Reviving or activating our faith

I get a lot of inspiration from the Bible. Reading about Job and his struggles is very inspiring. I can’t imagine having such tenacious faith but it is one of my goals. He was a fighter. He knew what it meant to fight the good fight of faith. He never cursed God and he kept hope alive. I want my hope to be alive all the time. I am working on it and I find great comfort in the Word of God. Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow? Who knows when the next breakthrough will take place? All I know for sure is that if we stand our ground and we hold on to the Lord, nothing can defeat us. We can also be fighters of faith like Job and like so many others in the Bible. One thing all these people of faith have in common is a connection with God. Faith without God is just wishful thinking and it has no substance.

 What is your connection with God? How is your faith? Is it alive or does it need resuscitation or activation? My faith was active for a while and then it was dormant for years and when it was finally reactivated, it stayed on a path. I believe we all have a path of faith we should follow and it is important that we stay on that path. Is it always perfect? No, but we have the assistance of the Holy Spirit and we will always get up again after a fall. Our paths have obstacles on them. That is part of life but it is how we react to those hurdles that matters. Faith is a reaction. Faith is an anticipation. It reacts with hope and it anticipates the best all the time. It should be God-centered and fueled by love. My prayer is that your faith stays active or that you revive it if it needs revival. Stay in faith and you will walk in peace.

One of the characteristics of Job’s attitude during his trials was how he stayed in peace. When you are so confident in God’s ability and you are sure that He will come through for you, you stay in peace. There is no reason to panic and to fear when you know that everything will be just fine eventually. Faith believes in “eventually.” It doesn’t have a time frame but it has a God frame. Faith knows that God is framing our lives and He will see to it that we succeed and that we overcome our troubles. Faith helps us have a “God frame of mind.” It is God’s mindset at all times. It is what motivates Him to act and think the way he does.  If you want to know more about God’s frame of mind, spend time studying the Bible and you will discover some of the details of His mindset. He doesn’t know failure. He doesn’t know fear and He doesn’t know worry. He knows that nothing is impossible and His faith doesn’t waver. God does have faith. I never thought about it when I was a young Christian but God does have faith. When He speaks, things come to life. That is what faith does. Faith speaks life into existence. Faith speaks positively about everything. Faith has a voice and it is the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Faith is definitely a big part of God’s frame of mind and so is love. Faith without love doesn’t work. If you want to activate your faith or to revive it, you are going to have to walk in love. I would say love should be our priority. Love is the fuel that the engine of faith needs. God is love and when our faith is coupled with love, it is attached to God. Did Job walk in love? He certainly did. Job’s reverence toward God was undeniable and it was grounded in love for God and for others. When we walk in love, we are quick to forgive others. If we hold a grudge against someone, it creates a hole in our love walk and it hinders our faith. Forgiveness is crucial. The lack of forgiveness can shutter our faith and damage our spiritual walk. It also alienates us from God and remember that faith without a connection to God is non-existent. We can revive our faith by walking in love all the time. We can revive our faith by being inspired by the Word of God. We can revive our faith by praying every day and maintaining a relationship with God. faith is stubborn. It doesn’t give up. Let faith control you. Let faith make you tenacious and stubborn. Refuse to buy into the lies of the enemy and refuse to walk outside of love. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Make Him your priority and keep that connection alive. God will help you walk in faith. Give Him your mustard seed and He will give you a harvest of victories! Stay in faith!

Suggested reading: 2 Corinthians 5:7; Hebrews 11:6: James 1:3

God still multiplies today

When I was praying yesterday I kept thinking about how Jesus multiplied the bread and the fish. I decided to dig a little deeper and go to those scriptures in the Bible. Jesus did it twice. The first time he had five loaves of bread and two fish and he multiplied them and fed five thousand people. The second time he had seven loaves and some small fish and he fed four thousand people. That is quite a miracle! Can Jesus still multiply today? Absolutely. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Thousands of people had gathered to listen to Jesus preach. Jesus’ disciples noticed that the masses were hungry and they had nothing to give them. They went to Jesus and told Him about their dilemma. Did Jesus panic? No, He did quite the opposite. He took the little bit of food that they had, prayed for it and the food was multiplied and filled many baskets. People ate and were satisfied. There were even baskets of food left. Those people had come to be healed and to hear Jesus speak. Jesus felt bad when He saw they were hungry and He performed a miracle. Are you hungry for more today? Have you gone to Jesus to listen to Him? Whatever you have now, He can multiply it. Give Him the little you have and He will increase it.

I go to the Lord with little faith at times and I give Him what I have. A mustard seed of faith is all we need. When we ask the Lord to help us and we present the mustard seed, we can expect Him to do something big that will amplify our faith. The Lord still performs miracles today. All He is asking is that we turn to Him with what we have. He will do the rest. It always works. Give Him the little joy, peace and love you have and watch Him multiply them. Be sure to first spend time listening to Him. Get yourself comfortable and sit with His Word. Spend time studying it and seeking the Lord’s face in His Word. It will also increase your faith and it will get you ready to receive more. If there is anything you are lacking today, trust that God can multiply it. Build up your faith and give the Lord what you have.

The Lord can give us more than enough. Think about the baskets that were left over. There was an abundance of food. There is an abundance of blessings available to you today. I am not necessarily talking about materialistic things. God is Spirit and I believe that the spiritual is more important. What are some things in your spiritual life that you want to see multiplied? Do you want to pray more? Do you want to praise more? Do you want to be an even bigger giver? Do you want to have more patience? Do you want to display more joy? All these needs can be met in the name of Jesus. Identify the needs. Present them to the Lord and ask Him to amplify them or to increase them. You will reap a harvest of blessings when you stay in faith.

Jesus told the crowds to sit down on the ground before He prayed for the bread and the fish. Sitting down is often a good way to calm oneself. The Lord is telling you today to trust Him and sit down. Your needs might be many but with Him there is no reason to panic. Listen to His instructions. Try to calm down first and pay attention. The Lord is not worried about your situation. He knows what He can do with the little you are giving Him. Expect increase, multiplication and amplification. God still multiplies today. A miracle is on its way. Stay at peace and stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:31-44; Luke 9:12-17