Put your mind at peace

In my most recent messages I have mentioned the power of our minds and the need to renew our thinking. The mind is like a control tower that deals with thoughts flying in and thoughts taking off all the time. It is a tower that doesn’t always have control of what plane is landing on the runway of our emotions. There are tons of thoughts that land in our heads so fast without permission that we can’t stop them. Our tower is overactive at times and it passively lets anything come in. However, we have the power to take control of the situation. We have the authority to turn some planes away and to prevent some thoughts from landing and staying in our thinking. The Bible calls for the renewing of our minds. It is an ongoing process that requires an active tower in control, a tower that decides and that knows how to say no to thoughts that can be detrimental to the airport of our lives.


To renew is to make something new. It is to purge the old and allow new things to be born. When we get saved, our minds are still the same. Our spirits are born again but our minds still wear their old patterns and habits. We get the impression that our thinking is changed because of the hope that is in us. We feel like we have wings and we can take off and go to high altitudes anytime until we get hit by problems and overthinking goes into autopilot. Then we realize that negative thoughts are still there and we can even think that we are not saved. I talk from experience. Today I want to encourage you to put your mind at ease by taking control of your thought tower. I want to remind you that the Holy Spirit and the Word of God can help you manage the air traffic in your head.


“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” This verse, Romans 12:2 says it all. It encapsulates our daily mental goal. The renewing of the mind should become a habit. It should be as important as praying and praising the Lord every day. If we conform to the world even when our spirits have gone through the born-again process, we are most likely to live lives where our faith is nonexistent and our mind is a nest for negativity. What goes into our minds eventually drops down into our spirits. If our minds are fed the lies of the world, our spirits can’t reach the potential of the new life in Christ.


The Bible tells us to guard our hearts, our spirits. A good way to do that is by watching what’s going on in our minds and renewing our thoughts. It’s all about what we let it. What we should let it daily is the Word of God. His Word is the daily bread that goes into our heads, drops into our spirits, and feeds our entire being with truth, love, and life. We need time to be in the Word and to digest its powerful truth. The truth of the Word needs to be bigger than the words of the world in us.


There is peace in the Lord. God gives us peace and He is not the author of chaos and confusion. He wants our minds to be at peace all the time. Imagine spending an hour with the Lord face to face. How would you feel after? You would feel light, you would feel burden-free, you would feel at peace. You and I are spending time with the Lord but we don’t always acknowledge it. We put Him on the back burner until we need Him. We can’t run to peace occasionally and expect it to be part of who we are on a daily basis. In the natural, eating a balanced meal only once a week won’t be sustainable and it won’t give us the nutrients we need in the long run. I want my daily interaction with Jesus and I make room for Him.


Jesus is the One I talk to first thing in the morning. He influences my thinking by telling me what I should tell myself. A powerful way to put your mind at peace is by talking to yourself and saying what Jesus says about you. There is power in the words of the Lord and His words are meant to edify us and bless us. They are meant to give us peace and to keep us in peace. Give your mind a break every time it goes into overthinking mode. Be actively in control of your tower by rebuking, rejecting, and accepting.


Rebuke the negative thoughts out loud. Tell them they are not from God and you don’t welcome anything that is not from Him. Reject the thoughts that try to diminish your faith. Speak against them and declare that your faith is in the Lord and He can’t fail you. Talk about how much He loves you. Tell your mind that you have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about it. Reject worry and accept faith and love. Welcome positive thoughts. Welcome all the pure and noble thoughts that the Holy Spirit is bringing to your mind. Embrace peace. Embrace the rest you can find in the Lord. Peace should be the head of your tower. Let peace get comfortable in your control tower. Let the Holy Spirit direct you. Put your mind at peace through prayer every day and interact with God’s Word all the time.

Suggested reading: Romans 12:1-2; Philippians 4:8; Ephesians 4:23


More of God than you can imagine

When I was a baby Christian, I saw God as being huge. To me He was bigger than the universe and more powerful than anyone. I pictured how He was so much bigger than the devil and that the devil was a tiny particle compared to God. God was invincible and almighty. As I started growing in the Lord, or I should say when I got older, my vision of God was altered. He was still powerful but my problems seemed excessively big and so my God looked smaller than before. I did not realize that the vision of my problems affected my vision of God. I also equated my physical growth with my spiritual growth and I was wrong. Seeing God as smaller than my problems was not a sign of spiritual growth. It took me a while to get back to a more accurate vision of God. Today I am here to remind you that God is still bigger than your problems. He is still on the throne and He is still powerful. No matter what is going on in your life, God is big enough to take care of it. There is enough of God to go around. There is enough of God to bless you, to heal you, to prosper you, to keep you safe and to love you. You are not a drop in a sea of billions of people. To God you are the most important person there is. His love is limitless and there is plenty of it for you. There is more of God than you will ever need. It is a truth that should be kept on you. Not only in the back pocket of your mind but it should be etched on your heart. God is bigger and stronger than your current circumstances. Nothing is too difficult for Him. You will never be able to deplete God’s love for you and His power will always, always be around. Put your chin up. Look up. Do not look down. The Lord of miracles and unlimited love is still on your side.

You might be thinking that you are down on your luck and that “God has expired.” You might be thinking that your blessings have been canceled and your life is going to be a vicious cycle of a bad experiences. Bad luck could be on your mind. Things happen but God happens too. He is not gone. His love has not expired. His presence is still around. If you think you got all the God you would get in your lifetime, let me assure you that you are mistaken. There is a lot more of God than you can imagine. Nothing can change God. Not this pandemic and not any of its negative effects can prevent God from blessing you. If you turn to Him and relentlessly seek His face, ignoring the negative chatter in your mind, you will see how God can show up and fix your life. He can fix anything and the way your life is now cannot be compared to how beautiful it is going to be. I say it and declare it in Jesus’ name. God is going to restore what you lost and more. There is plenty of His power and of His love to go around. Your life is in His hands. It has not escaped from His grip. If you need to get stronger in your faith about God’s presence in your life, ask Him for help. Ask Him once and then thank Him forever. Thank Him by saying out loud that your God is more than enough and there is more than enough of Him to bless you for the rest of your life and into Heaven. God is interested in showing you Heaven on earth. Whatever you ask in faith, He can do it if it aligns with His will. Seek His kingdom. Seek His face. He is so much bigger and larger than anything you will ever know. God is generous and He will give you abundance of peace, love, and joy.


It is time you celebrated the Lord who is bigger than all. It is time you saw Him for who He is. Your life is going to be impacted by God’s goodness again as you build up your faith and hope is back in the game. Look at your circumstances. Stare them in the face and let them know that your God is more than enough. He has so much more power than the most difficult problems. He can solve and fix anything in one second. Build up the greatness of God in your heart. Let His kindness be a sign of hope. He is kind and He is love and He will not let you down. Everything you read in the Bible about how amazing God is stands true today. Shake the fear off. Shake the worry off. There is more of God than you will ever know and He is going to bless you more than you will ever know. Expect great things from Him even when the world seems to be shutting down. Nothing can shut down the Lord. He is still God. Stay in faith. Your world is going to change again for the best in Jesus’ name!
Suggested reading: Jeremiah 10:6; Psalm 86:8; 2 Corinthians 13:4

Some possible obstructions to our prayers

I vacuumed my house the other day. It looked like the vacuum cleaner was working well but then I noticed that some crumbs and some particles were not being picked up. I took the vacuum apart to see what was going on. There was an obstruction somewhere. It took me a while to find it but once I did and I took out what was blocking the way, the vacuum did its job. It made me think of how sometimes in our spiritual lives there is an obstruction. We pray and pray. Our prayers sound fine to us but when we pay close attention, the dust, the problem is not getting picked up. There is an obstruction somewhere that we need to locate. There is something getting in the way of our prayers. There are particles that are left on the floor of our intentions and those particles are leaving our spiritual ground dirty. They need to be dealt with if we want to have a clean floor to lean on and see our prayers answered. Now, I am not saying that this is always the case. Sometimes we don’t see answers to our prayers because it is not God’s timing. Sometimes we pray outside of God’s will. Sometimes the answer is there but it is not obvious to us. When the issue is an obstruction that keeps us from getting a clear path to our answer, there needs to be some time spent scanning our lives to find out what the obstruction is. Holding a grudge, not forgiving someone, jealousy or gossiping are spiritual obstructions that should be brought up to our attention. This is not a popular message but it is an important message. When we are not walking in love in some areas, there is a hurdle in our prayer life. Jesus encouraged us to forgive when we pray. He put unforgiveness right there with prayer. There is a link between the two. Today I am inviting you to find any possible obstruction in your prayer life. I know I must take a deep look in the mirror at times and find the particles that are blemishing my spiritual complexion.

Unforgiveness is one of the main hindrances in our prayer lives. It is the unwillingness or the inability to forgive someone. When you can’t let go of what someone did to you that was wrong, you are making holes in your prayer life. You are allowing negative feelings to pierce your prayer life. You are stepping outside of love in a part of your life and that creates some spiritual disturbance. It creates traffic on the way to some blessings and some answers to your prayers. Again, I am not saying it is always the case. God’s mercy and grace are amazing gifts to us but living in a realm outside of love is living outside of God’s will. Can you think of someone you have not forgiven? If you do, this is what I suggest you do. Ask God to forgive you for not forgiving. Forgive the person. Ask the Spirit of God to help you detach yourself from unforgiveness and pray for the person. Pray that God would bless him or her. Let love be the power that removes the obstruction by praying for the person. Keep at it. Make it a daily prayer. Pray for the person to be blessed. Pray for the person to have a connection with God or to develop a stronger connection with God. Pray for the person to receive peace and joy. Thank God for that person. Forgive, pray, and praise God. That powerful trio will help you release ill feelings, bitterness, and anything else that is negatively impacting your heart.

Jealousy and gossiping are other elements that hinder our prayer lives. Jealousy is wishing we had what someone else has. It is coveting the wrong things. It is also being dissatisfied with what we have. It is basically telling God that what we have is not good enough and we should be given what others have. It is being ungrateful toward God. “God, I don’t like my life. Give me what So and So has” is not a prayer that will be heard. Jealousy is poison. It hurts us more than it hurts the one we are jealous of. It is another way of stepping out of love. Gossiping often comes out of jealousy but it can also pop up on its own. When we talk about people behind their backs, we set ourselves up. We walk on a line that doesn’t lead to love. Our words have power. Gossiping has the power to alienate us from God’s heart. God doesn’t like backbiting and slandering. They are not His language. They are not love-centered. They are obstructions to our prayers. If you know that you have feelings and negative thoughts toward someone, take the high road and take it to God. Be the bigger person and let God of anything that is denting your prayer life. It will change you and it will bless you. Keep praying for others. Put them first when you pray and your prayers will be strong.

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Suggested reading: Mark 11:25; Ephesians 4:29; James 1:26

Do you know your place of worship?

Many religions have a place of worship. It’s a building or a consecrated space where people gather to perform acts of devotion, adoration or study of their religion. You have probably heard that we Christians are the Church. Our Church is not necessarily a building, it’s the people. It’s up to us to decide what kind of Church we are going to be. Are we going to be a people who gets together to honor God? Are we going to be a God-fearing Church? Are we going to be a Church that puts love of God and of people first? Are we going to be a whining Church? Are we going to be a Church of faith or a Church of fear? We define the Church because we are the Church. As a Church, one of our most important practices should be to worship the Lord. We should be a place of worship or we should have a place of worship in us. How often do you visit your place of worship?


Being the Church, do you let worship be a big part of who you are? I am inviting you today to visit your place of worship on a regular basis. Be that place of worship that people like to go to knowing that in you they can find the voice of adoration, the voice of peace, and the voice of joy that the world is longing for. You are the Church and you are the song that glorifies Jesus over the enemy. You are the song that doesn’t give up and that keeps on singing of the mercy of God even when things are going wrong. You are that song that chooses faith over fear and that keeps on going even when the going is tough. Be that place of worship that knows that God will always make a way. Be that place of worship that studies the Word and that meditates on it. Be that place of worship that promotes love over hate and that talks about God’s goodness all the time.

A place of worship is a safe haven where God is the number one focus. Why do I call it safe? It is often known for being a space where God is. God’s presence is in the place of worship. God is in the Church. He is in us. The Holy Spirit came to dwell in us. He has a place in our hearts and He plays a major role in how we connect with the Lord. As the Church, we need to be cognizant of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Being a place of worship implies being a place that hosts the Holy Spirit. As hosts of His presence, we ought to quickly transition to becoming guests of His presence. As guests, we let Him have His way. We let Him be in control. He is a gentleman with a heart of gold bigger than the universe so He will certainly take care of us and be the most amazing host there is. When God’s Spirit is the head of your place of worship, miracles take place. Transformation takes place. We die to self and we allow Him to come alive inside of us. His fruit starts to grow and our fears and doubts start to go. The Holy Spirit will show you how to pray, how to praise and worship and how to love. We can’t be the Church with a house of worship that doesn’t know what love is. Love is not our own definition of who deserves to be loved. Love is Jesus and He loves unconditionally.

A place of worship is also a safe haven because it is a structure where you can feel welcomed and loved. As we worship the Lord, we embrace all that He is. We embrace His character, His grace, His mercy, His death, His resurrection and His sovereignty. God is the ruler of our hearts and when He dominates us, His love becomes our natural reflex. We react with love, we act with love, we speak with love and we think through love. We are the Church and we are the representatives of the Lord of love. Let’s visit that part of our place of worship every day. Let’s dwell in that place so the world sees that there is peace and comfort in the Church. God’s love in us should be a magnet for the lost, a refuge for the broken-hearted, a hospital for the sick and a space for everyone to congregate. As the Church, our words should echo God’s kindness and reflect His majesty. How often do we sing sad songs of complaints and discouragement? When we do, we misrepresent the Lord. We go from being a place of worship to becoming a place of worry. Worry should have no room in the Church. Let’s decide to ban it from entering our doors. Let’s not allow fear to sit on the pews of our lives. Let’s put a “No entry” sign in front of our place of worship so that doubt gets the message every time it tries to come in. You and I are the Church. We can remain in worship mode if we choose to. Let’s choose to be the Church of the One who gives life. Let’s live in the place of worship of Jesus. Let’s be united under one roof; the roof of the Spirit of God wherever we go. We are God’s Church!

Suggested reading: Matthew 16:18; Hebrews 10:24-25; Colossians 3:16

When you get plugged into God

Even though I am not at work physically, I am able to communicate with my colleagues virtually. Yesterday we had a lot of meetings online through video conferences and we will have more today. There is something to be said about that face-to-face time. It is valuable. It allows for better communication than emails because we can see facial expressions and the tone is clear. The tone of an email can be misunderstood. The word choice of an email can convey the wrong message. There are filters that are in place that can distort a message through an email. This made me think about our communication with the Lord. Are we emailing what we have to say or are we communicating face to face? Do our messages get distorted? Do His messages get distorted? Do we have too many filters in place that get in the way of our communication with the Lord? Are we aware of the filters in our lives? I spent too many years “emailing God” and thinking He could email me back when in reality He could talk to me face to face. Seeking God’s face is primordial. I think and I know that it has changed the way I see God and the way I talk to God. He is alive and well and He has a lot to say. He talks to me in many ways but the best way for me to hear Him is when I am quiet or when I am praying. I get plugged into His Spirit when I am in prayer time. I get hooked to His presence and I stay where I can hear and see what He is communicating to me. It happens in my heart. It happens in the secret place where He dwells. When I used to “email God”, I used to think that He visited me only when He replied to my requests. He is always in us. His Spirit lives in us and He waits for us to plug in and be ready to listen. Today I want to encourage you to plug into God and listen. Let this communication time be about Him. Make it happen daily. These days we all need to hear from God regularly. Let’s get plugged in!


Why do we need to plug in devices or instruments? We need the power that will make them work. When we plug something in, we give it the ability to function normally. We put in the energy that is necessary for it to come to life so to speak. The plug-in process is the power process. When I plug into God, I get charged or supercharged. It makes me come to life. I can function better. I get the power I need. His power enables me to receive wisdom, knowledge and peace among other blessings. God’s power gives me so much peace. His presence gives me serenity. He is always there but I am not always available. The fact that God is always by our side doesn’t mean that we are by His side. In other words, we might be too distracted to spend time with God or to recognize that He is with us. Have you ever felt like God wasn’t around? Newsflash! He is always around. We are the ones who wander away from Him. Plugging into God brings us back to Him. There are times when getting that connection going takes time. We must take a deep spiritual breath and let go of all that is in the way. We must let go of all the filters that muddy our emails. Our thoughts, our remembrance of some experiences are filters that interfere with our communication with God. They keep us from hearing. They transform His emails to us. They alter His voice and they blur His image. I deal with the filters with worship or gratitude. I tell the Lord how much I love Him and I declare His majesty over and over again. I do it through songs or through strong declarations. Those powerful words are like hammers that drive the nail of faith through the head of doubt. They do the job. I persist and a change comes.


Once I am more at peace and I have calmed down, I am ready to receive from the Lord. I run a scripture in my head or I stay there quietly. Our silence is God’s utterance. Our silence gives God’s His voice back. When there is too much noise in our minds, God’s voice gets lost easily. Friend, seek the Lord’s voice. Get quiet in front of Him and see what He tells your heart. He is very chatty and He longs for you to hear Him. How can you tell He is talking to you? He will always reassure you and show His love through what He says. He will remind you of His Word and His promises. Get plugged into the Lord today through silence and prayer. You will hear exactly what you need to know in these tough times. Get plugged in so you can give some power to others in return. God will encourage you in those silent moments so you can touch the hearts of those who can’t hear Him during the chaos. Get plugged in today!


Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:11; Acts 17:27; Hebrews 11:6


Pray for the world, one country at a time

When you look at the scope of this pandemic, you can see that it has crossed borders and it is spreading all over the world. I heard that it has even made its way into some countries in Africa. It goes wherever it wants to go. It shows you that the enemy and its negativity are everywhere. There is nothing that holds him from entering any place he likes. However, this also indicates that God’s love, God’s power that are way stronger than the enemy, can also go anywhere. God is not limited by space and by time. In a nano second, He can spread His goodness in places we didn’t think He could go. Our prayers carry His love and His power and they reach far. I have read some amazing prayers online. People are praying against this plague. I have seen prayers for communities and for our country. I think it is beautiful but I do believe we should be praying for the world as well. We have a tendency to pray for our nation. “God bless America” is a great declaration but we are part of the world. “God bless the world” is something we need to hear more. We are to love our neighbors. If we are going to apply the oxygen mask technique, taking care of ourselves before we help others, we must consider others first. When we take care of ourselves it’s so we can be better stewards and help others. Our prayers should echo this approach but they should reflect that God’s love is about others first.

As believers we can be mobilized in prayer. We can make sure we stay strong spiritually so we can withstand whatever comes our way and still be able to pray. Our faith needs some major muscles these days and we should be visiting our spiritual gym every day so we develop spiritual stamina and endurance. Faith is also something we cherish not only because it pleases God but because some people are going to rely on our faith when they are weak. Faith will also help us fight against the negativity we will see. If you go to groceries stores these days, it’s easy to be shocked by what you see or don’t see for that matter. Walking by faith and not by sight is a strong message we ought to remember when going into our local grocery stores in times like these. Your faith is for the world, dear friend! Your prayers are meant for the world.

When I was in prayer the other day, the Lord showed me that it takes participation plus isolation to get to liberation from this universal problem.
Participation means mobilization in prayer. We need to actively participate in the spiritual warfare that is taking place. Praying is participating. We can’t be passive. We have to be praying every day and not just for our nation but for the world. Many layers of our society are being affected and we should present them to the Lord in prayer. Isolation means keeping to ourselves so the virus doesn’t spread. It sounds drastic but it will work. If we pray and isolate, we will see liberation. Now here is what I suggest. I am a visual guy so I like to have a picture of what I am praying for. You could print a list of all the countries in the Lord. Hold that list every time you pray. Pray for all the nations of the world. Pray for the power of God to spread everywhere. Pray for everyone. Don’t just pray for your community. Prayers are highly needed. The weight of our prayers matters. We are stronger together. If we all join in this movement, there will be a change. We can block this. We can prevail. Let’s pray for the world, one country at a time. Use that list as a symbol. Our prayers are being heard. Let’s persevere and let’s stand strong even if we hear bad scenarios. God will rewrite history as we give Him our story. Let’s stand in the name of Jesus. The world needs your prayers and mine!

Suggested reading: 1 Thessalonians 3:12-13; 1 Peter 3:8; Ephesians 6:18


God changes everything

I am planning a trip to Europe for students and one of the things that the travel company is trying to promote is how traveling changes everything. I was looking at their brochure the other day reading that line again and it made me think of how God changes everything. He doesn’t change things partially. He can but He can also change everything. Talking about my life, I can easily say that God changed everything. He changed me, He changed my outlook on life and He changed my life altogether. The change started on the inside. He did some major spring cleaning in the middle of one of my worst winters. I had felt chaotic every day. I had felt like I didn’t have a handle on life and my life was out of control. On the outside it appeared that I was very much in control but the truth was very different. God knew how I felt and He knew how to help me and get me what I needed. I cried out to Him. I was tired of the life I had. I didn’t know what I needed but He had it all planned out and He changed everything the best way He knows how. Today I want to encourage you to trust that God can change you, change your circumstances and just change everything. Nothing is too hard for Him to demolish and rebuild. He can restore the most destroyed houses and make them new and beautiful. You are a temple and the Lord can dwell in you through His Spirit when you invite Him. Even when you have His Spirit you might need some major adjustments and healing. God can do it all! He changes everything.


They say that a change is good for you and when it comes to God, change is a powerful experience. It is God’s intervention that produces renovation. I had known God for years before the change came and when it all happened, I was made aware of the fact that I had never really known God. I was too filled with myself and I wasn’t letting Him in. The God I knew was a God that was preached about but that I couldn’t get to know for myself. I experienced God through other people and it just didn’t cut it. You can live your whole life thinking that you know God when in reality you know of Him. The change that God brought about started in my heart and in my mind like I referenced earlier. God shook my values and my thought patterns. He did it because I accepted His Word and I longed for more of Him. I recognized what I was missing and what was wrong and He did the rest. I believe God wants to communicate with us all the time and intimacy is what He is looking for more than giving us piles of money and other material things. He wants to touch our hearts and share His heart. To Him that is worth all the gold in the world. Why? Because when we connect with Him and we make it a habit to fellowship with Him, change comes. His loving power rearranges our inside and burns shame, fear and doubt. Letting His love in is so crucial. People who have a hard time being loved often have a hard time feeling and experiencing God’s love. To see a change in your life, you need to let God impact your life with His love first. Know that you are worthy and you are loved!


God changes everything when He becomes our everything. This implies that we acknowledge Him in all our ways. When we think about life, when we make plans and when we deal with life, He should be our number one resource. When we let God into everything, we let love, peace, joy, wisdom, faith and other amazing attributes get inside everything. I let God know about all my plans. I talk to Him about my needs, my struggles and my life in general. I have a God connection that is developing because I connect Him to everything in my life. This has also allowed me to believe that God can change everything. His interventions in my life have encouraged me to trust that He can do it all and He can do it in everything. Nothing is impossible to God and sometimes we need to be reminded of that truth a few times before it sinks in. Trials and tribulations help us have more faith and being more confident. God changes everything and that is more than a fact. It is a truth that will stand the test of time. Accept Him for who He is. Embrace His love. Believe that He can indeed change everything anytime. Be encouraged. Your God can change everything in your life!

Suggested reading: 2 Peter 3:9; Hebrews 6:19; James 1:17


God wants you close to Him

God never ceases to amaze me. I don’t understand everything about Him but I know a few things that have impacted the way I see Him. I didn’t know He was all about love for a long time. Those who taught me in church about Him were very good at loving with their words but their actions went in the opposite direction. Love speaks and love acts. The same goes for God. He speaks and He acts and those two things together were not what I knew about God. I was under the impression that God only spoke to certain people and only acted on behalf of certain people. I learned that a lot of us were not worthy of God’s love so I never looked for it. That kind of teaching is very damaging spiritually and it can take people years to recover from the scars it leaves. When I got saved, it all changed. It did not change overnight but the process of living out my salvation started. God never stop to amaze me. He speaks and He acts and I love that He does that for anyone who is willing to get to know Him. He is no respecter of persons and He will never exclude anyone. If you were ever told that you had to earn God’s love or that God remains silent or that He doesn’t listen, I am here to tell you that those are lies. God is alive and well. He is in love with you. He wants you to hear what He has to say and He is always listening to you.

Walls have been built between God and us. The enemy has diligently worked on making sure those walls keep us from knowing God. His evil scheme has even infiltrated some churches and some doctrines have divided people who were always meant to become friends of God but who end up being alienated. I was one of those victims and I was blind to the truth. I knew of God but I didn’t know God. I knew what other people said about Him but I had no idea I could get to know Him for myself. Those walls of separation need to come down. We need to hunger for God and let Him know how serious we are bout being intimate with Him. There should be no buffer and no interference. We can have direct access to God. He is closer than our skin like the song says. He is right there waiting for us to speak and talk to Him. If you believe that there is no way you can communicate with God, take a step toward opening the lines of communication. Get in your prayer closet, your prayer room, or open your heart to God and pray. All you need to do is acknowledge His existence. Start talking to Him on a regular basis. Have private time with Him. Don’t let a day go by without talking to Him. If you do that, you will see the walls fall apart. The more you communicate with Him, the more real He will become. Talk and listen. Give Him time to reply to your questions, to guide you and to give you love through His words. God is love and He tells us how much He loves us if we have the right ears to hear.


The Word of God is a great entry way into the world of the Lord. You can read the Bible in so many different ways but let me suggest reading it from the Lord’s perspective. We can’t fully know His perspective but we know that He operates in love and through love. Love should be the filter we use to read the Bible. Embracing that God is all about love is embracing His true nature and His essence. If you want to have a close relationship with Him, accept His love. Pray that He opens your eyes to His love. There is a bright light shining from the Lord and it is His love. There are no dark spots, no shady areas in the Lord and anything that you learn about Him that depicts some type of anger or darkness is not the real God. I feel like every week I am discovering another aspect and another angle of God’s love and it is huge. It is bigger than I once imagined and I want to get the full picture, at least to the extent that I can. God never ceases to amaze me and the magnitude of His love is astounding. We don’t deserve it but yet we can have it. God wants you close to Him. Very close!


Suggested reading: Exodus 24:1-2; Psalm 145:18; James 4:8