When nothing seems to work out

When nothing seems to work out, God is still able. When no one seems to care, God is still in love with you. When nothing is going your way, God is still making a way for you. When you have nothing to say, God can still hear your heart. When nothing looks good in your future, God is still preparing blessings and breakthroughs. Things will never all be perfect. There will always be something missing but with the Lord, everything can be restored and more. God is more than enough. He is more than able and He loves you more than you know. Don’t look at what you don’t have. Look at God. Look at God and tell Him that He is all you need. When nothing seems to work, God is still creating miracles and giving you great things. You can spend your time focusing on everything that is going wrong in your life. It will make you feel bad about yourself and it will make your spirit sink into a dark hole. Your best option is to keep your eyes on the One who gives you everything. If you are at a crossroads today and you can’t see a future for yourself or you don’t understand why you are going through trials and tribulations, take a step back. Take a step back and let the Lord take a step forward in your life. Invite Him to change your ways. Invite Him to make a way. Invite Him to make today a better day. God can make things work for you. Don’t give up. There is always a better way, God’s way.

When nothing seems to work out it’s when we should double up on our trust in the Lord and in His love for us. The enemy wants us to fail and to give up. I have mentioned before that he hates believers that don’t give up. He hates everyone equally when the Lord loves everyone equally. You and I have a common enemy but we also have a common Lord. Jesus loves you so deeply. He doesn’t love anyone else more than He loves you. Remember that you deserve His love and you deserve things to work out. Don’t let your mind play games with you and tell you that you won’t get out of these problems. You will. God will make things work out for you. His love will make a way. His love will turn the key in the closed doors of life and open the way to blessings that will blow your mind. Things might not be working out well right now but it doesn’t mean that they won’t change for the best. They will. When nothing seems to work out, it doesn’t mean that God is broken. He is still around and He is still God. Every time you doubt or you give up, you remove God from His throne in your mind and in your heart. He is still there. He is unmovable. He is the One who makes things move and with Him they move in the right direction.

When nothing seems to work out, call upon the Lord. Talk to Him and work on seeing Him as the big Lord He is. Problems can seem so huge and so overwhelming. When nothing seems to work out, overwhelm your problems with God. Be obnoxious about it. Talk to your problems about your God. Declare that greater is the Lord who lives in you than the problems. Greater is the Lord who lives in you than the devil that lives in this world. Declare that things are going to work out for you. Speak with the mouth of faith and your problems will get quiet. Speak with the heart of faith and the bad feelings and emotions will go away. Speak in the name of Jesus and good things will be set in motion. Sometimes things take a while to work out but God can give you the patience of a saint and the joy that gives you strength.God listens to you. He doesn’t stop listening. He doesn’t stop loving. He is going to turn things around for you. You are going to forget what seemed to be bad luck. The blessings to come are not comparable to your present suffering. Hang in there. Hold on to Jesus. Stay encouraged. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Romans 8:18; 2 Corinthians 4:17-18; 1 Peter 1:13

God to the rescue

How many times have I said that God came to my rescue? More than I can count. How many times has God saved and I was unaware of it? I think it has happened a lot and it is still happening. Just because we don’t see God in action in our lives doesn’t mean that He is not actively protecting us and saving us. I have to remind myself of that truth. Sometimes I find out after the fact that God had come to my rescue. God is not a passive God. He cares about us and He wants to protect us. I believe God has protected me from myself more times than I would like to admit. There were decisions I made that just didn’t make sense. There are steps I have taken that set me back and made my walk with God more difficult. God has never given up on me even when I was ready to give up on myself. God has never stopped smiling at me and loving me. That is who He is. That is what He does. He loves us steadily and He blesses us steadily. Have you noticed how God comes to your rescue? His love for you moves Him in your direction. He doesn’t walk away from you. He walks with you. God will come to your rescue as He is standing right next to you. He is not flying in from far away. All you have to do is look in His direction, call on Him and know that He is there for you. If you are going through a tough time right now, I want to tell you that God will come to the rescue. God will get you through whatever you are going through. He can handle it. He can change it. He can fix it.

God rescues those who call upon His name. He rescues the weak and the needy. When you are suffering or when you are having a hard time, you fall under the category of the weak and the needy. God can meet your needs and what you might be needing now is His help, His love, His comfort, His direction and His ability to deliver you. He can do all that for you. He can be all that to you. To me God is my Savior and my Deliverer. He takes me from a place of need to a place of thriving. He takes all my fears and insecurities and changes them into peace and joy. When God comes to our rescue, He works on us first. He tells us not to worry and not to fear. He calms us down with His Word and He puts us at ease. It is hard to think when our hearts are troubled so He makes sure that we slow down and we focus on what matters. What matters is that He is there and He always keeps His Word. Friend, you are going to make it because the Lord is coming to your rescue. He is holding you now and telling you with the power of His love that you are going to be more than ok. Things are going to turn around for you. He is going to bless you, help you and deliver you. Your current miserable conditions are not permanent. When God comes to the rescue, every knee has to bow and everything has to succumb to Him including your dreadful circumstances.

God will answer you. God will intervene and get you out of the ditch. The valley that you are going through is just a place of transition. You are not going to stay there and you are not going to live there. Fight any thought that is telling you that you won’t get out of debt, that you won’t get out of the pain and that you won’t get out of this state of chaos and confusion. The Lord can remove all the pain and the hurdles. Keep turning to Him. Don’t give up. Don’t get discouraged. The simple fact that you are reading this message shows that there is hope because God is talking to you through these words of encouragement. You have seen nothing yet. Maybe you have been in this situation for many years and you don’t know what it’s like to be free. However, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. His freedom is going to impact your life. You are going to change and your life is going to change. Hold on to hope. God is coming to your rescue and you are going to experience things you have never seen before. You are going to live with a peace that you never knew before and you are going to be filled with a joy that you never knew existed. It is not over. God is not done with you. He will rescue you. Thank Him in advance. Thank Him because He started working on your problems before you prayed to Him. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 82:3-4; Psalm 107:28; 2 Timothy 4:18

The victory belongs to the Lord

The victory belongs to the Lord. No one else owns it. No one else can claim it. We have let the enemy win too many battles in our lives because we were blinded by his lies and his foolishness. He is not supposed to win. He doesn’t have the right to win. God has the right and the authority to win every battle. I go back to the cross often and to the resurrection because they represent the biggest win the world has ever seen. They are not just symbols. They are true testimonies to God’s superiority and to the power that love has over evil. God won. God wins. God will always win. He knows it. It is His reality and it is time we made it ours. Every single day we face all sorts of challenges and battles. It is easy to get discouraged but the Lord tells us to have courage because He has won the battles. He has won them all. He won way before the battles came to be in our lives. If you were to see all the battles ahead in your life, you would be extremely overwhelmed. God looks at our future and He sees the great things that are to come and the battles that will be raging in the future. He is not intimidated by any of them. He is not alarmed and He is not concerned about anything that is coming. Instead He is telling you, “Child, the victory belongs to Me. Do not fear and do not be scared. I have already won and I will get you through it all.” Get on board with the Lord’s reassuring words. Trust that the victory belongs to Him. Don’t give the enemy the satisfaction of being victorious when he is a defeated foe. Today is the day you can claim victory in Jesus’ name. Today is the day you can take back all the things that the enemy has stolen from you starting with your peace and your joy. They belong to you and Jesus provided them for you on the cross. 

Jesus can never be conquered and defeated. Start by meditating on that. It is true. It is real. Anything that comes your way has been defeated by Him. It takes faith to see that come to pass and it can happen in God’s timing. Bring all your battles to the Lord. Leave them in His hands. Don’t carry those heavy burdens. Don’t stay under the yoke of the oppression of the enemy. Jesus has a new breath for you, new hope, new blessings and new mercies. You are not meant to stay stuck in this jail that was built around you by the enemy. Remove those thoughts from your head. You are not going to fail. You are going to make it. You have Jesus. You have all you need. Hope is here. Hope is alive and well. The victory is still His today and because you are His child, you are entitled to win. You are going to win in Jesus’ name. You see, the enemy hates it when the people of God get ahold of the truth. This is a truth that he doesn’t want you to be aware of. Jesus is greater than any opposition and there are no battles too hard for Him since He won them all when He died and came back to life. Don’t give up on the victory. This is not God’s final say. His final words are words of victory and celebration so celebrate now. Express your faith by celebrating the victory won by Jesus. Jesus is your victory. Celebrate Him. Glorify Him. He has never lost a battle!

“Don’t give up hope” is what I hear when my back is against the wall and I am focusing too much on my problems. The God who always wins pulls me in His direction. He does it gently and surely. He knows what to tell me and how to encourage me and today I want to encourage you and tell you that Jesus has your victory and you are going to see a reversal of situations in your life. God’s victory doesn’t come in a limited edition. It is forever, meaning that whoever believes in Him can experience victory at any time. If you are facing some challenges and battles today, know that there is victory in your future. Pray to the Lord. Stay strong in prayer. Thank Him for the deliverance and for the victory. Declare His victory in your life early in the morning and late at night. The victory will come. Jesus never fails. His love always prevails. It is not over, friend. The best is yet to come. Don’t give up. Stay encouraged. The victory always belongs to the Lord!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 20:4; James 1:1-5; 1 John 5:4

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Why is it that we act like He has changed and He is not in control anymore? I think that is something we should ponder until we get to the realization that He is indeed the same today. His love and His power have not faded. His compassion and His goodness are as bright as they were back when He came to earth. His desire to heal and to set people free is still alive and His ability to do that has not been altered. Jesus said that He could not perform miracles in places where people did not believe in Him. Could it be that our faith is not strong enough these days? Could it be that we have faith in a God that doesn’t measure up to the Jesus of the Bible? Could it be that we have considered Him a God of the past and today we think we have to fend for ourselves? There could be many different reasons but there is one thing for sure. All the reasons that we have nurtured and that have kept us from seeing Jesus as He truly is can’t change the truth. The truth will set us free and the truth is that Jesus will never ever change and that truth will set us free when we accept it and embrace it. It will set us free from our boundaries and from the bubble where the world is powerful and Jesus is small. I used to have a small Jesus. My problems were mountains compared to Him and the world seemed very overwhelming. My small Jesus couldn’t do much. He was good and loving but He would disappear as soon as difficulties would show up. I had the wrong Jesus. He wasn’t the Jesus of the Bible. He was the Jesus of my own creation. He was the result of my own thoughts, my own fears and my own apprehension. He was based on what people said about Him and not on what the Word of God said about Him. Never get second hand information about the Lord. You will end up with a modified version of the Lord almighty.

Today I want to reiterate the truth that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. That verse of the Bible, that declaration of truth is loaded with hope and with power. It is a verse that I suggest you meditate on along with verses that talk about what Jesus is like. Read about His grace and mercy. Read about His miracles. Read about the power of His love. Read about the cross. Read about the resurrection. Read about His power of forgiveness. Read about His power of redemption. Read about His Spirit. Read about the faith He inspires. Read about His ability to do the impossible. Read about His joy and His peace. Read about His power to set the captives free. Read about how He conquered the world. Read about what He has to say about you. Read about how much He adores you. Read about Jesus. Pray about what you read. Trust and believe what you read. Let your vision of Him be bigger than your fears and stronger than your doubts. Read about Jesus with your mind and with your heart. Get closer to Him. Not just in your head but let your spirit draw near to Him. Develop a longing heart. A heart that beats just for Him and that can’t wait to spend time with Him every day. Get a clearer picture of who Jesus is. Your faith in Him will move mountains just like it is supposed to do. Jesus once said that if we had faith in Him, our faith would move mountains. That will always be the case. Stir yourself up. Jesus is the same!

Can the miracles that are reported in the Bible happen today? I believe it wholeheartedly. We are also told that bigger miracles can take place for those who believe in Him. Push the limitations of your mind. Grow your faith. The God of miracles is here today. Revive Him in your heart. Welcome Him into your life. God can only be as big to you as you allow Him to be. It is your faith that gives Him the power to intervene in your life. He can do anything and He can perform miracles. Your trials and tribulations today are not too big for Jesus. Follow Him like the people who followed Him wherever He went. Touch His garment with your faith. Reach out and touch Him. Declare that one touch is enough. That touch is your faith stretched out. Be more than the people who followed Him for a short while. Be a disciple. Be one of those who would not leave His side and who worshipped Him. He is the same, friend. You are following the Savior of the universe. Remind your problems and your mind that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. You don’t have to worry about anything. Jesus is by your side!

Suggested reading: Malachi 13:6; Hebrews 13:8; James 1:17

Knowing Jesus personally

I enjoy reading the Bible and learning more about the Lord and all the people in the Word of God. There are many mysteries through the scriptures that I don’t understand. I think that cultural context helps shed light on some of those obscure passages. I also do believe that some things are just not meant for us to understand. My prayer is that I get to know what the Lord wants me to know. Nothing more and nothing less. I don’t want to miss out on the whispers of His Spirit while reading His Word. Have you noticed that you can read verses many times and get something totally different every time? I know that for me it has to do with my disposition, how receptive I am that day, how many filters I have in place, how tired I am. The one thing that matters when reading the Word and taking a look into the Lord’s heart is His Spirit. The Holy Spirit interprets for us, translates for us and clarifies for us. Without Him we can’t know God. As much as I love God’s Word I very much adore getting to know Jesus on a personal leve thanks to His Spirit. He is becoming more and more personal as time goes on. That is the Jesus I long to know better. My personal Jesus. He is personal with every one of us. Today I want to encourage you to see Jesus for who He is; the personal Lord who cares for you as if you were the only person in the world.

A while ago I told the Lord that I was very much interested in getting to know Jesus. I wanted to be friends with Him, hear Him and see Him. Now, I wasn’t expecting to see Him show up in my bedroom. As amazing as it would be, I think it would be pretty intimidating at the same time and God knows my little heart is not ready for that. Hearing Him and seeing Him meant that I wanted to get so close that there would be no barriers, no interference between Him and me. I wanted to have distractions removed. I knew there was a way to get closer and to have a more personal relationship with Him. I had seen it before and I loved what I saw. I knew a man who always talked about Jesus as if they were buddies and they were. You could see that He always had Jesus on His mind and the presence of the Lord was around that man. He would walk into a room and you could detect that there was something different about him. What was His secret? He had one on one sessions with the Lord. No one was allowed to disturb Him during those times. He prioritized His time and every spare minute He had, He spent it with Jesus. He inspired me to address Jesus directly. I stopped going through different channels to get to the Lord. Sometimes we rely so much on specific prayers that we build them up and we depend on them to help us connect with God. Prayers are important and powerful but they are not more important than the One we pray to.

I used to focus too much on the words I said when I prayed and not enough on Jesus. What did He want me to say? First and foremost He wants us to praise Him. That is how we can get into His gates and draw near to Him. I talk about praise often and for a good reason. You will not get close to Jesus unless you praise Him. Praises bring Him into the scene.I see praises as a release of the Lord’s presence. He inhabits our praises. He is right there and He enjoys it when we lift Him up. A person who knows Jesus is a person who praises Jesus all the time. No matter what is going on in his or her life, that person praises Jesus day and night and is not influenced by circumstances. Knowing Jesus implies trusting and believing that He is always the same and we should always behave the same toward Him. This means that our feelings and our emotions don’t play any role in our quest to know Him better. We know Him by faith and we draw closer to Him by faith.

I am inviting you to make Jesus as personal as possible. Talk to Him all the time. Ask Him for advice and praise Him. If nothing else, praise Him. It will change your relationship with Him. He will inject His presence into your life and you won’t be able to stop praising Him. You will want to be with Him all the time. You will hear Him speak to you as you glorify Him. He will show up and you will see Him. Praise Him and pray to Him. Have one on one sessions with Him on a daily basis. Let Him come first. Let Him be your number One. Make Him personal. Enjoy Him!

Suggested reading: Psalm 73:28; Luke 9:23; James 4:8

Set yourself up for success

I once heard someone say that he was setting himself up for success. I was intrigued and listened to what the man had to say. He talked about strategies and techniques he had but he also mentioned how his mindset was helping him. He was mostly explaining how he was always able to succeed and to do well financially. I wasn’t too interested in that part because it sounded like a major life shift that would need to take place in my life. However, I loved the idea of setting oneself up for success. How can we succeed in this world and make progress on our journey with the Lord? Success to me means knowing Jesus the best we can and representing Him the best we can. There is a way we can set ourselves up for success and be more like Jesus and help the world get to know Him. I believe that our mindset has to be reset and our disposition has to be readjusted. Today I want to encourage you to set yourself up for success. Gather all the tools you need to get closer to the Lord and to be more like Him. Glean knowledge from Him. Rely on His wisdom. Embrace His ways. Follow His lead and love like you are being loved by the creator of the universe which is the greatest truth of all.

We all have default settings that seem to be present in our lives. We are more predisposed to thinking a certain way and we have a set of values and ideas that come from our environment and from our upbringing. We form our own ideologies and belief system based on many factors. We can change our default settings and put new settings in place. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, some of our default settings change. Others need to be worked on. We need to work on our mindset and renew our minds so our thoughts can line up with the Lord’s. It is difficult to be successful on this journey with the Lord if we don’t see eye to eye with Him. It’s as if we were following our own agenda and that agenda often doesn’t jive with God’s plan. If you want to get on the road to success, check your default settings and make a change. Strip yourself off your old ways. Revise your thinking. Put it to the test. Use the Word of God as a gauge and go deep into your thinking. It is a long process that is very much worth it. Our minds are constantly bombarded with thoughts that can easily derail us and take us down the wrong road. We can take a detour into the wilderness and miss the promised land. God promised that He would never leave us nor forsake. Let’s be on the same page and recognize that our journey is not valid without Him and He is never leaving us. He is always there so our success is guaranteed as long as we keep walking hand in hand with Him.

Once we are walking in unison with the Lord, we have access to the tools He has for us. He has an array of tools that can assist us in our quest to be successful followers of His heart. It all starts with love. Love is number one. God is love and partaking in His love and distributing it is the best step toward a successful spiritual life in Him. Success is great but we also have to be reminded that we are doing it all for His glory. We shouldn’t be looking for accolades or praises. Our goal should be to make Jesus popular and let His light shine in all places. Carrying the torch and letting Him get all the glory is a sign of success. When you think Jesus first, you set yourself up for success. Not just personal success but you help spread His love and His Word and it is a win against the hatred and the animosity in the world. Do it all for Jesus. Do it all through Jesus. When you do, you put in place a powerful structure that will lead you to a life of success in Him. He adores you. Accept His love and share it with others. You will accomplish great things in His name!

Suggested reading: 1 Kings 2:3; Jeremiah 17:7; James 4:10

What God wants

God wants to bless you. God wants to give you exceedingly more than you can imagine. God wants to cover you and protect you. God wants to guide you through life and help you. God wants to teach you and to give you knowledge and wisdom. God wants you to see Him for who He is. God wants to open the eyes of your spirit and give you clarity. God wants to heal you and make you whole. God wants to fill you with peace, joy, love and faith. God wants to assist you in renewing your mind. God wants to use you to bless others. God wants to love you. God wants you to let Him love you. God wants to show you that He is always with you and will never forsake you. God wants you to know that He sent His Son for you so you would have eternal life and not perish. God wants you to honor Him, praise Him and worship Him. God wants to hug you, hold you and keep you safe in the palm of His hand. God wants to be the head and let you be part of the body. God wants to bless you!

What do you want God to do in your life? What do you want God to be life in your life? Have you asked Him what He wanted to do in your life? Have you asked Him what His plan was for your life? Have you told Him you trusted Him with your life, not just when you got saved but all the time? God wants to have His way in your life. That is what He wants. He wants to be God to you and good to you all the time. He wants to pave the way for you to walk close to Him and to grow in your relationship with Him. God wants the very best for you. Let that sink in. God wants what is the very best for your life and He knows what is the very best for you. God is not out to get you and He is not trying to make your life miserable. He has a very detailed and unique plan for you. His plan for your life is different from the plan He has for your family and friends. The plan He has for your neighbors is as detailed and as unique as the plan He has for you but it is just not the same. God wants you to stick to the plan He has for you. He wants you to embrace His plan without trying to keep up with the Joneses. You are your own Jones and He loves you just the way you are. God wants you to see yourself the way that He sees you.

Can we ever see ourselves completely the way God sees us? I think it’s impossible but we can get glimpses and we can get an idea. What God wants to do the most is love you. He loves you. He adores you. He wants to talk to you and have amazing conversations with you. Let Him have His way in your life. Surrender. Give up on living your life without Him. Humble yourself and give Him the driver’s seat. He can drive way better than we can and He knows how to get to our destinations. He knows the detours, the shortcuts, the scenic routes, the curves and all the exits we need to take. God wants to be your God. He wants to be your number one so you can understand that you are number one to Him. You are His priority. He wants you to be joyful and to have all the equipment you need to face the day. Adhere to His love. Allow yourself to be vulnerable before Him. All He wants is to give you the desires of your heart and to be at the top of the list of those desires. Celebrate Him. He rejoices over you every day. What God wants is you!!!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37;4; Matthew 6:33; Romans 5:8

God, He reigns

Yesterday I was getting ready for some praise time but before I even started, my spirit was shouting praises to the Lord. I heard in my inner praise sanctuary, “He reigns” many times. It was a beautiful song I had never heard before but it was coming strongly from within. The words were repeated over and over again and sounded like a thunder of joy with trumpets of gladness and violins of peace. I let it all out. I shouted “My God reigns.” It was a declaration of victory and an expression of the promise that stays the same. I saw my problems, I saw my worries and my fears sitting in the audience of the spectacle of my life, cowing away as I was singing the piercing truth that will never change. It was as if my trials and tribulations were bowing down in front of those words of triumph. God reigns. He always does and we have to remind ourselves and reminds our problems that God still reigns. Today I want to encourage you to shout at your problems and your fears and tell them that your God reigns. Make them tremble and make them shake as they hear the truth that puts them back in their place.

We can’t let our fears, our problems and our worries rule our lives. They appear to be a mighty presence in our lives that occupy our minds and that find a place in our hearts where they can shutter our dreams. I got tired of allowing the negativity and all the problems  to dictate my life. I didn’t know how to make them stop creating havoc in my mind until I found out that they don’t change God. God changes them and makes them stop. God silences them and removes them. God can destroy them and erase them. God can replace them with good. God can neutralize them and paralyze them. We have a part to play in that process. We need to declare our faith and speak over the negativity. We need to cover it with the power of Jesus by saying what He did on the cross and by talking about how He reigns. Saying it repeatedly helps even if we don’t see a change. The change will come. As we continue to declare victory and we continue to stay strong in faith, we are bound to see our problems dwindle. It will start with their grip. Their grip will not be as strong. We will realize how big our God is and how small problems are compared to Him. God should be the giant in our lives and not our bad circumstances. God should be the giant in our minds and not the negative thoughts. God should be the giant in our hearts and not the fear and the worries.

God is always on the throne and we ought to be careful we are not putting anything else on the throne. God reigns and everyone and everything should be subject to His majesty. It’s time we emphasized God’s power and we de-emphasized the enemy’s lies. It’s time we lifted up the Lord daily and we put down the enemy on a regular basis. It’s time we sang God’s victory in our lives and we defused the enemy’s negative chatter. Sing and sing. Don’t get tired of it. Sing when your body is tired. Sing when your mind is blind. Sing when your heart is heavy. Singing that God reigns despite our feelings and emotions is a good step in the faith direction. Keep walking the faith line. God will meet you on the way. He will help you and He will show you that He still reigns. God reigns. He is more powerful than anything bad that will ever come your way. Let Him reign. Let Him be bigger than the pain. Give Him priority and let Him take control of your problems. God will reign forever. Nothing is impossible to Him. Sing it loud and clear. God is on the throne and all trials and problems will bow down. Thank the Lord that He reigns. Tell Him how much you love you and you adore Him. He still reigns so don’t worry and don’t fear. Things are going to get better soon. Stay strong and stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 47:8; Matthew 24:35; 1 Timothy 1:17

God is always with you

God is always with you. Isn’t that comforting? I think we forget that truth very easily just because we don’t see Him but He is everywhere. He is with us all the time and He never leaves. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit. When we accept Jesus into our heart, the Holy Spirit comes and dwells within us and doesn’t leave us. Why is it that sometimes we feel Him more than other times? I believe it’s because we leave Him so to speak. We get so distracted that we lose the awareness of His presence. Life has a way of taking us down roads that put some distance between the Lord and us. I have been down those roads many times and it seemed like I would never find my way back to God but through His amazing mercy I was found again. I still take walks away from God from time to time but I know what is happening and I can reconnect more easily. God is with me all the time. His Spirit is always ready to talk to me and to listen to me and that goes for all of us. If you are feeling like you are alone or that God has left the building, I am here to remind you that He can’t leave you and He is by your side right now. He adores your company and He would never forsake you. Learn to recognize how present He is and your relationship with Him will be amplified.

Understanding the Holy Spirit is key. He is part of the Trinity. He is God. The Holy Spirit is God’s presence. We have God with us when we believe in Jesus. Jesus is the gateway to the Holy Spirit. He is our connection to the Father. The Spirit of Jesus exalts Jesus and He is Jesus as well. It sounds complicated but it is simpler than we think. Jesus, God with us, sent us His presence so we would know Him and stay connected with Him. The Holy Spirit is the counselor, the guide and the coach that always points us in Jesus’ direction because that is His direction. The Holy Spirit will never point you in a direction that separates you from Jesus. That is how you know you are dealing with the Holy Spirit. He is God so He is also the Word of God. God is His Word. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through His Word and reminds us of the Word. He is an advocate for the Word and for the Lord. He is a Person who speaks and who talks to us. Once I gave myself up to the Lord and stopped holding on to areas in my life that He wanted, I started being aware of the Holy Spirit.

Since God is always with us, we should live our lives with the awareness that He is always present. It doesn’t just mean that we should avoid doing things that grieve the Holy Spirit but we should actively engage with God. How? Through prayer primordially and conversations. I talk to God throughout the day. I talk to Jesus. I talk to the Holy Spirit. They are all one  and they are with us. The Holy Spirit helps us know Jesus more and that is why I talk to Him. I have a relationship with the Holy Spirit which as a kid was unthinkable. It is such a comforting relationship today. He lets me know that He is listening and He talks to me through different venues. He uses His Word to show me He is with me. He talks through circumstances and situations. He speaks through messages and sermons. He also talks in a small, gentle and sweet voice that I mostly hear during prayer time. When I am in prayer, it is so easy for me to be aware of God. What I need to do is carry that awareness through the rest of the day and that is why I talk to God under my breath or in my head. Talk to God more. Talk to Him all day. Establish a deep relationship with Him. He is with you now. He is waiting to be acknowledged and to be exalted. God is always with you. Let that be what you focus on every day. Let it be magnified in your mind and in your heart so your problems look smaller. Enjoy His company every day! You are never alone. Never!

Suggested reading: Joshua 1:9; Psalm 23:4; Ephesians 3:17