God is in your corner

God is in your corner. He is not against you and He is never abandoning you. I was watching a movie the other day and this woman told a very scared young man that she would be right there with him during an exam he was supposed to take. When I heard that it made me think of our Jesus is right there with us during every single exam and test that life brings our way. He is present and He never leaves the room. When the questions on our tests are getting difficult, He doesn’t leave through the back door and says, “Good luck, you’re on your own.” He sticks around. He helps. He counsels. He gives us peace. There is no place in the world you can be where the Lord is not with you. The Bible tells us clearly that nothing can separate us from God’s love. Nothing can come between you and God. He is always in the middle of everything. You might not see Him at first but if you seek His face you will find Him. When the pain is unbearable, the Lord’s face is hard to decipher but it is right there with you. When there is a lot of pressure at work, it can be challenging to see the Lord and to trust in His love but He is right there with you. He is in your corner and it doesn’t matter if the enemy is occupying the other three corners, all it takes is one corner. The Lord is standing there and watching over you. He will protect you from the attacks that are coming from the other angle. Look in His direction. Don’t ignore His corner. Find Him. He is there. He will never leave you nor forsake you!

I love hearing it when someone says that he or she is in my corner. It is reassuring and it is comforting. It means that I am not alone. That expression is usually used when someone is against us and our ally declares that he or she is with us despite the adversity. The Lord is saying that to you today. He is saying that it doesn’t matter what the opposition looks like, He is in your corner. He is backing you up and you have His undivided attention and support. I have lost sight of God’s help on numerous occasions but it never meant that He wasn’t there. Just because I got lost in my own fears and my own insecurities doesn’t mean that there was no hope and that faith couldn’t get me out of that mental confusion. Now, when I find myself struggling, I turn to the left or to the right and I find peace. The Lord wants to be the biggest One in the room. His corner is way larger than the other corners in our lives. Let’s not adhere to the lies of the enemy. He will always tell us that what he is doing is irreversible and that his hold on our lives is stronger than the hand of God. What the enemy does is make sure that he appears taller than he is but a few words from the Lord can put him back in his place. Speak God’s Word over your problems and the enemy will be reduced to a pile of nonsense in a tiny corner.

The idea of letting Jesus be the biggest One in the room was a message I received last year and it is still helping me today. Our lives are like big rooms that are busy and filled with many elements and details. Jesus should be the biggest detail in our lives. He should take up the most space. He should be the focus of our lives so when we look around the room all we see is Him. However, when we get overwhelmed by elements and details that are not from Him, we can easily panic and get scared. We can stay in a corner of the room and look around in fear. Jesus is with us in that corner. He is with us when we are cornered by the attacks and the schemes of the enemy. If you are stuck today and you are hiding in a corner of your life, remember that the Lord is right by your side and He is going to bless you and set you free. Your fears, your worries and your anxieties will disappear. Jesus is going to take them from you and get you back on your feet. That corner of distress is not your dwelling place. God is in your corner and you have great things to look forward to. Change is coming. Peace is coming. Freedom is coming. You are going to receive the joy of the Lord and it is your strength. Keep your eyes on Jesus and let Him be the biggest One in the room!

Suggested reading: John 10:28; Romans 8:31-39; 1 John 4:4

Nothing is impossible with God

I imagine you might be thinking that some things are just impossible. It is impossible for you to accomplish certain things and it is impossible for some things to happen in your life. I know I was there for a very long time. I used to think that some things were only meant for other people. I used to compare myself to others. I think it is a default setting that most of us have. It made my life miserable. I just felt inferior. I felt like a failure and I felt like life could not get any better. It was as if there were a wall that prevented me from getting blessings and from getting what others had naturally. I couldn’t get past that wall and I was in a prison. There was no door in that wall. That wall was insurmountable. Then I found the Lord and the wall came down. When I was first introduced to Jesus, I was introduced to the world of possibilities that is on the other side of the wall of impossibilities. Jesus was the answer to all my problems and he still is the answer today. To Him nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible and I had never met anyone like Him. He is the God of the impossible. He can truly do all things. The One who rose from the dead can do anything. Let that sink in. Your God, your Savior has the ability to do the impossible. Nothing can stop Him. Today I want to encourage you to trust in the God who can do the impossible and who can help you accomplish what seems impossible to you.

Jesus once said “With men it is impossible but with God everything is possible.” We have our limitations. We have our walls. Some new walls show up daily. Some walls have been there for a while. Some walls pop in and out of our lives. God is constant and His power to do the impossible never fails. The walls in our lives are not walls for Him. Let me say this again. The walls in our lives are not walls for the Lord. He is way above the highest walls you will ever face. He is so big that the walls are tiny compared to Him. Today you should be talking to the walls of limitations in your life. Talk to them in the name of Jesus. Tell them that with God nothing is impossible. Talk about the Cross. Talk about the blood of Jesus. Talk about the power of His resurrection. Talk about His ability and His power to do exceedingly more than you expect. Talk about Jesus to your walls. Don’t be silent. Don’t be passive. Be aggressive with the message of the Gospel. The message is that God loves you, His Son died for you and He came to set you free. You are getting free from those walls and you are about to get a breakthrough. The impossible is about to permeate your life and things are going to turn around. God says that nothing is impossible to Him and you believe it, you proclaim it and you are living it!

Good things can happen to you. Good things will happen to you in Jesus’ name. Open your mind to God’s possibilities and ignore the world’s impossibilities. Build your faith up in the impossible. Be open to God’s breakthroughs and to His love for you that can do anything. You might have had bad seasons and maybe you are in one now but know that the Lord can change your winter into a summer day in no time. He has no problem turning your world upside down for the best. The enemy is saying that now should be your time to suffer but the Lord is saying that His time to bless you is now and anything can happen. With Him “anything can happen” means that good things, surprisingly good things can take place in your life. You should also keep in mind that the voice that is telling you that everything is impossible, is a liar. There are many voices in our heads that are liars but we are so used to them that we trust them. Don’t trust the lies. Trust the Word of God that declares that the impossible is God’s forte. He specializes in the impossible. Read His Word and get inspired. Pray for the impossible and see what God does in your life. With Jesus the negative wall came down. Don’t live your life as if that wall still had power over your circumstances. It is gone. It came down with the Cross. Don’t put it back where it doesn’t belong. Let your faith keep it down and rejoice over the Lord’s goodness. Nothing is impossible withGod!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 32:17; mark 10:27; Luke 18:27

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 149)

Be vulnerable with God. Be at His mercy. Let Him hold you in the palm of His hand. Surrender. Be the clay and let Him to be the potter. Let God be God in your life!

Believe in the impossible every day by declaring that God can do the impossible in your life every single day! What you say matters. Say what God has to say about your situations all the time.

Never pass an opportunity to praise the Lord. Every excuse is a good excuse to exalt Jesus above everything. Do it often. Do it whenever! Do it when it hurts. Do it when you are joyful. Do it when it’s confusing. Do it when you have clarity. Do it all the time!

God’s plan for you is so good that no one can duplicate it or imitate it. Stick with His plan. Trust that He has the best plan. Embrace His plan for your life. It is detailed and well-prepared.

God opens a world of possibilities that clashes with your world of difficulties. Let Him change your world and bring great things out of nothing.

Wisdom from above destroys the misconceptions and misunderstandings of this world. God’s wisdom clarifies and polishes the ideas that need to be purified and made brand new. Out with the old patterns of thinking and in with the new ways of God’s thinking.

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Join the worship of the angels and let the melodies of Heaven be louder than the noise of the world. Fill your heart with praise and give a voice to the worship within. Lift up the name of Jesus. Lift His name above all names!

The Lord makes rivers in the desert. He will make peace in the middle of the storm. He will make joy in the middle of sorrow. He will make miracles in the middle of the impossible. He will make healing in the middle of sickness. He will make you whole in the middle of your brokenness.

There is hope beyond the clouds. Don’t look at the sky and see darkness. Look at the sky and see what’s above the storm. Faith will show you the sun and the beautiful weather that is coming. Rejoice over the sunshine even when it’s raining.

There is power and authority in the name of Jesus. Face the day with the name of power. Face the adversity with the name of authority. Face life with Jesus and you will see His power and His authority over everything in this world.

Suggested reading: Matthew 28:18; Ephesians 1:21; Philippians 2:9

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 143)

Let God’s Word live rent free in your mind. Let it permeate your spirit and dominate your heart. Give it a home in your spirit and it will make you a powerhouse of faith.

Talk about what the Lord has done any chance you get. Don’t worry about your praise report. Don’t worry that it’s not as big as your neighbors’. Report what the Lord has done. That is all that matters. Give God the glory!

Every time you think you can do it on on your own and you take control of the situation, you stand in the way. You stand in the way of what is the best way. You stand in God’s way!

Don’t engage in conversations with fear. It will try to convince you and say that all is lost. Tell fear to be quiet by having conversations with God and by telling your mind that your faith is bigger than your fear.

Jesus is the portal to Heaven. He is the way, the truth and the life. Go through Him in everything you do. Rely on Him in everything that happens. Trust His love and know that it is true. Jesus is the way when there seems to be no way!

Take the pulse of your faith. Monitor it and adjust it. Use the Word of God to regulate your faith. Let God give you the rhythm of your faith. He knows how to change the beat of your hope.

Rebuke bitterness. It will give you a bitter spiritual taste. It will spoil your spiritual appetite and it will leave you hungry for more negativity. Find the soothing manna from Heaven. Jesus has set a table before you where bitterness doesn’t exist. Eat at His table. Refuse to join the negative meals the enemy is serving you.

The anchor to your soul will keep you grounded and will keep you stable even in the midst of the wildest oceans. Jesus is that anchor!

The peace that comes from the Lord can shutter the stress that comes from the world. Adhere to His peace by thanking Him and by declaring that it is in you.

Hope is God’s reply to our distress. Let’s take His reply and apply it to every question we have in our lives. His hope will answer everything!

Suggested reading: Colossians 1:27; 1 Peter 1:13; 1 Peter 5:10

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 141)

When you get closer to the truth, the lies will abound and try to derail you. Focus on the source of truth. Focus on Jesus.

Look into the depth of God’s wisdom. Look into it with your heart. Don’t rationalize what your mind can’t comprehend. Put your heart into it and God’s wisdom will be revealed to you.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It can stop the darts of hate and it can paralyze the schemes of the enemy. Walk in love every day and you will walk in power every day.

Keep chasing the dreams the Lord has given you. The chase is not in vain. The dreams are not an illusion. The wait is worth it and the trust in God is life changing.

Pray for the world to change for the best. Pray for your world to change. Pray for the world to heal. Pray for your world to heal. Pray for the world to find peace. Pray for your world to find peace. Pray for the world and don’t forget to pray for the world around you. The needs and the pain are closer than you think.

Jesus is the Savior and when you believe in Him, you believe in life, love, peace and hope. You can maintain them as you keep your relationship with Jesus strong.

God guarantees that His Word is true. Take that guarantee and keep it near you. When the enemy brings up problems and when your life breaks down show him your guarantee. You have it in writing in the Word of God.

Consider your life to be in good hands because it is. God has you in the palm of His hand and you are safe and secure. Hold on to His security and thank Him for His safety.

Take two steps forward in faith. Walk. Keep walking. Don’t worry. Don’t fret. God is leading you and directing your steps. You are on the right track!

God’s peace is the rare pearl that should be saved and kept in a safe place. Let His peace find a home in your heart and you will be able to face anything that life dumps on you.

Suggested reading: Psalm 4:8; Job 22:21-22; Luke 1:78-79

Doubt your doubts and kick your fears

Doubt, worry and fear are some of my recurrent topics because they keep showing up in our lives and their intensity can drive us crazy. What I am going to explain today is something very practical that I have been trying to put into practice for a while. I have been more consistent with it recently and it has paid off a great deal. It all started during prayer time a while ago. Prayer time is truly where most inspiration and encouragement take place. It is that time when I am all ears and the Lord seems louder than ever. What would I do if I didn’t have that communion time with the Lord every day? When I was praying, I heard “Doubt your doubts and don’t own them.” I liked the sound of that message and I spent time exploring what it meant. The enemy has an array of lies that he feeds us. His lies are so present at times that they become what we believe and they create a system of fear that is hard to get out of. The lies of the enemy are vicious. He knows how we think, how we react and what we love and value. He will often target what’s precious to us. Why? The Bible says he is here to steal. 


Thieves usually steal what’s valuable. Think about the valuables in your life. Think in terms of people and not just things. The enemy will do what he can to steal the peace and the joy you have surrounding those people. He can cause conflicts and strife or he can hurt your loved ones. He makes it acceptable for us to worry about the ones we love. There will always be a bit of worry but being worried sick about the people we love is not how the Lord wants us to live. With worry comes doubt. The enemy tries to make us doubt that God will help us and that He can fix our lives or protect our loved ones. Those doubts are poisonous because they erode our faith and with a hollow faith, it is hard to trust God and to even communicate with Him. The evil plan of the enemy is to separate us from the Lord and from His Word. He doesn’t care if we read the Word but if we apply it, he’s in trouble.


When the Lord indicated that I should doubt my doubts, He was telling me to reject the doubts that had been ingrained in my mind. He said I should challenge whatever is challenging my faith. That message revolutionized the way I handle doubts and fears. How do you doubt your doubt? When you doubt something, you feel uncertain about it. You defy its validity and you challenge the truth that it holds. Now, doubting your doubts means that you feel uncertain about them. You are not sure they are valid and you challenge them by imposing another truth on top of them. Choose the truth of the Word of God and impose it upon your doubts. What I learned is that I needed to rebuke the doubts by talking to them and by verbally challenging them. 


When a negative thought pops into my mind, I talk to it. I say “No, this is not true. The Lord said He is with me all the time and He won’t let me down. I will not fail. He can’t fail so I will succeed.” At times I have to work hard and really push the doubts out of my belief system. The Word of God is my weapon and I don’t hesitate to use it. I keep it close all the time and I threaten doubts with it. Take a stand against doubts today and refuse to take them at face value. Don’t own the doubts. Don’t believe they belong to you. They come from the enemy. We say we have our doubts and they sound like they are coming from our hearts but they were put there by the most negative agent. Dissociate from him and let those doubts go back to where they came from. Don’t buy into them because you were bought for a price on the cross of freedom. The cross where the lies of the enemy stopped and new life came into play.


When it comes to kicking fears, speaking the Word of God over my situation helps a great deal as well. Fear is the opposite of faith so I make declarations of faith and I even say that fear doesn’t belong here. Fear has no place here. My house is not a refuge for fear. It is a stronghold of faith and fear has no access to my house. There is an alarm system that goes off when fear tries to get in. The Holy Spirit is the alarm that reminds me to stay in faith. Don’t take the power of your positive confession for granted. You can speak against fear and against doubt. You can call things as if they were a certain way even when they seem or feel different. That is how faith speaks. Fear expresses itself through our feelings and emotions. It is very “flesh-based.” Faith expresses itself despite our feelings and emotions. It is very God-based. You can kick fears with prayer as well. 


Pray for the assistance of the Holy Spirit. Every word in your prayer is a kick that can put fear back in its place. Give those fears the boot. Resist fear and doubts. I know it’s easier said than done but you can do it with what you choose to tell them. Be active when it comes to the enemy’s lies and don’t let them get rooted in you. They are evil at the core but you have the Holy of holies in you at your core. Greater is the Lord in you than the devil. Have no fear. Don’t buy into the lies. Question what pops into your mind. If it doesn’t agree with the Word of God and with His Spirit, it has to go. Doubt the doubts the opposition is feeding you and kick fear to the curb. The Lord is with you and His Spirit is in you. Let your faith arise in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading:  Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 28:17; James 4:7

Some possible obstructions to our prayers

I vacuumed my house the other day. It looked like the vacuum cleaner was working well but then I noticed that some crumbs and some particles were not being picked up. I took the vacuum apart to see what was going on. There was an obstruction somewhere. It took me a while to find it but once I did and I took out what was blocking the way, the vacuum did its job. It made me think of how sometimes in our spiritual lives there is an obstruction. We pray and pray. Our prayers sound fine to us but when we pay close attention, the dust, the problem is not getting picked up. There is an obstruction somewhere that we need to locate. There is something getting in the way of our prayers. There are particles that are left on the floor of our intentions and those particles are leaving our spiritual ground dirty. They need to be dealt with if we want to have a clean floor to lean on and see our prayers answered. Now, I am not saying that this is always the case. Sometimes we don’t see answers to our prayers because it is not God’s timing. Sometimes we pray outside of God’s will. Sometimes the answer is there but it is not obvious to us. When the issue is an obstruction that keeps us from getting a clear path to our answer, there needs to be some time spent scanning our lives to find out what the obstruction is. Holding a grudge, not forgiving someone, jealousy or gossiping are spiritual obstructions that should be brought up to our attention. This is not a popular message but it is an important message. When we are not walking in love in some areas, there is a hurdle in our prayer life. Jesus encouraged us to forgive when we pray. He put unforgiveness right there with prayer. There is a link between the two. Today I am inviting you to find any possible obstruction in your prayer life. I know I must take a deep look in the mirror at times and find the particles that are blemishing my spiritual complexion.

Unforgiveness is one of the main hindrances in our prayer lives. It is the unwillingness or the inability to forgive someone. When you can’t let go of what someone did to you that was wrong, you are making holes in your prayer life. You are allowing negative feelings to pierce your prayer life. You are stepping outside of love in a part of your life and that creates some spiritual disturbance. It creates traffic on the way to some blessings and some answers to your prayers. Again, I am not saying it is always the case. God’s mercy and grace are amazing gifts to us but living in a realm outside of love is living outside of God’s will. Can you think of someone you have not forgiven? If you do, this is what I suggest you do. Ask God to forgive you for not forgiving. Forgive the person. Ask the Spirit of God to help you detach yourself from unforgiveness and pray for the person. Pray that God would bless him or her. Let love be the power that removes the obstruction by praying for the person. Keep at it. Make it a daily prayer. Pray for the person to be blessed. Pray for the person to have a connection with God or to develop a stronger connection with God. Pray for the person to receive peace and joy. Thank God for that person. Forgive, pray, and praise God. That powerful trio will help you release ill feelings, bitterness, and anything else that is negatively impacting your heart.

Jealousy and gossiping are other elements that hinder our prayer lives. Jealousy is wishing we had what someone else has. It is coveting the wrong things. It is also being dissatisfied with what we have. It is basically telling God that what we have is not good enough and we should be given what others have. It is being ungrateful toward God. “God, I don’t like my life. Give me what So and So has” is not a prayer that will be heard. Jealousy is poison. It hurts us more than it hurts the one we are jealous of. It is another way of stepping out of love. Gossiping often comes out of jealousy but it can also pop up on its own. When we talk about people behind their backs, we set ourselves up. We walk on a line that doesn’t lead to love. Our words have power. Gossiping has the power to alienate us from God’s heart. God doesn’t like backbiting and slandering. They are not His language. They are not love-centered. They are obstructions to our prayers. If you know that you have feelings and negative thoughts toward someone, take the high road and take it to God. Be the bigger person and let God of anything that is denting your prayer life. It will change you and it will bless you. Keep praying for others. Put them first when you pray and your prayers will be strong.

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Suggested reading: Mark 11:25; Ephesians 4:29; James 1:26

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 105)

God gets you there at the right time. His timing is better than any clocks in the world. He knows the time and the hour and He is never wrong.

When you stay in the Lord, you trust the Lord, you believe in His Word, God is firmly planted in your day!

Don’t let yourself be a prisoner of your emotions. Set yourself free by letting the Lord be the guardian of your feelings and your emotions.

Two truths and a lie; God loves you, God will protect you and the enemy can’t be defeated. The enemy is a liar and he can always be defeated in the name of Jesus.

Finding peace in the middle of chaos and confusion is always possible when you turn to Jesus in the middle of chaos and confusion. He is the regulator that makes all things right again!

God can do more good in a second than the evil the enemy can spread in a lifetime. Trust that God will do good things in your life and trust that it will take Him no time to bless your life!

God pours His wisdom into your heart through His Word and through His Spirit. Open your heart to Him. Let Him enter the darkest parts of your heart with the light of His love.

Rest in the arms of the Lord and your peace will be unparalleled. Rest in the arms of the Lord and your joy will be unprecedented. Rest in the arms of the Lord and your love will be undefeated.

God is a master at blessing and loving. Expect blessings, expect love. Have faith in the blessings and the love and you will have the power to face the adversity and the trials of life.

Find comfort in God’s constant presence. He never leaves you and He never forsakes you. He is with you in the valley and on the mountaintop. You are never alone!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Psalm 145:18-19; John 14:27

The power of your testimony

What does your life say about you? What does your life say about God? What is your testimony? Are you aware that you have a testimony? There is a story that is told through your actions, your words and your thoughts. It is a story that is apparent to the world. The sum of who you are is displayed in that story every day. People are watching, people are taking notes, people are listening to what your testimony has to say. You have the power to make a testimony that praises the Lord or that mirrors the world. Choose the story God wrote for you and live it out. You have a powerful testimony and it is time you let the world see it and read it. What happens to you is not what makes you but how you react and interact with what happens to you is what you are made of. You are a child of God that has the DNA of the Father and you can act, think, love, walk, speak like your Father. You can choose to be like Him or you can choose to be your own person and forge a personality that is not what He wants for you. Today I am here to remind you that you have a powerful testimony and you can choose to lean on the Spirit of God and be the person the Lord designed you to be. Remain in God and He will remain in you. Fill yourself up with the Lord and your testimony will give Him glory. Stick with what truly matters and what truly mattes is that Jesus is glorified through your daily testimony.


I love how the Bible reveals that the testimony of two witnesses is true. God has a plan for you and when you agree with His plan and you trust Him, you become the second witness and the plan is true. Your life is powerful lives when it is God-centered. God has already seen how powerful your life was. He is the number one witness. Now, He is waiting on you to be the second witness and to verify that what He said in His Word about you was true. You and I are the second witnesses. We can testify by staying in line with the Word and staying in faith. Friend, let your life speak about how good God is. Let your life echo God’s kindness. Let your life tell the world that God loves everyone and that He can give peace, joy and freedom. Stand up in the court of life every day and be that second witness that confirms what God’s Word says. Be a witness to God’s greatness. Be a witness to God’s holiness!


The word of your testimony allows you to triumph in life. What you say matters. What you say has power. You can curse and you can bless. You can bring peace or you can bring chaos into your life with your words. Therefore, it is important to know that you are constantly giving an account of your testimony when you speak. When you glorify the Lord through your words, power is released into your life. Praising and worshiping Him through your words and actions are very great ways of giving a positive testimony that honors God. The world needs your positive testimony. The world needs your words of affirmation and your words of hope. What you present to the world goes a long way. Don’t underestimate the power of your testimony. Sound the horn of joy with your actions and your words. Be the reflection of the Lord that the world longs for.


You can be under scrutiny and under a lot of pressure when you bear testimony to the Lord. Not everyone accepts what you tell them and how you shine Jesus into the world. However, the Lord warned us and said that it would happen and He also said we shouldn’t be afraid when persecution takes place. You have to stand firm and keep your testimony strong. Life will try to change the narrative but with the help of the Holy Spirit you can continue to speak of the goodness of God and be the witnesses that don’t waver and that don’t faint under pressure. God has an army of angels that will always assist you. When you stay in faith, everything always works out for the best. Let your testimony be seen every day. Praise the Lord and rejoice over Him always! Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Luke 21:13; John 8:17-18; Revelation 6:9

Receiving God’s blessings

Receiving a blessing from God can be a life changing experience. I think it always is but we don’t always perceive it that way. We notice the huge blessings that shutter our world and give us goosebumps. The so-called smaller blessings are not as noticeable but they are also from God. God is a giver and He is a lover. He gives a lot and He gives happily. Everything He gives is good. He gives perfect gifts. Like I said it’s not always easy to see what He gives us and to recognize what we get as a gift from God. God’s blessings are all around us and they should be pointed out, recognized, appreciated, cherished and embraced. I can see how in my life I notice the big blessings and they rock my world. They make me stop and worship. They make me look at life differently and they make me feel good. Those blessings freeze time and give me a re-evaluation of who God is, a new appreciation for God. However, I have learned that I should appreciate all God’s blessings. I should receive them and enjoy them. Big or small they are all from God and they are very good. You see, the point is to acknowledge that all things from God are good, noble, pure and amazing. God gives amazing blessings. Some of the ones that I used to consider small blessings can be giant blessings to other people. The key is to accept them for what they are and rejoice over them. Receiving God’s blessings is a necessity because it is a form of accepting God for who He is. In the natural when we get a present from someone and take it and like it, we are showing that we are accepting the person and accepting their care for us. Receiving God’s present is receiving God’s presence, receiving a piece of Heaven, receiving a smile from the Lord. Today I want to encourage you to identify God’s blessings in your life and see them for what they are.


What do God’s blessings look like? They come in all different forms. A blessing is defined as God’s favor and protection. The favor part comes into play when we get something that stands out for the ordinary. These can be spiritual blessings, materialistic blessings or physical blessings. God pours favor and gives exceptional gifts all the time. When we are in Him and we stay in faith, His favor rests upon us. I have gone through periods of blessings that were clearly a presentation of God’s favor. It’s not because of who I am but because of who He is. I believe that we ought to receive God’s blessings and favor with humility. We have to understand that His favor is because of who God is. It’s all Him. We are the recipient of His love and we are not worthy of it but He makes us worthy. Through Him we receive, through Him we live, through Him we are blessed. We can’t buy how way through His blessings. He is the giver that gives mercifully. His grace is outstanding. Are you aware of His ongoing goodness? Do you see how kind and loving He is in your life? Do you count your blessings? Do you understand what they look like?


There is so much we can take for granted. There is so much that we think is normal in our lives and we don’t even think they are blessings from God because they appear to be part of our lives and they will always be there. Sometimes we don’t see the value of what we have until it is gone or taken away. A few years ago, we lost power on several occasions because of some bad winter storms. I slept in a cold house and it made me appreciate my heating system a lot more. Some people don’t have heat which is just a normal part of life for other people. Heat is a blessing. It’s not a given for everyone. It’s one of those things that we can see as a small blessing but we should really be grateful for it and thank God for it. I like to make a list of all my blessings. I like to count them and to keep them in mind. It is a good way to receive them and to receive God. With God we go from glory to glory so we can expect His blessings to increase and to get bigger. A major blessing, I used to ignore is the blessing of God’s instructions. The Bible explains that when we pay attention to God’s Word, we prosper. God’s Word is one of the biggest blessings that we should be open to and receive. Treat yourself to some quality time in the Word of God and you will receive blessings that will surpass your expectations.

Suggested reading: Psalm 20:4; Exodus 23:25; Proverbs 16:20