God is listening

God is always listening. Until I understood that, it was hard for me to imagine that He cared. As a young Christian I was under the impression that God mostly listened to His people during church on Sunday. I also thought that if my prayers were not answered it was because God had not listened to me. He was too busy taking care of other people. Maybe my emergency was not an emergency after all and He had to deal with bigger issues. God listens and He cares. You are His bigger issue. He is no respecter of persons. Your life, your problems, your struggles and your trials matter to Him. He is listening to your heart, listening to your tears. He cares. So why is it that sometimes we feel like He is not listening? 


The problem is that we too often rely on how it feels and how our emotions guide us when it comes to God. He is not in our feelings. He is not in how things appear or what we hear from the world. God is beyond our feelings and beyond what the world gives us and shows us. He is closer than we think and He is more attentive than we think. We shouldn’t be wearing our feelings as a way of communicating with God but we should start putting on our hat of faith. God says in His Word that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. He also says that He listens to what we have to say even before we say it. He is a loving God and when you love someone, you listen to them. There is nothing that you can say that the Lord hasn’t heard yet. There is nothing that you can feel that the Lord is not aware of yet. He knows it all and He knows you through and through.


Today I want to encourage you to trust that God is listening. He heard you. He hears you and He will always hear you. He is not just hearing what you have to say. He is listening to what you have to say. You see, there is a difference. When you hear someone you don’t necessarily pay attention to what they say. Listening implies more focused attention. Your God is listening to every single word and He is focused on you when you speak. He is always focused on you even when you are not focused on Him. I found a great way to be more aware of how much God is listening. It starts with understanding who God is and how He wants us to be with Him.


 The Lord said that “if we remain in Him and His words remain in us, we can ask whatever we want and it shall be done.” The idea here is that we ought to remain in Him and His words should remain in Him. How do we achieve that? By diligently studying and reading the Word of God. When we dive into it on a regular basis we will be impregnated with His words. We will get to know Him better. We will be touched by His Spirit. Our spiritual eyes will be more open and we will see that He is listening. He is listening because His Word already has answers for us before we even ask for anything. Remaining in Him gives us the assurance that He is involved, that He cares and that He listens. The more of the Lord in you, the more of faith in Him you will have. Faith that He is listening and faith that He will act in your favor.


Believing that God is listening is crucial to our faith. How can we believe in a God who turns a deaf ear to our prayers? That would be difficult. We would think that whatever we asked we would not get or there would be a slim chance that we might get it. It is also fundamental to trust that God is listening otherwise we have a broken relationship with Him. For a relationship to be successful, both parties have to be listening to each other. This means that for our relationship with God to be solid we have to be listening as much as He is. He is always listening but if we don’t listen to Him we might actually miss the fact that He is listening. Imagine you talk to God every day about a certain situation. You talk and talk about it when you pray, when you are in the car and when you get a chance throughout the day. Times goes by and your situation doesn’t change. You think that God wasn’t listening to you. You get discouraged. 


Is God really not listening? The truth is that He has been trying to get your attention and He has been speaking to you. His ways are different from our ways. If we take the time to know Him better, we will find the ways that He speaks to us and discover that He is listening. Get into the Word of God daily. Get into your prayer closet. Listen to what He has to say. You will find out that He is always listening to you! My prayer for you today is that you are made aware that God is listening. I pray that His Spirit opens your heart and reveals that God is not only listening to you all the time but He is also talking to you all the time. God is a good God. He is a great listener. The best listener there is!

Suggested reading: John 15:7; 1 Peter 3:12; 1 John 5:14

There is hope for you today

I could write about hope every single day because the Lord is full of hope. When you know the Holy Spirit, you know hope. He is the King of hope. He doesn’t doubt and He doesn’t fear anything. He is way better than any human beings at keeping hope alive. I used to think that hope was a temporary thing that came and left. I used to think that hope was forbidden. Limiting myself to “maybe” was all I knew. I didn’t know that I could go all the way to “hope street” and stay there. Hope street is where the Lord lives and He doesn’t travel to places where hope is non-existent. If you want to get to know the Lord better, try and find out more about what He says and believes about hope. Hope died on the cross but it came back to life. The message of the Gospel is a message of hope. Hope of a life with God. Hope of a life where Heaven collides with earth. Hope that never goes away and that never fails. Knowing God as a God of little hope is knowing God the wrong way. Today I want to reiterate the message of hope. Things are looking bad in the world but it doesn’t mean that hope is dead. Hope is dying in many people’s minds but the death they are seeing is a scheme of the enemy. The enemy lies about everything and he will make us believe that nothing will ever get fixed or that we might as well lose hope because there is nothing to hope for. The Bible contradicts the enemy. The Bible erases the lies and makes clear that Christ in us, the hope of glory. We have the hope to see Christ be magnified and win over all the attacks of the enemy. There is hope every single day, friend. On sunny days and cloudy days. Hope is here to stay. Jesus is hope and He is alive forever.


What do you need hope for? What is it that seems impossible in your life? Are you going through hardships due to the virus? Have you lost hope because you see a gloom future with no lights of hope on the horizon? I am here to tell you that your worst problems and your worst fears have an enemy. That enemy is the Lord Jesus Christ who conquered all your worst circumstances on the cross of Calvary. He did away with all of it and the secret passcode is faith. When you enter faith in the computer of your life, you will see that you have access to many applications and software that will change your life. Faith lets you into the world of the impossible with hope as the main guide.  Faith and hope work hand in hand. Faith believes without seeing. It knows that there is nothing to worry about and nothing to fear because God is in control. Hope believes that God is in control and the future is bright since God is in charge of everything. Hope puts Jesus inside the frame of any situation. Where there is failure and disappointment, hope sees restoration and situations changed for the best. Hope knows God has plans for us so it doesn’t worry about the enemy’s agenda for our lives. Being anchored in hope is a phenomenal way of being. My hope is in the Lord. When your hope is in Him, it doesn’t matter what the enemy throws at you. There is hope of a better day every day!


The Lord can never leave you. When you internalize that truth and hold on to it, hope is much easier to find. Greater is the Lord that is in you than the enemy that is in this world. This implies that the hope of a better day is always in you and it is stronger and bigger than the hardships and the difficulties you are going through. When I am down sometimes, I hear a song in the back of my heart. It is a song of hope that the Spirit of the Lord sings to get me out of the sad mindest. No matter how sad I get, hope is still alive. No matter how bad things get, Jesus is still the same. If you have lost hope today, remember that it can always be found. It is not far and it will be back. Jesus is with you. The creator of the universe is with you. It doesn’t matter who is against you because the Lord is always by your side. I pray that the eyes of your heart may see the light of hope that the Lord carries with Him all the time. That light is in you and it is waiting for you to awaken it with faith. Hope is here to stay. Don’t give up. Great things are coming your way. The Lord has paved the way and He will get in the way of what’s hurting you and bothering you. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Mark 9:23; Hebrews 10:23; Philippians 1:6


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 118)

God has a plan for your life. Remember that it is His plan and not yours. He will work it out for you. He will implement His plan and He will provide. Trust in His plan. Let Him be the God who has a plan for your life.

God didn’t call you to be someone else. He called you to be you. It’s when you are you that you will see the true power of you. You are unique. You are amazing. You are loved. You are meant for great things. You are meant to be the child God created. Let Him be your Father. Be His child!

God rejoices over you. He is speaking about you with the cloud of witnesses cheering for you. God is watching over you. He has His eyes on you and His angels are around you. God is in love with you. He pours love into you and His love is in His presence all over you.

Life can teach lessons that we need to repeat over and over again. God teaches lessons that will get us to the next chapter when we pay attention.

Sometimes we just tear down the walls of the house of the Lord with our unbelief and our free will. Let’s keep His house standing. Let’s keep faith as the foundation for His house and let’s build up the walls with hope.

Your prayers should not be minimized. Your words of hope should not be taken for granted. Your praises should not be diminished. Your testimony should not be silenced. Your heart should be strengthened and your faith should be highlighted. Don’t give up on what brings you close to God!

Some people will read and receive the Word of God in you. Some people will never learn how to read God in you. Some people are waiting for you to teach them how to get to know the One who lives in you.

God’s love is not the theme of an episode on the soap opera of your life. Leave the drama behind. God’s love is the main plot of your life. Love is the reason why you breathe. God’s love is the reason why you live.

Perk up and stay alert in the Lord. Drink the cup of His zeal and the cup of His awakening. Stay awake with God. Stay awake through His Spirit. Don’t slumber and don’t snooze spiritually. The adrenaline of the Spirit of God will keep you going.

God is knocking on the door of your heart every day. If you let Him in, He will come and rejoice with you. Pray that you hear the knocks. Pray that you see the door and that you can turn the handle even when your mind is trying to keep you inside the house of chaos and confusion.

Suggested reading: Matthew 7:7; John 10:9; Revelation 3:20

The power of magnifying God

I have seasonal allergies and I am also allergic to dust mites. This means that I keep my house as clean as possible and since I am staying home all the time, I have to be even more diligent when it comes to cleaning and to keeping the environment allergen-free. It can be a struggle. I was looking up symptoms the other day online. I was trying to understand some of the physical reactions I have had. I have never had such strong symptoms but I also have never had to be home for such a long time. I went online every day for a while trying to find solutions so I could avoid the drowsiness that comes with allergy meds. My mind was fixed on the symptoms and the problem until I got into prayer and I was led to focus on the solution. We tend to spend most of our time learning about the problem when we should be learning about the solution or the cure. When problems arise, our minds can go into problem-solving mode but that mode is often crippled by fear, anxiety and despair. We magnify the problem. Researching about the symptoms and the issues attached to my allergies didn’t help. It stressed me out. Have you ever been sick or injured and looked up the sickness or the injury online? Have you ever looked up side effects for medications? Have you looked at the worst-case scenario for a situation you were in? You can go from having a cold to thinking you have cancer. You can go from feeling sad to having a broken heart. You can go from having money issues to seeing yourself going bankrupt. God always wants to put an end to that way of thinking. He is not in favor of overthinking and overindulging in misery, in what ifs and in worst case scenarios. He is the best case scenario and that is what we should focus on.

Focusing on the problem and thinking about it all the time will fester in our minds and create greater problems that don’t even exist. The more we think about them, the more real they become to us. Today I want to encourage to focus on the solution, focus on the answer, focus on the Lord. There is a need to magnify God when things are going wrong. We should always magnify Him but when we are going through trials, we need an even bigger magnifying glass. A magnifying glass is a lens with a handle, that enlarges an image. When symptoms are driving us crazy and trials are keeping us up at night, we ought to grab that magnifying glass and enlarge the Lord. God is big enough as He is. He is bigger than anything and anyone so He doesn’t need to be enlarged per say but our minds shrink Him when the going gets tough. A lot of our problems lie in our minds. A lot of the issues we face, we face in our heads. Our minds are an arena where players and fighters come in freely and wrestle constantly. Those fighters should be kicked out. They should be diminished and abolished. We can achieve the abolishment of negative thoughts through the amplification of the Lord.

The magnifying glass I am talking about is especially important. The handle we use to hold that glass matters. The Word of God is that handle. It allows us to hold the lens, our vision and perception, and to glorify the Lord. The lens is how we see the world. It is the filter for our minds. Watching the world through the lens of fear and worry will only magnify the negative. It’s that lens that produces huge images of defeat, of failure and of destruction. I used to be an expert at using that negative lens. I used to be particularly good at projecting movies with very bad endings in my mind. I think that is why I was drawn to sad movies and dramas that spoke to my fears. I changed the filter. I changed the lens. The Holy Spirit helped me. He directed me and pointed me to the Word of God constantly until it became a habit. God will assist us in trading destructive habits for uplifting habits.

Holding the right lens and magnifying the Lord must become a habit. It takes practice and dedication.  There is comfort in what we are used to so we need to go past that comfort level and get into a new comfort zone where God is magnified. The lens of the Word of God is effective when used all the time. God is bigger than my symptoms. That is for sure. God is bigger than my difficulties. That is for sure. God is bigger than the negative chatter in my mind. That is for sure. I keep grabbing that magnifying glass and it does wonders for my mind and for my spirit. Praise is another handle for my magnifying glass. It has proven to be one of the most powerful filters in my life. It makes Jesus look like a giant compared to my bad circumstances. It shows me how God truly is. He is still mighty and loving. He can still do the impossible. He can heal. He can perform miracles. Praise opens my eyes to the reality of God and closes my eyes to the negativity of the world. Magnify Jesus today and every day. Your life will never be the same when you resort to the power of magnifying the Lord!

Suggested reading: Zephaniah 3:17; Ephesians 1:19; Ephesians 6:10

God’s freedom trails

Life is a journey. Every day we embark on a path that takes us to our destiny. There are many trails on this journey. Passages with things left behind. Some trails are easy to follow and others are complicated and difficult. Some trails are pleasant and they are a scenic route while others are dire straits where obstacles and trials seem to turn up at every step of the way. Throughout my life I have identified some trails that led to captivity or that were plainly trails of imprisonment. Some of those trails kept me in bondage. They didn’t take me to a place of peace but they kept me under the yoke of oppression. I am sure you can find those trails in your own life. Trails that you can’t get out of and that generate chaos and confusion along the way. The Lord doesn’t want us in bondage. He came to set us free and to give us peace. He came so we could trade captivity for freedom. The other day as I was getting into prayer, the Holy Spirit whispered the words “The freedom trails of the Lord.” He said it softly deep down on the inside. His words caught my attention. God has freedom trails for all of us. He has paths of peace and harmony that will change our lives. Today I want to encourage you to pursue the freedom trails of the Lord. Seek the Lord’s kingdom and you will find the trails that lead to freedom. Ask and you shall receive. Desire freedom and let God make your paths straight and peaceful. Don’t stay stuck in the trails of captivity. God has much better for you!

A trail is a series of signs or marks that were left behind by someone or something. The enemy leaves a trail of oppression and bondage on some paths of our lives. When we don’t know the Lord, we follow the trails of the enemy and we walk along a path strewn with deception, eternal death, condemnation and doom. Being saved doesn’t mean that there are no marks left by the enemy on our paths. The marks of eternal sin and spiritual death are removed but some negative trails still show up in our lives. We follow those signs and end up in troubling situations. The enemy knows how to present those signs in an appealing way. He puts them on our path and make them glimmer like gold. All that glitters is not gold as you know and we realize it when it’s too late. The good news is that it’s never too late with the Lord. God can reverse anything. He can take the marks left behind by the enemy and destroy them. The enemy comes to destroy us but the Lord is here to destroy the powers of the enemy in our lives. Every sign and mark of negativity on our paths is an opportunity for the Lord to get us to freedom. What the enemy meant for evil is meant for good by the Lord. There is freedom on the way for you, friend. It doesn’t matter how much bondage you have been living in. God has trails of freedom for you and He is leading you there in Jesus’ name.

I suggest you identify the trails that have kept you in bondage. Are there areas of your life where there is no freedom? It could be areas in your thinking. It could be in your finances. It could be in your relationships. It could be in your prayer life. It could be in your personality. Negative trails appear in places we least expect and they can be dominant. They key is to find those negative signs. The Holy Spirit can unveil trails that we never knew existed. He can show us that we have been going down the wrong path even though we thought we were going down a scenic route of serenity. God gives peace that surpasses all understanding. The enemy gives an illusion of peace that gets stuck in our understanding. We understand it and we accept it as the ultimate peace when in reality there is a price to pay that is attached to that “peace.” Riches can be a source of such fake peace. People find comfort and refuge in their wealth. Having money is not bad. It’s the love of money that is dangerous especially when we equate money to happiness and success. God provides and He gives exceedingly more than we can imagine but He never meant for money to be the path to our salvation and to our joy. God’s peace is centered on God and nothing else. His freedom comes from Him and nothing else.

My prayer for you today is that you get to see the Lord’s freedom trails and that you are free indeed. Obstacles will always be on the way but the freedom trails of the Lord will also be there. The Lord came to set you free in every part of your life. Take His yoke upon you and know that His burden is light. The enemy’s yoke has no right to be in our lives. Let’s give it to the Lord. Let’s show the enemy who the King of our lives is. The freedom trails of the Lord can be a reality in our lives. Let’s make the Lord a priority. Let’s stay in the Word. Let’s proclaim our freedom in the name of Jesus. Freedom is leaving signs on your path and you are going to see them!

Suggested reading: Matthew 11:25-30; John 8:36; 2 Corinthians 3:17

Experiencing the goodness of God

God is good. God is good all the time. Life might be tough. Life might be rough but life never changes God. God’s goodness is constant. It doesn’t waver. It doesn’t change. It is more stable than the ground you walk on. God’s goodness is a ground that can’t be shaken. It is a solid ground on which we can walk, we can run, we can grow. God’s stability is unparalleled and yet we focus more on the instability of the world. We say that the only thing that is constant is change. We see change as something we should expect all the time. That approach tarnishes the way we see God. We picture Him as a changing God who is good when all is good and He is absent when we are going through difficulties. We run into trouble and we imagine that God runs away from us when the going gets tough. God doesn’t run away. He stays right by our side no matter what we go through. His goodness is at the fingertip of our faith. We can reach it with our hand of faith anytime even in hard times. God is good every single day of our lives. He changes our lives so we can taste His goodness. He changes our bad circumstances so we can experience His goodness. However, it shouldn’t take a “rescue mission” from God for us to see His goodness. We ought to enjoy God’s goodness every day. Today I want to talk about the goodness of God and how we can experience it all the time. God’s goodness can be our lifestyle and not our life-long wish that makes a cameo from time to time.

David says that he will proclaim the goodness of God and talk about His salvation all day long.
If you read through the Psalms, you will notice that David emphasizes the goodness of God and glorifies God because He is good. If we want to see God’s goodness, we need to start proclaiming it every day. We need to invite God’s goodness into our lives by declaring that God is good. This should become a habit. Setting time aside every day to talk about how good how God is will change our lives. It will allow us to understand that God is always good. It will linger in our minds and it will settle in our spirits. I like singing to the Lord in the morning. I love singing along Christian songs that magnify Jesus but I also love coming up with my own songs. I start my prayers with worship and praise. I declare that the Lord is almighty and that His goodness endures forever. The verb “endure” is key. To endure is to stand the test of time. Something that endures stays the same no matter what happens. God’s goodness breaks the record of endurance so to speak. If God’s goodness were in a race with the world’s wickedness, His goodness would win every time. There is no competition between the world’s evil ways and God’s goodness. Exalt the Lord’s goodness as much as possible and your spiritual eyes will be open to a new reality.

Thanking God for His goodness is another important factor when it comes to experiencing God’s goodness. I lift up the Lord for being good and I thank Him for being good. Now, I don’t thank Him only on sunny days. Come what may, I thank the Lord. When there is a storm, I thank God for His goodness. When I am stranded in an ocean of confusion, I thank God for His goodness. When unexpected bills make their way to my house, I thank God for His goodness. When the world seems to be falling apart, I thank God for His goodness. God’s goodness doesn’t hinge upon outside circumstances. It depends on God Himself. God defines His goodness. Our situation shouldn’t dictate if God is good or not. God’s essence is good. If we focus on the Lord, if we keep our eyes on Jesus, we will see that His goodness stays the same. God’s Word is one of the best promoters of God’s goodness. Spend time reading about His goodness. Write about His goodness in your life and keep reading what you write. It will boost your faith in His goodness.

When your declaration of how good God is is bigger than your thoughts of how bad the world is, you put yourself on a platform. You ascend to a platform where you can live out God’s goodness. You put yourself in a place where you can receive God’s goodness. God wants you to live out His goodness. He wants your faith in His goodness to guide your day and to lead the way. When you trust that God is good all the time, doubt and fear cannot derail you. God is good so He desires for you to be blessed. Your problems today cannot stop the goodness of God in your life unless you let them. Your failures and lacks cannot stop you from experiencing God’s goodness when you stay in faith and you proclaim that God is good all the time. You have a good, good God who loves you very, very much. Expect His goodness. Expect His love. God is good to you night and day. Proclaim His goodness every day!

Suggested reading: Psalm 71:15-24; Mark 10:18; James 1:17

Put your mind at peace

In my most recent messages I have mentioned the power of our minds and the need to renew our thinking. The mind is like a control tower that deals with thoughts flying in and thoughts taking off all the time. It is a tower that doesn’t always have control of what plane is landing on the runway of our emotions. There are tons of thoughts that land in our heads so fast without permission that we can’t stop them. Our tower is overactive at times and it passively lets anything come in. However, we have the power to take control of the situation. We have the authority to turn some planes away and to prevent some thoughts from landing and staying in our thinking. The Bible calls for the renewing of our minds. It is an ongoing process that requires an active tower in control, a tower that decides and that knows how to say no to thoughts that can be detrimental to the airport of our lives.


To renew is to make something new. It is to purge the old and allow new things to be born. When we get saved, our minds are still the same. Our spirits are born again but our minds still wear their old patterns and habits. We get the impression that our thinking is changed because of the hope that is in us. We feel like we have wings and we can take off and go to high altitudes anytime until we get hit by problems and overthinking goes into autopilot. Then we realize that negative thoughts are still there and we can even think that we are not saved. I talk from experience. Today I want to encourage you to put your mind at ease by taking control of your thought tower. I want to remind you that the Holy Spirit and the Word of God can help you manage the air traffic in your head.


“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” This verse, Romans 12:2 says it all. It encapsulates our daily mental goal. The renewing of the mind should become a habit. It should be as important as praying and praising the Lord every day. If we conform to the world even when our spirits have gone through the born-again process, we are most likely to live lives where our faith is nonexistent and our mind is a nest for negativity. What goes into our minds eventually drops down into our spirits. If our minds are fed the lies of the world, our spirits can’t reach the potential of the new life in Christ.


The Bible tells us to guard our hearts, our spirits. A good way to do that is by watching what’s going on in our minds and renewing our thoughts. It’s all about what we let it. What we should let it daily is the Word of God. His Word is the daily bread that goes into our heads, drops into our spirits, and feeds our entire being with truth, love, and life. We need time to be in the Word and to digest its powerful truth. The truth of the Word needs to be bigger than the words of the world in us.


There is peace in the Lord. God gives us peace and He is not the author of chaos and confusion. He wants our minds to be at peace all the time. Imagine spending an hour with the Lord face to face. How would you feel after? You would feel light, you would feel burden-free, you would feel at peace. You and I are spending time with the Lord but we don’t always acknowledge it. We put Him on the back burner until we need Him. We can’t run to peace occasionally and expect it to be part of who we are on a daily basis. In the natural, eating a balanced meal only once a week won’t be sustainable and it won’t give us the nutrients we need in the long run. I want my daily interaction with Jesus and I make room for Him.


Jesus is the One I talk to first thing in the morning. He influences my thinking by telling me what I should tell myself. A powerful way to put your mind at peace is by talking to yourself and saying what Jesus says about you. There is power in the words of the Lord and His words are meant to edify us and bless us. They are meant to give us peace and to keep us in peace. Give your mind a break every time it goes into overthinking mode. Be actively in control of your tower by rebuking, rejecting, and accepting.


Rebuke the negative thoughts out loud. Tell them they are not from God and you don’t welcome anything that is not from Him. Reject the thoughts that try to diminish your faith. Speak against them and declare that your faith is in the Lord and He can’t fail you. Talk about how much He loves you. Tell your mind that you have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about it. Reject worry and accept faith and love. Welcome positive thoughts. Welcome all the pure and noble thoughts that the Holy Spirit is bringing to your mind. Embrace peace. Embrace the rest you can find in the Lord. Peace should be the head of your tower. Let peace get comfortable in your control tower. Let the Holy Spirit direct you. Put your mind at peace through prayer every day and interact with God’s Word all the time.

Suggested reading: Romans 12:1-2; Philippians 4:8; Ephesians 4:23


10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 116)

The Lord says “See Me for yourself and not through the eyes of the blind.” Don’t let other people’s limited vision dictate how you see God.

Jesus died so you could live like you were in Heaven now. Accept His redeeming life and live His life in you today.

What you are sowing in love every day is landing on fertile soil and you will see plants and flowers grow in due time. Keep it up! God is blessing you!

God has ways to get you through the worst mazes and the worst dilemmas. He will make a way and bring you out better and stronger!

We will sing together again. We will praise together again. We will pray together again. We will spend time together again. We rise up together again. We are winning this together again. We are rejoicing together again. God is with us always and stay with us whether we are alone or together.

You and God” is how you grow. You and God is how you glow. Let it be just you and God and you will always know. You will know that there is no one like the One who makes you glow through His love and through His flow.

You are God’s most beautiful story so remember who is narrating your life. Jesus is speaking every part of your life into existence. Trust the author and love His Book!

Jesus loves with no reservation. You don’t have to call and try to get a spot in His house. You are always welcome. You are always invited. You don’t need a reservation to be loved by Him!

God’s unfailing love is a shield. It’s a safety net that will catch you when you fall and get you back up. God will never fail you! Praise Him!!!

God has what you need and there is a timestamp on it. When it’s time, it will happen and nothing will be able to stop it from taking place. The time will come. Jesus is faithful!

Suggested reading: 2 Thessalonians 3:3; 2 Timothy 2:13; 1 John 1:9

Jesus has the answer

The other morning when I was praying, I kept hearing deep down inside “Jesus has the answer.” That statement invaded my heart and kept knocking on the door of my mind. It felt like it was coming from the depth of my spirit and making its way up to my thoughts. It was a whisper from the Holy Spirit that needed to marinate in me until my mind caught it and embraced it. It sounds like a simple declaration of the Spirit but it is packed with power. Jesus has the answer! How many times do we look for answers anywhere we can? We even go to the Word of God and find answers that are not necessarily answers from God. It is possible to look at passages of the Word of God and interpret them as the Word of man. Our own ideas, thoughts and filters can make us miss the mark. When we approach God with our intellect and our own reasoning, we won’t find God in His Word. We will find man’s answers to a problem that God has already solved. Diving into the Word of God with an expecting heart, with a desire to hear from God is crucial. If we leave our ego at the door, it we let go and let God, we will hear from Him. The Word of God has the answers we need if we acknowledge that Jesus is the answer. Jesus was talked about in the Bible way before He came to earth and way after He departed to go to Heaven. The main theme, the main message of the Word of God is that Jesus has the answer, Jesus is the answer. He is the filter through which we should be dealing with life. He is the filter that gets us to our breakthrough, our answers, and our victory.

If you are looking for answers today. If you are struggling and you don’t know what to do. If you are giving up and you need to get up again, remember that Jesus has the answer. Jesus is the answer to whatever is troubling you today. Jesus has the Word that will set your free today. Jesus has the love that will give you rest today. Jesus has a breakthrough that the enemy can’t stop today. Jesus has the answer to every single question you will ever have. Don’t look past Jesus. Don’t look beyond Jesus. Don’t look for answers in the caves of your understanding. Jesus has His own understanding that lies in the light of His glory and not in the darkness of human reasoning. Get into the light of His knowledge. Get into the light of His wisdom. Find refuge in Him. Make yourself comfortable in His presence. Rely on the Lord. Follow the Lord. Don’t follow your feelings and your emotions regarding your situation. God cannot be found in feelings and emotions. He is in the realm of faith and love. Your answers are closer than you think and they are owned by the One who came to change life forever.

Jesus has the answer and to get to the answer we ought to get under His umbrella of love.
You might be going through a storm today and Jesus has the cover and the protection you need. He loves you more than anyone. He loves you so much that He protects you and He blesses you. Remind your heart that God loves you. Remember His love. That is where you need to go first in order to reach the answer. God is not mad at you. God has not forsaken you. He is welcoming you with open arms all the time. Trust in His love. The answer is in His love. He so loved you that He gave His only Son so you wouldn’t perish. This is key. Jesus won’t let you perish. He died on the cross so you would make it today. That is the answer. His answer is that you won’t perish. His answer is that you are going to go through this storm with Him and you are going to reach the shore of peace and victory. Trade your frustration, your fear and your confusion for His answer. Jesus has the answer you have been waiting for. Look to Him. Look at the answer to your headache in His redeeming and protective medicine which is His love. Don’t try to figure it all out on your own. Jesus is the answer and He has figured it all out for you. Trust Him. He will not let you down! He is the way, the truth and the life.

Suggested reading: Isaiah 53:5; John 14:6; Hebrew 4:16

10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 115)

For some of us this is the biggest trial of our lives. However, this big trial doesn’t change the big Advocate we have. The Holy Spirit is still coaching us through life, comforting us and pointing us to Jesus. Trials don’t change the Lord. The Lord can change anything including this trial!

Misplaced faith is believing that God can do what He says in the Bible for others or to others but not for us. Blind faith is believing that God can do absolutely anything in our lives and we trust Him without ever questioning Him.

Jesus is always vibrant with love. Just one look and everything else vanishes. His love is a flame that never goes out. Let His vibrant love burning in your life. Embrace Him. Adore Him!

God will carry you and take you to a place where everything you see seems new. Everything you feel seems light and everything you think is about Him!

Our job is not to judge people but to love them the best we can. When we judge others it is more a reflection of our character than an denouncement/exhibition of their flaws.

They say the devil is in the details and I say the Lord knows the details of our lives. Let Him handle the details and let the devil be the liar whose details you don’t trust.

The Lord is a Rock that can’t be moved but yet is He moved by your tears. Turn to the Rock who would move heaven and earth for you!

God holds your life. Keep smiling in faith. With Him there is nothing to worry about! Let Him hold every part of your life.

Prayers are needed every day. There are unspoken prayers that never leave the hearts of men and never reach God’s ears. These prayers need voices today that will bring answers tomorrow. Give a voice to your heart today.

The road with God is not always roses and flowers. Sometimes the path is thorns and bushes but Jesus will remove the thorn from your side and get you out of the bushes. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 31:3; Galatians 2:20; 1 John 3:1