And take the helmet of salvation

“And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17). Faith is a battle. Faith is what we should be fighting for every day. Fighting to keep the faith and to keep going. All the battles have already been won by our Lord Jesus and now it is our turn to do our part of the fight. God gives us what we need to stay strong and to keep going. We also have free will and we can decide not to put on the armor of the Lord or we can decide to keep fighting and to stay in faith. Sometimes it is very hard to hold on to faith. I think no one will argue and say that faith is easy. However, we can do it. God gives us the strength to do it. If we lean on Him, rely on Him and trust Him, our faith will be strong and it will stand the test of time. We are tested all the time but this amazing blessing called faith is not impossible. Faith should be comfortably sitting in our hearts and it should be located in our minds as well. It is interesting that the Lord gives the helmet of salvation. A helmet is worn on the head. It is close to our minds and to our thinking. There is a need for us to trust with our hearts and to know in our minds that we are saved. The helmet of salvation is only effective when we wear it and we understand its functionality. It protects our heads from the attacks. It protects our heads from the lies of the enemy. Friend, today I want to remind you that the helmet of salvation is rightfully yours. Wear it, trust that you are saved, know what it means and use it in every battle.

What is salvation? Jesus bought salvation when He died and rose again. He paid the high price for our salvation. Now, anyone who believes in Jesus and in His resurrection is saved. Everyone who accepts Him as his or her Lord and Savior has abundant life. What is part of that abundant life? There are many blessings in the life the Lord has bestowed upon us and one of them is that we are children of God. We are heirs to the Kingdom of God and we can expect His love and His faithfulness all the time. God is faithful and He will never let us down. That is part of the salvation package if you will. You are a child of God and He loves you. That love is the most powerful force in the universe and it is directed to you and living in you. Your helmet of salvation is a reminder that you are loved, that the Son of God died for your sins and for your infirmities and that you belong with the Lord. You are part of the family. You are not an outsider and you are not crashing the party. You are in the party and you have a right to be celebrating and rejoicing over the Lord. It is written in your salvation and no one can change that.

With the helmet of salvation there is a sword. The helmet protects your head and the sword saves your life. It is there in case of an attack of the enemy. The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God and we can use it when the lies of the enemy are assailing us. We can cut right through the lies and get to the truth. The truth is that God has us in the palm of His hand. He goes before us and He makes our path clear. He won on the cross. He did what was necessary for you and me to be triumphant today. Use the sword of truth. Use the Word of God all the time. Brandish it and the enemy will flee. Keep it by your side and don’t get tired of using it. Remember that it is important to be familiar with the Word. How good is the Word if you don’t know it? Daily study is very helpful. If you can’t study the Word every day, make flashcards with some of the scriptures you know will come handy. That great sword is only good if you have easy access to it. Flashcards are a good way to do that. The sword of the Spirit also makes the helmet strong because it provides the protection. Your salvation is outlined in the Word of God. When you take the Word and add that layer of protection to the helmet of salvation, your mind is filled with power, with the power of the Word of God. Take your helmet, friend. Polish it and make it shine with the oil of the Word of God. Hold on to the sword of the Spirit and your faith will remain strong and your battles will be easier to win. Keep fighting the good fight of faith!

Suggested reading: Romans 1:16; Hebrews 4:12; Ephesians 6:10-18

What would God say about your situation?

Have you ever wondered what you would tell God if you could sit down with Him and have a face-to-face conversation? I have thought about that many times. I even had a list of questions prepared that I would rehearse in my head. There was a time when I was very desperate for answers. I said to myself that if I had the chance to sit down with Him, I would show Him my list of needs and ask Him why nothing had been done about it. I was ready to tell God what to do instead of listening to what He had to say. I would show Him my bills and go over some situations that affected me and my loved ones. I would basically tell Him that it was impossible to fix some parts of my life. I was approaching the whole thing the wrong way. Was I expecting Him to say “Yeah, you are right. Things are pretty bad and I can’t fix them”? He would never say that but because doubt was grabbing me by the head, I had some crazy thoughts of a defeated God. God cannot be defeated. God can fix anything. God can restore anything but doubt changes the narrative and makes it hard for us to see God for who He is. If God were to appear today and have a conversation with me, He would talk to me with love and faith. He would not change what He had to say based on my circumstances. He wouldn’t change His promises and who He is just because I was having a hard time. He is true to His Word, He doesn’t waver and He doesn’t panic. I was panicking but that didn’t mean He was as well. Everything the Lord would share with me would be from His Word, straight from His heart and laced in love.


What would God tell you today regarding your current circumstances? He would first tell you how much He loves you. He would put you at ease by just being Himself and He is love. Every word that would come out of His mouth would be dipped in love and wrapped in peace. God would tell you how He sent His only Son to die for you and He would go over the biggest miracle that has ever happened. He would tell you that the resurrection was enough for you. He would enumerate all the situations that were covered by the blood and it would take more days than they are in a year for Him to go over the whole list. He would reassure you and comfort you. He would hug you so tight that your life would be imprinted with this hug of love forever. He would smile and tell you to be of good cheer because He had conquered the world. You would probably focus on your problems and you would want to bring them up one by one. I know I would but He would show you that His grace was sufficient and that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


God would show you that you have life in abundance through His Son. He would tell you about “the Jesus life.” The life you should be living now. He would bring awareness to the life that was bought for you on the Cross. It’s a life where Jesus is the priority, where everything revolves around Him and where peace is sovereign. I strongly believe that He would say exactly what you need to hear. If you are really wondering what He would share with you, open your Bible. Pray for the Holy Spirit to direct you to what the Lord has to tell you right now. You will be amazed at what is revealed to you. I did that. I prayed to have my one-on-one conversation with the Lord. Those intimate conversations happen every day now. They start my day, they pop in at different times during the day and they end my day. I spend a good amount of time in the Word of God so I can be more open to what the Lord has to say. The comfort and the encouragement that are placed in my spirit by His Spirit, are the blessings that keep me going. I know what the Lord is telling me today. It’s up to me to listen and to accept it. Friend, whatever you are facing now is not impossible for God. Whatever you are facing in your head can be resolved by the peace of the Lord. Whatever questions you have now are answered in the Word of God. God is consistent and He won’t change His tune depending on the severity of your circumstances. Be at peace. He has a breakthrough for you and He is speaking to you now, telling you how His love and mercy will get you through the day. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:14; John 3:16; James 4:7