Let God be in the kitchen of your life

The other morning when I was praying, I could picture the Lord preparing something for me. He was in a huge room that looked like a kitchen and He was making a dish. He had many different ingredients on a table. Some of them I had never seen before but it looked like He was making a Thanksgiving meal of some sort. There were many dishes ready to be eaten and I loved the atmosphere of that vision. I could almost taste the delicious dishes and I could almost smell them. Then it dawned on me that the Lord is always preparing delicious things for us. He is busy lining up blessings and creating dishes that will satisfy us and that will impact us in a big way. His kitchen is not small and He doesn’t lack any ingredients. As a matter of fact, He has ingredients that don’t exist in traditional kitchens, that don’t exist in the world. He is the Master Chef who takes care of His children and who makes sure they have plenty to eat every day. His meals are in His Word. His Word is the bread of life but He also has many blessings on plates that are waiting for us. When we have an appetite for the things of the Lord, He always delivers.


Every morning when we wake up, the Lord’s blessings are ready. They are sitting in the kitchen of the Lord and they are waiting to make their way to you and me. When the day starts, it is important that we thank the Lord for the delicious blessings that are coming our way. We might not see them and we might not smell them but with faith we can get them. Today I am here to tell you that the Lord is preparing great things for you. Thank Him in the morning. Thank Him all day long. Go to bed in peace knowing that the Lord is making something good for you overnight. The blessings will come. The day is going to be awesome because the Lord never stops working on blessing His children. Fight the thoughts that are trying to convince you that the day is going to be bad. Bad things could happen but they don’t make the Lord any less powerful than He is. When bad things come, remember that the Lord conquered them.


In the kitchen of the Lord everything is in harmony. All the ingredients He puts together go well together. Each one of them has a purpose. They are meant to bless you and to help you. God is putting something together for your benefit. Be in agreement with what He is doing. Give Him the nod and tell Him that you are grateful for His kindness. Good things are coming your way. You need to add that truth to your memory bank and keep it there. When derailing thoughts pop in, that truth will put them down. You are highly blessed and highly favored of the Lord because you are a child of God and faith is still the hand that will help you reach the favor and the blessings. Work on having a positive mindset that sees the Lord working in your favor and not working against you. God is building your amazing future one brick at a time and you need to trust that He is building a house for you better than you ever could.


If you had a bad day yesterday, rebuke the feelings of anticipating another bad day and declare that your God is making something good for you. Declare that His favor is on you and you are going to have a fabulous day because He is with you. Let God get in the kitchen of your life and let Him fix you something unexpected. Let Him fix your life. Let Him be in control. Let Him surprise you. Let Him choose the dishes and let Him create them from beginning to end. Trust in the aroma of His kindness and be ready to taste his goodness. Know that He is not going to mess up the food. Believe that He knows what He is doing in the kitchen. Be confident that your needs will be met. Don’t worry about anything because He is taking care of everything. While God is in your kitchen, go and enjoy the rest of the house. Relax in your living room, play in the playroom and sleep peacefully in your bedroom. Let God be in the kitchen of your life and you will never go hungry. He will give you what you need and more. Let God be God!

Suggested reading: Psalm 67:7; Luke 6:38; Matthew 5:4