God is always in control

Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night. It was about 2:30 am. I knew God was trying to get my attention so I prayed. A few minutes into my prayer, a very encouraging message came through. The Lord reminded me that He was always in control. We get out of control but He is always in control. It was a reminder that I have heard through the years and it stirs up my faith every time. I prayed so I could get deeper into that message. God brought me back to a time when I would wake up in the middle of the night with stomach pain. It was awful. I had to get out of bed and walk around. The only thing that helped was praying while walking around. I would pray in the name of Jesus and command the pain to go away. It always worked. The pain would come back night after night and I would say my prayer every night. I believed in long term healing and it took a few doctor’s appointments and an endoscopy to find out that I had acid reflux. It is very much under control now. Remembering that time helped me see that indeed God is in control even when we are in pain. What we need to do is bring Him into the scene. When things are not going well, calling on the Lord is not always our first resort. Why? We think that we have lost control and we try to get it back on our own. The whole time that we try to figure things out and we try to fix the problems, God is still in control. We have no idea what to do but He has it all figured out and He is not losing sleep over our circumstances.

God is always in control. What we ought to do is get on His wavelength. We need to change our perspective and let Him influence our thinking. When things are out of control, our minds are racing, trying to find the best exit but going around in circles with no way out in sight. Our sight should be on the Lord. He has what it takes and He can change everything. He can’t just change some of the things we go through; He can change all of them. There is nothing impossible to Him and nothing can stop Him except for our minds when it wanders down the valley of overthinking and stress. The Lord showed me when I was praying the other night that calming ourselves is key when things are out of control. We have to start working with the inside and then we will see good results on the outside. When things are tough, our minds need to be tougher. There is a peace and a serenity from the Lord that can make us see life from a different angle. From the angle of the Lord. His angle allows Him to only see positive results, solutions, victory and peace. If your life is out of control today, get into the mindset of God’s peace. Take a step back and let God direct your steps. I suggest isolating yourself and being still in front of the Lord. You can also say a chant. It is not an actual chant but a few sentences that give you a boost. Keep saying them. You could say, “The Lord is always in control. He is in charge of my life and He won’t let me down. Things are going to get better. God is on my side. I have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear in Jesus’ name.” Make it whatever works for you but say it a few times in your moment of isolation.

God is always in control. This means that in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day, God is active, caring and protecting us. It doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen though. It implies that even when things are bad, God is good and He is acting on our behalf. The enemy doesn’t want you to think that God is in control. He wants to depict a picture of a God who is at a loss and who can’t help you. He can always help. Help is always available. God’s love is always available. God’s peace is always available. God’s joy is always available. God’s plan is always available. When I don’t know how to act or what to do, I say “Lord, Your plan is better than mine and it trumps the plan of the enemy. I trust in Your plan and I praise You for loving me and for seeing me through all the time. You always win. Your plan always wins.” It is not those words exactly but something similar that declares that God’s plan is the best plan and it is working. You see, the enemy wants you to think that God’s plan has holes in it. He wants you to think that it is broken. A bad break and bad circumstances don’t change God. God changes them so hang in there. God is always in control and that beautiful sun you have been waiting for is shining beyond the clouds and it is coming your way. Stay encouraged. Great things are coming because God is always in control and you have nothing, absolutely nothing to worry about!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 55:8-9; John 14:27; Hebrews 11:1

Kick worry out of your life

Worry is a thief. It steals your joy, your peace and the makings of your faith. Worry is a liar. It tells you that things will never get better and that you are trapped forever. We all deal with worry. We all deal with that thief and that liar. It abuses us and it attacks us. It finds a nest in our minds and it sits there tormenting us with lies and distress. Overthinking is worry’s super power. If we let it take roots in us and give it an audience, it will rule over our thinking and keep worry in the center of our lives. I hate worry just like anyone else and I fight it and rebuke it. One thing I found is that with the Lord worry goes away. When I spend time in communion with the Lord and I am in that heavenly space, worry is not present. It is never invited and it can’t crash the Holy Ghost parties I have when I worship the Lord. There is something about praise and worship that worry can’t stand. Worry actually worries when we praise and exalt the Lord because it knows it is defeated. Worry and all agents of the enemy were conquered on the cross of Calvary. When we lift up the Lord, we lift the Mighty Conqueror that worry is afraid of. Praise and worship remind worry that the Lord won. It is like putting bad memories in the face of worry and it has to flee. Today I am inviting you to give worry the boot. Kick it out of your mind. Guard your heart and don’t let it in. Remind worry daily that it has been vanquished. Lift up Jesus and worry will break down and cry itself away from you. Kick worry out of your life in the name of Jesus.

Kicking worry out of your life is not going to be a one time thing. It is going to happen when you do it on a regular basis. Put God’s shield of protection around you and it will be harder for worry to seep in. How do you put the shield of protection around you? His protection is in His Word. The Word of God has a whole lot to say about worry. The Word tells us not to worry but to fix our eyes on the Lord. You will put that barrier of protection around your mind if you meditate on the Word daily. Not once a week. Not just on Sunday. This has to take place daily. I suggest you find verses that give you a boost and that help you resist worry. Keep those verses handy and read them every day. Read them silently to yourself and out loud. Include them into your prayers. Be diligent. Worry is resilient but the weapon of the Word of God is much more powerful. Kick worry in the chin with the Scriptures. Attack worry with faith. Your faith should be founded on the Word of God and on Jesus. Bring Jesus to the forefront of your mind and of your heart every day and you will see how worry shrivels and leaves you alone.

Putting Jesus to the forefront of your heart can be achieved through consistent prayer, praise, thanksgiving and the power of your testimony. Pray every day. Pray and thank the Lord for His goodness. Praise and worship Him. I can’t say that enough. There is true tangible power in praise. Praise is a song that declares that Jesus is King and that no one is above Him. Praise is an attitude that shows that Jesus rules your life and that there is no room for negativity. Praise is a chain of thoughts that focus on Jesus and that center you in a circle of positivity. Praise is an action that mirrors Jesus’ love and that reflects His power over the forces of darkness. Keep Jesus at the center. Give Him free reign in your life. Surrender to His Spirit. Yield to His majesty and worry will not be able to stick around. Every time worry knocks, let Jesus get the door for you. When you speak his Word and you worship Him, you are making Jesus the guardian of your door. He tells worry, “This is My child and you can’t touch him or her.” Jesus is caring and He will watch your door when you have faith in Him. Faith and worry don’t mix. Let your faith be like the oil of the Holy Spirit that doesn’t mix with the troubled waters of worry. Talk about Jesus and let the power of your testimony crush worry. You can do this! Jesus is your Savior and He killed worry on the cross. Now it’s your turn to remind worry that it is dead to you. Rejoice over the Lord and stay in peace. Worry has no power over the Lord. The Lord reigns and He is supreme. His mercies endure forever! Kick worry out of your life and enjoy God’s mercies and love. Don’t let worry steal from you and lie to you!

Suggested reading: John 14:27; Colossians 3:15; 1 Peter 5:7

Don’t worry about anything but pray about everything

Do not worry about anything but instead pray about everything. How many times has this encouragement from the Bible helped me? It has guided my prayer life and it has shown me that prayer is a powerful tool that I should be using all the time. I pray daily. I love prayer. I love talking to the Father and listening to Him. I found out that I needed to be quiet during prayer. I start out by praising the Lord and then I get into quiet mode, into listening mode. The Holy Spirit speaks encouragement into my life during those moments and He gives me the peace of mind I need. When trouble hits, prayer goes up. I used to not have “the prayer reflex” but now it is a part of me, a part I can’t live without. I used to worry about everything and pray about nothing. I would sometimes say that I needed to pray about such and such situation but the reality was that I never did. I wished for a solution but I didn’t pray about the solution. Prayer is more than a recitation or a laundry list of requests. Prayer gives peace. It calms us down. It removes worry. That is why the Lord tells us not to worry but to pray instead. There is a connection between being worry-free and being a prayer warrior. The more we pray, the less we worry. Today I want to encourage you to pray about everything and leave your worries in God’s hands. He can handle them all.


Praying about everything means not leaving a single situation in our lives out of God’s hands. When we pray, we put our circumstances under His control. We give the Lord permission to intervene and to interfere with the negativity that is trying to destroy us. God is also a destroyer. He destroyed death on the cross and through the resurrection. Praying to God is giving up our free will and letting His will be done. When I pray I ask for His will to be done in my situation. I give Him free reign to destroy whatever part of the issue I have. I don’t tell Him how to do it. I ask Him to do something according to His will. I trust that He knows best. It saves me a lot of headaches. You see, we worry because we think we have to come up with answers on our own. We think we have to fix everything ourselves. Worry is like putting ourselves in God’s chair and trying to control the situation. God says, “Child, I’ve got this. It’s not for you to worry about it. Just pray and express your faith. It’s been taken care of and your faith will hand you the victory I bought for you centuries ago.” Worry is a barrier we need to overcome in order to see how great and wonderful the Lord is. He is always great. He is always powerful. Worry gives us blindfolds that prayer can remove. Here are a few suggestions I have based on the encouragement of praying instead of worrying.


If I am able to pray before I start worrying it’s a great situation but more often than not I worry before I can pray. I have learned to push worry away through prayer. Worry likes to keep us in a cycle of never ending negative thoughts. Prayer can break that cycle. When you start worrying, take a step back. I like to isolate myself and keep myself away from sources that can make me worry even more. This implies not talking to certain people at times. Anything and anyone that is not going to help me move away from the worry cycle is to be avoided. I start my prayer saying that worry is not from God and that I am not a slave to it. I think it’s important to distance oneself from worry verbally. Our words out loud are often more powerful than our thoughts so we need to mash the thoughts of worry with words of faith. I basically encourage myself. I then say that God doesn’t want me to worry and prayer will take care of the worries. Praise and worship come next. They help me magnify God and minimize the worries and the fear. Sometimes all I need to do is worship for a while and the worries go away. There is power in praise and worship and they are always a part of my prayers.


Once you have prayed, give thanks. Thank God that He listens to you, that He loves you and that He is a good God. Have a thanksgiving celebration during prayer. You will forget about the worries and they won’t have power over you because your faith in God will increase. I also suggest praying for others. Sometimes it is easier to have faith for others, easier to believe that God can answer your prayers for others. When you intercede for someone else, your focus is on love and love has no fear. The love of God you will feel when you are praying for others, will erase the worries and destroy fear. I am sure you are facing some kind of situation today. I say do not worry about it, pray about it. If you have been worried about it, push away the fear with praise and with some one-on-one time with the Lord. Pray about anything, big or small. Put God’s hand in all you do and all you go through. He will bless you and help you! Don’t worry. Pray!


Suggested reading: Psalm 102:17; Job 42:10; Philippians 4:6-7

Leaving the worry zone

This message is as much for me as it is for anyone reading it. The messages always are but this one really struck a chord with me. Worry is a big topic these days. It’s always a big topic but I feel like there has been an increase of worry in the world for many reasons. The pandemic that was thought to be decreasing is rising in this country. There is just a wave of uncertainty that keeps washing away the shores of hope. However, God is standing strong and He can help us ride the waves and stay safe on solid ground. Those seas that He once parted in our lives, will be split again. There is a dry land waiting for us and we are going to walk on it in the name of Jesus. As a matter of fact, some of us are already walking on it through faith. We have managed to keep the tide low and to walk peacefully on the land of peace and joy. Having peace and joy when the world is crumbling is truly an act from God.


I have had my fair share of worries and I keep visiting the place where worry is dominant. At times I have to work hard at leaving the worry zone. It’s like a war zone in our minds and we can keep fighting the fight of faith or we can succumb and give in to fear and worry. My goal is to leave the worry zone and stop returning to it for long periods of time. I think it’s inevitable for us to worry from time to time but I also know that the Holy Spirit can get us to a place where worry is not welcome and where peace prevails even when things are not going well at all. We all have a worry zone that changes size depending on what is going on in our lives and mostly depending on how we react to what is going on. The key is to hold on to the passport, as I like to call it, that gets us through the worry zone and that takes us out of that zone. The Word of God is an excellent passport because it helps you go through the worry zone and you come out of it intact thanks to the wisdom and the power of the Word. The Word will guide you through the worst situations. It will reduce stress and get rid of worry if you give it a chance. God will stamp your passport with seals of peace and faith. What He says is permanent. Those stamps are sealed by the blood of the Lamb and nothing can change them. Trust that He means to give you peace and He will.


The worry zone is where I used to live. I couldn’t escape it. It was my dwelling place. Once Jesus was part of my life and He became my Savior, worry started to lose control. Worry got kicked out a few times. I got used to leaving the worry zone and it felt amazing. I didn’t know I could spend time in a worry-free zone. I wasn’t familiar with peace. Worry was my abode but the Lord had something way better. How did I first leave the worry zone? When the light of the Word lit up my world, the worry zone looked dark and I decided to step away from it. Sometimes we need to see the light of the Lord, His love and His power and then we realize that what we are accustomed to is provided by darkness. Worry is not from God. There is no worry in Heaven, there is no worry in the presence of the Lord. The more I got into HIs presence and the less I stayed in the worry zone. I brought down the worry zone with songs of praise and worship.I read the Bible out loud so my mind could hear words of encouragement and words of peace. My mind, where worry loves to sit and get comfortable, became a place of serenity. I had to learn that worry shouldn’t be my default setting and then I seized the tools that moved me out of that negative zone.


Chip away at the worry zone. Demolish it with praise. Tear it down with prayers. Don’t stay there. Don’t get used to it. It’s not where the Lord wants you to be. There is so much more and God has that “ so much more” for you. Peace can set up a tent in the middle of the worst worry zone and eradicate the reign of worry. Invite Jesus into the worry zone. Give Him the best seat in the house and He will transform that zone into a haven of tranquility. His peace does surpass all understanding. I dive into it often. I get taken by it often. I get to let it overwhelm me often. The worry zone is a bad place to be. Recognize it and ask for help. The Lord will give you all the help you need to get out of that place. Hold on to Him!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 40:31; John 14:1; 1 Peter 3:14


Pushing away doubt, fear and worry

I often say how I believe God can do anything. For a while I was praying for a resurgence of the impossible in my life until the Lord stopped me and opened my eyes. He showed me that the impossible was still there. It’s around me. It’s happening. Every day the impossible points it head out the window of Heaven and I either invite it to come into my day or I look at it from a distance. It has to do with the measure of my faith in any given day. I was directed to pump up my faith and be sure it expands every day. Some life events tend to shrink our faith or better said we react to some life events with fear and doubt that gnaw at our faith. I was in prayer once and the Spirit of God told me to resist “dfw”. “DFW” stands for doubt, fear and worry. It’s a deadly combination that destroys our faith. The more passive we are when dealing with “dfw”, the less we will have access to the impossible made possible by the Lord. How much “dfw” are you dealing with every day? What do you do to defeat “dfw”? Those are two questions that we should answer. Recognizing that we have doubt, fear and worry is a great start. God is still the God of the impossible. We are the ones who need to work on deleting the “dfw” in our lives so we can move into a higher dimension of the impossible.


God is always with us. God is always near us. He is always around loving us, protecting us and blessing us. He can do anything and He can bless us with anything. The key is for us to trust and believe Him. Jesus couldn’t perform miracles in places where people didn’t believe in Him. The Son of God, the Almighty Lord couldn’t do the impossible where people thought it truly was impossible. They needed faith to have their eyes opened to the miracle working power of the Lord. Now, the Lord cannot perform miracles in our lives when we don’t have that faith activated. Grace and mercy come into play at times and we see the impossible unfold before our very eyes but faith is what should get us there. Without faith we can’t please God. Doubt, fear and worry are the main three agents whose mission is to keep us from living in faith. I recommend finding out the areas where these three negative agents are the most operational in your life. What do they look like when they manifest? How easy do they get in? What doors are allowing them to come in? Sometimes it’s the door of past negative experiences. Sometimes it’s what we hear every day that serves as a negative entryway. Sometimes it’s the lack of the Word of God in our lives that is a door of obstruction. Sometimes overthinking is the main door. Whatever door is giving the negative agents a way in should be dealt with. Name those doors and face them. You are not alone. God is with you. Include Him in the process of facing “dfw.” Great results will ensue.


The goal is to fill your spiritual sphere with lots of faith builders and positivity. Faith builders are all the elements you need to keep your faith strong. A faith builder can be a person, a message, a song, a prayer, a period of time, an action, a thought. Anything and anyone that builds up your faith is a faith builder or helper. It’s strongly recommended that we frequent faith helpers as much as possible. The enemy will always vouch to occupy your spiritual sphere and poison it with negativity such as “dfw.” The more your sphere is filled with faith builders, the stronger you will be when you get assaulted by “dfw.” Address every injection of poison from the enemy. If you doubt that God can help you, deal with the doubt and proclaim that God is on your side. If you fear that something bad is going to happen to you, deal with the fear and declare that God is your refuge. If you worry that you won’t have enough money, deal with the worry and say that God is your provider. Don’t let the “dfw” grow in you. Put it down every time it rises up. You might have to do it a hundred times but it will become easier. The more you do it, the more faith you will have. Before you know it you will be trusting the God of the impossible. He can do all things. No “dfw” is bigger than He is. Push away doubt, fear and worry. Put some distance between you and the terrible trio. Keep your hopes up. Stay positive in the Lord. Let that positivity dominate your thoughts and it will keep your emotions in check. With the Lord you can push away the “dfw” even if it comes back a hundred times a day. God is on your side. He can make the impossible possible. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading : Psalm 46:10; John 7:38; Hebrews 11:1

Don’t worry about the future

I have a lot of clothes but sometimes I wonder what I am going to wear the next day or even that day. Worrying about that just doesn’t make sense. I have gotten better at not letting those worrisome thoughts take up any of my mind space. What truly helped me was when I studied how Jesus tells us in His Word that we should never worry about tomorrow. He has taken care of it. He has already provided everything for tomorrow and for any day in the future. The example of the clothes I gave might sound very simple but Jesus’ encouragement not to worry can be applied to anything in life. Big or small. When we have no money for bills, He still says “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” When we are in bad health or we have suffered a loss, He still says “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” When we don’t know how we are going to get out of a bad situation, He still says “Don’t worry about tomorrow.” We could bring any problem, trial, concern or tribulation to Him and He will not change what He has to say about it.



Today might be filled with anxiety. He has a remedy for that and He has tomorrow covered. I want to remind you today not to worry about what’s to come. Don’t worry about how you are going to make it. Don’t worry about having enough of anything for tomorrow. Don’t worry about how this addiction is going to be cured. Worry for nothing like the Bible says. Tomorrow will come but the Lord will be there as well. He is there all the time. Don’t worry about how the chains are going to come off. Don’t worry about your spiritual growth. When we worry about tomorrow, we slowly shave off the blessings that are in store for the days and times to come. Worry gnaws at our faith and spoils the potential for greatness in our lives. Worry is a thief. Don’t let it rob you of the bright future that the Lord has for you. Get worry out of your system today and be alert so it doesn’t come and take tomorrow’s beauty away from you. Don’t worry about the future. It’s in God’s hands!



The Lord is here with you. He has seen your past and He knows your future. He is in the future, in the present and in the past. He is omniscient. He has a clear idea of what’s coming and He supplied your needs through the resurrection process. Your future is covered. It is covered by the blood of the Lamb. The enemy will try to destroy it but rest assured that in the name of the Lord the enemy was defeated. Your faith will keep him at bay. Your trust in the Lord will rub him the wrong way. Your connection with God gives him anxiety but he will relentlessly attempt to ruin what’s coming. He does that by doing his best to activate negative thoughts that aim at defusing your faith. He puts doubt and fear in your heart so that worry dominates your mind and brings you down little by little. He knows very well that worry is the opposite of faith so his goal is to fill you up with worry about the tiniest things. You see, if you worry about small things, you have enough practice for the big things. The better you are at worrying about trivial things, the better you will be at worrying about more important things. Don’t let worry occupy your heart. Give it to Jesus. When you pray, give up the worry. Renounce it. Take it to the Lord with faith. Divorce worry. Serve worry papers every time it sneaks in. Show worry the papers of the faith; the Word of God. Say out loud what the Word says about worry. It says that it has no place in you. You are adored and loved by the Lord and there is no fear in perfect love. God’s love for you is perfect!




Think about the riches of Heaven. Think about God’s riches in glory. He makes them available to you so that you will not lack anything. Meditate on that truth and let it become part of your faith structure. Build up that structure. Make your faith stronger. Feed it the truth of the Gospel. Cause your worries to starve. Don’t give them any nourishment through overthinking. Declare that what God says about you is true. He says that He is taking care of you and that is the truth. No weapon forged against you shall prosper. That is true today and it will be true in the future. The Lord has a future for you that is so bright that you will need a double pair of sunglasses. He is going to dazzle you with His love. He is going to make you rejoice over His goodness. Tomorrow is coming but God’s kindness and love have already been there. They went before you and stayed there waiting for you. Don’t worry about what will happen. Don’t worry about how you are going to handle the affairs of life. God cares about all your business and He has handled it all. Stay in peace. With God, there is nothing to worry about!


Suggested reading: Matthew 6:34; Matthew 11:28-30; Luke 12:25

Late night movie

If you ever lay awake at night worrying about the next day, this message is for you. Worrying is magnifying the negative thoughts that are dropped into our mind. Our mind is like a movie screen where we project all sorts of films. When we are worried, dramas, horror and scary movies are playing in our little theater of the mind. There are rarely happy endings to our storylines because worry robs us of the “living happily ever-after” scenario. What does God have to say about worrying? I have said this before but the Bible reveals that we shouldn’t worry 365 times. That’s enough time for each day of the year. It sounds like God is really insisting on making sure we avoid worrying. He wants to get into our movie theater and start playing comedies and feel good movies. With worry, you subscribe to the wrong Netflix account. How do we get an upgrade to a premium subscription that only has movies with hope, joy, love and faith? The Bible says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6). To this day, prayer is the best remedy. How should you pray you might ask? Pray for the Holy Spirit to assist you. The Holy Spirit is described as the Comforter (John 14:26). To comfort is to ease grief and distress and to console. There is no better choice than the Holy Spirit to ease our grief and console us. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to console you when worry is rising. “Pray without ceasing”, as commissioned in the Bible, infers that we need to do it all the time and not give up when we don’t see an immediate change. It will make a difference. Worrying also minimizes God. One of the ways we can magnify God when worry tries to come in, is by remembering what the Lord has done. I like to call the Holy Spirit the Reminder because He brings back good memories to our mind in order to fight fear. He can project a scripture on the screen of

our mind and He can replay some great classics when God came through in an amazing way in our life. Those happy black and white movies of past victories can crush worry’s ugly head in an instant. Let the Holy Spirit show you that if God did it in the past, He will do it again. Now, the Holy Spirit is a gentleman so He won’t force His way in. Next time you are having a sleepless night, invite Him into your “movie theater.” He will bring pop corn and all sorts of refreshments that will give you peace while you are watching the beautiful movie of what God’s plan is for your life. God will play a movie that will blow your mind (pun intended). Enjoy the free pop corn!

Suggested reading: Matthew 6:34; Ephesians 6:18; John 14:27; Colossians 3:15; 2 Thessalonians 3:16