Getting filled with the Word of God

I have been on a quest for a higher step on my spiritual ladder. I am not in a race against others. I have my own race and my own ladder to climb. I have been focusing on getting closer to God and getting all the wisdom I can gain from Him. I am learning as much as I can and I have been told to be patient but to go at a steady pace. My spiritual ladder is like no one else’s and it took me a while to understand that. We all have our unique paths and our unique journeys. We can get into trouble when we compare our journeys’ to others’ and we try to jump on someone else’s ladder and climb as high as we can. God can’t bless what is not meant for us. We can find limited success while walking in someone else’s shoes but there is a point when the shoes don’t fit anymore and we have to go back to wearing our destinies again. The only way to grow spiritually is to be in communion with the Lord and to get filled with His Word. Wisdom comes from the Word of God. I heard about being filled with the Word at a younger age but it didn’t make much sense to me. It is truly a lot simpler than I thought but it requires discipline. I also found out that there was a correlation between being filled with the Word and being filled with the Spirit. Today I want to share with you what I have discovered about being filled with the Word and with the Spirit. I am so grateful for this journey and I thank the Lord for the lessons He gives us and for His guidance.

Most of the lessons I am taking so to speak, come directly from the Word of God. I have to go over them many times and I pray over what I learn. There is a lot we can comprehend with our minds but God should be approached with our hearts and our spirits. Everything from God we learn should become a part of who we are. We should embrace Him and let Him change us on the inside. What a better way to embrace the Lord than to dive into His Word and meditate on it. God is His Word. When we get to know His Word better, we get to know Him better. The concept of being filled with the Lord of God implies being filled with God. I have noticed that we are all filled with something. It depends on what we are letting in the most. We can easily be filled with the world and be consumed by it. When I am at work, I am very focused and my job becomes a part of me. It fills me up and I have to find ways to not let it consume me. One thing I do is remind myself that when I am working, I am doing it all for the Lord. I am working thanks to Him and for Him. I also have pockets of time when I pray and I praise Him. That is a lesson I learned from the Word of God. In His Word the Lord encourages us to pray without ceasing. That great encouragement can only bear fruit if we put it into practice. We are called to be doers of the Word and doers of the Word are filled with the Word of God. They adopt it and apply it. They fill their minds with the Word and they have a lot of room for the Word in their hearts.

Does getting filled with the Word of God mean memorizing it? It is part of it but it’s not all of it. Anyone can commit words to memory. It doesn’t mean that the words are doing anything to them on the inside. We ought to interact and engage with the Word of God. The best interaction is the one that shows that the Word is an active part of us. Doing what the Word says and staying focused on the Word is key. Jesus said that if we stay in Him and His words remain in us, we shall ask what we want and it will be done for us. When the Word is a part of us, there is power released in our lives to see the impossible happen. Prayers are answered. Breakthroughs take place. Miracles happen. The Word of God is powerful and when we are filled with it, we are filled with life-changing power. Obeying God’s commandments such as walking in love and staying in faith is a great way to be filled with His Word. The filling up occurs when we stay in sync with the Word and we are consistent. Walking in love on Sunday and spreading hate the rest of the week doesn’t get the job done. We have to be disciplined, devoted and dedicated. I am inviting you today to spend as much time in the Word as possible and to pray and meditate on it. Follow what the Word says. Apply it to your life all the time. Do your best and ask the Spirit of God to assist you. As you stay filled with the Word, you will be filled with the Spirit of God and you will be led all the time. You will be able to discern the voice of the Lord better and to walk in His peace, in His joy and in His love. Get filled with the Word and you will empty yourself of the world. May God bless you and protect you and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Psalm 37:4 John 14:13; John 15:7

God is the difference

Yesterday I woke up to a very encouraging message. I love those early morning messages. They are like a ray of sunshine into my spirit even when it is cloudy outside. The Lord has a way of giving us encouragement like no one else. When I was waking up, I heard deep down inside that God is the difference. God is what makes a difference in my life. The God factor improves my life. He is why I live the life I have and why I am where I am. I am where He wants me to be and He will always take me from place to place according to His will. The God factor is an amazing thing. It is a blessing and it is a privilege. I am honored to know the Lord and to be a child of God. That’s what sets up apart, friend. We are part of God’s family and because we have Jesus as our Savior we have this advantage if you will that sets us apart. We have Jesus. That is something we can declare night and day. When things are good, we can sing that we have Jesus. When things are bad, we can proclaim that we have Jesus. Friend, we have Jesus and He is more than enough. He is the big difference in our lives and we can’t ignore it. When I woke up yesterday, the message was clear that I needed to continue to see God as the difference in my life that helps me live this life. I can think back to the times when I didn’t have God. I had the fear factor and the doubt factor and it was not a good life. There was very little to enjoy and most of what I lived had no substance. I was on the wrong path and I had no idea that there was a path I could find where Jesus is there and peace is in every step. Today I want to encourage you to remember that God is the difference in your life. You have the God factor and you don’t have an ordinary life. It is a life with the Savior. You have Jesus! What else could you want?

You have Jesus. Keep that thought alive in your mind all day today. Meditate on that truth and see what it does to your spirit. It will give you joy and peace. It will warm your heart and give you confidence that all is well and all will be well. Having the Lord on your side is the best thing that could happen to you. You are all set. You have the One who can do all things and who loves you unconditionally. Think about His love for you. It is more than a river, it is like an ocean that has no bottom. You can’t ever reach the bottom of the love of the Lord because it is deeper than any seas that exist in this world. The One who loves you more than anything in this world is always accompanying you. That blows my mind and it reassures me. Waking up to that strong revelation made my day. It is something I have known for a long time but when I heard it from Him in a powerful whisper, it made me glad. The Lord makes me glad and He knows how to keep me glad even when the adversity is fighting me. I want you to meditate on what God being the difference in your life means. I don’t want you to compare your life to the life of a non-believer. That is not the point. The point is to see how God makes a difference in your life on every level. You can compare your life to your old life without Him if that helps. No need to compare with others. This is your journey and your path. On this journey, the God factor is the power that makes your life so enjoyable and so special. He makes you special and He makes you who you are. In His eyes you are outstanding. Believe it. The Lord of Lords thinks you are to die for!

Every day when you wake up, you can have the blessed assurance that you have Someone who makes everything right. You can be confident that God is your fortress, your protector and your stronghold. With Him, hope is never lost. With Him, there is no change in the realm of the impossible made impossible. His power is available and He can do anything. Use the authority in His name and praise Him. Lift Him up. There is something extremely special about your life and it is your relationship with the Lord. It is such a blessing that keeps on blessing you and the people in your life. Maximize it and focus on it. Your relationship with Him is more precious than gold and silver. You have the winning ticket like they say. It is not the lottery but it is the covenant with God. See it as a document sealed by the blood of Jesus. I am very excited for you. You have the God factor and you can face every day with peace and faith. You are highly blessed and highly favored. May God bless you and protect and remember that He will always love you!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 13:20-21; 1 Timothy 2:3-4: 1 Thessalonians 5:18

The God of miracles

What do you need now? What do you need for your situation to get better? You might need a miracle or at least it might feel like a miracle is what it would take for your circumstances to improve. The good news is that God is in the business of miracles. He is the inventor of miracles and He has a lot of experience with miracles. As a matter of fact, miracles are in His veins. God is a miracle. That is how I see Him. He came into my life and saved me. He is the miracle I had been waiting for so long. I am getting to know Him and I am learning about His miracle-working power. He is more proficient in miracles than anyone you will ever meet. Therefore, you should go to Him. Turn to Him today. Ask for your miracle. Pray to Him. Be a relentless prayer warrior and show Him that you know He is the miracle maker. God is a miracle maker. What seems like a miracle to us is just another normal act to Him. Parting the seas, turning water into wine are just everyday occurrences for Him. We don’t see them happen because we don’t have the faith for it. It sometimes takes corporate faith for major things like that to take place. Get to know the God of miracles. In the Bible you will find many accounts of His miracles and you will be amazed by His power and by what He can do. He can do the impossible. If there is one thing you should retain from this message is that God can do the impossible. Your miracle is not that far away and it is not something God has to come up with after a long period of reflection and planning. God can reverse any situation, restore anything that needs to be fixed and improve any circumstances. There is something great that will happen to you when you rely on God. You don’t have to bring a huge amount of faith to Him. All He needs is your mustard seed of faith and a heart that is open and willing to receive from Him. The God of miracles can take your situation and make it so much better that you will completely forget that you were in distress at one point.

The parting of the Red Sea is one of the miracles in the Bible that has had the most impact on me. It is an act of God that represents what God can do very well. Who could part the seas and make a path for people to walk on if not God? I am sure that with today’s technology men could do something similar but we are talking about an event that took place centuries ago when such a thing was inconceivable. I have been faced with a Red Sea of my own before. A barrier, a huge hurdle, an impossible situation that kept me from reaching a place of peace. I have contemplated that sea and thought many times that there was no way I would be able to go through it or to come out of it in one piece. My heart used to get broken a lot and I would find its many pieces on the threshold of hope with too much discouragement to even think of repair and restoration. However, God has come through for me all the time. He has picked up the pieces and put my heart back together better than it had been before. God is not intimidated by the seas. It doesn’t matter how big and rocky the oceans of your life are. God can part them and neutralize them. With one word He can make them move away from your path and He can make you walk on dry land. Think of the dry land as the path to your miracles. Many are the paths of the Lord so be assured that no sea can stop Him and He will not only make your path clear but He will make sure that it leads to a great miracle.

When I started thinking about how miracles are nothing extraordinary for God, it helped my thinking align with God’s. Miracles are amazing events that defy logic and nature. God is an amazing God who defies logic and nature and it is in His nature to create miracles. Trust and believe that the miracle you need today is something that God will do for you very easily. Trust and believe that God loves you very much and He is more than willing to shower you with miracles. Trust and believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and He has never stopped performing miracles. Join the group of believers that know without a doubt that miracles are for us today. Join the group of believers that understand that God is the miracle-worker that the world needs today. The outcome of your current situation doesn’t hinge upon your abilities, your money, your intellect and your luck. It all depends on your Savior and He is the God of miracles. He is the One who is going to solve your problem. He is the One you should put in charge of your situation by faith. It is not over yet. Your miracle can still take place. God is not too late and He is not limited by time and space. He has enough room to create something miraculous in your life and He always has the perfect timing. You are so blessed! You are a child of the God of miracles! Stretch out your hand over your sea of problems and the Lord will drive it away from you and make a way for dry land and there will be a path to your miracle!

Suggested reading: Exodus 14:21; Jeremiah 32:27; Mark 10:27

Take steps of faith

I was walking with a friend the other day and all of a sudden I noticed how fast we were going. We focused on what we were talking about and not so much on the walk itself. Our conversation was the motivation. We had a great conversation that occupied our minds so much that we didn’t realize how far and how much we walked. It made me think about the steps I take every day toward the destination the Lord has for me. When I am focused on Him and my thoughts are centered around Him, I made progress and I go far. I don’t spend too much time thinking about how I will get to my destination. I think about the One who gets me there and it is amazing how far I get. The Lord wants us to move forward and to make progress in life. We are on a spiritual path and every step we take matters. That is why we have to watch our steps and be careful how we walk. The best way to walk is with the Lord. We can walk forward with Him by our side and when we follow His steps we can never go wrong. Today I want to encourage you to take a few steps forward with the Lord. Trust His lead. Trust His guidance. Walk with Him. Take steps of faith. Don’t hold back. Don’t waver. Don’t hesitate. Walk and keep walking. Walk with confidence and walk in peace. The Lord will get you where you need to go. Take the steps of faith that will put you on the right track.

Faith can be intimidating because it believes before seeing and we are so programmed to believe after seeing. It makes more sense to us that what we see if what we trust. Faith doesn’t make sense and yet it is more reliable and more powerful than our natural senses. It is a spiritual sense if you will that surpasses the natural. I think of it as my supernatural power and I love how we can grow in it and learn more about it. A lot of it has come through experience for me. I find myself in situations where I have to rely on faith and the thougher the situation, the more faith I need. I have been through times when I had to mature in faith overnight. At least that is how it felt. I had to take steps of faith. Going backwards was not an option. It was either faith or fail. Faith pushed me forward and it spoke gently telling me that the only way was up. Faith understands that we can go from glory to glory and we can make strides. Faith is about advancement and not regression. There are great steps of faith that you can take in every area of your life. Steps that will distance you from fear. As you know, faith is the opposite of fear so when you take a step of faith, you take a step away from fear. Don’t you want to walk away from fear? If you do, start taking steps of faith on a daily basis.

You are going to walk far with the Lord. You are going to walk away from your past and walk away from fear and doubt. Don’t look back. Look ahead. Know that your steps are God directed and they are taking you somewhere great. So take steps of faith. Walk and go to where your mind doesn’t think you can go but your heart knows you can get there easily with God. The steps you take in faith are never in vain. They will always produce great results. They might feel like you are walking in the dark and you are lost but with faith you don’t need to know how you are going to get to your destination.You just need to trust that your steps are the right steps. Faith knows without a doubt that the walk with God is safe and secure. Go for a walk with the Lord every day. Focus on Him more than on anything else and you will see that you are going far and you are making progress. Enjoy the walk!

Suggested reading: 2 Corinthians 5:7; Hebrews 11:6; James 2:14-26

The God of hope

I like listening to the Bible before I go to bed. I play audio versions of the Bible on YouTube. Last night I was listening to the book of Romans chapter 15 when one verse really stood out. It was the verse that talks about the God of hope. Romans 15:13 says, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” I had read this verse before but listening to it last night just gave me a boost. My God is the God of hope. That is how I see Him. He is the God of the Bible, the God of truth, the God of love, the God of the impossible and the God of hope. He is God all the time and He is filled with hope all the time. I talk about hope often and it has to be a topic and a truth that we revisit often. Hope is true. Hope in Jesus is a powerful truth that can destroy all lies of the enemy and give us the faith we need to keep going. As we start this new week, I want to encourage you to hold on to the God of hope and to recognize that His hope is real. It is powerful. It is always alive and it will always impact you in a positive way when you hang on to it. You can choose to listen to the world and get dragged by the negativity and the pessimism that are so rampant or you can choose to follow the God of hope. He is telling you today that hope is with you and hope will see you through. Attach it to your heart. Let it take possession of your mind. Feed your soul on it and live it out. Hope is alive and His name is Jesus!

The God of hope can fill you with joy and peace. He can do that anytime and all the time. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. The God of hope has the power to give you the strength to overcome anything through Him. You can have hope in Him, through Him and with Him. Like I said earlier, the key is to hold on to Him. Hold on to who He is. He is hope incarnated. If you are having a hard time today, if you are sad and discouraged, turn to the God of hope. Pray to Him. Ask Him to fill you with His joy and peace. His Spirit will show you that there is always hope. In the darkest valley and even in the most desperate times, hope is there. God is a generous God and He will give you what you need. Let me say this again. God is a generous God and He will give you what you need. What you need first might not be what you think you need. Before God solves your problems, He wants to “solve you.” He wants to get you to a place where you are strong again and you are relying on Him. He can do that many different ways. He will replace your sadness with His joy and your worries with His peace. Keep yourself in that new place. Keep yourself where joy and peace are abundant. There is an endless supply of them in Heaven and the Lord is making them available to you now. Stay there by keeping your hopes up and by celebrating the Lord. Praise and worship are a celebration of Jesus or at least they should be. Keep celebrating Him with singing and with your thoughts and your actions and you will stay where hope is.

Not only can the God of hope give you peace and joy, He can make you overflow with hope. When peace and joy are everywhere, hope is a steady place. Hope becomes your new normal and you want to do whatever it takes to reside there. You can live where hope resides. Stay close to God. Continue to pray. Continue to rely on Him and to celebrate Him. Read His Word. Trust His Word more than you trust the world. Find people who adore Jesus and who believe He is the Savior who can do the impossible and the God of hope. Find your tribe and be sure to commune with them. The God of hope is more than amazing. He is phenomenal and you are going to learn that His hope is like nothing you have seen before. Just like Paul, I am praying that the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Hope for the best in Jesus. Hope for a life filled with His blessings as you walk with Him all the time. Have hope for people in your life. Have hope for the world. Be a person of hope whose God is unfailing. Nothing is impossible with God. Stay encouraged and don’t lose hope!

Suggested reading: Psalm 130:5;  Romans 15:13;  Titus 1:1-2

God’s vision for your life

I have been asked a few times what vision I had for my life. As a kid I was asked what I would want to be as an adult. As an adult I am asked where I see myself 5 or 10 years from now. We are very much interested in the future and we like to make plans and to have a vision for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that but I am learning that the best vision for my life doesn’t compare to God’s plan and to His vision for my life. The way He sees my potential is different from anything I can imagine. God sees everything through eyes that see no limitations and no hindrances. His vision for the future is not 20/20 but 100/100. He knows what’s coming and He knows what to expect. His vision for your life, friend, is beautiful and it is way better than all the vision boards you could put together. God has a vision board that is immense and that is extraordinary. I love to say that He is out of this world and all He does is out of this world. He painted a picture for your life and for mine and those pictures are out of this world. It is our limited vision that stalls our faith. We need to get on the same page as the Lord’s. We need to widen the scope of possibilities for our future. Our resources, our knowledge, our education and our lives right now are no indication of what God can do for us. They can give us a hint and clue us in but they only give us a glimpse into what can happen on our limited level. Our lives are in God’s hands and everything that can happen through Him is at a much higher level. Today I want you to think about God’s vision for your life. What is His plan? What dreams does He have for you? Whatever you can come up with , know that His reality is much bigger than what your imagination is telling you.

I have mentioned a few times before that God’s plan for our lives is to prosper us and to bless us. When a father in the natural, wants to prosper and bless his kids, there are a number of things he can do. Those things can be truly amazing and great but they will always be done in the natural realm and the human realm. God our Father operates in a more powerful realm. He is in the realm of the impossible made possible. He can do outstanding things in the physical and natural realm and He can extend those great deeds into the supernatural and impossible realm. Where man hits a wall, God goes forward. No walls can stop Him. No barriers can be in His way. He makes a way anywhere and everywhere. He is making a way for you and as you stay in faith, you can discover what He is planning for your life. Faith, this powerful key, opens the door to the impossible. Faith moves the hand of God and allows Him to do whatever He wants in our lives in a splendid way. God has a vision for you that is so incredible that if you found out all the details of His vision, you wouldn’t believe it. Ask Him to share His vision. Start by looking in His Word and give your faith a boost by reading about the wonders of the Lord. His wonders are still present today and they can still take you by surprise and change your life for the better. God’s vision for you is to prosper you and to bless you and He can do that in a way that is unparalleled. No one can do it the way God can!

When I reminisce and think about the wonderful things God has done in my life, I am still in awe. I feel like I don’t deserve His goodness and yet it is available free of charge. Take the time to go down memory lane and review the blessings of the Lord from the past. Don’t use those memories to create a book where you write about what once happened as if it would never happen again and as if it can never get this good again. The memories of those blessings should serve as a reminder that God did it before and He can do it again. Not only can He do it again but He can do it in a bigger way. You have seen nothing yet. What’s coming is going to blow your mind. God’s vision for you is exponential and it has blessings of heavenly proportions coming your way. Expect great things. Expect God’s vision for your life to be out of this world and to be phenomenal. Stay on God’s page. Keep reading His Word and keep being inspired by His love and by His kindness. God has a vision for your life that is consistent with who He is. He is God. He is almighty. He is love. He is peace. He is joy. Expect all these wonderful things to increase in your life. The God of the ever-increasing blessings is your God. Embrace the fact that God’s vision for your life is the best vision and it is filled with beautiful moments and great victories. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Romans 4:21; 2 Corinthians 9:8; Ephesians 3:20

God will challenge your challenges

We all face challenges. Sometimes our challenges come back over and over again. Sometimes they bring the rest of their families and they introduce us to the father of all challenges and to the mother of the worst circumstances. Challenges will never go away but it is not a reason to give up. It is very easy to throw in the towel and to let those challenges eat a big part of our lives and leave us depleted. However, we have the Challenger who defeats all challenges and who defies the impossible. God can handle all challenges, even the ones that you never thought you would ever face. I remember a time when I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I just couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong and I had never thought I would be in such a predicament. Did the Lord leave me? Did He say I had to fend for myself? He did not. He stood by me and He led me through it all. God is such an amazing companion in all adventures of life and sticks around when challenges arise. He challenges our challenges when we give Him a chance to do that. When you remain in the Lord and you give Him full access to your life, things always end up in your favor. You might have to fight through some things and fight the good fight of faith longer than you wish you had to but in the end you will come out victorious. When you stay with God, He does the impossible. God will challenge your challenges and make things right.

I like to put pressure on the pressure that the enemy tries to put on me. There are many opportunities for me to crumble under pressure but I have a system that allows me to challenge the pressure and to walk in peace. You probably know by now that prayer is part of that system that I put in place many years ago. Prayer puts pressure on your bad circumstances. Prayer puts pressure on the enemy. Prayer changes things and it changes you and that is a big challenge for the enemy. He doesn’t want to see anyone grow and learn. He doesn’t want to see anyone gain an understanding of the power of the name of Jesus. My prayers are filled with the name of Jesus and His authority oozes out of my prayers. I love that my prayers also challenge my mind and put my thinking back on the right track. Why? Because the Spirit of the Lord is behind my prayers. If you believe in Jesus, His Spirit is also behind your prayers. The words you say are inspired by the Spirit of God and there is power in those words whether you feel it or not. The power of prayer is real and it is a gift from God that we ought to open all the time. What good is a gift if we leave it in its box? We should be able to enjoy it and to use it. Let’s use the power of prayer because it is one of the ways the Lord challenges our challenges through us. If we give in to prayer and we pray with faith in our hearts, things will start to change and the Lord will derail the plans of the enemy that were meant to derail us.

God is a challenger. He challenges anything and everything that is evil and that is sent by the enemy. Not only does He challenge these things with His goodness, with His love and with His power but He also wins over them. As a matter of fact, He won on the cross. The enemy is no match for our God but our faith in Him has to be part of the equation. God has won and He is waiting for you and me to join in the win. We can do that through prayer and praise and through declarations of that victory. We can say it out loud or deep inside and we can say it through the way we live. What we think about and how we act can also be reflections of that victory in advance. The Challenger can take on anything. Give it all to Him in prayer. When life packs a punch, remember that life was created by the Lord and He can stop every punch and He can neutralize every attack. No weapon formed against you shall prosper because God will destroy those weapons. Today I want you to give your biggest challenges to the Lord. Let Him challenge them as you stay in faith and pray to Him. He won’t let you down. He is faithful and He is going to do something amazing for you. Don’t give up hope! Those challenges are nothing compared to the mighty Challenger. 

Suggested reading: Isaiah 54:17; Romans 8:28-39; Revelation 12:10

Thank God in advance

Faith has been one of my favorite topics because without it we can’t please the Lord. Without faith we can’t know God and we can’t connect with Him. We have to have what I call basic faith to believe in God. Then we add layers to that faith until we build a wall of protection through faith. Brick by brick our fortress of faith becomes stronger. I believe that we can always grow in faith and the place of refuge made up of the layers of faith can always be bigger. However, we should never be discouraged and think that our faith is too small. A mustard seed of faith is a good start and it is enough. God wants us to believe in Him and He will do the rest. I am learning that faith not only speaks but it speaks of things as if they had already happened. Faith sees what our natural eyes can’t see and it talks about it with gratitude. It is a step beyond gratitude because it thanks the Lord in advance. Gratitude is often about something that we have or that has happened. Faith thanks the Lord in advance even when it doesn’t look like anything is happening. Faith transforms our prayers into prayers of gratitude for things to come. When I pray, I make a request to the Lord and then I thank Him for His reply. Every time I pray about that particular request I say thanks. I thank the Lord in advance and today I want to encourage you to do the same.

Add faith to your prayers by thanking the Lord in advance. It’s an extra brick that helps with the foundation of the outcome. You are adding faith as a layer to support what you prayed about. It is powerful when you are not speaking fear or negativity. You just need to stay in faith and expect the best. If we pray and then we keep on asking and keep on wondering if we will have what we prayed about, we are outside the realm of faith. Anything that is spoken about our prayer request should be spoken in faith. This means that we have to watch what we say about the subject of our prayer. Negative words and negative thoughts can work against us. As a matter of fact they always do. They can nullify our prayers and they can make a hole in our faith. Let’s say you are praying for a breakthrough in your career. You ask the Lord to guide you and to bless you with a promotion or an upgrade of some sort. If after you pray, all you talk about is how difficult it will be to get a promotion, you are sabotaging yourself. You are defeated before the race even starts so to speak. Thank God for the promotion. Thank God for the upgrade. Thank Him for coming up with the best solution for you in that situation. Thank Him that it is handled and that He has answered your prayer. What if it takes months you might say? Don’t give up. Keep on thanking the Lord in advance. Show Him that your faith is a wall that can’t be torn down by impatience and by the wait. Thank God during the waiting. Thank Him because He has the perfect timing all the time!

When you thank God in advance, you are in His perfect will for you. He desires for you to have faith and to stay in faith. If you thank Him before you see the outcome, you are telling Him that you know He is God and you know that He is faithful. Keep on thanking during prayer and any chance you get. The more you do it, the more it will impact your mind and your spirit and the more faith you will have. The goal is to be relentless with it and to keep on doing it. Circumstances will try to sway you in negative directions. Your body will try to make you change your mind through the feelings and emotions you will experience. The enemy will use anything to derail you. Stand your ground. Thank God for His goodness and His faithfulness. Thank Him for what your faith knows is going to happen. Start the morning with thanksgiving for what you have and for what’s to come. Be sure to end the day with thanksgiving for what you have and for what’s to come. Thank God in advance all the time. Let your faith rise. Let it speak. Let it grow into a stronghold of hope. Don’t look at how things are. Look at how your Lord is. Thank Him today for what’s coming tomorrow or the day after or the day after. God will always honor your faith. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Hebrews 11:1; 1 Thessalonians 5:18; Ephesians 5:20

How great is God’s love for you!

As I am getting closer to God, there is something that is becoming more and more obvious. I am discovering that God loves us unconditionally and in a very powerful way. I can’t gauge His love for us based on my human experience with love. His love is a giant compared to human love. His love is bigger and deeper than the oceans on this planet. We can’t measure His love and we can’t fully comprehend it but we get many glimpses of it and get comfort from those glimpses. I want to get as close to God as possible and in order to do that, I need to embrace His love for humanity and let it settle in my heart. I used to have so many walls around my heart that prevented me from approaching God and from accepting His love. Those walls were not meant to protect my heart but they were meant to keep me captive and to separate me from the love of God. However, there is nothing that can separate us from God’s love. He will always find a way to tear down the walls of the enemy and to touch our hearts. We have a role to play in that process. We need to open our hearts. The walls can come down but if we guard ourselves and we don’t allow ourselves to be loved, we will not know true love. Sometimes we feel unworthy. Sometimes we just don’t know and understand what being loved feels like and looks like. We have an idea of it portrayed in the media but that is not God’s love. We have the love from our family. It can be extremely strong but it’s not God’s love. There are many cases where there is no love at all and that makes it even harder to welcome God’s love. Today I want to invite you to open yourself even more to God’s love. Know that He adores you and you mean a lot to Him. He wants you to take His hand and let Him show you how much He cares for you.

How deep is God’s love for you? No one can answer that question except for God Himself. He tells us in His Word that He sent His Son for us. His Son died so we could live and live more abundantly. He did what it took to demonstrate the most powerful love in the universe. Your life now, your Christian life now, exists thanks to Jesus. It exists thanks to the Love that wouldn’t let go and that went all the way so there could be a way for you and me to conquer death. The Love that died for us did the impossible. It came back to life and it has never stopped living since. God’s love for you is alive, friend. It is alive and well and it will never leave you nor forsake you. It is an ardent love that can do all things. God’s love is the most powerful force in the universe and it is directed to you. You are the recipient of this amazing love so it is time you acted like the loved one that you are. Don’t let people ruin the love of God for you. Don’t let them describe it the wrong way. It is not human. It is not limited and it is not selective. God chose you and me. God loves you and me. God loves everyone. No exception. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is a lie. We also need to remember that you and I are not loved more because we are Christians. God loves people from all religions, all ethnicities, all backgrounds, all walks of life. Every single person you will ever meet is loved by God. There is nothing superior about us just because we believe in Christ. God is no respecter of people and His love is always the same. This also means that there is nothing you and I can do that will ever make God love us less. It doesn’t give us a license to sin but it explains why God will always forgive us. The enemy will whisper to our ears that our sins are keeping us away from God and that we don’t deserve His love.

Friend, you deserve God’s love all the time. There are no special times when it is more acceptable for God to love you. His love for you has no conditions and no clauses. There is no fine print that says that His love is not guaranteed. It is always present and it is always vibrant. Rejoice in the Lord because you are loved. If you can’t find a reason to thank the Lord, thank Him for loving you. Thank Him for being with you all the time and for what He did for you on the cross. Celebrate Jesus. Celebrate the Love that will never let you down. Sing of His great love. Laugh and be merry because you are loved. Get filled with the joy that comes from His love. Next time you are facing difficulties, take some time and rejoice over the love of God. Take some time and shake off the pain and the misery by focusing on the Love that can’t die. How big is God’s love for you? You might never find out but know that it will always be bigger than the biggest love you can imagine. Nothing can separate you from God’s love. Nothing! Stay encouraged and enjoy the love that is coming to you from the One who died for you!

Suggested reading: John 10:28-30; Romans 5:8; Romans 8:38-39

Renew your mind

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–His good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2). I was not aware of this verse until later in my Christian walk. I knew about Jesus, His miracles, His love, faith and other amazing things in the Word of God but nothing about the mind. When I learned about it, it made sense. I understood so much. For one thing, I saw that God was concerned about everything about us. He is interested in developing the entire person that we are. Not just our hearts and our spirits but our minds as well. That verse sounded pivotal and I have been learning from it for years now. There is a great need for us to keep working on our thinking. Our goal should be to continue to share Christ’s mind and to be on the same page. In His mind there are pages that are pure and holy that don’t exist in our minds. We have blank pages that we fill with negative thoughts and His pages are all beautiful and positive. One thing I am learning is that our minds can limit God. God is almighty and powerful and there is absolutely nothing He can’t do. However, if our minds have a small picture of God, if we don’t see how big God is, we will have limited results when it comes to faith. Faith is knowing and believing before seeing. Our minds are programmed to believe after seeing. Our thinking can really impact our faith and it can diminish it. Today I want to remind you to renew your mind and to expand your vision of God. Let God grow in your thinking, in your heart and in your faith. 

God is not on a human level. He is at a divine level. We can’t depict God based on simple human experiences. He is more advanced and He is many steps ahead. I used to have a limited idea of what miracles could be like. I used to see God’s hand as a short hand that couldn’t do much more than what men can do. My God was a glorified version of man and that was not right. God is way above and beyond any human being you will ever meet. He is way above the angels. He is in a category of His own and it is that supernatural and superior category that we need to box into our minds. It is actually too big to be boxed but it should be added into our thinking so it can allow our thinking to expand. God has never been limited by anything and yet we put limits on who He is. Will we ever know the extent of His love and of His power? I don’t know if we will while we are here on earth. One thing I know is that when we work on changing our minds with the Word of God, God becomes bigger and better. Renewing our minds should be a daily practice. Our minds are always occupied by what the world feeds them so it is time we fed our minds the Word of God on a regular basis. It should be part of our spiritual diet.

The patterns of this world are hard to escape. That is why I recommend working on our minds daily. If the world presented God as the almighty Savior that He is everywhere, it would be much easier to grow in faith. I suggest creating “a world of God.” A world where God is present, accurately described, adored and worshipped. That world can be your world. You can have this spiritual environment and stay in it as much as possible. It should be Bible-centered and Jesus-centered. Add Jesus into your habits and your daily schedule. Watch what you listen to. Be sure to prioritize listening to the Lord, to His teachings, to His encouragement and to His love. Saturate your world with His love. You can get there by praying a lot and praising. Write scriptures and place them where you can see them often. Listen to sermons, read the Bible, listen to Christian music that focuses on the Lord and make room for Jesus as much as you can. Take praise breaks during the day like I mentioned yesterday. Build this world around you where Jesus is dominant and you will realize that the world doesn’t have such a stronghold on you. It takes work and discipline but it will pay off and it will help you renew your mind. Keep at it and stay encouraged. Your mind can do great things when the Lord is constantly put into it so to speak. Keep your mind on Jesus!

Suggested reading: 2 Corinthians 5:17;  1 Peter 1:14; 1 John 2:15-17