What’s next? (what to do when faith is weak)

I still don’t have electricity. I was sitting at a coffee shop yesterday using their wifi and charging my computer and phone when I heard someone ask “What’s next?” The person was referring to all the tragedies that have happened this year. He shook his head and said it was one thing after another. We were hit pretty hard. Many of us have no power and no running water and it could take up to 10 days for everything to be restored. What the man said made me think that I knew what was coming next. What’s next is that God is going to do something that will make us forget the past suffering. Hard to believe when we are in the middle of it but I believe with all my heart that God will save the day. Something good is coming. God doesn’t let us down. This is when our faith has to be strong and we can grow even more. Can you believe that great things are coming despite your current circumstances? Are you able to see through the eyes of faith that there is nothing to worry about? If you can’t, I want to share a few verses and ideas that can help you get to the point where you see that what’s coming next is good. Storms and thunders will come but God has a plan to bring relief and to restore the power you have lost. He is the God of restoration. Power is coming back in Jesus’ name!


I have found verses that have given me a boost through the years. One of them is “If we are faithless, He remains faithful—for He cannot disown himself.” This verse, 2 Timothy 2:13, is a verse that can be applied to all of us. We have all had moments when we are faithless, moments when our faith is weak and we want to quit. Have you ever wanted to quit God? I know I have but I don’t go there anymore. I have had seasons when nothing seemed to go right and I just wanted to throw in the towel because I couldn’t do this anymore. I felt like faith was not for me. Faith was broken. I kept pushing the button and nothing worked. I kept flipping the switch and no light came on. I kept hoping for better days and bad days continued. Faith was never meant to be easy but it is attainable and accessible. Faith perseveres and it keeps on hanging on to God. It expects the best even when the present is horrible. It knows that what’s next is good. Faith talks about the good things that are to come when no one can see them and when no one can imagine they can take place. Faith has this invisible world that exists and that is real to faith. We are often blind to the world that faith sees but it doesn’t mean that that world is non-existent. When our faith is weak, God is still faithful. Think of a time when you were not strong in your belief and God came to the rescue. It might happen again. Just because we are not staying in faith doesn’t indicate that God is not faithful and that He is not keeping His promises. If your faith is weak today, tell the Lord that your lack of trust doesn’t negate His ability to bless you. Repeat that many times. It will help you re-develop the confidence that God can do all things and that He can bless you and set you free from your current problems. God can’t go back on His word and say that He won’t help you after all. He can’t take His promises back and He can’t escape what He said He would do. He can’t run away from Himself. He said “Come to Me you who are weary and I will give you rest.” When faith is weak, turn to God. You don’t need much faith. Just turn to Him and let Him show how faithful He still is.


What’s next now that you have gone through one of the worst years of your life you might be wondering. There are always new chapters in our lives, new seasons. Some bad ones can last for a long time. It seems that the good ones are short-lived but the truth of the Lord is that He can juxtapose His good season over the bad season we go through. The bad season tries to make us believe that nothing good can happen again. The bad season aims at depleting our faith. A bad season is a good reason to stay in faith. It is a reason to stand our ground like Job and keep honoring God. You can easily slip into the “what’s coming next is bad” mode. It is a mode that only sees the worst. I understand that mode but I also understand that there is a mode that makes you hope for good things. They will come. Eventually they will. The bad season is a wall that needs to be pushed. Push it with your praise. Push it with your prayers. Remember you have muscles of faith that need to be exercised. This implies that you have the foundation. Your muscles might be big but it doesn’t take much for them to lift the weights of life. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is spotting you. He is your backup. He is your power backup. You are not doing this life alone. God knows what’s next. Let Him dictate the next chapter. Let Him provide the breakthrough. What’s next is good. Believe it. It will happen. Stay strong. Hang in here and stay encouraged. The Lord won’t leave you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 30:5; 2 Timothy 2:13; 2 Corinthians 12:9


When the world says “No”, God says “Yes”

I have found out through the years that when the world says “No”, the Lord says “Yes.” I have been in many situations where things seemed bad and the world was telling me that they will never get better or it would take a miracle for things to change. I have had many rejections from the world. I have seen many closed doors. Some doors looked like they were open from a distance but they were shut in my face when I got closer to them. I have been told that I was a dreamer whose dreams were too far-fetched. I have experienced anxiety that wouldn’t settle for a while. However, I have also been told that nothing was impossible with God. That is what the Lord says. He says that He can do all things and the No of the world becomes a Yes with Him. For every rejection there has been acceptance from the Lord. He has taken me under His wing when I couldn’t fly and when my hope couldn’t take off. He says “Yes” with a smile when the world says “No” with a frown. Jesus came to save the world and to make the impossible possible. He put an end to death and He rose from the dead Himself as the Savior who can rise above anything and everything. Death couldn’t keep Him in the grave. Failure was not part of His vocabulary. It looked like everything was over when He hung on the cross but it was just the beginning. It was the beginning of “Yes, you can have life through Him” and “Yes, you are going to make it.” God says, “Yes, child I can do it. Yes, child you are going to have a breakthrough. Yes, child your time is coming. Yes, child My timing is always perfect.” Today I want to remind you that the Lord is saying Yes. He is saying “Yes, I can help you. Yes, I can heal you. Yes, I can bless you and Yes I am always with you.”


Collect all the No’s you have been given by life. Put them together in a prayer and offer them to the Lord. Cast your burdens on Him. Give Him all the rejections and all the closed doors. Don’t accept them. Don’t take No for an answer when the Lord says “Yes, I am the answer.” Keep on walking. Don’t let the rejections stall you. Don’t let the failures paralyze you. God has what you need and His Yes is more powerful than all the No’s of the world combined. His Yes can raise you from the dead situation you have been facing. Remember that nothing is impossible to the Lord. The lies of the enemy have been tormenting you for too long. This is not the end. Let God have the final say. He is almighty, loving and good all the time. Your current circumstances don’t dictate who God is. Speak up and express your faith over your circumstances. Show your situation that God is reigning over your life and you will get out of this mess thanks to Him. Let your words reflect the Yes from the Lord and weaken the No in your life. Don’t let the No take control of your mind and make you think that there is no way out. Jesus is the way out and He is taking you out of your trouble. Praise Him!!!


Closed doors can be very discouraging. Rejection letters from life can be disheartening. God has a welcome letter for you, friend. He has doors that are part of a new construction that is meant just for you. Those doors will not only be open for you but they will let you inside a house whose structure is solid and permanent. They will reinforce God’s love and demonstrate that nothing is impossible with Him. Something is going to happen that will make you forget all the pain and all the rejection. That first door God opens for you is going to seem unreal but it is all part of God’s reality. Stay in faith. Stay with hope. The No of the world is not stronger than the Yes from Heaven that has been with you the whole time. Tune in to the Yes and embrace it. Tell the Lord you trust and believe Him. Thank Him for His Yes. Praise Him for the Yes and stay in peace. You have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear when you say Yes to God’s Yes. Do something today that underlines God’s Yes in your life. Share the message of His Yes with someone. Find a creative way to illustrate His Yes in your life. I like to come up with songs for Jesus. Sing, dance, celebrate Jesus because He is saying Yes. Put the No’s behind. Be prepared for the No’s to come and be ready to reject them with your faith. When the world says “No”, God has a Yes for you. Glory to God!!!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14; Luke 1:37; Hebrews 6:18

When your faith takes a beating

Faith is like a muscle that we can flex. It needs to be strengthened and it needs to be exercised. Faith is like a muscle that gives a punch to our tough circumstances. It is the punch that knocks the opposition down. The stronger the faith, the stronger the punch. When life comes at you with some low unexpected blows, your faith can retaliate with peace, with confidence in God and with hope. Strong faith or blind faith doesn’t look at the situation at all. It looks at Jesus who handles all situations. Blind faith doesn’t see defeat. It sees victory. It doesn’t allow fear to dominate us. It dominates fear by putting it in a headlock. Faith calls the shots when the enemy tries to shoot us with bullets of discouragement. Faith gives us courage.

Faith gives us boldness and resilience. However, sometimes bad circumstances keep piling up. They form a mountain that is too heavy for us to bear. Our faith muscles get weak under the pressure of that pile of negativity. We try to stay strong but the enemy finds the weakness that atrophies our faith. What should we do when our faith takes a beating? When our ability to deal with life’s punches is diminished, we need to increase the One who killed death and its cohort of negativity. Today I want to encourage you to keep fighting the good fight of faith even when you are feeling too weak to lift a faith muscle. Remind yourself of where your strength comes from. Remind yourself of Who is fighting your battles. Get back in the ring and let the best Coach spot you, guide you and strengthen you. You might have lost a few battles along the way but the Lord won the war for you and you will get to the finish line, the victory line.

It’s amazing how much stronger we can get if we work out regularly following an effective workout routine. I used to exercise with a trainer and I would notice great changes in my body week after week. Faith works the same way. When you exercise it regularly, you get great results. Exercising implies putting pressure on our bodies in order to develop resistance and strength. Exercising our faith means applying pressure to it so that we can build it up. How do we do that? First, we need the proper foundation. The Word of God and the counsel of the Holy Spirit provide the foundation and the background we need. Our faith should be based on what God says. Our faith should be rooted in the Lord and His promises. We ought to have a personal connection with God where we are fed the truth and we are given the spiritual food that will nourish our faith. This should be a daily occurrence. God’s Word should be a part of our lives on the regular. Meditating on the Word gives us the faith structure on which we can build our house of faith.

When our foundation stays in place by regular “inhaling” of God’s Word, practice should be welcomed. The only way we are going to practice is by applying what we learned. Applying faith happens when things go wrong and faith is our resort. If everything is always going well, we can’t apply our faith and we can’t develop it. We dread trials and adversity. They are destabilizing but we can look at them as opportunities to get more faith muscles. If there is no pressure on our faith muscles, they won’t grow. When life beats you up and leaves your spiritual, your emotional and your physical body in a bad condition, run to the One who can recondition everything. The beating can deplete you of faith but it doesn’t mean that your Lord is weaker. Our faith can fluctuate but Jesus stays the same.

When your faith gets a beating, look to the founder and the author of your faith. Take yourself out of the picture and let the Lord show you the bigger picture. In the bigger picture He will point out that He is in control. He is in every part of the picture of your life. He is constant and He is still in control. Talk to the Holy Spirit. Let Him coach you back to faith. Pray and ask for help. Tell the Lord you need assistance. Focus on Him. Focus on His muscles so to speak. He will reveal Himself mighty and powerful again. He will lift you up and give you a boost again. The author of your faith is also the author of the victory chapters of your life. There are many of those chapters and when you leave it up to Him, He starts writing a new chapter where hope is everywhere, peace is back on the throne of your mind and faith makes a comeback with a bigger punch. Don’t give up. When you are weak, the Lord is strong. Keep praying when you are weak. You will see how strong your God is!

Suggested reading: Psalm 73:26; Isaiah 40:29; 2 Corinthians 12:10

No weapon formed against you shall prosper

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” This verse is a weapon in itself. It is a verse that many Christians have been using, especially these days. It is a promise that God will protect us against the attacks of the enemy. Anything bad that happens to us is a weapon that is meant to destroy us, to rob us of our joy and to kill our faith. I am sure you can think of many weapons that have formed against you in your life and some are forming now as well. What is important to notice here is that the Lord said that weapons would form. He never said that there would never be attacks, that there would never be problems. Problems, trials, and tribulations are weapons that will always form against us. When something is formed, it is taking shape and it is being prepared. The enemy is always preparing something to knock us down. Some people don’t have that many weapons formed against them it seems because the enemy has them where he wants them. However, the truth is that him holding them captive and hostage is a major weapon. We all have something negative formed against us but we also have the Lord who has always been ready. He has known about the weapons. He has conquered all the weapons. It is up to us to react positively when faced with those weapons. I am not saying we should be happy when we are facing difficulties. We should stay happy in the Lord despite the difficulties because of our faith. Our faith is the weapon that can bring down any weapon formed against us. A few words spoken in faith can keep the weapons from prospering. Today I want to encourage you to use your weapon of faith daily. Let it take shape in you. Let it form against the weapons that are trying to ruin you. Let the Lord be the essence of your weapon and you will see that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

I used to think that being a Christian meant that I would have fewer problems and that my life would be easy. I thought that salvation translated into liberation from the enemy. That thinking was detrimental because every time something bad happened I doubted God. I doubted Him and I would get mad at Him. The enemy knows how to form weapons in our minds by giving us the wrong thinking. He has ideologies and theories that appear to be truth worthy but that are really false teaching that alienates us from God’s truth. I believe it is important to analyze our thinking and to detect where mental weapons are hiding. We ought to ask the Holy Spirit to help us unload the weapons of wrong thinking. God can show us where we are going wrong in our thinking and His Spirit can stop those weapons from hurting our belief systems and from stalling our faith. God has the perfect weapon against wrong thinking; His Word studied with the assistance of His Spirit. When we speak the Word against the mental weapons of the enemy, we neutralize his stronghold on our minds. We must constantly speak the truth so the lies don’t stick and so they don’t prosper. I can’t emphasize the power of our positive confessions enough. Speak against the weapons. Speak faith against fear. Speak love against hatred. Speak peace against the storms. Speak joy against sorrow. Speak God against the enemy.

There are tons of weapons that can form in our lives. The enemy can form weapon after weapon. He is an expert when it comes to the negative domino effect. God is an expert at destroying what the enemy plans against us. When you think about the cross and the resurrection, you see that no weapon formed against you can prosper because every weapon died on that cross and freedom resurrected. Claim your freedom from the weapons.  Declare that they died and that they can’t prosper and they can’t take you down. Disarm the enemy with the power of the cross. Disarm the enemy with the power of the blood of Jesus. Keep talking even when the enemy is screaming. Sing praises over his screaming. Sing Jesus’ victory. Don’t let the enemy win the battle of the weapons. Your weapons in the Lord are much stronger and bigger. Prayer, praise, gratitude, faith, God’s mercy, and God’s grace are weapons you can resort to. Stay in love even when the weapons are making you hate life. Love is the weapon that puts an end to the reign of the enemy. Love the Lord, love your neighbor. Seek the kingdom first. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. God has the final say!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:17; Matthew 6:33; 1 John 4:4

Let God be the biggest One in the room

I am a teacher and the classroom is my world. I see many things in terms of a classroom. I see the world as a classroom. It is a place where life grows, where we learn, where we make mistakes, where we are encouraged, where we are happy, we are scared, we laugh, we cry, we do life together. The classroom is my playground and it’s my battlefield. I feel very comfortable in it and I can do what I need to do to help students move forward and gain knowledge. It is a battlefield where I have to fight against certain behaviors, ideas, situations. Not against people but against principalities that are at play every day. When I am in front of 25 students, I am in front of 25 different lives. They may appear to be the same but they have their own sets of struggles, joys, challenges, triumphs and trials. With 25 lives come 25 sets of complications. We are a complicated species and when I think I start to understand what man is all about, something comes up that throws my theories out the window. I do love the classroom and I do love to teach and learn. I will also be a student in life.

The other day I was praying and I saw a classroom with many kids being disruptive and unruly. It was complete chaos. It was a very bad situation. Thank God things don’t get that out of hand in real life but I guess it feels that way at times. The Lord was showing me life as a classroom and His Spirit said deep down inside “Let God be the biggest One in the room.” It was a lesson on letting God being our focus even when things are chaotic and out of control. When we can’t control what’s going on, we can control how we react to the situation. The best reaction is to keep our eyes on Jesus. Letting Him take up most of the space in the room of life is key. How do you react when your life is falling apart and negative thoughts are screaming like little kids in the classroom of life? What do you do to get peace again in the middle of a chaotic situation? Do you walk out the door and ignore the noise in the classroom? We can’t walk out on life and give up. With the Lord on our side this should not be an option. Let’s always focus on Jesus. Let’s make Him the biggest One in the room and we will get a better perspective. We will also acquire the strength to get through anything.

That vision of God in the classroom was very powerful and very comforting.
Things were flying in the room, pens, pencils, chairs and tables. It was a horrible scene, especially for a teacher but God was there. The Lord was there standing as peaceful as can be. I saw Him the way I always see Him. I saw His presence. I saw His smile. I saw his peace. His peace pierced me and I was glued to it. God is always calm. In every situation He has peace and He can give us peace in every circumstance. The classroom was a battleground with so much going on in it yet He was at peace. When life is a battlefield and things are flying all over the place, we ought to pray and seek the Lord’s face. We should get into our quiet place and wait until His peace invades our space and it becomes bigger than our problems and our thoughts. I have a ritual that I follow when my life is chaotic. I withdraw from the world and I enter the Lord’s world. Praise gives me an entry way into the Kingdom. Praise removes all the negative thoughts that have been preventing me from getting in the “God zone.” Once I am there I pray and focus on Him until I hear from Him.


Seeking God’s face is a beautiful practice that should truly become a habit. I find that when I am tired, it is harder for me to “find Him.” He is always there but sometimes my mind goes everywhere but where the Lord is. When I can’t find the peace, when I can’t find His touch, I look around. My classroom has posters with some encouraging phrases on them. When I look around for peace during the trials of life, I look at the spiritual posters in the classroom of my life. I look at the Scriptures and I read them repeatedly. I meditate on them. It is a great way to get grounded and to find peace again. It also allows me to see God has the biggest One in the room. Life can be challenging but the Lord will also challenge our challenges with His love when we trust Him. Let’s make Him the biggest One in the classroom of our lives and we will always triumph!


Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:13; Psalm 19:14; Colossians 3:1

When the joy of the Lord is your weapon

I have used the verse “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” a lot in my prayers. I still use it. I still thank God for that truth every day. It gives me a boost of confidence in the morning when I start my day and it brings me back to peace throughout the day when I need a refill of hope. There are weapons formed against us every day but God doesn’t leave us empty handed with no weapon to use in retaliation so to speak. Love is the most powerful weapon we will ever have. It is the biggest destroyer of the enemy’s plans. The enemy can’t stand love and he can’t stand it when we walk in love no matter what our circumstances are. He would rather we fell into depression and we left the faith. He wants to box us into the category of those who abandoned God. When we persevere in faith and we keep walking in love, he is out of luck. The weapon of love aggravates him and gives him nightmares. Love elevates us and encourages us to pursue our dreams. God has given us several weapons we can always use. In addition to love, joy is a lethal weapon that is often underestimated. The Lord tells us that His joy is our strength. It’s easy to see that when all is well but when the going gets tough, joy seems to be out of reach. I decided a while ago to use the weapon of joy every day. Weapons may be forming against me but I have my own weapons and the Lord supplies them in abundance. There is enough joy for today, tomorrow and for decades to come. Jesus is generous and He gives freely. Today I want to encourage you to use the weapon of joy. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength in everything. When you endure hard times, hold on to joy. You will see how powerful it is and how much it can impact your life in amazing ways.

You can’t make it without God and you can’t make it without His attributes
. You need His love. You need His peace and His joy. A day without God is a day without love, peace and joy. The good news is that God is always available and He won’t leave your side. His love and His joy are always available. Invite them every day. Open the door and they will show up. Open the door to joy and joy will come in and stay at your place. It’s easy to frown and to be grumpy. We invite bitterness and sadness very quickly. They have an open invitation and they often find themselves very comfortable in our hearts and in our minds. They push “happy” out and they bring negativity in. Being happy is many people’s goal in life. Being happy happens when something good takes place. Happy is good but joyful is even better. Being joyful when we have the joy of the Lord doesn’t depend on what happens to us. God’s joy is the same all the time. It is permanently good and unchangeable. Why? God can’t be changed. His joy is a part of Him. Receiving God’s joy is receiving God and therefore we receive a portion of the One that never changes. God can give us joy even when our situation is trying to make us cry.

If joy is always available to us how come we are not always joyful? I believe there are so many negative things and ideas that vie for our attention that joy gets buried easily. Joy is also not very natural. It is an injection from God and when it comes in, it can appear to be a once in a blue moon type of occurrence. God never meant for us to have joy on a temporary basis. Joy is not for rent. It was bought by Jesus’ blood on the cross. It belongs to us. If we are going to use the weapon of joy, we are going to need to sharpen the weapon, handle it with faith and hold on to it tightly and doing it all through God’s love. I start my day with joy. I jumpstart it with praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. I get it out from under the pile of attention seekers that the enemy sends my way. I declare that joy is here. I thank God for it and I embrace it. When we ask the Lord in faith, we always receive a blessing. I have found that at times the Lord’s joy is like a giant that tramples all feelings, emotions and fear. His joy is massive. His joy is limitless and it strengthens me. God’s joy is unparalleled and it doesn’t feel like anything else. It makes no sense and it makes you want to shout. Choose the weapons you are going to use during the day wisely. Choose joy and stick with it but above all choose love and live with it!

Suggested reading: Nehemiah 8:10; Isaiah 54:17; John 17:13

Nothing is too hard for God

Nothing is too hard for God. Our most complicated situations that amount to the most complex equations in life are not too hard for God. Our biggest trials are not too difficult for God who will stand in the court of life with us and plead our case through His Spirit. Our biggest tribulations that leave us depleted of all hope are not threatening to God. Our biggest losses and failures don’t scare God because He can replenish all things and give us more than we had in the first place. Our biggest tragedies and disasters don’t intimidate God. He can turn things around in a second and erase all traces of devastation. God is a restorer. God is the ultimate repair person. God is a conqueror. God is a counselor. God is a winner. With Him you can’t lose. When you stick with Him you can’t lose. God will always win and He will always prevail. Don’t be afraid of what’s in front of you because whatever it is you are facing; you are not facing alone. The God who can do all things and for whom nothing is too hard, is right by your side. He is going to make you win. He is going to make you prevail and He is going to break the back of what’s trying to break you. You are going to make it and you are going to thrive. The God who is more than enough is working it all out. Stay in faith and trust that your battles have been won and that your victory is coming. Nothing is too hard for God!

I have no idea what you are facing right now and it could be a lot worse than what I can imagine. One thing I know for sure is that God can handle anything. Your problem seems huge at the moment I am sure. You might be experiencing sleepless nights. Hope has left your vocabulary. Smiling doesn’t come to you easily and fear has become a resident at your house. You don’t know what to do and you don’t know who can help. This might be your reality right now but it is not God’s reality for you. Nothing can stop the Lord from loving you and your trials and tribulations won’t stand in the way. I have seen it in my own life many times. The truth is that His love is a permanent fixture in our homes and it does not matter if fear has been squatting at your place. With perfect love fear must go. Today you are taking back what the enemy has stolen and you are letting the Lord take control. Dust yourself off and stand up again. Wake up from the nightmare and start daydreaming with God. Something is about to happen to you that will make you forget all the misery and the pain. Nothing is too hard for God and He is going to show you that He can do the impossible.

It’s time you gave a beating to what’s been beating you. You are not meant to be defeated but the opposition will try to make you believe that you will amount to nothing and that you can’t win. It’s all a lie. The enemy has a web of lies that can appear to be real but Jesus has an ocean of truths that will drown your fears and your doubts. Dive into His ocean. Dive into His Word and you will stay afloat even when the enemy attempts to make you sink. The victory belongs to the Lord and you belong to the Lord so you will win. What you need is to build up your faith in God’s ability to do all things. Focus on developing your trust in His mighty hand. Believe that nothing is too hard for God. Stand strong despite the adversity. Ask the Lord to help you keep standing. Those hard times are going to lead to some of the best times of your life because you are going to gain more faith and have more confidence in God. You are already winning because you are learning more about God’s love when you stay in faith. Nothing is too hard for God. Keep that truth in your head and wrap it around your heart. Keep praying and keep praising. The impossible is going to overtake you as God shows up and shows off His love. Stay encouraged. You have seen nothing yet! Your problems will never be too hard for God. Praise Him!

Suggested reading: Genesis 18:14; Jeremiah 32:17; Job 42:2

God will find you

I remember the time when church was my only source of spirituality. There was the occasional prayer when I had a need but for me God was in the confines of the church and that is where I needed to go to find Him. Did I pursue Him during the rest of the week? No, I didn’t. I lived my life and He had His own thing going and I didn’t want our worlds to collide. Once a week was enough. I can’t believe I lived like that. That is what religion did to me. It pushed me away from God. It kept Him between four walls and it gave me no desire to spend time within His place. I didn’t understand that His Spirit could dwell in me. I did not know much about the Holy Spirit. I was very lost but I thought I was very found. I was lost in the ways of the world. The world mattered so much to me. God was just an accessory I put on when I had a need. God is not a piece of clothing we can wear as a shield when we feel like it and then we take it off when we feel safe.


God’s love is not a conditional offering that we should give into occasionally. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was real. His death and resurrection were real. The power of the cross is still real. The power of the blood is still real. The Lord’s love is still real. What happened to me after years of contentment without the Lord still baffles my mind. I was very lost and very out of touch with God’s reality but He kept in touch. God never left my side. He never hated me and He never gave up on me. He left the ninety-nine to find me and bring me back. Today I want to remind you that you are never too far gone. You are never too lost. God will find you and He will leave the ninety-nine for you!

I believe it’s possible to go to church every Sunday and not know God. It’s possible to be in a Bible study and not know God. It’s possible to pray to God every day and not know God. I have been to some of those places and they are empty lands where no joy, no peace and no love exist. I hated being in those arid places because nothing bloomed and I couldn’t see the end of the tunnel. The monotony of church was underwhelming. I just went through the motions and I pretended I had it all together but nothing was happening. There was a void on the inside and I didn’t know how to fill it. Church didn’t cut it so I turned to the world to get my fill. The world had some fun plans for me but they were not part of God’s plan.


I went through a long wilderness. I stood as far from God as I could stand but He never left my side. I couldn’t see Him but He had His eyes on me the whole time. You see, God doesn’t give up on us. He knows us better than we know ourselves and He can see the big picture, the frame, the photo and the negatives. The negatives in my life were many. I lived in a constant flow of negativity and I didn’t know there was a way out. I had not been introduced to the Lord properly but He introduced Himself to me and that changed everything in me.

There are various degrees of being disconnected from God. We can be on the opposite side of the spectrum or we can be a few steps away. No matter how far or how close we are, as long as we are disconnected, we can’t function properly in this amazing Christian life. God will reignite the light and He will bring us back because that is who He is. A simple cry from the heart on our part will take us far, so far that we can land in His arms again. The truth is that the Lord is closer than we think but we are the ones who put distance between Him and us. Trials and tribulations can also drive us away from God. Problems have a way of digging ditches where we fall and we can’t seem to get out anymore. God will leave the ninety-nine and find us wherever we are. All it takes is His grace and mercy or like I said a faint cry from the heart.


God sees our hearts and He replies to our tears. He reads our minds and He satisfies our hearts. When you long for a deeper connection, you open the door to much more than you could imagine. The Lord will take care of you. He will show you His love and He will show you how much you mean to Him. You are worth leaving the ninety-nine. Don’t despair because you feel disconnected. God is connected to you and He is taking you back where you belong. God will find you. Let yourself be found. You are not lost!

Suggested reading: Matthew 18:12-14; Luke 15:3-7; Hebrews 13:5

God will walk all over it

The other day I was watching a movie in my living room trying to relax but the movie turned out to be stressful. Everything that could go wrong went wrong in the movie. It was as if they had decided to take the worst things that could happen in the world and put them all in this one film. I could feel sadness rise up in me and I took it down with positive declarations of God being bigger and stronger than the misery of the world. I think it’s important to be mindful of what we watch. Movies can be powerful and they can steer us in the direction of sorrow and depression if we are not careful. I was very tired so my emotions came up to the surface very easily. I should have watched something happier, something more upbeat. However, I received a message that resonated strongly with my spirit. As my mind was going wild feeding on the sad events in the movie, I started seeing all the sadness and pain in the people around me. I rebuked it but then I realized that God wanted me to see it for a reason. It’s not that I wasn’t aware of it.


A lot of my friends have had a tough start to the year. They have suffered losses in the first few weeks of the year or they have been very sick. When you turn on the news these days, all you hear is how the world is falling apart and it is very depressing. The movie brought up all that pain and laid it out in front of me so I could take a good look at it and reflect upon it. I saw the destruction and the agony around me but I also saw the Lord walking over all the affliction and torment. I literally saw Him in my mind in a field of gold with the sun so bright that I was blinded in my mind. I saw hope. I saw hope crushing despair and hurt. The Lord spoke deep down inside and said He could walk over the powers of the enemy. He has already won over all the bad things that are taking place today. He is above the worst epidemic and the worst torture. The enemy’s power is no match to the Lord’s but the enemy has power over us when he keeps us inside the realm of his lies and inside the walls of fear and doubt.


Next time you find yourself in a bad predicament or you are facing problems, remember that God can walk all over your trials and tribulations and make everything good again. Whatever life throws at you, God can walk all over it, make it flat and let you walk over it in peace. He makes a way. He will make a way for you so stay strong and don’t give up. Problems have a way of making us lose hope and lose our trust in God but God is bigger than anything and everything. The giant steps He takes over the enemy’s field of influence are steps that will get you closer to your breakthrough. Now, you can take big steps with the Lord when you dare to believe and have faith despite your circumstances. Dare to have bold faith. Dare to hold on to hope when all seems lost. That is when you will see things move in your favor. That is when you will realize that nothing can stop God when you stay in faith.


It is interesting how much easier it is for us to see bad things as bigger than God. The opposition uses our minds to magnify all the bad to the point where we can barely see a glimmer of hope. Our minds are the enemy’s field of influence that we need to take back over and over again and give to the Lord. God wants us to think of things that are noble and pure and keep faith-filled thoughts all the time. That field of influence belongs to the Lord but we too often hand it over to the enemy or give it up so the enemy can wreak havoc. The victory starts in our minds and the enemy knows that so he presents himself as a giant that can’t be uprooted. It is all a lie. God will always be more impressive and more enormous than the enemy. Your biggest mountain is a tiny particle in God’s eyes. It’s dust to Him. Your faith can sweep that dust away and give place to piles of peace, joy and love.


If you are reading this message at the start of the day, declare that God will be walking all over what comes against you today. Declare that you are going to have the best day ever because God loves you and love is what is going to carry you through the day. Declare that God is greater and stronger than the adversity no matter what it looks like. Declare that the Lord created today and you will rejoice and be glad today. Your next problem might be around the corner but God is going to walk all over it and make it all better for you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 43:19; John 10:9; 1 Corinthians 10:13


Today is your day

I used to feel like the days were dragging. I used to feel the weight of the day before the day even started. When something bad would happen to me, I would think to myself “Today is not my day.” This quickly turned into “It’s not my week” and then “It’s not my year.” I thought I wasn’t meant to have good days. Good days were for other people. My days were meant to bite like a vicious mosquito on a sultry night in the middle of the desert. Yes, my life felt like a desert and I was always thirsty for better and refreshing days. Then I found the Lord. Then my life changed. Then my days got better. When I rededicated my life to the Lord about 6 days ago, my days went from nights to bright sunny days and the Lord has kept me in that light ever since. I discovered that the Lord meant what He said in His Word. When He said that today was the day He had made, He meant it. Today is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. The Lord made today for you and me. He made it so we would enjoy it and be glad in it. He made it and He has provided everything we need to be glad during the day and to rejoice in it. Today is the day the Lord has made for you to rejoice and be glad. Today is your day, friend!


Your alarm clock might be telling you that today is going to be a drag. You probably hit it a few times because you don’t like the sound of its negative chatter. God’s alarm is a trumpet and it is sounding victory, triumph and joy. God has a day planned for you. His plan entails joy, peace, love, faith, patience, blessings, overcoming obstacles, and much more. His plan is perfect and it is tailored just for you. Don’t adhere to the negative plan laid out by negative thoughts about the day. Subscribe to God’s plan wholeheartedly. Declare that today is the day the Lord has made and you are going to rejoice and be glad in it. Declare that God has given you the tools to be glad today and to rejoice. Declare that the Lord is the reason for today and you are going to embrace Him by embracing this amazing day. Declare His plan over your life. Declare victory over the enemy. Declare peace over chaos. Declare joy over mourning. Declare that today is your day and God is orchestrating every second of every minute today!


Today is not about your problems and your trials. It’s about your God, His love and His blessings. He loves you so much that He paved the way on the cross for today to be a great day. Let that sink in. Align your thinking with that truth. Today is your day. God made it for you and that’s all there is to it. Things might not go your way. Headaches might arise but the Word of the Lord will prevail when you stay in faith. Know that it is going to get better. Start off the day with resounding praise to the Lord as a thank-you for this great day. Stay in gratitude mode all day even when things are not going well. Your positive attitude will make holes into the negativity and the Lord will reverse all your bad situations. Claim the day first thing in the morning and reclaim it in Jesus’ name when things get out of control. Surely goodness and mercy are going to follow you where you go today. Stay on that positive wavelength. Expect God’s best. Expect to have a “God day.” God created the day and He knows everything about it. Rely on Him all day long. Stay in faith, stay in peace. Today is your day. God has so much in store for you. Stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: Psalm 23:6; Psalm 84:10; Psalm 118:24