors come out. My prayer is that our true colors are always the colors of God’s love no matter what party we belong to or what job we have. Our main job is to love God and love others. If we compromise our job by changing its description, we are susceptible to do a poor job. In the natural, if our job is to review applications for instance but instead we file them without reading them, we can’t be considered good workers. Love can’t be filed away and replaced by actions that we regard as being more important even though they don’t reflect love.

Where do we go from here? How can we help fix this situation? I have stayed away from social media these past few days so I don’t have to read the anger and the hate that is publicly displayed. However, I can’t be silent. I am not saying that I need to denounce specific groups and leaders. I am saying that I feel the need to call for truce and call for peace. I strongly believe that we can be part of the solution if we mirror Jesus for everyone. If we continue to walk in love and be great models, we will touch people. We can be Jesus to everyone even to those who are established in the Church and who are very influential. We can be the influence that influences the influencers. I know a few people who live by example and who inspire me and encourage me to be more like Jesus all the time. I have learned that even though we can have great role models, Jesus is the ultimate model and He should be followed despite what people say. When we follow the Lord against all odds, we can’t go wrong. When we look to Him for inspiration, for direction and for aspiration, we are always heading in the right direction. Conflicts and disagreements are bound to happen even in the Christian world but Jesus’ imitators can help make things better. Let’s stand for love and for the Lord. Let’s be the Church that acts in love all the time. No more how popular or unpopular it is!

Suggested reading: John 13:34; Ephesians 5:2; 2 John 1:6

When faith goes up, mountains come down

Our faith can move mountains. As a kid I took this verse literally and I thought it was just impossible. That encouragement from the Bible is about the impossible made possible. The mountains in our lives can be moved by our faith. Mountains in the natural appear as massive structures that are unmovable. Has anyone ever moved a mountain in the physical? Yes, I believe explosives are involved and it takes a lot of time and money. Some major manpower is required as well. A single man cannot move mountains in the natural. Man’s way of conquering mountains has been to climb up to the top of the highest mountains. Trying to uproot a mountain in the natural is not something that we would think to do if the mountain was in the way unless it was part of a big initiative from a government or a big group of landscapers.

A mountain is a very hard thing to move and I love that idea. The Lord tells us that our faith can move structures that are very hard to move. Our faith can go beyond what we see in the natural and what we could do on our own. There is great power in faith and that power needs to be brought to our attention. The power to change lives, the power to see miracles, the power to see healing, the power of blessings are all in the hands of faith. Faith with love creates miracles and beautiful things. Signs and wonders are results of faith and love. God can give us signs and wonders and the whole experience stems from love, from His love. Our faith in God’s wonders based on love can usher us into a place where we see signs and wonders. Faith is extremely more powerful than we think and my prayer is that we learn to grow in faith and love. We can’t have faith without love and love from God works wonders with faith. Today I want to encourage you to look at faith and focus on how it works and what it can do in your life. As you step out in faith, your mountains will step out of the way!

Faith in God is defined as the complete trust or confidence in God. Does it imply that there are different levels of faith? I believe so. We can have some degree of trust in God. We can trust God for some things and not believe that He can do other things. Healing is one of the areas where more faith is needed in Christian circles these days. God has not changed so God can still heal but we don’t see many healings taking place because our faith in healing has not been developed as much as it should be. Healing is not taught in some churches therefore people can’t have faith in it. Faith comes from what we hear over and over again. If all we hear is that Jesus used to heal than we will have faith in the fact that healing is not for us today. I want my faith in God to be complete trust and confidence in Him. Notice the word “complete” here. I am not interested in partial faith. I want to go all the way.

Complete faith in God is a faith that perseveres and that doesn’t waver. In order to grow in faith, we have to maintain faith. We have to exercise it. We have to apply it to every situation in our lives. Faith doesn’t care what areas of our lives needs it. Faith covers every part of our lives. It’s up to us to let it do what it’s supposed to do in every part of our lives or we can compartmentalize it and save it for certain things. I challenge you to blanket your life with faith. Let faith cover every part. Your life is the bed you sleep on and faith should be covering you from head to toe so you don’t get cold when problems try to freeze your toes or when they try to give you a head cold. Faith is only effective when it is applied. Jesus said “Your faith has healed you.” Do you think dormant faith did the job there? No. Active faith healed and it still does today.

Your biggest mountains can be removed by faith. Start by applying your faith to hills and heaps and move on to the bigger elevations as your faith grows. Apply your faith to the simple things in life. Stay in the Word of God so you can feed your faith and then go out in faith into the world and start tearing down mountains. God is much bigger than any elevations that might stand in your way. The mountain of debts can be slashed by faith. The mountain of fear can be removed by faith and love. Don’t let the mountains intimidate you. God has given you something so powerful that mountains tremble when it is used with love. Develop your faith. Keep it strong. Be consistent. Be perseverant. Don’t give up. Faith doesn’t give up. It keeps going even when the mountain keeps standing. Stay in faith and God will clear your path of even the biggest mountains. When faith goes up, mountains come down!

Suggested reading: Psalm 46:10; Mark 11:22-24; Hebrews 11:1

Thank you!

“Thank you” are two simple words that go a long way. I love hearing those words spoken not just to me but in general. I think it is so nice and actually powerful when someone takes the time to say “Thank you.” We teach those two words to children knowing that those words will help them grow as good citizens. However, we tend to lose those words as we get older. They don’t always make it into the most spoken words among adults. There are choice words that take the place of this nice expression of gratitude. Gratitude is probably the most underrated attitude these days and yet it is vital in this world where hate is rampant. I am inviting you today to maintain your “Thank you’s” and to let them be louder than the disrespect and ingratitude that exist. Let your “Thank you ” be heard. Thank the Lord at all times and thank anyone you can thank like it’s your job. “Thank you” will change your defeated mentality into a winner’s mentality. “Thank you” will enable you to win against all the harshness that seems to be prevailing nowadays. “Thank you” manifests kindness and we all need a lot of it. 

When I think of the times where I have felt the most connected to God, I always remember that gratitude has played a major role in that connection. The Lord wants us to be thankful and He wants us to keep a thankful attitude at all times. Whining overpowers thanksgiving in many circles including Christian circles. God never said “Whine your heart out and you will experience major spiritual breakthroughs” but we act as if that is what He said. Whining gives us a license to express all the negativity we want without feeling too guilty about it. Venting is a coverup for whining and it seems acceptable. Venting and whining are siblings that see complaining as a way of life. They are not in the same family as “Thank you.” “Thank you” has a quiet and peaceful whisper whereas venting is loud and obnoxious. Whining is a crying wolf while “Thank you” is a singing sheep. “Thank you” offers appreciation and recognizes someone’s merit. Let our “Thank you’s” take over our “I hate you’s.”

If you want to live a life of peace and attract good things into your life, say “Thank you” all the time. Thank the Lord for the smallest things. Let your attitude say “Thanks”. Show Him how much you appreciate all He does. The more you do it and the more blessings you will receive. “Thank you” opens many doors and it is the key to many problems. Now, take “Thank you” and combine it with faith and you have the winning formula. The two together speak gratitude for things that have not happened yet. They believe and they trust and they know there will be a way so they show their appreciation for what’s to come. Project your “Thank you’s” and project your victories. Be thankful for what’s to come. Show your faith by saying “Thank you, Lord” even when your mind wants to say “Lord, I really don’t know about this, Lord.” Thank the Lord for the battles He has won on your behalf. Stare at obstacles in the face and say “Thank You, Lord this obstruction doesn’t stand a chance.” “Thank you” spreads kindness and it calls for victory. Use those two words more. Be the kind and confident person you were meant to be. Thank you!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 30:19; Psalm 9:1; 2 Corinthians 4:15

When love erases pain

I don’t need to go far to see the pain that humankind is facing. I don’t need to go outside of my circle of friends to see that people are having a hard time. I see individuals who are suffering privately or openly. For some reason this seems to hit me more around this time of the year but I know the struggle is constant. Today I am writing from the heart to say that I know what the pain is. I am writing to say that I also know there is relief available. I am writing to say that the suffering often lasts longer than we wish but peace can come at the least expected time. 

My answer to the pain I see around me is God but not God as seen in theologies, doctrines, man-made ideas or even inside the door of many churches. I am referring to God who comes down to our level to meet us where we are. My personal God interacts with me on a level that defies human interactions. He goes past the color of my skin. He is not concerned about politics. He is not worried about if I like blue more than green. He cares about the condition of my heart and soul. He is concerned about my happiness. Friend, He sees your pain. He understands your suffering. He is not deaf to your cries. You might need to shave off some of the layers that were imposed on Him by people, by ideologies, by the Church sometimes or by your mind. Once you get through the layers and reach the core of who He is, change will come. 

I can say from experience that reaching the core of what Love is all about, transformed my life. I am not the same person I was 4 years ago. I had been a Christian for most of my life but it didn’t mean too much. You see, until you experience true Love and you embrace it, you can miss out on God. I love the Bible, I respect it and I read it all the time but if I don’t read it with the eyes of Love, I could create doctrines that would serve me and not serve the real purpose. The real purpose is to get us to know God and to get closer to Him. Yet we focus on key scriptures that support a harsh and punitive God or that strip Him off His power. I do believe in miracles. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for His miracles and I do believe they are all rooted in Love. Seeing Love as the base for who He is, is a great revelation that leads to freedom from pain. 

I am not belittling your pain by saying “Just believe in Love and your pain will go away.” Believing that God is love gives a boost to our faith and allows us to see Him as Someone who cares enough to deal with our suffering. It helps us trust that He can scrape off the pain on the walls of our heart until we are pain-free and our hearts have a fresh coating of love paint on them. Love can neutralize the power of pain. If you are suffering today, use Love as an eradication tool for your pain. How? Let God demonstrate love through you. Be the Love this crying world needs. Start with your circle of friends and show them what Love can do. Speak the language of love instead of a theological jargon that people won’t relate to. Forget the “Thou shall” and broadcast the “You will make it.” People need to have hope speak to their heart and not condemnation speak to their mind. Be an advocate for Love in your world and your pain will go away in the process. 

Suggested reading: Matthew 5:4; 2 Corinthians 1:3-4; Romans 5:3-4; Romans 8:18

Keep your house clean, keep your mind beautiful 

Yesterday I briefly mentioned how our mind is a beautiful house. It is supposed to be anyway. It should be this peaceful place where we entertain friendly guests but we end up letting unwanted visitors in all the time. I also talked about worry being an annoying guest and the need to “de-personify” worry and to destroy it since it is a pest. There are many pests that try to take root in the house of our mind. Being aware of their toxic influence is helpful. God has the best pesticides you can think of. The key is to access them and to use them all the time. You see, the enemy uses our mind as his playground. He dumps the sand of doubt in our head and he pushes us down the swing of fear as much as he can. Reclaim your house and tear down the playground of misery that he loves to establish on top of our peaceful mind. I want my house to be clean and quiet all the time. I don’t want fear, doubt and their bugging friends to infest the beautiful place that was given to me. Let’s be proactive and let’s make sure we are well-equipped to keep the peace and to maintain a clean environment. 

Doubt is a nuisance that likes to creep in as much as it can. It feeds on fear and it feeds on the need to take matters into our own hands. It’s the pest that contradicts faith and that tries to take it down by questioning everything. Doubt stands in the way. It stands between God and us. Its primary role is to create separation. I like to use past victories as a remedy for doubt. We are not to dwell on the past but remembering how God got us out of a ditch in the past can cause us to push doubt away from our mind. 1 Chronicles 16:15 instructs us to “Remember His covenant forever.” His covenant is permanent and it stays powerful. He promised to come through for us and to bless us. Use the pesticide of remembering the covenant every time doubt shows up. Spray good old memories of past blessings on it and spray the power of the covenant all over your house. 

A clean house has no clutter. Keeping our mind clear is a good way to keep it clean. I find meditative prayer to be a very efficient tool against a cluttered mind. Give it a shot. Meditate on God and on His goodness. Meditate on the positive. We are encouraged to think of what’s pure and what’s good. The more we do it, the cleaner we will keep the house. Meditation allows us to wait on the Lord and to hear from the Lord. What we hear is clean and beautiful. If you meditate daily on the things of the Lord, you will purge the bad and the ugly and keep the good in your house. 

What I am saying today is that we have to continually be cognizant of what goes on in our mind. It is very important because our mind is very independent from our heart and our spirit and we need to renew it a lot otherwise we will find ourselves all over the place. We will vacillate and go back and forth. We will be what they call Christian yo-yos that go up and doubt in their faith. Christians that crumble easily under pressure. The topic of the mind should never go away. Let’s keep our mind pest-free. Prayer is my favorite pesticide. Find out which one is the best for you. Once you know for sure, have it at the ready and use it generously. Keep your house nice and clean. Your spiritual health depends on it. Your life will be so much better and you will walk hand in hand with God’s truth. It’s time to clean, vacuum and dust your house. Keep your mind beautiful!

Suggested reading: 2 Timothy 4:5; Romans 12:2; Philippians 4:8