The apple of God’s eye

God loves you and He adores you. You are the object of His affection and of His powerful love. No one and nothing can ever take that away from you. Be sure to line up your thinking with that truth. Meditate on it every day. Spend time recognizing that you are loved and that you are God’s favorite. We are all God’s favorites and yet He makes it an individual and unique experience. God loves you more than you will ever know but you can know a lot about His love. Pursue His love. Pursue who He is and you will learn more about this ardent and strong love He has for you. He gave His Son for you. He did the impossible for you. He changed the course of history for you. He hung on a cross for you. He died for your sins and for your infirmities. He conquered death for you. He came back from the dead for you. He gave you resurrection power. He sent His Spirit to be with you and to stay in you. He made blessings available to you and they are still here for you. God loves you and you are the apple of His eye. Think about how He sees you. When He looks at you, He sees only you. That is how He makes His love so specific and so individualized. As this new week begins, remember that you are the apple of God’s eye. Remember that He sees you and He loves you. He is going to continue to cherish you and to bless you. God’s love is going to remain with you all week long. God’s love is going to get you through the week. God’s love is going to protect you and shield you. Praise the Lord for His everlasting love for you. His love will never ever change!

When you love someone, you are ready and willing to do anything for him or for her. God’s love will do anything for you. Anything that is in sync with His will. There are thousands of promises in God’s Word and they are all operated by His love if you will. God’s love is the power behind His promises. God’s love is the fuel for all miracles and blessings. God’s love is the reason you are here and the reason why you are going to make it and to succeed in this life. God’s love for you is all set. It is up to you to accept it, to embrace it and to get to know it. You might need to spend some time unlearning some of the things you were taught about God. You are going to need to read His Word and ask His Spirit to reveal God’s love to you. His love is hard to fathom and yet it is very available and it is there for you any time. God’s love has been knocking at the door of your heart for a very long time. When you accepted Jesus as your Savior, you welcomed His love into your life. Now you might need to go back to welcoming His love and to host His love in your life. Let His love be in everything you do, everything you think about and everything you talk about. Host His love and you will experience a transformation that you didn’t think was possible. Give God a chance to show you that His love for you is unparalleled, genuine, beautiful and rich.

You are the apple of God’s eye. You mean everything to Him. When I first found out that God loved me in an amazing way, it threw me off. He took all my misconceptions about God and threw them all out the window. I kept looking out that window for a while trying to hang on to all the false ideas about God but His love got the best of me. Once you experience His true love, you can’t settle for less. What I learned was that God’s love could move mountains. It moved the mountains of shame, the mountains of low self-esteem and the mountains of despair that had been sitting in my life. His love gave me hope and it still gives me hope every day. I have learned that I live thanks to His love and everything I experience will be fine because His love will always come to my rescue and it will always back me up. I have also seen how God’s love tracks me and finds me even when I get lost or I go astray. I can’t thank the Lord enough for His love. If you don’t know what to be thankful for or what to praise the Lord about, thank Him for His eternal love. Thank Him because you are the apple of His eye. He loves you so much so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you are going through a difficult time now, hang on to God’s love. His love will set you free and it will deliver you from whatever is trying to destroy you. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:10;  John 3:16; 1 John 4:9-11

Stand your ground

I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33). Every time I go through trials and tribulations, I read this verse or I recite it to myself. It is so true and so powerful. We will always have problems. There is no way we can be on this earth without any tribulations. I once heard of a man who asked a pastor to pray that he would never have any problems again. The pastor said “Do you want me to pray that you die?” As long as we are alive, we will have opportunities to exercise our faith while facing the tribulations of life. Jesus said He had conquered the world so while we are waiting for the answer to our prayers, we should keep on standing. We should keep on hoping and keep on believing. The Lord can do all things and He conquered everything that will ever try to destroy us. Whatever you are going through today and whatever will happen tomorrow, do not forget that Jesus conquered the world. The enemy wants you to fall apart and to collapse. He doesn’t want to see any Christians standing. When life gets tough, stand your ground. You are standing on holy ground. You are standing on the Word of God. You are standing on the promises of God. Keep standing. Don’t let those problems shake you. Don’t let them intimidate you. They have been conquered and your faith will make things happen for you. Stand your ground in the name of Jesus. Stay strong and keep going!

A friend and I were saying the other day how easy it is to have faith when all is well. It is a strong message I had received from the Lord years ago and to this day it has been eye opening.. God knows that in our weak moments we need faith and we need Him so He stands by our side. He doesn’t leave. He gives us hints and He gives us signs that show that He is still there. He keeps us going and He keeps us standing. What we need to do in good times and in bad times, is hold on to Him. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus when the sun is shining and when it’s raining cats and dogs. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. His promise that He conquered the world is the same yesterday, today and forever. In the face of adversity, it is very easy to give up but the world with all of its trials and tribulations was defeated. Next time you are in the middle of a crisis, say out loud that Jesus conquered the world and He took care of your problems. Keep saying it and keep believing it. That is how you will be standing your ground. The goal is not to give in to the negative thoughts that come as part of the baggage of trials and tribulations.

Negative thoughts and thoughts of discouragement will come. You can’t avoid them but what you can do is not give them life. As long as you don’t say them out loud and as long as you don’t act on them, you are in good shape. Distract your mind. Fill it with God’s love. Fill it with joy. Fill it with the Word of God. Sing. Shake off the negativity. Do a dance. Dance as a sign of adoration and worship. David danced before the Lord. Dancing for the Lord is more powerful than we think. It is part of worship and it can help us get rid of negative thoughts. When your problems are all you can think about, put something else in front of you. Look at something. Focus on something from the Word of God. Block the negativity with God’s positivity. Dive into the Word. Take a stand against the feeling of despair. Take a stand against what the enemy wants you to experience. Don’t react with emotions. React with God’s motion. God will make you move in the right direction. He will move you into the direction of positivity and hope. Hold on to hope. Hold on to the hope that says that Jesus conquered the world. You are going to be more than ok. You are more than a conqueror. Don’t give up! Stand your ground. The best is yet to come. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: 2 Samuel 6:14-22; Proverbs 31:25; Romans 15:5

Don’t be afraid of the weapons that form against you

Here is something that might help you this week. God said that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. No weapon. Not a single weapon. Now, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be weapons directed at you. It means that those that will be pointing in your direction and that will try to destroy you, won’t succeed. There will be weapons against you this week. The enemy doesn’t take a break. He is always plotting and finding ways to make you fall or to keep you in captivity. His weapons take on many different forms and they are many but it doesn’t matter. He could be brandishing a hundred weapons against you, God would still say that none of them is going to prosper. He could be using the biggest weapon he has ever used against you and the Lord would still say that it won’t prosper. You see, the enemy is the king of deceit and illusion. If he can get you to buy into his lies and his tricks, he has you where he wants you. No matter where he takes you, God is with you. The enemy might be playing some dangerous games with your life but God still has you in the palm of His hand. Your problems and your trials today are the weapons of the enemy and they can be very big but stay assured that God has what it takes to eliminate those weapons. I want to encourage you this week to remember that greater is the Lord that is in you than the weapons that are against you. God is not blind to what is coming against you. He is calm and composed because He knows that none of those weapons will harm you. They might derail you for some time and startle you but God won’t let them be the end of you. Stay encouraged! Your God is stronger than any weapon!

Weapons can form at any time and they can take us by surprise. One of our first reactions is that we don’t deserve what is happening to us. I do believe we don’t but as Christians, we are not bullet proof. We are not going to go through life without any problems and without any weapons aiming at us. I remember reading the passage where Jesus said that in this life we would have tribulations. A light bulb went off in my head. It made so much sense. Up to then I had thought that my life as a Christian would be a bed of roses and any tribulations were the result of sin in my life or I deserved them for some unknown reason. The things we believe sometimes are so not founded in the Word of God but we trust that they must align with His will. God doesn’t wish any weapon against any of us. He said that even though tribulations will be part of our lives, He has already conquered them. How do we get to the place where those trials are not wreaking havoc in our lives? We get there through trust in God and faith in Him. We should first embrace His love and His peace and accept the truth that even though there are weapons around us, there is also peace in us. God’s peace can calm the biggest storms and help us go through difficult times with no fear and no worry. It is a peace that surpasses all understanding. When we step into His peace and stay there, we conquer the world so to speak. We don’t let our circumstances rule our lives but we let Jesus be the ruler of our hearts.

Don’t be afraid of the weapons that form against you because Jesus has already defeated them. Don’t ignore them but don’t let them be the focus of your life. Put Jesus first. Let Him be the focus and He will show you that He has a solution, a cure, an answer and a victory with your name on it. There is nothing to worry about and nothing to fear when Jesus is your Savior. Let Him handle the problems. Let Him tell you what He has to say about your situation. Let Him shine His love and shut out the darkness. Let Him take those weapons and silence them in your head. Let His peace be louder than the lies that come with those weapons. God is going to set you free from your problems. Don’t lose hope. He promised He would and He will. Those weapons are powerless in front of the Lord. Pray and believe. When you do, you are putting Jesus between you and the attacks of the enemy and guess who already won. Jesus did! Look at the weapons in the eye and tell them that they will not destroy you. Tell them they can’t prosper in Jesus’ name. Even if they start getting closer and more menacing, keep your confession of faith the same. Stay strong and rely on the One who can do anything. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. God said it and He never lies. Stay in peace!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:17; John 10:28-30; Romans 8:28-39

Pray for others

God’s greatest commandment to us is to love Him and to love our neighbors like ourselves. It is a commandment that has been twisted and modified by men to the point where we tend to define what loving God and loving others look like. Our definition is sometimes miles away from the Lord’s definition. We add “but”, “except for” or “some” to that commandment. It sounds more like “Love God but love yourself more and love some of your neighbors like yourself” or “Love God and love your neighbors except for those who are different from you.” There are thousands of variants of that definition out there and it is sad. God plainly and powerfully stated that He should be our first love and that we should love everyone with no exception. It doesn’t matter if that doesn’t jive well with our upbringing or with our culture. It is God’s commandment and He made it clear that love should be unconditional. I am learning how to love God with all my heart and how to love my neighbors like myself. I will continue to learn and do my best and I am enjoying the lessons and the endless love possibilities that stem from God’s commandment. Now, one way we can show love for others is by praying for them. One way we can show love to God is to pray to Him. 

The message I have had on my heart is to encourage you and to encourage myself to pray for others. Yesterday during prayer time the Lord spoke to me on the inside about powerful prayers that have no end. He told me about how there is always someone or something to pray about. There will always be tough situations that need to be broken by the power of prayer. There will always be someone who is suffering in private or in public and that person will need prayers. There will always be eyes that need to be opened to God, hearts that need to be mended, joy that needs to be restored, peace that needs to go into someone’s life and hope that needs to be revived. Everywhere we go we will always encounter a person that needs something from Jesus. Whether it is a smile, a hug, a word of encouragement or a prayer. The needs of this world will always be present and we are the ones who can help facilitate changes in this world in need through our prayers. We can pray for those who clearly need a breakthrough and we can pray for those who are not aware of what they need. Every single person you will ever meet can benefit from prayers. Every single person you will ever meet needs God’s love. Arm yourself with prayer and bring down the walls of fear, hatred, pain, anguish and perdition. You are praying to a God who can do all things so remember that your prayers are effective. 

When you pray, God goes to battle. The battle belongs to Him. You don’t have to make things happen. All you have to do is pray and have faith. It is God’s will for your life that you are a person of prayer, a person of faith and above all a person of love. Your prayers are love letters about others that are penned in your heart by the Holy Spirit and that ascend to God the Father who is always listening. When you pray for others, you can’t go wrong. You are doing the right thing and you are sending love to that person. Don’t stop praying for others. Find someone new to pray for. Find situations to pray about. Bring it all to the Father in prayer and trust that He is answering. You might not see results right away and you might not understand how God is answering your prayers but know that He is. Nothing can stop the Lord. Nothing is impossible to Him and He is doing all the work. Don’t carry the prayers to the point where you think it depends on how powerfully you pray. The fact that you are even caring for someone else and that you are bridging the gap for them in Jesus’ name is very powerful. Let God’s love guide you. Stay in prayer and stay in faith. Pray as often as you can and for as many people as you can. No need to make a public announcement about your prayers but be sure to make a private declaration of victory in the name of Jesus. Pray for others every day. God’s love will flow to those who need Him and you will be walking in God’s will. Keep praying for others!

Suggested reading: Job 6:14; John 15:12-13; Galatians 6:2

Reviving or activating our faith

I get a lot of inspiration from the Bible. Reading about Job and his struggles is very inspiring. I can’t imagine having such tenacious faith but it is one of my goals. He was a fighter. He knew what it meant to fight the good fight of faith. He never cursed God and he kept hope alive. I want my hope to be alive all the time. I am working on it and I find great comfort in the Word of God. Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow? Who knows when the next breakthrough will take place? All I know for sure is that if we stand our ground and we hold on to the Lord, nothing can defeat us. We can also be fighters of faith like Job and like so many others in the Bible. One thing all these people of faith have in common is a connection with God. Faith without God is just wishful thinking and it has no substance.

 What is your connection with God? How is your faith? Is it alive or does it need resuscitation or activation? My faith was active for a while and then it was dormant for years and when it was finally reactivated, it stayed on a path. I believe we all have a path of faith we should follow and it is important that we stay on that path. Is it always perfect? No, but we have the assistance of the Holy Spirit and we will always get up again after a fall. Our paths have obstacles on them. That is part of life but it is how we react to those hurdles that matters. Faith is a reaction. Faith is an anticipation. It reacts with hope and it anticipates the best all the time. It should be God-centered and fueled by love. My prayer is that your faith stays active or that you revive it if it needs revival. Stay in faith and you will walk in peace.

One of the characteristics of Job’s attitude during his trials was how he stayed in peace. When you are so confident in God’s ability and you are sure that He will come through for you, you stay in peace. There is no reason to panic and to fear when you know that everything will be just fine eventually. Faith believes in “eventually.” It doesn’t have a time frame but it has a God frame. Faith knows that God is framing our lives and He will see to it that we succeed and that we overcome our troubles. Faith helps us have a “God frame of mind.” It is God’s mindset at all times. It is what motivates Him to act and think the way he does.  If you want to know more about God’s frame of mind, spend time studying the Bible and you will discover some of the details of His mindset. He doesn’t know failure. He doesn’t know fear and He doesn’t know worry. He knows that nothing is impossible and His faith doesn’t waver. God does have faith. I never thought about it when I was a young Christian but God does have faith. When He speaks, things come to life. That is what faith does. Faith speaks life into existence. Faith speaks positively about everything. Faith has a voice and it is the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Faith is definitely a big part of God’s frame of mind and so is love. Faith without love doesn’t work. If you want to activate your faith or to revive it, you are going to have to walk in love. I would say love should be our priority. Love is the fuel that the engine of faith needs. God is love and when our faith is coupled with love, it is attached to God. Did Job walk in love? He certainly did. Job’s reverence toward God was undeniable and it was grounded in love for God and for others. When we walk in love, we are quick to forgive others. If we hold a grudge against someone, it creates a hole in our love walk and it hinders our faith. Forgiveness is crucial. The lack of forgiveness can shutter our faith and damage our spiritual walk. It also alienates us from God and remember that faith without a connection to God is non-existent. We can revive our faith by walking in love all the time. We can revive our faith by being inspired by the Word of God. We can revive our faith by praying every day and maintaining a relationship with God. faith is stubborn. It doesn’t give up. Let faith control you. Let faith make you tenacious and stubborn. Refuse to buy into the lies of the enemy and refuse to walk outside of love. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Make Him your priority and keep that connection alive. God will help you walk in faith. Give Him your mustard seed and He will give you a harvest of victories! Stay in faith!

Suggested reading: 2 Corinthians 5:7; Hebrews 11:6: James 1:3

And take the helmet of salvation

“And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17). Faith is a battle. Faith is what we should be fighting for every day. Fighting to keep the faith and to keep going. All the battles have already been won by our Lord Jesus and now it is our turn to do our part of the fight. God gives us what we need to stay strong and to keep going. We also have free will and we can decide not to put on the armor of the Lord or we can decide to keep fighting and to stay in faith. Sometimes it is very hard to hold on to faith. I think no one will argue and say that faith is easy. However, we can do it. God gives us the strength to do it. If we lean on Him, rely on Him and trust Him, our faith will be strong and it will stand the test of time. We are tested all the time but this amazing blessing called faith is not impossible. Faith should be comfortably sitting in our hearts and it should be located in our minds as well. It is interesting that the Lord gives the helmet of salvation. A helmet is worn on the head. It is close to our minds and to our thinking. There is a need for us to trust with our hearts and to know in our minds that we are saved. The helmet of salvation is only effective when we wear it and we understand its functionality. It protects our heads from the attacks. It protects our heads from the lies of the enemy. Friend, today I want to remind you that the helmet of salvation is rightfully yours. Wear it, trust that you are saved, know what it means and use it in every battle.

What is salvation? Jesus bought salvation when He died and rose again. He paid the high price for our salvation. Now, anyone who believes in Jesus and in His resurrection is saved. Everyone who accepts Him as his or her Lord and Savior has abundant life. What is part of that abundant life? There are many blessings in the life the Lord has bestowed upon us and one of them is that we are children of God. We are heirs to the Kingdom of God and we can expect His love and His faithfulness all the time. God is faithful and He will never let us down. That is part of the salvation package if you will. You are a child of God and He loves you. That love is the most powerful force in the universe and it is directed to you and living in you. Your helmet of salvation is a reminder that you are loved, that the Son of God died for your sins and for your infirmities and that you belong with the Lord. You are part of the family. You are not an outsider and you are not crashing the party. You are in the party and you have a right to be celebrating and rejoicing over the Lord. It is written in your salvation and no one can change that.

With the helmet of salvation there is a sword. The helmet protects your head and the sword saves your life. It is there in case of an attack of the enemy. The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God and we can use it when the lies of the enemy are assailing us. We can cut right through the lies and get to the truth. The truth is that God has us in the palm of His hand. He goes before us and He makes our path clear. He won on the cross. He did what was necessary for you and me to be triumphant today. Use the sword of truth. Use the Word of God all the time. Brandish it and the enemy will flee. Keep it by your side and don’t get tired of using it. Remember that it is important to be familiar with the Word. How good is the Word if you don’t know it? Daily study is very helpful. If you can’t study the Word every day, make flashcards with some of the scriptures you know will come handy. That great sword is only good if you have easy access to it. Flashcards are a good way to do that. The sword of the Spirit also makes the helmet strong because it provides the protection. Your salvation is outlined in the Word of God. When you take the Word and add that layer of protection to the helmet of salvation, your mind is filled with power, with the power of the Word of God. Take your helmet, friend. Polish it and make it shine with the oil of the Word of God. Hold on to the sword of the Spirit and your faith will remain strong and your battles will be easier to win. Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

Suggested reading: Romans 1:16; Hebrews 4:12; Ephesians 6:10-18

Joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer

I was reading the book of Romans the other day when I came across that passage that talks about love in chapter 12. It talks about brotherly love and honoring one another but it also attaches spiritual fervor to love. Love is very spiritual and it is the strongest spiritual power there is. We often think about faith as being powerful and it is but it needs love to function properly. Everything we do needs love. Love should be the foundation and the base in everything and for everything. It should be the common denominator in all the equations of life. Our spiritual walk, our walk with the Lord should be tainted by love. We should be wearing the shoes of love. They will take us to amazing destinations where people will be blessed and where Jesus will be magnified. 

When we stay strong in the Lord, we stay strong because of love. When we are patient in the Lord, we are patient because of love. When we pray and praise, we are doing it because of love. Love gives meaning to everything and it is the fuel for everything. Today I want to remind you that God’s love will give you wings and it will always allow you to fly above your circumstances and to function properly in your Christian walk. Like the Bible says, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.” God’s love will give you the ability to do all that.

Be joyful in hope. Hope brings joy and God’s love will give you that hope. You can be assured that His love is there to bless you and to protect and you should base your hope on that. Don’t let the hate of the world rob you of God’s love that gives hope. Stay hopeful because love will get you through anything. His love is like a wall around you that will block the negativity and that will stop the hurdles from making you fall. Have hope because you have the love that changed the world. When love was on that cross, it saw you and it sacrificed itself for you so you could have hope forever. Rejoice today. Be glad. Be thankful for God’s love. Your hope in the Lord will never be in vain. Let the joy of the Lord fill your heart and give you the boost to keep hoping and believing. Be joyful in hope no matter what is going on in your life because Love is standing by you and will get you through anything.

Be patient in affliction. When you have the hope of the Lord in you, you can stay strong through the worst ordeals. Hope backed up by love can give you the power to stay patient when things go wrong. You get the strength to stand your ground and to keep going. Affliction occurs at some point.. What we need is a defense mechanism against it and God can equip us with patience when we trust Him. Hope, love and patience are a triple threat to the enemy. They nullify the hold he has on our minds and on our faith. The enemy would rather see us collapse and give up. He also hates it when we continue to walk in love during affliction. He despises hope in the Lord and he is extremely impatient. Arm yourself with patience in affliction by holding on to God’s love and by keeping your eyes on Jesus.

Faithful in prayer. Prayer hopes in the Lord and it is confident that because of His love, He hears us. Patience will allow you to keep praying. Be faithful in prayer. Don’t slow down and don’t stop praying. Prayer changes things. Prayer changes you. Love, hope, patience and prayer will do wonders for you. Use love as the reason why you pray every day. You do it because God loves you and because His love in you leads you to pray for others. Have hope and know that your prayers are being heard. The Lord is faithful and He knows your heart. You can have joy, hope, patience and be prayerful because Love is on your side and it prompts you to stay in faith. Stay strong today and every day. The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you!

Suggested reading: Romans 12:12; Romans 15;13; Hebrews 10:36

A prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit

I feel so honored to know the Holy Spirit and I am very grateful for Him. He is a gift from the Lord. Jesus gave us an amazing gift that we can’t stop unwrapping. Every day He does something new. Every day He brings Jesus to the forefront. Every day He pours love, joy and peace into our lives. Every day with the Holy Spirit is the best day ever. What a blessing! What a gift indeed! Yesterday morning when I was praying I was led by the Spirit to pray for certain situations around me and in the world. The visions and the images He gave me were very powerful and they came to me very fast. I saw people in a shipwreck being pulled out of the water by a strong hand. The hand of the Lord was saving them. It was one hand that was doing all the work and that hand was enough. I saw people drowning and God was rescuing them with His hand. People grabbed on to Him and were saved. Some people ignored the hand because they were more focused on the ocean and the drowning. The Holy Spirit gently spoke to my heart and said “All people deserve prayers. Even those who ignore me or those who don’t know Me.”

When you get that message, how can you not be on fire for a long prayer session? The fire in me was on and I prayed for people to be rescued from the wreck and from themselves. Sometimes we are our biggest enemies. Sometimes we can’t blame others or our circumstances. Sometimes we need saving from ourselves. We need saving from our minds and from our emotions. We need saving from our characters, from our ideologies and from traits such as stubbornness. We stand in front of the wall of stubbornness and tearing it down is an emergency. God can assist with anything and He can give us the sledgehammer that will help us destroy that wall. His love is a hammer that can bring down the biggest strongholds. Working on removing whatever is keeping us from grabbing the Lord’s hand is crucial. We need some introspection and it comes when we surrender to the Holy Spirit. He is a perfect gentleman who can show us the way out of any mess, any problem and any trial. Surrendering is always key. When we do, we give Him free reign to get us to a platform of freedom from which we can operate and function much better.

My prayer was for the people around me, for everyone I have ever met, people I will meet in my life and people I will never meet. It sounds detailed and specific and I believe the Holy Spirit is very specific. It was beautiful to see so many people being pulled out of that dark ocean. They were screaming out of joy. I loved that vision and it has encouraged me to continue to pray for God’s rescue missions in the seas of perdition and chaos. The last person I prayed for was me. I ,just like anyone else, need saving. Saving from myself and saving from my mind. I thank the Lord for opening my eyes to that kind of prayer for myself as well. I am not above anyone and I have weaknesses and shortcomings just like anyone else but the good news is that Jesus died for our sins and weaknesses and we can always find redemption in Him and salvation. This holiday season is a good excuse to pray for the world. Any day of the year is a good time to pray for others but if there is one gift we should give right now, it’s the gift of prayer. I want to encourage you to join in the prayers for salvation and for deliverance. Think about the people you have met in your life and those you will meet. Pray for them all. Pray for the people you don’t know. Give in to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and keep praying. You never know who God will rescue and you never know who will turn to Him. Don’t underestimate the power of your prayers because when you pray in Jesus’ name, the impossible becomes possible!

Suggested reading: John 3:16; Acts 2:21; Ephesians 2:8-9

Hope for today

Don’t engage in conversations with fear. It will try to convince you and say that all is lost. Tell fear to be quiet by having conversations with God and by telling your mind that your faith is bigger than your fear.

God will complete you

For many years I felt like I was not a complete person. I felt like I was missing a part of me that I didn’t understand. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. I had a need but I had no way of knowing what it was. There was a hole, a void, an emptiness that was obvious. I know that a lot of people are looking for another person to complete them and to make them happy. I flirted with the danger of letting someone else be the source of my happiness. It is like putting one’s heart in a cell and giving the key to someone who is not always interested in setting us free. Was I truly missing someone to complete me? Yes, but that someone was not a human being. God was the missing link. God was the One who could fill the void. God was the answer to my empty feeling. God was the One I should have relied on to find peace and happiness. Once I gave Him the key to my heart, I was out of the cell that had kept me prisoner for so long. With God there is a freedom that doesn’t compare to the freedom that many describe. His freedom is so liberating that you realize that it is not of this world. Today I want to encourage you to seek God and to find your reason for being in Him. He has all the peace, all the joy, all the love, all the truth you will ever need. He will complete you. He will fill you up with His spirit and He will plug all the holes the enemy has made in your life. God will complete you and redefine you. Whatever the enemy was trying to do to your life will be replaced with God’s definition of who you are.

When you feel like a part of you is missing, you look for it in all sorts of places and you are ready to pay a certain price to find bliss and peace. When we are complete, we have peace. I would rather have peace of mind than most of the luxuries the world has to offer. I once flew across the country sitting in coach in a middle seat and I could see people in first class. Those people seemed to have it all but money can’t buy you peace. Some of them looked worried, I remember that.  I was in coach but I was at peace. I had peace of mind. Peace of mind is a gold mine. Once you have it, you have a treasure that keeps on giving. It is a mine where the riches and the beauty of God’s serenity can help you deal with the ugliness of the world and with the noise of the enemy. God does that. He looks at what’s missing and gives us what we need. If peace of mind is what you are looking for, know that God has it for you in stock and He has plenty of it. He will complete you with His peace. He will add to you and increase you. His peace is phenomenal and it can cover the holes created by fear and worry. If worry is all you know, God’s completion is what you need. Pray for it. He will complete you and bless you.

“Where does my joy come from?”I have asked myself. It used to come from purchases, from people, from great circumstances, from material possessions. The problem with that is that all these elements are temporary and they can change with the wind. God is not temporary and He can’t be changed. To find completion I knew I had to let God be my all. He was the only One who could give me true joy and who could fulfill my needs. As I studied the Word and spent more time in prayer, I started to see how impactful the Lord could be and how much He could bring into my life. I didn’t need people to find joy. I was content just sitting in my room with my Bible on my lap reading about Jesus. Little by little Jesus became real. He became a part of me. I got acquainted with His Spirit and the void in me disappeared. I had not been told how much God loved us and finding out about His love made me the person I am today. God will complete you and make you the person you are meant to be. Whatever you are lacking, whatever you don’t have, He has it and He will give it to you. Trust Him. Confide in Him. Missing parts from Heaven are being distributed and you will be a blessed recipient. Find your source of peace and joy in the Lord. You will be complete!

Suggested reading: John 1:3; Hebrews 11:3; Ephesians 3:19