Rising above

When you get some bad news it’s easy for your emotions and your feelings to take over. You can get overwhelmed easily. It is in our human nature to react with fear and doubt. We are programmed to panic and to think the worst. We can go far into the depth of negative emotions with the bad news. We typically don’t get back news and rejoice thinking there is nothing to worry about. We see that there is something to worry about because the prognosis is not good and the future looks bleak. When we give our emotions and our feelings permission to control us, we take steps away from God. Negative emotions are steps away from the truth. The bad news seems to be the truth but the truth is that God always wins and His Son died not only for our sins but for our deliverance. We are not meant to be victims of bad news. We are not meant to be defeated. No matter what we hear and what we feel, we can be overcomers. Our mission is not to let the news affect us and not to take steps away from God. When we get bad news, we should actually take steps closer to God. We need to get into our prayer closets and spend quality time with the Lord. Our Christian reflex should be to praise the Lord despite the bad news and to thank Jesus because there will be some good outcome. We can rise above emotions and feelings in the name of Jesus. Today I am inviting you to rise above your feelings and emotions. Rise above your circumstances. When you get some bad news, get into “rising above” mode. You can do it through the power of the Lord. The bad news is not God’s final say. Let Him have the last word.

Rising above something implies that we don’t let ourselves be hurt or controlled by circumstances, emotions, feelings, people or by what is said. It means that we are above our situation and we are in control of our emotions. When Jesus is your savior, you can rise above thanks to the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God gives you the power to deal with anything. Now, the key is to work with Him at all times. We can’t call upon Him only when things are not going well. We need to be used to Him and to know His voice. We hear so many things in our heads. Events and circumstances try to get our attention by saying all kinds of things to our minds. Now, how can we recognize the voice of the Lord in times of trouble if we never listen to Him? This is why it is crucial to have a daily connection and conversation with the Lord. When we do, we know who He is and what He sounds like. We are able to hear what we need to rise above our problems. It is not human advice but it is divine intervention. The Lord intervenes in our favor and one of the ways He does that is by speaking truth to us and showing us how we can rise above our circumstances. He is the key. He knows what works and what will help us. It’s time to rise above words of discouragement and above the discourse of fear. You and I can rise above anything when we pay attention to the Word of God and to His encouragement.

The Bible gives us the ability to rise above life’s worst events. The last time I received some bad news, I sent it back to the sender by using verses from the Bible. I declared that greater is the Lord that is in me than the devil that gives us bad news. I refused to accept the news as my truth. In the natural, the bad news was real and it was a fact. According to the Lord, the bad news was fake news and He rectified that sad message by giving me His message of hope. God can reverse all situations, friend. Let me write this again. God can reverse all situations. Don’t accept the bad news as the ultimate truth. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life. Accept Him. Allow Him into your situation. Let Him be your truth. Let Him lift you up so you can rise above. As a matter of fact, lift Him up and you will rise above anything. Always choose Jesus no matter how bad things look. Don’t focus on how things appear. Adjust your vision by fixing your eyes on Jesus. Rise above what you see and walk in faith. Rise above your emotions and feelings and trust that what God says about your circumstances is the only thing that matters. In the name of Jesus things are going to change and get better. Keep believing. Stay strong in your faith. Don’t lose hope. You can rise above your present tribulation, friend. There is always hope with Jesus. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 119:114; Jeremiah 17:7; John 14:6

God will carry you

About three years ago I wrote a nugget of wisdom that I like to revive from time to time. It says “The Lord has carried you this far. He’s not going to drop you. Your problems and circumstances are not too heavy for Him. He can handle all the weight the enemy is adding to your life.” I feel so much comfort when I read it. The Lord carries me every day. That is how I see Him and that is what I expect Him to do. He takes care of me and He holds me all the time. There isn’t a day when He doesn’t carry me. He makes sure that I don’t get hurt and that I don’t get damaged. Accidents happen and bad things take place but it doesn’t mean that the Lord stops carrying me. It is because He carries me that I am resilient and I refuse to give up. I can get discouraged at times. It is part of being human but the Lord doesn’t let me go down the rabbit hole of hopelessness. His hope pushes me forward and it wakes me up from the nightmare that the enemy wants me to accept as my life. Things get better. Things change. Things improve because the Lord carries me. Today I want to remind you that the Lord is carrying you right now. He will carry you tomorrow and He will continue to hold you and to assist you. You can expect His hand to be over you and to protect you. Don’t get distracted by the bad breaks. They can be very bad but they don’t stand a chance against the goodness of God. Have courage. Stay strong. The Lord will carry you and get you to the finish line.

Even if you are going through a valley of trials and tribulations today, the Lord is still carrying you. He has gotten you this far and He is not ready to let you down. He can’t. It’s not in His nature. God will give you the means to make it through the worst times. He is so powerful that nothing can get in His way and nothing is too difficult for Him. Take comfort in His love for you. You are protected and you are loved. God will make sure that you can make it to your destination. It may take a long time but it will happen. Stand strong in His might. Stay strong and hold on to the truth. The truth is that you are surrounded by the Lord and He is with you all the time. Don’t look left and right. Look at the Lord straight ahead of you. He is taking care of what’s on your left and what’s on your right. Think about how a little child is carried around by her father. She has no fear. She feels secure. She knows she is in good hands. She recognizes that she is in a safe zone in her father’s arms. You are in a safe zone in your Father’s arms. Know that you are shielded. Say it to yourself. Declare God’s protection over your life. Declare His power and His protection. You are in the best hands there is. God carries you all the time despite your awareness of His goodness. Make His goodness real in your life by talking about it and by thanking Him for carrying you.

Your problems are not too heavy for the Lord. He can hold them in His hand and crush them. Today decide to see your problems as the elements of the enemy that can’t destroy the peace in you. Refuse to back down and enjoy the power of God’s hand in your life. God is not only carrying you but He is giving you the power to carry on when things go sour. When the tribulations are so intense, He gives you the ability to keep walking and to keep going. When the sadness is too much to bear, He reminds you that He bore your sorrow on the Cross. The Lord carried you on that cross. He had you in His mind and He had you in His heart. He carried your burdens and He put an end to the misery. Don’t accept misery and sadness. Don’t give them a space in your life. You are above them thanks to the power of the Lord. God is carrying you and holding you way up high about the darts of the enemy. No matter what you are going through right now, God is still carrying you and you are going to make it. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 46:4; Philippians 4:13; 1 Peter 5:7

What God’s love does

“If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”* 1 Corinthians chapter 13 is called the love chapter. What attracted me the most to God was His love. I fell in love with His love. His love drew me in. His love touched my heart and made me fall in love with the Savior. It is His love that gave me hope. It welcomed me into His world. It welcomed me into His arms. Before that, God had been a mundane being far away from me. I couldn’t dream to get close to Him or to get to know Him. I felt a major separation from Him and I didn’t understand who He was and why He was so stern and strict. The enemy likes to blur our understanding of God and give us a false picture that makes us feel unworthy and unwanted. Did God want to be close to me? He certainly did but my mind didn’t accept it and it alienated me from God. Love is what bridges the gap between God and us. Love is the way to the Father. Love is the answer and Jesus is love. When you see the love of the Father, you can’t help but notice Jesus. Jesus is everything and He is the love you and I and everyone in the world need. Love is the power that can do all things. Love creates miracles. Love sets us free. Love heals. Love blesses.1 Corinthians 13 also explains that without love we are nothing.

We can do a lot of things that are good and noble but if there is no love behind them, they are empty acts. We can’t operate efficiently without love. Love gives meaning to what we do and to who we are. We can be believers who live our lives without love, without Jesus but then we are not grounded in the truth. Jesus is the truth, the way and the life and He is love. His love is the truth that sets the captives free and as believers we ought to have love in our entire spiritual being. We could have amazing talents and gifts but without love they don’t mean much. Love is powerful because it represents salvation. We were saved because of love. Love is the flame that ignites our salvation. Love, true love from God is everything Jesus is about. When you read the whole chapter (1 Corinthians 13), you are quickly made aware of the fact that love is the most powerful force in the universe and it is the best thing you can long for and you can share. Jesus in us gives us love. He gives us that amazing power and it is up to us to engage with it and to give it life. We put it under a bushel way too often. We are more preoccupied with what appears to be principles and rules in the Bible. We use them as justification for separation and exclusion. Love unites and it brings people together. Jesus unites.

Jesus bridged the gap that had been placed between God and humanity. That is what love does. Love bridges gaps. It unites us with God and it builds bridges in our loves. It builds bridges between us and peace. It builds bridges between us and victory. It builds bridges between us and healing. Whatever blessing you need today, know that God’s love can build a bridge between you and your blessing. Jesus will unite you to your blessing. His love is everything. Embrace it. Let it be a part of your life. Let it be the biggest part of your life. Let it make you sound like Jesus and not like a resounding gong with no substance. Love is the substance of God’s power and it is what you need to express, to adhere to and to share every single day. Like I said, love creates miracles. Faith and love together make wonders. There is a wonder and a miracle in your future because God has your future in the palm of His hand and love is the motive behind everything He does. He is preparing blessings and good breaks for you. Love will always give you great things. Trust in God’s love for you and remind yourself that His love can change anything in your life. If you ever wonder what God’s love can do for you, think about the fact that there is nothing that His love can’t do. God’s love can do the impossible. Think miracles! Think love that prevails over the enemy. May God bless you and protect you and remember that God will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 136:26; 1 Corinthians 13:1*; Ephesians 2:4-5

The power of God’s love in us

 One of the things that attracted me to God the most was that God was love. He created love. He personifies love. He is the essence of love. You can’t separate God from love and yet we do that all the time. I have seen it in Christian circles. People speaking in the name of God’s love but really speaking in the name of their definition of love. Their definition of love is influenced by their own judgement and there are filters in place that modify God’s love and change it into a human version of love. God is pure love and that is why I was so interested in Him. Not because I lacked love. I have a very loving family so I did receive plenty of love growing up but it’s when I looked outside of that circle of love that I felt the pain. I felt the pain of the ones who are not loved. I saw their tears and I felt their fears. God is love and what we all need is God, the true God of love. 

It is sad to hear that people have been hurt by the Church. People have been hurt by what they were told about themselves in the name of God. We put too many words in God’s mouth. Words that He would never utter but that sound good to us. “This is what love is all about” we say. “God doesn’t like these kinds of people” we proclaim. We play God way too often and we forget to consult Him. There is a lot of power in God’s love. God’s love can change anyone and anything. If you need an example of its power, think about how He gave His only Son to save the world. Whoever believes in Him can have eternal life. That is the power of God’s love. His love gave and we received the blessing that defeated death. You and I have the love of God in us. You and I have the power of God’s love in us. Let’s hand it to others. Let’s give God’s love a voice, a hand, a body. We are the body of Christ and we need that daily reminder. We are the body of love and we need that daily reminder.

Do you ever think about how much love it took to save your life and the lives of others? That love that hung on the cross is the most powerful love there is and there will ever be. That powerful love is still here today. It looked like it had died but after three days it came back to life and changed the world forever. That love has the power to resurrect all the parts of your life that are dead. It can change you forever and it can bring back hope forever. You are extremely blessed because the Lord is in you. You are extremely blessed because His love is in you. I think knowing that He is in us and with us is not the hardest part. The hardest part is allowing His love to dominate us and to move us. Maintaining the awareness of His love can be challenging. 

Under pressure from the enemy we have a harder time walking in love. Events, circumstances and people defy God’s love in us all the time. The enemy hates God and he hates love. He hates everything and he surely hates it when you and I access this love and share it. He will even try to convince us that love should be received and not given. He promotes selfishness and makes sure that we keep the power of love to ourselves. He does it by pushing us to focus on ourselves and to have as much gain as we can for ourselves. Love gives. God gave His Son. His love in us can only be activated by giving. Who should we give that love to?

Everyone deserves love. According to God, every single person that walks the earth deserves love. God’s love is very powerful because it doesn’t judge and it doesn’t discriminate. God wants everyone to get to know Him. He is love and He should be known for being love. We can pass it along. We can pass God along. We can give the power to change lives to anyone. Think about concrete ways you can share God’s love. A word, a sentence, a text is sometimes all it takes. Love wants to give peace, joy and freedom. Look at the people you know and don’t know and see how God’s powerful love can impact their lives. A few words of encouragement can be a manifestation of God’s love. A helping hand, a prayer, time spent with others, words of advice can all be voices of God’s love.

There are many things that can be expressions of God’s love. Pray today and ask the Lord to show you how you can express Him to the world. He will guide you and direct you. His love in you can touch lives, mend broken hearts, heal tortured souls and strengthen those who have been weakened. Think about God. Think about love. Meditate on His love and He will open doors of opportunity for you to spread His love. The power of God’s love in you is real. Use it to God’s glory. Spread love, spread God!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 10:12; John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

What is the recurring theme of your life?

A theme is the subject of a talk, a piece of writing or a person’s thoughts. What is the recurring theme of your life? What is the topic or the subject that keeps coming back in your life? Can you decide what the theme of your life is? I believe it is a question of perspective and we can choose what the recurring theme of our lives is going to be. Some themes seem to be imposed on our lives. Some themes can be highlighted more than others. We can side with one theme and recognize it as the recurring theme. Are we choosing the Lord’s theme for our lives to be recurring or are we siding with the terrible theme the enemy keeps bringing up? We can say “Bad things always happen to me” or “The Lord always blesses me.” I choose to highlight the recurring theme of the Lord in my life. Looking back, I can see how blessed I have been despite all the hardships and the heartaches. The losses and the failures could be a recurring theme that I adhere to but I am not a defeatist. In Jesus’ name I am now allowing myself to see the cup as more than half full. My cup overflows. It’s been overflowing and that is the theme that is repeating itself in my life. I have made up my mind and I am determined to underline God’s amazing theme in my life. When life gives me reasons to doubt or to give up, I take the marker of faith and I boldly highlight the theme of blessing and overflow in my life. Today I want to encourage you to go with God’s recurring theme in your life. Identify it. Embrace it and keep highlighting it. God’s recurring theme for you will become the most popular topic in your thoughts when you keep holding on to it.


A person’s thoughts are a bundle of positive, neutral and negative thoughts. The neutral and “idle” thoughts easily slip into the negative thought category. Thoughts have many sources and some come about because of what happens to us. When bad things happen, we can focus on them so much that they appear to be what our lives are made of. Friend, your life will always have its share of challenges but the Lord Himself challenged your trials on the cross and gave you a way out of every single bad occurrence in your life. It’s up to you and me to tune out the negative, refocus and declare the goodness of God in our lives. His goodness is more present than we realize. It is in the background, the foreground and it should get into the playground of our minds. God’s goodness is a topic that our hearts long to sing and celebrate but our heads tend to emphasize the bad things more. Jesus came to give us life and to give it to us more abundantly. What a beautiful theme! That abundant life is not going away. Once we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, that life is ours forever. God’s salvation is not temporary. It is not optional in the life of the believers. It is what makes our lives. God’s goodness is recurring. God’s kindness is recurring. God’s love is a never ending cycle. God’s protection is recurring. God’s promises are recurring. The Lord is faithful and just and He will bless us over and over again. Let’s get rid of the “bad life” mentality and let’s see how  the “God life” is our reality.


I am not advocating ignoring all the difficulties and the problems you might be encountering. I am not in favor of being blind to the suffering. I am here to promote good over evil. God over the enemy. Positivity over negativity. Blessings over curses. The evil in this world is undeniable. However, God’s goodness can’t be put under a rock and left there until we decide that it’s time for good things to happen again. God’s time is all the time. God is present all the time. God is good all the time. He has a specific timing for some events in our lives but that doesn’t mean He stops being good in between the breakthroughs and the blessings. I declare myself blessed every morning and I expect my day to demonstrate the blessings and to show me the goodness of God. To get there I need my faith to be what I use to react to life. I call things into life as if they were. My faith gives a voice to the blessings that belong in my life. My faith is a spokesperson for God’s goodness in my life. My faith sings the recurring theme of God’s overflowing blessings in my life. My faith is getting blinder and blinder by the day as I get bolder and bolder every day. I love God’s theme for my life and I repeat it out loud, in my heart and in my mind. If the blessings don’t show up, I show them off. I boast in the Lord’s goodness. There is always something to be grateful for and to recognize as a blessing from the Lord. Your recurring theme is a blessed theme. Let that be the topic of your life!

Suggested reading: Psalm 67:7; Numbers 6:24-25; James 1:17



What happens when you are filled with God’s Word?

Yesterday I woke up hearing “The battle is still going on but Jesus won the war.” I heard it deep down inside over and over again. I also heard “Jesus is more than enough and His grace is sufficient.” Out of the abundance of the heart comes revelation. If our hearts are filled with doubt and doctrines of the world, those negative things will speak to us first thing in the morning. If we fill our hearts with God’s hope and His Word, God will speak to us first thing in the morning. I used to be a huge fan of music. I listened to different types of music including Christian music but it wasn’t the main genre I gravitated toward. What spoke to me first thing in the morning were lyrics of songs that depressed me or that gave me a false sense of peace. I knew those words too well and they made up the frame of my thinking to the point where I could barely get out of that negative structure. I knew about Jesus’ victory but defeat is all my heart could see. I couldn’t understand why I was so down and why things always went astray even though I believed in the Lord. 


My problem was that I believed in the world more. My cup was full but it was mostly filled with the wrong water. I was thirsty for spirituality but I kept drinking the negativity. I could say that my cup was overflowing with the wrong content. God should be our number one. That is how it works. That is how we win the battles. That is how we can thrive as believers. That is how we are intended to be. Today I want to encourage you to fill up your cup with the Lord. Let Him fill you up to the brim. Let Him give you what you need. Replace the world with the Lord. Your heart will speak to you  and say exactly what you need to hear at the right time. Let God be the overflow in your life. Cut off the junk that is making you drown on the inside.


I get so encouraged when I hear uplifting messages from the Spirit of God out of nowhere. Those messages seem to hit home even more first thing in the morning because they set the tone for the day. I listen to them and I repeat them to myself through the day. When Jesus says that His grace is sufficient for us, He means it. He means that we have nothing to be afraid of, we have nothing to fear because He is more than enough for us. Our problems could seem to be a lot but Jesus is much more than those problems. Let’s not be intimidated by how big our trials are. Jesus already judged and assessed the situation and He says “I can handle this more than easily. I’ve got it. Nothing is too hard for Me.” Those are words that touch your heart and pierce your soul. You feel comforted, protected and strong when you hear them. You need to hear them and you can get to that point of hearing them all the time when you put the right words in front of you. Put the words of the Lord in front of you as much as you can. Read His Word. Pray His Word. Sing His Word. You need to get filled up and you need to stay full of Him. Ask the Lord to saturate you with His presence. Ignite the process by giving Him first place.


When discouragement comes, we have two choices; we can give in to it or we can fight it. I suggest fighting it every time. Fight it with the weapon of praise and fight it with the word of your testimony. Let that word be a word of how great your God is. Don’t let the negativity get to you by making you say all the wrong things about your situation. You see, misery loves company and when you start having self-pity parties, you end up with a host of negative agents that keep you in a negative cycle. When negativity comes at you, fight back with positivity. It may sound simple but it does wonders. There is positivity in you. The Lord is in you and He is the most positive One there is. Dig deep inside of you and extract the Lord’s positivity. The more you do it, the more it will become a reflex. Those positive reflexes can save you every time. They are habits that we ought to develop. Watch what you watch! Watch what you listen to. Watch what you allow in you. There is so much junk in the world that wants to form a pile of garbage in you that will turn you into a dumpster of sadness and defeat. The enemy will dump his worst lines into your spirit and prevent you from rising up when you fall. Don’t feed your spirit junk. Give yourself manna from Heaven. Feed your spirit the good Word of God.


I like to thank Jesus for the Holy Spirit. I thank Him every single day. Isn’t it just amazing that His Spirit dwells in us? I emphasize it and it is so real to me. It guides me and it steers my thinking in the right direction. It points me toward the ocean of hope and I ride the waves of peace every chance I get. I still have to fight the good fight of faith every day but I have an Insider who gives me all the information I need when I need it. The Holy Spirit is the Insider who knows it all and who can give us all. I rely on Him and He speaks. He reveals. He gives. He counsels. He encourages. He shows up. He shows off. He shuts down the enemy. My prayer is that you and I continue to get filled with the knowledge that the Lord is more than enough. His love is the most powerful force in the universe. We have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. Let’s stay filled up with the wisdom of God. Let’s stay encouraged and let’s stay strong in the Lord.

Suggested reading: John 8:32; John 16:13; Ephesians 5:18

Take care of yourself with God’s help

One thing that seems very necessary these days is self-care. We have to take care of ourselves (and others). These times are very trying for a lot of people and we can easily get weak and weary if we don’t maintain a balance and if we don’t take care of our emotions and our health. When our emotions are flying high to altitudes where hope is non-existent, we are more susceptible to crash and burn. We need to have a strong core if we are going to be asked to do emotional planks all the time. The pandemic and its host of negative agents has pushed many of us to our limits and we find ourselves having to do an emotional plank so to speak. Holding that plan is almost impossible. No matter how strong you were before all this started, today you have to work on either staying strong or on getting stronger. What does God have to say about self-care? He says, ‘Come to me you that are heavy laden.” He tells us that He will give us rest and He will take care of us. The first step is to recognize that we need His help and that we can’t do anything without Him. I often find myself humbling myself before the Lord during prayer time especially these days. Things can seem so overwhelming and only the One who can overwhelm the world with His goodness can help me make it. I can’t see myself as number one in this process. Number One is Jesus and He is my provider. When He comes first, I can see that I am first in His eyes. It is an interesting concept. When we put God first, we realize that He sees us as the apple of His eyes. Today I want to encourage you to take care of yourself by letting the Lord take care of you. Make it a habit to rest in Him. Find the peace and the comfort you need in Him. Let His Spirit coach you and get you strong so you can hold that plank and you can face the day with no worry and with no fear. Let the Lord give you rest. He knows how to do it best!


The burden that people have been carrying lately is heavy. It is a bundle of fear, chaos, worry, lack, sickness, distress and many other parts that create this negative load. We all carry burdens and problems until we realize that we are not supposed to. When something bad happens to us, we take on that burden and we keep it in our minds. Some of us know how to release that burden right away and some of us use it as material for overthinking and over-indulging in mental confusion. Those burdens usually come from what we hear, what we see and what we feel. Our senses transmit a signal that triggers those burdens. Well-guarded senses know how to stop the burdens. When our senses are ruled by faith and surrendered to the Lord, they can stop any burden from forming. The key is to allow our faith to be bigger than our senses. We can walk by faith and not by sight. We can walk by faith and not by what we hear that is negative. We can walk by faith and not by our feelings. How can we do that? The answer is in the Word of God. Taking care of ourselves means taking the Word at face value. Taking care of ourselves means spending time in the Word until it becomes a part of us. The world takes too much space in us because we live in it and we are part of it but it is the Word of God that should be dominating our world. There is no way around it. We need to be in the Word and to be constant doers of the Word.


Taking care of ourselves is achieved when we study the Word of God and we apply it. There is some action required on our part. If we read that the Lord will be with us and never forsake us but we act like He is not around, we are not being doers of the Word. I have found that applying the truth of God’s Word has changed the way I deal with life. When I follow the Lord and I heed His advice, my spiritual core gets fed and I am able to withstand the attacks of the enemy better. God’s Word will take care of us when we let it take its course and do its work in us. Active participants in the Word of God see amazing results. They develop a spiritual and emotional plank that is solid. When life tries to push them down, the Word of God in them gives them the ability to hold that plank no matter what the weight is on their back. They take care of themselves by taking care of their spirits. As long as their spirits are fed the truth, the way and the life, life springs out of their core and they are stable and ready for anything.


Friend, take care of yourself. Get physical rest. Sleep enough. Eat well. Be active. Feed your spirit. Let your spirit develop muscles of faith so that you can stay calm and collected when life tries to remove your peace. Find rest in the Lord. Seek His face. Pray and spend time with Him away from people, away from the media, away from the negative thoughts. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you peace and to counsel you. God will take care of you better than you can take care of yourself.  Things will get better when your core is stronger. Give it all to the Lord and you will see what He does with your emotions, your well-being and your attitude toward life.

Suggested reading: Matthew 11:28-30; John 7:37; Galatians 5:1


Keep the praises going

Yesterday I was talking with a friend about the current situation in the world and how it is affecting everyone. As we were talking, I got a message deep down in my spirit. It was the kind of message that lands on your heart, that grows very fast on the inside and that you have to let out. It came out naturally and it felt like a hug from the Lord. The message was, “Keep the praises going.” In the middle of everything that is taking place, the Lord is telling us to keep on praising Him. He is telling us not to change our praise routine and not to fall out of that beautiful habit. Many people have been tempted to give up on God. Many people have given up on Him but He is not giving up on anyone. He is still whispering, “Keep praising Me. Praise is the answer.” Think about it! Praise is the answer. Praise is what will get us out of this cell of fear and confusion. Praise is powerful. Praise is God showing up through the words of our adoration. The Lord is still surrounding us and winning the battles of life. This is one more battle. This appears like one gigantic battle but greater is the One who is in us than the giant of this pandemic.


This giant is presenting itself as a selfish phenomenon that is not sparing lives and that goes wherever it pleases. Its ugly ahead is all over the news. It tries to make a nest in our minds and a house in our hearts. It doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t choose only a few people. It is spreading its venom all over the planet. The truth is wherever it goes, God is there too and God was there first. He has always been around. Praising Him is praising the One who started it all and who knows how it will end. It ends in His hands and believers like you and me are putting it all in the palm of His hand. We sing praises to the Lord of lords, the King of kinds the wearer of the crown of life. The answer is in our praises and we need to get together spiritually in one accord and praise life back into this world. We need to let our voices get louder than the tears caused by the agony and pain. We need to take a stand of faith and let our praises keep us standing. Today I want to encourage you to keep the praises going. Don’t let the chaotic climate change what is on the inside of you. Let the One inside of you change the negative climate around you. Do it through praise. Keep the praises going!


Praise is the element of my prayer life that ignites the flame of the Holy Spirit. When I get into praise mode, I get into Holy Ghost mode. It doesn’t take long for the presence of the Lord to manifest. He comes with joy, He comes with peace, He comes with boldness and He comes with power. The praises activate His power and I am transported into a place where nothing seems impossible, fear doesn’t show up and faith is high. It is that place of safety that we should be visiting all the time. We should visit it so often that it should become our habitation. Praise makes our house strong. Praise builds mansions of hope and castles of dominion. With praise we allow God to dominate our situations. No weapon formed against us can stand in our way when we are in the fortress of praise because that is where the Lord dwells. He is our refuge and our shelter and our praises to Him keep us under His protection. Let’s keep the praises going and doubt, fear and confusion will have no choice but to leave.


When Paul and Silas were in jail, they prayed and praised the Lord all the time. One night their praises were so strong that the whole prison was shaken and the doors were open. This is what praise does. It gets you out of the jail where you were confined unfairly and it opens doors that seemed sealed shut. Your praises are making a huge difference in your environment. They are shaking things up until they fall into place. Keep the praises going and you will keep shaking those spiritual prison doors. Keep the praises going and you will get closer to freedom one praise at a time. The world needs “prison-shakers” like you and me. The world needs people who will not be afraid to praise the Lord in their darkest hour. Keep the praises going no matter how you are feeling. Your emotions will align with the Lord’s peace and joy when you don’t stop praising Him. Get up and start praising. Get up and start shaking the jails around you. Your Lord is powerful and your praises will be the evidence of His sovereignty. Praise away!

Suggested reading: psalm 150:2; Acts 16:16-40; Hebrews 13:15

God has hope and a future for you

In times like these, encouragement is much needed. We can’t let our guards down. We have to protect our hearts and our minds. We can’t let ourselves go down the rabbit hole of fear and worry. I am sure that if we could see who was in that hole, we would find out that we were in good company. People around the world have dug a hole where anxiety is all they know. It’s a normal human reaction. Our goal should be not to get in that hole for any reason other than to go and take people out of it. We as Christians have hope and a future. That is what the Lord promised us. He said He had given us hope and a future and they both are part of a mountain of blessings that can’t be depleted if we stay in faith. There is a mountain of riches from the Lord. It is the kind of mountain that we should aspire to see with our eyes of faith. It should be in the way of the mountains of problems and trials that we are presented with every day. Hope and a good future are what we should expect. Those two promises will stand true through the test of times. No tribulation, no disaster and no attack from the enemy can separate us from the hope and the future the Lord has for us. Today I am inviting you to get in agreement with the Lord’s hope and future. I am inviting you to declare that you accept His hope and His future for you. Today might also be a good day to renew your vows with God so to speak. Maybe you have slid into that fearful rabbit hole and you need to get out with your confession of faith. The confession that was once strong and solid. We all need to renew our commitment to God occasionally. There is hope and a future for you friend and God oversees them.

What does the Lord’s hope look like? His hope doesn’t rely on circumstances but it relies on Him. Our hope is in Him and He is our hope. If you are discouraged, turn to the Hope that doesn’t compare to human hope. Turn to the One who died and came back to life. That is the magnitude of the hope He embodies. This is hope that transcends death. His hope lives on. He lives on. Nothing and no one can ever take that away from Him. Jesus remains the same and He will also be the hope that defies fear and doubt. Talk to your Hope. Pray in His name. Trust in Hope. Trust in Jesus. He will shatter of the nightmares that have been plaguing you at night and He will help you design the dreams He has for you. Hope gives us a beautiful outlook on life and it allows us to stay in faith. Stay as close to Hope as possible and you will live in faith.

Hope destroys the powers of the enemy in your mind. The enemy is an expert at throwing fiery darts to your head. He is relentless with his negative chatter. He wants to break you down but dismantling your positive thought process. He has the ammunition that it takes to make you believe that there is no hope. However, you have the Lord and with Him comes the hope of glory. You are going to see God’s glory shine again in your life. As a matter of fact, it is shining now despite the pandemic but there is an adjustment that needs to be made in your mind. Hope is what can make that adjustment for you. I am a strong believer in worship and praise. They are extremely powerful. A lot more than they get credit for. When you dive into them, hope drowns your mind and it resets your expectations. You start expecting the best again. You start giving God all the glory for what He is truly doing even when you can’t see it. God is the Hope you have been longing for. Lift Him up in praise and He will set your foot on new grounds, grounds of joy and peace. With hope you can walk on a land of serenity and bliss!

Dear friend, your future is in God’s hands and not in the claws of this pandemic.
God still has a future for you regardless of what is happening these days. Thank the Lord for His future for you. Learn more about it in His Word and through His Spirit. Don’t give in to the pressure of feeling scared and defeated. God is not defeated and His future still stands. You are going to make it and you are going to see amazing days. God’s future for you is still extremely bright so keep on wearing your sunglasses of hope and look at life through the eyes of faith. Stay encouraged. God’s got you in the palm of His hand!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Hebrews 11:1; Romans 15:13

Touching God with your hand of faith

I can only imagine what it was like to see Jesus walking down the streets, blessing people, healing them and loving them. His compassion and love for people was out of this world. It still is. Jesus is still alive and He hasn’t changed one bit. When He was preaching and speaking to crowds, people tried to touch Him. They knew He was a healer and they wanted to touch Him to get a blessing or to get their healing. Some got healed when they touched Him and others didn’t receive anything. What made a difference? Faith is the key that made a difference. The woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus and she was highly blessed because of her faith. Her faith healed her Jesus said. She made contact with the Messiah and her faith connecting her to her miracle. Touching God with unbelief won’t get the job done.


We can go through the motions of religion and just do all that we are expected to do but if we don’t have faith, we won’t receive from God. Once Jesus noticed that the woman of faith had touched Him, He told her to go in peace and He proclaimed her freedom. She was freed from her suffering. We all have ailments and aches that we need to be freed from. Some are physical and others are emotional or spiritual. Whatever you need today, stretch out your hand of faith and touch God. Don’t just reach out and hope that maybe you will get something. Don’t do it with no expectations. Expect, believe, trust. Believe in Jesus the Savior and Jesus the healer. He is able and willing to heal you when your faith gets in contact with His power. Let’s your faith in the Healer be superior to your fear of not receiving freedom and healing.


I want my faith to heal me and bless me every time I need it. In order for that to happen, I need to have strong faith. I believe faith is something we should work and that we will always have to work on forever. We can always have more faith. We can always believe more. It is easier to have faith in something or someone we know well. The goal here is to get to know the Lord better and have a good understanding of who He is. Without reading His Word and spending time in prayer, chances are we will get to know a small part of who He is. We will not have this heart connection that is so important in the faith process. Knowing God with our minds and our intellects doesn’t suffice. There has to be a deeper connection. I had a partial understanding of how to get closer to God for a long time. I thought that as long as I felt good about Him and good about checking the boxes of being religious, I was all set. I had a mental and intellectual approach to who God was. It left me empty and it wasn’t fulfilling. When we let the Lord enter our hearts and make His home there, we are on the right track.


I have found that praying “God I want to know You better. Help me develop my faith in You. Guide me and bless you during this process” is a powerful prayer. It’s ok to ask for help from God for anything. I see how the Holy Spirit has been on my side guiding me and showing me how to build up my faith. Prayer has been phenomenal. It gives my spirit a spiritual jolt that I need every day. It anchors my heart in our Savior and it pushes fear and doubt out of my mind. Prayer is a daily occurrence. Without it I feel lost and I don’t make progress. Prayer, Bible study, meditation on the Word, and praise and worship are the perfect ingredients for developing faith. Add gratitude and remembering what God has done for you and your faith will get to where it should be. Practice those great spiritual habits regularly and when you are ready to reach out and touch the Lord, your faith will bless you and heal you. Touch God with your hand of faith and miracles will take place!

Suggested reading: Luke 8:43-48; Mark 5:34; Matthew 9:22

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