Hope for today

Don’t engage in conversations with fear. It will try to convince you and say that all is lost. Tell fear to be quiet by having conversations with God and by telling your mind that your faith is bigger than your fear.

The rear view mirror of faith 

Faith is a strong belief in God based on our spiritual apprehension rather than proof. It is also defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. (Google definitions). There are different degrees of faith and different objects of our faith. Imagine faith as a ladder that you are meant to climb. Believing in God is where our faith starts but how far up the ladder of faith are we? Are we putting more faith in what we see and experience or in what God promises? The Bible says “faith comes from hearing and hearing comes from the Word of God” (Romans 10:17). What the Bible says about who God is and His promises for you and me is the ultimate truth. What we live and experience can go in conflict with that truth. The goal is to not put more faith in that than in the Word. Your circumstances can look very different from what God said they would look like but that doesn’t mean they won’t change. Let’s train ourselves to start believing before we see anything happen. Look at your circumstances as illusions or lies. They are temporary and faith says “things might look bad now but I see a breakthrough. I have hope and I see amazing things coming my way. These are just lies and I reject them in Jesus’ name. They are not my reality. My reality is spelled out in the Word of God. My trust is in the Lord and not in temporary setbacks.” Make that confession every time you find your faith to be at the bottom of the ladder. It is all about how we view and envision things. Spiritual eyes of faith vs. natural eyes. We need to adjust our eyesight. Faith is the contacts or the glasses that allows us to see God’s truth. On the road of life, we have to adjust our rear view mirror. Know that “blessings in your rear view mirror might appear closer than they are.” The rear view mirror of our faith sees good things closer than they are in the natural. Believe that they are coming. Faith believes they are already here. Let’s put a spin on how the world sees life. God’s spin is the best one we can rely on. Blind faith is at the top of the faith ladder. Let’s go up and up by making a declaration of faith with every step. It doesn’t matter how things appear, if they are not lined up with God’s truth, do not put your faith in them. Our trust and confidence are in God and God alone. He will reward your faith greatly! Expect beautiful things!Suggested reading: Psalm 119:30; James 1:6; John 1:12; Mark 11:24; John 11:40