Finding rest in the Lord

I was very tired the other day but I couldn’t relax properly. My mind was racing. When we are tired, we are more susceptible to negative thoughts and their power over us. I had to do something. Then I heard deep down inside “Rest in Me. I am your power.” I love it when the Holy Spirit gives me encouragement when I least expect it. It happens at the most random times. One time I heard Him say something very powerful as I got off the couch. His encouragement ushered me into a long praise session. Sometimes it only takes a few words from the Lord to set our heart ablaze. I needed His fire. I needed something that would consume the fatigue and the negativity that was trying to take over me. “Rest in Me” was just what I had been waiting for. My mind longed for words from the Lord that would put to sleep the bad thoughts and the discouragement that was escalating inside. I said a prayer. Prayer is my point of contact with God. When I join my hands, something amazing happens. I flow with the Holy Spirit and I am very quickly reminded of the presence of the Lord. It is interesting how we can be feeling down one moment and then we get overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord and His joy hits us like a jolt. I prayed for rest. I prayed so I could unwind and find peace in His arms.

The Lord listens to our prayers and if we believe that what we ask in His name we receive, there is no way we won’t receive it. I asked for rest and I received a blessing. Peace settled in my heart and the Lord’s serenity invaded the room I was in. I think sometimes we perceive things as being on the outside when they are really taking place on the inside. God gave me His peace. That peace that surpasses all understanding. He said He was my power. He is our power. He is the power that can quiet the thoughts of the enemy and that can burn all the negativity we face. Finding peace when my mind was all over the place was such a strong encouragement that it led me to think about all the times the Lord had intervened in my life in a powerful way. Going down Merry lane like I like to call it, can give us rest. Going down the road of memories of God’s interventions in our lives can give us peace and help us stay in faith and have hope. Unrest often comes when hope seems gone. Unrest is a fruit of the enemy. There is the fruit of the Spirit and there is the bad fruit of the enemy. The enemy’s fruit is dark and filled with doom and chaos. The fruit of the Spirit is ripe, bright and filled with hope. I took a bite at the fruit of the Spirit and rest came rushing in.

When you find rest in the Lord, you could be in the middle of a crisis but the Lord is all you know. God can transform your mood and make you joyful even when you have reasons to cry. When you find rest in the Lord, your circumstances don’t mean anything. The Lord is your everything. When you find rest in the Lord, you feel like you could walk on water and no storm can stop you from walking. When you find rest in the Lord, you don’t overthink but you are overjoyed. You have joy that puts an end to anguish and agony. When you find rest in the Lord, you let Him take over and you sit in the passenger seat. When you find rest in the Lord, you find a treasure that you share with others and that keeps on giving. When you find rest in the Lord, tomorrow is nothing to worry about and today is a great day. When you find rest in the Lord, the enemy is upset but your heart is at peace. Find rest in the Lord today. Say a prayer. Ask for help. Talk to the Lord of lords. Go down Merry lane. Embrace His restful arms and stand in peace. Stand tall in the assurance that you can rest and you have nothing to worry about. Find rest in the Lord and not in the world. The Lord will give you peace so you can be strong again. May God bless you and protect you and remember that the Lord will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 62:1;  Matthew 11:28; Mark 6:31

Rest in the Lord

By Thursday I am usually tired from the week. I find Thursday to be the toughest day of the week. At least that was true until the Lord showed me that I had to make Thursday a special day when I celebrate Him even more and when I do something fun to look forward to. It changes every week but there is always something good on Thursday. Even if it’s just a meal that I like. Every day is a special day with Jesus. I love that so much! He makes everything special and He makes every day more than bearable. I discovered  that when I rest in Him, I can make it through anything. I am still learning how the whole process works but it has changed my days. The Bible encourages us to rest in the Lord. I see myself just resting on a hill with beauty all around me and the Lord is present. Life can be very hectic and we need to take the time to rest and to take a break from the frantic routine that we have. The Lord is always saying, “Come to Me all you who are weary.” That would be you and me on any given day. We can be weary and tired physically, emotionally and spiritually. Being tired spiritually happens more than we think especially when we have busy schedules and we don’t take the time to recharge our spiritual batteries. I had weeks when praying, talking to God and listening to Him were not happening on a regular basis. Those weeks were the worst weeks. I felt depleted and very disconnected. I hated that feeling. It took me a while to identify the problem. The problem was that I was not resting in the Lord and I was not seeking His face. That was a big mistake and once my eyes were opened, I opened the door. I opened the door that led me to the Lord and I kept it wide open. 

Resting in the Lord implies inviting Him in and letting Him come into every area of our lives. God opens many doors but we have to let Him into our world. We can’t ignore that door. I don’t want to keep the Lord waiting. I want Him to be where He should be and He should be in our temple as the center of our sanctuary. He makes us dwell in safety and in peace. He is so good all the time and so loving. God can give us rest any time. In the middle of a storm He can give us rest. When all seems lost, He can give us rest. When we are in pain, He can give us rest. He is the God of rest and peace and that never changes. Today if you are struggling and you are not getting enough rest in God, take control of the narrative and start writing moments of rest in the Lord into every day. If you find that your spirit is not connected to God, take a step toward Him and give your spirit a chance to refuel in Him. He is the best source of strength and He is the best helper around. God will show you how to get going again and He will replenish you. Give Him some time. Pay attention to Him. Focus on Him and you will get what you need. Your spiritual tank is going to get filled again. Find your way back to where joy, peace and love are radiant in your life. It can happen easily with the Lord. Rest in Him and He will rejuvenate you and refresh you.

Dwell in the shelter of the Most High. Stay under the protection of the Lord. He is the refuge that always covers you from the attacks of the enemy and from getting to a low spiritual level. Ask the Lord for rest. Ask Him to fill you again and to give you the spiritual manna that you long for. Make it a habit to seek His face every day. I understand that you get busy and life can get in the way but life with Jesus is a piece of Heaven and it is so much better when we let Him in every day. Grab your tambourine and do a little dance for the Lord. Take the time to pray every day. Take the  time to communicate with Him. He will give you rest. Prayer gives you rest. Praise gives you rest. They boost your spiritual being and turn you into a stronger person of the Lord. Don’t neglect rest. Don’t hesitate to take a break and spend time with God. It is the best investment you can make. It is the best time you will spend. God is your fortress and He wants you within His walls of protection. Stay in Him. Rest in Him and you will soar like an eagle in no time!

Suggested reading: Psalm 4:8; Matthew 11:28; Hebrews 4:11

Find your rest in the Lord

It has been a long year. It has been a trying year. It has been a year like no other. I would not have made it this year if it weren’t for the Lord. Every time things got complicated, He made them uncomplicated. Every time fear was trying to take over, His presence removed the stress and the anxiety. That happened when I put my trust in Him. When I relied on Him and found my rest in Him, that is when things got better. There were times when I was exhausted physically and emotionally but I found peace in Him. I found rest in the Lord. I found a different pace. Different from the hustle and bustle of the workday. Different from the frantic pace of the world. Every day I find peace in the Lord. I start my day with Him and I end it with Him. I have amazing moments with Him in between. He is my refuge, my fortress and my place of rest. Where do you find your rest? Where do you find peace when you need it? The Lord said “Come to Me you that are weary.” We are the weary ones. We can’t escape from being tired and being out of energy. We can recharge our batteries through naps but our spiritual energy needs more than physical rest. It needs to have this great connection with the Lord. Through that connection we can find spiritual rest. Today I want to encourage you to find rest in the Lord. I want to remind you that you can always go to Him to find peace. Go to Him every day. Establish a daily routine where you take spiritual naps as you seek His face.

I love napping but I rarely do it. Naps can be rejuvenating. If I take a nap, it is a very short nap and the reason I take a nap is usually so I can be more focused in prayer. Needing a nap to me obviously means that I am tired and I need a break and when I am tired, I am not good at being alert during prayer time. Prayer is extremely important to me so I do what it takes to be able to spend time in prayer effectively. When I found out about resting in the Lord, it made my prayer life better. It took the pressure off. I didn’t have to have perfect prayers. Our prayers to God are always good as long as they come from the heart. We don’t need to be eloquent. We don’t even need to know what to pray as long as our hearts are in prayer mode. God knows what we need and what we want to say before we say it. We need to develop a praying spirit and to humble ourselves before Him. All He wants is a heart that burns for Him. He can read our hearts and He can read every prayer written in the depth of our souls. Prayer is communicating with God, opening up to Him and being receptive to what He has to say. Now, if I am well rested, my prayers flow. Not only do the words come easily but my spiritual ears can hear better. Rest is crucial. It is primordial for our bodies, minds, souls and spirits. When we are tired we get cranky easily and our emotions are all over the place. When we are tired our bodies can’t do much. When we are tired, our spirits can’t connect with God as well. Rest so you can talk to God and hear from God. That is a very good reason to make resting a daily priority.

Do I ever pray when I am tired? Absolutely. I have learned to rest in the Lord when I am tired during prayer time. I tell Him that I am all ears and that I am open to whatever He has to say. I tell them that the floor is open and He can tell me whatever I need to hear. I tell Him that I need rest and that I find rest in Him. I thank Him for His open arms. I thank Him for His loving presence. I thank Him for rest. God can give you all the rest you need and rebuild your zeal for Him and your joy. Being tired is rarely coupled with joy but there is a joy that defies fatigue and it is found in the Lord. He said “Ask and you shall receive.” Asking for rest is one thing we can do and we can expect Him to deliver the rest that we need. God can line up events and situations that will help us rest. If you are tired today, ask the Lord for rest. He will welcome you and give you peace like never before. Find your rest in the Lord. Trust Him. He will give you what you need.

Suggested reading: Psalm 55:6; Matthew 11:28-30;  Mark 6:31

The power of resting in the Lord

“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:29 NIV). A yoke is a device designed to pair animals together. It is a type of harness. It is not a pleasant object. It encloses the heads of the animals. A yoke is also something that keeps people in bondage and that forces them to live in a difficult or unhappy state. In Matthew 11:29, Jesus is not talking about oppression or bondage. He is talking about the opposite. He doesn’t give the way the world does. What He has to offer is light, freeing and liberating. His yoke is rest, peace and relief. When you take up His yoke, you are attached to Him and you are enclosed with Him. Imagine how powerful that is. You are bound to the Savior and you are attached to the Lord Almighty. He is the King of freedom so freedom is what you can expect. He will give you rest and peace when you tie yourself to Him. When you make Him the source of everything in your life, He gives you everything you need including rest. It is hard to make things happen on our own. There is very little peace in this world and when we turn to the Prince of peace, we are thrown into a series of peaceful episodes that bring serenity and freedom. I can’t rest on my own understanding and on my own strength. I need the Word of God and I need the power of God. Because of my human limitations, I can only go so far. Today I want to encourage you to rest in the Lord and to take up His yoke. Find rest and peace in Him. Plug into the source of all peace and you will have restful moments that will challenge the chaos and the uneasy feelings that are crippling the world.

The Lord is gentle and humble in heart. It is something to ponder and reflect upon. God is not agitated, easily irritated and proud. He is a good God and His kindness can tear down all the evil and the hatred in this world. I have found refuge in His kindness many times when the world seemed mean and hostile. People like to get into conflicts for no apparent reason and they can pick a fight with innocent people. Harsh words and gratuitous hate are rampant and they are spreading like wildfire. When I turn to the Lord, I find myself in the presence of love and I can forget for a moment that the world can be a very ugly place. I choose to be where the Lord is and I choose to meet Him where He abides. I flee the evil ways of the world and put myself at the mercy of kindness and love. That is where I can rest. That is where I am surrounded by peace. I need to part from the world and join the Lord. If I don’t do that on a regular basis, I can’t rest well and I am in a state of turmoil after a while. Spiritual rest is important. Physical rest is crucial. Why? When we are tired it is not easy to be sensitive to the Lord and to His Spirit. When we are tired, the flesh takes over and our spirit is given a backseat. If I don’t get any rest, I don’t get enough Jesus time and if I don’t get enough Jesus time, I can easily feel disconnected from God.

There is power in resting in the Lord because we renew our strength and we are given new wings. Wings that allow us to fly above worry, fear and concerns. Have you noticed that it is easier to deal with problems when you are well-rested? It is physically, emotionally and spiritually true. The amount of rest you get will allow you to face the day and you will be ready to fight the fight of faith. Little rest will not give you the boldness and the confidence you need. When I sleep enough, I wake up refreshed and my morning prayer session is phenomenal. Prayer is a great way to get some rest spiritually. Prayer enables you to lean on the Holy Spirit and to power up. Prayer is you resting in the Lord’s arms and gaining the assurance that everything is taken care of and that the Lord is on your side. After praying at night, I picture myself resting in the arms of the Lord and I fall asleep very quickly. I thank Him for His peace and for the rest He provides all the time. The power of resting in the Lord is a little underrated. Resting in the Lord is very powerful because it is an act of surrender and an act of obedience. I pray that you take up the yoke of the Lord and that you trust He can give you rest. Rest in Him and you will be able to do things you never thought possible. You will find rest for your soul. This means that your emotions and your feelings will be more under control and you will have more peace and more joy. Don’t underestimate the power of resting in the Lord!

Suggested reading: Psalm 116:7; John 15;10-14; 1 Peter 2:21-23

Recharge your batteries with God

One thing that has become clear through the years is how I can renew my strength in the Lord. I find that He has what it takes to change my level of energy, to give me a boost, to give me rest and to renew my spiritual and emotional make-up. He is the One who can recharge my batteries. I didn’t know that for the longest time. I thought it was all in my hands and that I had to fend for myself when it came to recharging myself. After a long day at work, after a tough season, after a period of spiritual staleness, it is hard to get filled with God again so to speak. I love the reality of being filled with God. His Spirit is in us but there is a need to be refilled with His presence. Why? We empty ourselves of Him every time we let more of the world in. It doesn’t mean that He leaves us. It means that we reduce the space we give Him in us. The less space He has, the less we will be aware of Him. Isn’t the goal to acknowledge Him in all we do? To be able to do that we have to be aware of Him. Being Holy Spirit-conscious is key. I believe it is what makes some Christians stand out. If we are filled with the Spirit all the time, it will be difficult for life to get us down and to defeat us. My message today is an encouragement to stay filled with the Spirit by recharging your spiritual batteries. I encourage you to not only be filled as much as you can but I also encourage you to rely on the Lord to do the refilling when needed. Rest in the Lord and you will soar like an eagle. Rest in the Lord and you will be well-surrounded. Rest in the Lord and you will have peace that is tangible, noticeable and indelible.


“But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength”. This verse, Isaiah 40:31, spells out what we need to do to recharge our batteries. Waiting on the Lord will get us there. Back when I first received the Holy Spirit in a big way, I had some of the most wonderful days of my life. I was just content being in the moment and enjoying the Lord. Everything was so much better because of Jesus. Every day felt like Jesus was in everything. I could see beauty, peace, joy in everything because the Holy Spirit kept pointing me toward Jesus. I remember being in college sitting at my desk and thinking “This is the best day of my life.” Every day was the best day. I was thrilled by life because the source of my life was highlighted. The Spirit of the Lord highlighted Jesus to a high degree that removed all fear. Nothing seemed impossible. Everything was an opportunity for a great lesson or a great blessing. Now, the one thing I also noticed was that when I would get tired, it wasn’t easy to stay filled with the joy of the Lord. His presence was still there but negative emotions were felt and fatigue made things look a bit darker. What helped was waiting on the Lord. I would go to my prayer closet and shut myself in there. It would take me a few minutes to settle down but then I would just focus on Jesus until His peace invaded my heart and drowned my mind. I went through that many times. It mostly happened in the evening. I would wait on the Lord. Sometimes I would play some Christian music and listen or sing along. The goal was to stay focused on Jesus. When we wait on Him, He shows up. He doesn’t come physically but we become more sensitive to Him and that is how we win the battles! It is a lot better than a physical experience. He touches our spirits and leaves us with a presence that settles all matters.


I believe the enemy has many evil strategies and one of them is to make us think that we don’t need to recharge our spiritual batteries. He lets people think that physical energy is the most important one. It does matter but our spirituality is primordial. We connect with God through our spirits. When we are tired, there is a disconnect and we can’t communicate with the Lord that well. That is where the enemy wants the body of Christ to be. He wants to see a major disconnection from God in the body of Christ. The physical influences the spiritual so when we are run down we should rest. When I wait on the Lord in the evening, I usually just go to bed after that. I wake up refreshed and ready to go. It has become a habit.  I did go through years of wilderness when the Lord ceased to be my priority. I have been back to where I was before and more about 7 years ago. I still see the need to rest in the Lord and get my wings again. Nothing has changed there. Jesus needed to sleep and rest and to spend time alone with His Father. Spend time with your Father away from the crowds and your energy will come back. Spend time with Him one and one and He will reveal a new way of thinking and living to you. You will become strong again. Meditate on this message and you will see doors of rejuvenation open every day. Rest in the Lord, wait on Him and your batteries will be recharged!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 40:31; Job 36:5; 2 Corinthians 13:9


Rest up 

I enjoy reading about Jesus’ relationship with his disciples. I can sense the excitement and the awe that they felt every time He talked to them. In Mark chapter 6, the disciples are busy doing God’s work and teaching people. They get so busy that they barely have time to eat and rest. In verse 31 Jesus tells them “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Nowadays most of us are busy either doing God’s work or just working in general. If Jesus were to show up at your house after a long week of work, he would tell you the same thing. He would command you to get to a quiet place and get some rest. This is actually a daily command. What does your place of rest look like? Do you have a quiet place?We could look at answers to these two questions by considering metaphorical answers and physical answers. The Bible refers to rest many times. It is important that we get enough rest so how body can function well. Our body, soul and mind are connected so each part counts. If you haven’t found a place where you can escape the daily hustle and bustle, I strongly encourage you to look for one. Find a spot where it is just you and the Lord. No tv. No phone. No family. Just you and Jesus. If you can get to that place on a daily basis, you will see your spiritual life improve by heaps and bounds. Jesus can refresh your soul. The Holy Spirit wants to revive your spirit and rejuvenate you. Take a break!

I also like to have an afternoon or a whole day dedicated to resting. All I do is wait on the Lord or read my Bible. I don’t look at social media. I just unplug from the noise of the world. Those are the best times. Treat yourself to true rest in the Lord. I enjoy mediating on the Word. I just close my eyes and think of a verse or just ponder on the wonders of the Lord in my life. I make an inventory of what He has done. It truly boosts my faith and it gives me the energy I need to face the next day. I ask the Lord “Jesus give me the rest that I need in You. I can’t do this on my own. I depend on You and I rely on You for everything. Thank You because Your yoke is easy and light. I am blessed to have You in my life. You are my source of peace and rest. In Your dear name

I pray. Amen!”

Take the time to rest seriously. Jesus even said that “the Sabbath was made for men and not men made for the Sabbath” in Mark 2:27. Rest is precious and valuable because it allows us to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, to share love without being grumpy and to maintain a healthy prayer life. (See how I just tied this week’s messages together right there? 😊). Enjoy some much deserved rest! God bless you! 

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:7; Psalm 127:2; Mark 6:32; Hebrews 4:9-11