Laying at the Lord’s feet

For the past few days, I have been getting the message that I should lay at the Lord’s feet. I keep hearing deep inside my spirit “Lay at My feet. Lay everything at My feet.” This profound encouragement to be in reverence before God has been piercing my heart and touching my soul. I have complied and let myself be in adoration in front of Him. I have been getting this strong desire to just put everything in front of the Lord and let Him take it all. I have presented my life to Him and everything that is part of it. It is as if I were scanning my life and taking pieces of it that I offer to the Lord every day. Something new comes up every day and I give it to the Lord in prayer. This has made me realize how much I hold on to too many things and how much I wasn’t willing to let go. God wants us to surrender to Him in all we do. Giving Him total control is showing Him we have faith and we trust Him. He wants to be our source of peace and comfort. He wants to be the only One we trust completely for safety. We too often rely on our finances or possessions and use them as a safety net. Would you be willing to take a leap of faith with no visible materialistic safety net to catch you? Are you willing to have the Lord as your only safety net? He will catch you every time you fall. He will cover you with His protection so you can jump as high as possible. Today I want to encourage you to lay your life at the Lord’s feet. As you lay at His feet and humble yourself, He will show you His face.


Humbling myself before the Lord is a lesson I learned later in life. It is more than a lesson. It is a way of life that dictates our lives for the best when we do if often. The more we humble ourselves before Him, the more He has control. Pride can get in the way. It can be a subtle obstacle that is hard to see. I saw it clearly. I saw it for a while but I ignored it for a long time. I used to think I knew better and I could handle everything. God was my Lord but He was my second resort. He was my plan B and you know when you have God as your plan B, your plan A is not a solid plan. It is a plan based on your human abilities but this life requires more than our human talents. We face all types of adversity that are way bigger than what we can deal with. We need the Lord to make it in this life and when we don’t accept that reality, we must face the music and dance around peace without ever completely knowing it. We do a dance with steps that keep distancing us from the One true King. I didn’t want to live that life. I got tired of carrying everything and having to fend for myself. God showed me that it was time I let go and I never went back. I let go and I started the process of getting closer to Him and laying at His feet.


I have this powerful visual during prayer time of laying at the Lord’s feet. It is such an amazing place to be because that is where our hearts can encounter His. At His feet is where you find yourself face to face with your vulnerability and where you are exposed to His beauty. When you lay at His feet, your ego takes a backseat and His majesty is prevalent. I had a breathtaking experience back in October of last year when I felt the Lord’s presence so powerfully that all I could do was cry for over an hour. I was lying on the floor with my face down. I had rarely felt such a great love in a room like that in the privacy of my own home. God’s glory was everywhere and my heart was enthralled. I remember saying “If only people knew” over and over again. I lay at His feet and I couldn’t get up. I didn’t want to get up. I felt so not worthy. I felt it in my heart and I saw love in a raw version that seemed so rare. I go back to the glory in prayer often now and it happens when I humble myself and I let the Lord be Lord and do what He wants and tell me what He wants. He should always come first. He should always be in control. When we are at His feet, we can’t help but adore Him and thank Him for being God. My prayer is that you lay at His feet every day and that you give up every piece that keeps you away from Him. It is a life-long process that is very much worth it. Lay at the feet of the Lord and He will show you His face!

Suggested reading:  Jeremiah 29:13; Luke 10:39; John 10:17


Does God have a solution for everything? Does He have a remedy for all ailments physical, emotional, spiritual or mental? He proclaims in His Word that He does and I believe that He does. I truly think that if we are going to believe in God, we ought to believe all the way or at least try to get as high as possible on the ladder of trust. It’s a ladder we can climb as we grow in faith and moving closer to the top should be one of our life goals. God heals. He says it in His Word. He doesn’t lie and He doesn’t say anything He can’t back up with the truth. The truth is who He is. He is unchangeable and unshaken but yet we can’t seem to get to the whole truth. We have limited versions of the truth and those versions usually don’t include healing as a category.



Jesus showed that He could heal and the only thing that was able to stop Him from healing was lack of faith. He won’t force His will on anyone. Healing is one of His specialties. He is the Doctor for all aches and pains. He is the best doctor there is. We can decide to accept His prescription and get better or we can decide to shy away from His truth and not expect to get better through Him. As the ultimate doctor He has powerful recommendations. His Word is what He prescribes because He knows it can heal. The Bible is doctor-recommended for all sorts of crises, discomfort, spiritual confusion, physical troubles and trials. His Word is medicine. He is the healer and He can do all things. Let’s stretch our faith in healing. Let’s climb the ladder as high as we can and trust that what is tormenting us can be cured by the Lord. Let’s start with the number one doctor-recommended prescription; a regular dose of the Word of God.



Medicine is defined as the practice of the diagnosis, the treatment and the prevention of disease. The idea is usually to avoid surgery. The Bible is described as medicine. It helps diagnose, treat and prevent disease. I wouldn’t limit the scope of Bible healing properties to physical healing. It is medicine for the soul, the spirit and the body. I have noticed that the Word of God starts with our soul. It brings healing to our soul by curing our emotions and leveling up our feelings. Spend an hour reading the Word of God and you will start feeling better on the inside. Read the Bible prayerfully and you will see a great positive impact on your spirit. God’s Word soothes the soul and energizes our spirit. Sometimes physical healing starts on the inside.



They say that joy and laughter are good medicine. You can get both from the Lord and from His Word. Jesus is the Word. He is medicine. He can heal you by giving you the joy and the laughter you need. The Holy Spirit gives more joy than the world knows exists. A good dose of the Word of God is a good dose of the Lord. When you keep on receiving doses of the Word, you receive the Lord and you receive medicine. He will often supply it through His Spirit by filling you with joy and laughter. If you experience the absence of joy and laughter, you might be missing the point of who the Lord is all about. You might not be following His recommendations carefully. You might be using the Word as a placebo and not as the medicine that it truly is.



If you are looking for some type of healing today, I encourage you to take in as much of the Doctor’s recommendation as possible. Get some healing for your soul first. Get to a better emotional place. It’s hard to work your way through faith when your emotions are ruling you. Let the Lord calm you and bring you to a place of peace first. Peace is precious and it is worth a lot. God can do so much in the middle of peace. It’s more difficult to see God in the middle of chaos and confusion. My prayer for you today is that you get to know the Lord who still heals today. I pray that your faith in healing increases and that the eyes of your spirit are open wide enough for you to see that God is still the best doctor around and He will bless you and heal you. As your faith grows so will your healing. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 17:22; Matthew 9:12; James 5:15

Your connection to healing

When Jesus walked the earth, He was known as a healer. Crowds flocked to see Him. People came from far to receive their healing. Their faith activated their healing but Jesus was at the base of their faith. He was the cause for the healing. Healing didn’t happen without Him. Today the Lord is still a healer because the Bible specifies that He hasn’t changed and He will never change. Healing the way we see it described in the Word of God is not as common nowadays but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore. What has changed? Faith in healing has decreased tremendously. Healing is not preached as much. People don’t hear about it as often even in the Church. Faith comes from hearing and we can’t have faith in what we don’t hear and what we are not exposed to. The Church just like the rest of the world is a hospital with patients who need Jesus. The healing that is needed is not just physical. It’s emotional, spiritual, financial, situational and much more.


Circumstances need to be healed. Millions of people are going through tribulations that need to be cured. The healer is still available. Faith needs to be increased. This can take place on a community level or on a personal level. We each can dig into the Word and grow in faith. We don’t need to wait for the next big movement to start living out our faith. God is a very personal God and His Spirit has a one-on-one connection with us. That personal connection deserves our attention. That personal connection can link us up to the healer even more. I am here today to promote that personal connection in order to develop faith in healing. Whatever type of healing you might need can be attained through that connection.


Can Jesus still heal today? I believe He does wholeheartedly and I have to challenge my thinking every time my mind tries to dissuade me. Our minds work well with the world. Our minds have faith in the world. It takes very little effort to trust what the world feeds us. We adopt it, absorb it and take it as truth. There is a current in the world that goes against the stream of the Lord, the stream of faith and it is a current we are very used to. The Holy Spirit is not mainstream. He is God’s stream. He follows what the Father shows Him and tells Him. He exalts Jesus and He doesn’t praise the world. Being connected to the Holy Spirit enables us to stay on God’s wavelength. What we need to keep in mind is that we are closer to the healer than we think. His Spirit abides in us but we must hold our end of the bargain. This implies stepping out of the norms of the world and staying centered in the “norms of the Word.”


“Jesus still heals today” is a truth that is a great foundation for our faith. What can He heal? Anything that we believe He can heal. When we pray and He intervenes, a healing happens. He heals our circumstances. He makes them whole. Let’s hear about healing. Let’s study healing in the Word of God and let’s trust that God still heals. Why believe in God if we are only going to believe in a partial God? For lack of better words God is a whole package deal. He comes with all of God. He is not just peace. He is not just joy. He is God and He is everything the Bible says He is. We can pick and choose what to believe but then we really pick and lose. We lose part of the truth and the truth can set us free. The truth that Jesus still heals today can set us free from what is hurting us or destroying us. Friend, you have a connection to your healing. The connection lives in you. The Spirit of the Lord is within you and with you. Take that connection to the next level!

Suggested reading: John 8:31-31; Romans 10:17; Hebrews 13:8


Another God Wow Moment 

Here is another GWM (God Wow moment) for you. When I started becoming more serious about praying every day, I also started getting visions in my mind. The Bible says in Acts 2:17 that “in the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” I remember seeing a group of Asian people that looked like they were underground Christians. They were gathered in a room that seemed to be an underground hiding place. I figured God wanted me to pray for a group of Christians who had to hide their faith in an Asian country. Every time I would pray I would see them. This happened in March 10 years ago. In May of the same year, I went to a Christian conference at Nyack college in upstate New York. There were a number of meetings all over campus. I went with a friend from church. One of the meetings was in a room located in the basement of a building. To my surprise, most of the people in that meeting were Asian. The speaker was a preacher from another state. It was a very powerful meeting. People were being delivered and the Holy Spirit was moving mightily. The preacher said that God can use any believer to pray for people. He saw me in the back of the room and asked me to come forward and pray for someone. We both prayed for a woman who had had pain in her arms for years. We laid hands on her and said a simple prayer. She looked at us as if were from another planet. She said she felt heat going through her arms and the pain was almost gone. I was as shocked as she was but it was a beautiful experience. To God all the glory. It wasn’t me. Jesus touched her. I believe God still heals and He is still interested in blessing us. Let’s be open to what He wants to do. Let’s be receptive vessels He can use. Praise God! Jesus is still active today as He was back in the day. Suggested reading: James 5:14; Exodus 15:26; Psalm 30:2; Matthew 8:5-17